philip__What's a good DVD maker for LUbuntu 10.10?05:13
head_victimphilip__: xfburn is the default application in Lubuntu05:27
philip__How do I convert a AVI file to DVD so I can use it on all DVD players?05:28
head_victimphilip__: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DVDAuthoring has a few different options05:29
philip__I'm gonna give: QDVDAuthor a try05:31
philip__Thanks for your help Head_Victim.05:31
head_victimphilip__: no problems, let us know how it goes05:31
head_victimI personally haven't used any of them sorry05:31
philip__Downloading packages now.05:31
philip__I used to use Windows for that, but I had to buy a new harddrive as my drive went derp... So I needed a Operating system.05:32
philip__I thought I'd Give Lubuntu a try.05:32
head_victimAh ok, good to hear, that's how I started, just swapping programs from windows to linux one at a time. Now I have no need for windows at all.05:33
philip__Had to borrow moms lappy to download it of course haha05:33
head_victimHah yeah but once you have it you can use it as much as you like05:34
philip__This PC Is 6 yrs old, I used to use regular Ubuntu but, Noticed GNOME was giving me 70% cpu spikes05:37
philip__I was like GOD now Gnome sucks haha05:40
head_victimYeah I find anything P4 or older Lubuntu is the way to go (I'm currently on a p4 3.2 prescott cpu and it's great!)05:40
head_victimI have used it to good effect on a 2.4 celeron as well05:41
philip__I'm on AMD Sempron 3000+ 1.8GHZ 1GB ram 256MB video ram Nvidia geforce FX 5200 AGP8x 160GB machine.05:41
head_victimIt should run great then05:41
philip__I'm on it right now so I know it does.05:41
head_victimI'm a bit impatient, if things take a while to do I don't like it so the normal Ubuntu made me want to buy a new computer. Then I found Lubuntu and it saved me buying an upgrade as it worked for what I wanted as well as I wanted.05:42
philip__Yeah I'm still looking on buying a new PC though lol.05:42
philip__What you think of my 6 yr old machine?05:44
head_victimHah yeah fair enough, this is my irc/web browsing machine. I have a quad core with 10gb of ram for anything that really needs grunt05:44
philip__I use this thing for Everything05:44
* philip__ hopes LibIMobile get updated soon.05:45
philip__I have a IPod05:46
head_victimAh I bought an iriver, it uses ogg and flac and I can just copy/paste music.05:46
philip__I wanted a portable device I could use as a computer and the iPod fit that05:47
head_victimCool, as long as it does what you need. I'm about to upgrade my phone so that will do that I think. The iriver I mainly got as a digital radio.05:47
philip__Wanna hear a good song?05:48
philip__Atleast I think it's good lol.05:49
head_victimHeh I have to go get ready for a BBQ but if you want to post a link I'll probably listen later, also if you are liking Lubuntu and want to hang around and chat we have an "offtopic" channel where team members just hang around and chat - #lubuntu-offtopic :D05:49
philip__Posted in PM.05:50
philip__Just so you know :)05:50
philip__Have fun!05:51
philip__I would like to know how to setup my Windows keys on my keyboard, to make the menu pop open.06:01
philip__So far I converted the video to DVD fine I'm hoping :)06:54
philip__Burning it to Disk to test it06:54
philip__I was wondering, have you guys thought about maybe Including Opera browser?08:55
bioterrorphilip__, opera is closed source09:26
bioterrorit's against the ubuntu principles09:26
ct529hi! I have a problem in lubuntu .... when I launch the use admin tool it just hangs there forever. the gui start, the little clock mouse courier starts, but it never stops .... anyone had this problem before? how do I add users manually?12:28
bioterror"sudo adduser" in terminal12:29
ct529bioterror: ok, thanks .... I thought it was useradd ....12:29
bioterrorboth should work, I think12:30
ct529bioterror: do you know the source of the problem i am experiencing? have you had any similar problem?12:30
bioterrornope, I have not12:30
ct529bioterror: there is a useradd12:30
ct529bioterror: does adduser automatically add the users to the sudoers?12:31
bioterrorso the user settings is not working for you?12:31
ct529bioterror: nope .... :-( .... is there a way to reinstall it?12:31
ct529bioterror: if I try to uninstall, i am worried about breaking a good installation12:32
bioterrorsudo apt-get purge users-admin12:32
bioterrorsudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop12:32
bioterrorshould do the trick12:33
ct529bioterror: mmmm .... wait and I try again (I am installing a groupof pacakges)12:33
ct529bioterror: I have finally solved all the kernel errors, thanks to your help as well12:33
ct529bioterror: it is quite fast now12:34
bioterroryeah, Lubuntu is nice, even if you're having a decent computer12:34
ct529bioterror: well, this is quite old actually .... and I had to do lot of tweaking :-)12:35
ct529bioterror: nohz=off ipv6.disable=1 acpi=off at the moment, plus blacklisting some kernel modules that were giving a lot of grief12:35
bioterrorahhh, I gave you those two ;)12:36
ct529bioterror: there is still the user-admin problem to solve12:36
bioterroryou can edit /etc/group with editor ;)12:36
bioterrorvi, vim, nano12:36
bioterrorwhat ever is your favourite12:36
ct529bioterror: yes I know, but this is my wife laptop ....12:37
ct529bioterror: I do not want to her any grief with text editors12:38
bioterroradd her account (or yours) to adm admin and what was there12:38
bioterroroh, I think you dont have to edit much those user settings12:38
ct529bioterror: yes, I hope .... at the moment I do everything manually ....the sudoers group is adm or admin?12:38
bioterror# Members of the admin group may gain root privileges12:39
bioterror%admin ALL=(ALL) ALL12:39
ct529bioterror: I have actually been naughty .... I gave the root permission to login as root .... :-D12:40
ct529bioterror: I can cope with all this sude stuff on all machines I use12:40
bioterrorit's okay to have a password for root, if you have to go to recovery mode or something12:40
bioterrorsaved me couple of times12:40
ct529I logged in graphical mode in root .... running lxde .... :-D12:41
bioterrorwhy? :P12:41
ct529bioterror: because lubuntu does not offer my the option to start in console mode12:42
bioterrorremove lxdm and use startx12:42
ct529bioterror: oh ok .... better not, it is my wife's laptop12:42
ct529bioterror: apt-get purge users-admin returns unable to locate pacakge users-admin12:45
ct529bioterror: where did you find the %admin ALL=(ALL) ALL? in the sudoers file?12:45
bioterrorct529, yeah that's defined in the /etc/sudoers12:45
ct529bioterror: yes ....12:46
ct529bioterror: ok .... users-admin is part of gnome-system-tools12:46
bioterror"nice" ;)12:47
ct529bioterror: apt-gte install gnome-system-tools --reinstall wll do it :-D12:48
bioterrorI'm a fan of purge12:49
bioterroras I want to get rid of possible failed configuration files12:49
ct529bioterror: me too ....12:49
ct529bioterror: indeed the problem is still there12:49
ct529bioterror: now, colossal purge12:52
ct529bioterror: I do not understand why it is offering me to boot in kde, openbox and gnome when they are not at all installed .... :-(12:56
bioterrorw ha  t?12:56
bioterroryou mean the lxdm?12:56
bioterrorgraphical login screen?12:57
ct529bioterror: yes12:58
bioterrorsudo apt-get remove kde\*13:08
bioterrorif you have infected your computer with KDE13:08
ct529bioterror: there is no kde of course .... it is a vanilla installation of lubuntu .... from scratch13:09
ct529bioterror: or gnome or openbox13:09
bioterroroh okay13:11
ct529bioterror: do you recommend installing lxde-common and lxde-core?13:14
bioterrorthose should be installed? ;)13:14
bioterrorwait a second :D13:15
ct529bioterror:they are not13:15
bioterrorI just checked dpkg -L :D13:15
ct529what do you think?13:16
bioterrorno you dont need them, as those are not dependencies in lubuntu-desktop13:17
ct529bioterror: last question .... how do you use an external monitor with lxde?13:25
bioterrorI use only laptop :D13:26
ct529bioterror: my wife has a nice 19" external to use with her laptop13:26
bioterrorshe doesnt have a docking station?13:26
bioterroror port replicator13:26
bioterrorhow about xrandr13:27
bioterrorDVI1 disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)13:28
bioterrorTV1 disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)13:28
ct529bioterror: yes, I am uxing xrandr but the external monitor does not seem to like it .... no signal it says13:40
ct529no docking station ....13:40
ct529bioterror: I would like the "big desktop mode" with the laptop desktop as primary desktop13:41
ct529bioterror: where on earth os xorg.conf on lubuntu?13:41
bioterrortheres no such thing13:57
bioterrorit's dun with udev if I remember right13:57
bioterroryou have xorg.conf.d or something13:58
bioterrorbut ofcourse you can make one and it will overwrite the "probing"13:58
ct529bioterror: thanks ....13:59
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lubunturulzme want 64 bit lubuntu so bat14:51
lubunturulzaneybodeh 64 bti luunut distro share? D:14:52
BWMerlinlubunturulz: there was a post/forum somewhere about that14:53
BWMerlini think what the person did was get the netboot ubuntu cd14:53
BWMerlinthe 64bit version14:53
BWMerlinand then pulled down lubuntu that way so it had to pull down the 64 bit files etc14:53
BWMerlinbut yes i would also like a UEFI and 64bit support version of lubuntu14:54
lubunturulzah, thanks for the info14:57
wolfpackbiote/join ubuntu15:13
bioterrorhi! ;D15:14
jondothi all, is there a way i can unload lxde once i don't need it anymore to save memory?15:40
mrojas6996¿nadie sabe donde encuentro un canal de lubuntu en español?16:49
D33Rmrojas6996: Hola, exíste uno, pero nunca tienes gente online16:52
mrojas6996entiendo, entonces significa que debo ir al canal de Ubuntu en español16:52
aitibawhich are the minimal requeriments to use the last stable version of lubuntu?18:32
jmarsdenaitiba: See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements for the official ones18:41
aitibajmarsden thanks18:54
phillw;unban MH019:30
DragonEyesError.  The syntax for that command is: part <channel>19:30
phillw;part #lubuntu19:30
phillw;unban MH0*!*@*19:53
phillw;unban evilMH0*!*@*19:53
phillw;part #lubuntu19:53
kob hi all, anyone running TOR ? I'd need a running bridge to connect to the network19:58
jmarsdenkob: I don't think you'll find many Lubuntu users using Tor; the really security-paranoid tend to run a hardened OS such as OpenBSD or whatever... Lubuntu is more for folsk who older PCs or who like a lightweight GUI.  But I could be wrong.20:01
kobthx for the info20:03
kobI'm just trying my luck here and there20:03
jmarsdenNo problem.  I have used Tor, but am not doing so at the moment and I have not used it with Lubuntu.20:04
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philip__So I burned a DVD with Lubuntu, but there's green splotches in the video... that comes up every once in awhile.20:55
jmarsdenphilip__: Does the video playback fine when played directly from the original file on hard disk?21:52
philip__The DVD Plays fine but gets the green pixels once in awhile.21:53
jmarsdenDid QDVDAuthor have to do some kind of video encoding format conversion before you burned the DVD?21:53
philip__Had to convert it to DVD folders before I could make it playable on all DVD players.21:53
jmarsdenOK, so most likely that is what added the issue.  If you format convert and store that converted file on the hard drive, does *that* play back fine from the hard drive?21:54
jmarsdenStrange... if the video is fine in the converted file format, it should be fine on the DVD too.  Brasero doesn't change anything, as far as I know.21:55
philip__Maybe it was a user glitch, first time using QDVDAuthor.21:56
philip__Welcome back Phillw.22:41
philip__How do I install the new LibIMobiledevice (For IPod touch) In Lubuntu?22:54
jmarsdenphilip__: Has that LibIMobiledevice been packaged for Ubuntu yet?  Seems strange capitalization...?23:04
philip__Yes it has. I think so.23:04
philip__I need it for my IPod touch 4G 4.2.1 IOS.23:04
jmarsdenThen you can install it using Synaptic or whatever package manager you prefer.  search for it in there and then mark it for installation, and ask Synaptic to do it :)23:11
philip__The only one available doesn't work. I tried it.23:12
jmarsden"doesn't work" is pretty generic... did you get any error messages, did you file a bug report?23:12
philip__Nah it just fails to download.23:13
jmarsdenOK, can you do    sudo apt-get install LibMobiledevice     and pastebin me the output?23:15
jmarsdenBy the way, there is a big difference between "it doesn't work" and "I can't get it to install" :)23:15
philip__Well the version that's currently available isn't supporting IOS 4.2.123:16
jmarsdenOK.  So you have two choices (a) wait for the newer version to be packaged or (b) package it yourself and install it :)23:18
philip__How do i package?23:18
jmarsdenMaybe also (c) persuade someone else to package the new version and then install their resulting package :)23:18
jmarsdenYou'd have a lot of learning to do... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete23:19

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