BUGabundoo/ uh uh01:07
BUGabundoso the network applet is broken :\01:08
DaekdroomBUGabundo, it's working alright in here01:09
coz_is anyone having issues with usb?  external drives in particular01:23
coz_I am finding ,, only recently  that files on externals are being corrupted01:23
BUGabundocoz_: not really01:23
BUGabundoaltough one of my external disks is diying01:24
coz_mm  I know its not the drive,, if I hook it up via IDE  all is well01:24
BUGabundomaking backups of most important data now01:24
coz_only via usb are files being corrupted01:24
BUGabundono corruption here01:24
coz_BUGabundo,  I will have to check hardware I guess...01:27
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blixtenanyone here know how to run x86 32bit bins on a ppc64 ubuntu 64 system?01:48
coz_blixten,  I dont ,, I was under the impression that ppc64 could only run the 64 bit version01:57
rwwppc64 can't run i686 or x86_64 binaries without emulation, as far as I know.01:58
rwwand I don't know if there's a viable emulator.01:58
sagaciwhen do the daily development images get generated, at what time each day?03:45
rwwthe cdimage server says "Last modified" for them was 13:37 (someone totally did that deliberately). That's probably UTC.04:01
coz_hey guys,,, is anything being done about t hat "grab" handle?  it is showing up permanently in screenlets...real irritating04:10
endlessgood morning everyone04:51
coz_hey guy04:51
endlesshey coz_, see you again04:52
coz_endless,  leaving already?04:55
coz_well that was a P*&ser"04:59
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gunndawgso how is Natty shaping up?09:10
sudo_zoelhello everyone10:15
sudo_zoelwhat's new from 11.04?10:38
gunndawghow is natty shaping up?10:47
gunndawgIm stickin with 10.10 for now10:47
sagacikernel panics on the daily's and alpha 210:49
yofelI'm not getting those, but regular GPU lockups with nouveau on my notebook10:50
gunndawgThink I'll just hang on to 10.10 until 11.04 is released, even then I might give it a bit of time to grow11:08
gunndawgunless I hear good enough things about it on launch11:09
sagacifinal releases are pretty good, a week later and most of the pressing issues are resolved11:12
gunndawgI hope I can get my mic jack to work in Natty so I can use skype audio11:21
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coz_good day12:29
penguin42is it? Haven't made up my mind yet12:30
Q-FUNKhas anybody else encountered a situation where gdm stalls after selecting the user from the face browser and then never launches the gnome session?12:36
coz_Q-FUNK,  not that exactly but  withouty fail... it takes sometimes 3 or 4 resets of the system to actually boot to gdm h ere.. not sure if it is related to scsi drives  yet12:37
Q-FUNKcoz_: ok. different issue, then. here, booting works flawlessly, but gdm stalls.12:38
coz_Q-FUNK,   yeah understood... but aparenlty there are boot issues  :)12:39
coz_Q-FUNK,  out of curiosity,,, does this happen on each boot?  doest it solve itself if you keep rebooting?12:41
coz_resolve  rather12:41
Q-FUNKcoz_: it has happened ever since I upgraded from maverick.  it never resolved itself. I ended up having to install lxdm from console just to be able to login.12:43
penguin42Q-FUNK: I'd go and try digging in some logs to see if there is anything showing up; if you select one of the failsafe sessions does it let you login?12:45
coz_what is the status of fixing that "grab" handle?   here on some applications, it is a permanently visible  bug   http://dl.dropbox.com/u/132551/screenshots/grabhandle.png13:12
yofeliirc the bug is still open, I see them too here13:22
valkyriehello, does natty have a live dvd?13:27
HewI've been trying to upgrade to natty for over a week now, but I keep getting the following message: E:Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.13:38
HewI can't see what the problem could be, anyone else heard of this issue?13:38
penguin42how have you been trying to do the upgrade?14:09
sidneiHew, check the log file it has more info14:11
sidneiHew, i cant remember the filename, but i its in /var/log/14:12
Hewpenguin42, update-manager -d14:12
penguin42Hew: OK, and is that the whole error you get or is there any more? Do you have any PPAs installed?14:13
Hewsidnei, I have looked through /var/log/dist-upgrade but can't find anything useful, like an error on a package or something. I thought before alpha 2 maybe it was xorg breakage, but that can't be the case anymore.14:14
Hewpenguin42, sure I have local packages, I have tried the upgrade with all third party repos turned off. If it said what package was causing the problem I would be able to do something about it.14:15
HewI already went and undid my xorg-edgers packages, but that didn't help14:15
penguin42Hew: did you use ppa-purge to do that?14:15
Hewno, I have not heard of that14:15
penguin42Hew: It's a program (that I think xorg-edgers installs?) that can be used for removing ppa's - it does a good job cleaning up14:16
penguin42it's in the ppa-purge package14:17
penguin42Hew: The other thing you could try is do-release-update -d from the command line, I wonder if it will give you more debug14:17
Hewthanks penguin42 I'll try that now14:18
Hewpenguin42, just the same messages14:30
HewCalculating the changes14:30
HewCalculating the changes14:30
HewCould not calculate the upgrade14:30
penguin42Hew: OK, in that case I'd try removing any other ppa stuff you have, especially any library or core stuff; don't just remove the ppas from the sources.list; you need to downgrade the packages to the standard ones14:33
Hewpenguin42, I am removing all local packages now.. sucks14:34
andreasI crippled my system with trying to update to python2.7 today. I seem to hit Bug 689615 but I have no idea how to fix it.14:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 689615 in python2.7 (Ubuntu) "pycompile fixes needed for maverick" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68961514:38
andreasI now forced dpkg to remove all 2.6 python packages, but the configure for python2.7-minimal still doesn't work14:39
andreasIt complains: "python or pycompile not found in public_modules.rtinstall hook."14:40
andreasDoes anyone know a way to fix this mess?14:40
penguin42Hew: It's probably just one package with a weird dependency14:40
Hewpenguin42, I'd think if it was one package it would be clear from the error displayed, or at least from the logs, what the problem was14:44
penguin42Hew: Yeh I'm susrprised you're not seeing more logs14:45
Hewall the logs show is the upgrade logic solving all the issues, then it ends and doesn't seem to have worked14:45
penguin42Hew: Can you put one of those logs in a pastebin?14:46
HewI've removed all local packages now so I'm attempting to upgrade again, will post when this one fails..14:47
Hewpenguin42, whoa it looks like it's working!14:49
Hewmaybe it was medibuntu upgraded packages..14:49
Hewpenguin42, thanks for your help!14:49
penguin42no problem14:49
andreasIs there a way to securely remove python2.6* packages from the system - seems like I missed some14:53
penguin42andreas: dpkg -l \*2.6\*|grep python|grep -v ^un    lists the ones I have left installed15:09
andreaspenguin42: Thanks - I purged that one, too - but it still complains15:11
andreasI even found the point in pycompile were it fails - but I don't know how to fix it15:12
penguin42sorry, I don't know anything about the innards of python15:14
andreaspenguin42: me neither :(15:15
aviscan anyone recommend a ppa to run unity under maverick ?15:56
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valkyriei have tried, none can pass the certification16:02
valkyrieso, i have no guts to install them16:03
valkyrielol, my toolbars disappeared randomly16:15
valkyriewhat a buggy natty!16:15
valkyriei have to kill the gdm and restart again16:15
DaekdroomUnity is crashing randomly for pretty much anyone.16:16
DaekdroomUse classic gnome.16:16
penguin42compiz on classic is being a bit crashy as well16:17
DaekdroomThat is why I use (No effect)16:17
coz_unless you compile 0.9  from git... but there are still bugs there16:18
valkyrieunity is a not-bad eye-candy16:18
valkyriei am exciting to use 11.0416:19
* valkyrie kicks fedora out of the door16:20
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Omegavalkyrie: Remember the CoC.16:39
charlie-tcaseems like alpha software still has bugs in it, huh?16:39
DaekdroomCode of Conduct16:40
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ .  For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct .16:40
valkyriei have no email, so i don't think i can sign on something16:41
charlie-tcaYou still agreed to follow it when you come into any #ubuntu++++ channel16:42
DaekdroomActually, we agreed to follow the TermsOfService16:42
Daekdroom https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/TermsOfService16:43
DaekdroomWhich implies following the CoC ;)16:43
bazhangvalkyrie, it has zero to do with email, you need to follow it in ubuntu channels whether you choose to sign it or not16:52
coz_hey guys ,, out of curiosity... generally when do sites like this    get updated    https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardwareSupportComponentsWirelessNetworkCardsAsus#USB17:20
coz_sorry  t his one   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported17:20
penguin42coz_: I think it's just a wiki, so it depends on the person who wrote it17:21
coz_penguin42,  ah ok... that I understand.. its unfortunate it is a bit outdated in terms of which ubuntu version ;(17:21
penguin42coz_: Feel free to update it I think17:21
coz_penguin42,  :)  if I had the info I would definitly do that...17:22
coz_I may have to use a wireless usb  so I checked there but no biggie17:22
daniel__hi @all19:54
daniel__How can I enable ALT+F2 dialouge in Unity 2D?19:54
DaekdroomI'm now forced to use Windows :(20:28
DaekdroomSome odd regression.20:32
Daekdroom11.04 has trouble communicating with my router.20:32
DaekdroomIt works, but the quality is awful.20:32
yofelyou really should have a fallback installation on a flash drive at least when using natty..20:32
yofelhm, ralink?20:32
yofelI did notice my eeePC being unstable20:33
DaekdroomMCP61 ethernet chip and a DSLink 260E router20:33
alex_mayorgaCan I get some pairs of eyes on bug 713781 please?20:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 713781 in xorg (Ubuntu) "[natty] Video corruption on kernel 2.6.38-1-generic and nVidia Corporation GT216 [GeForce GT 230M] (rev a2)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71378120:33
yofeloh, *that*20:34
yofelalex_mayorga: yeah, I see that too, but that's *before* X comes up20:34
yofelso that's the KMS framebuffer I would say20:35
coz_hey guys20:35
yofelhi coz_20:35
coz_yofel,  hey guy :)20:35
alex_mayorgayofel: but you do get X, right?20:35
yofelI do here20:35
alex_mayorgain my case is all garbled, I think I uploaded the picture of it20:35
yofelyou can add me to the ranks of GPU lockup cards with nouveau though :(20:35
yofelyeah, I see that too here, but X starts after that with nouveau20:36
alex_mayorgayofel: nVidia?20:36
yofelalex_mayorga: yep20:36
yofelI'll probably ping bryce later for some debugging instructions20:36
alex_mayorgamine does start as I can hear the bongo if I type my password, but gdm is all garbled20:37
yofelnouveau works perfectly fine on my desktop, but my notebook is a mess20:37
alex_mayorga2.6.37-12 would have to do for now20:37
yofelI think I actually managed to get a dozen freezes in one hour once20:37
alex_mayorgamaybe I should go try edgers, do you now how?20:38
alex_mayorgaor maybe try squeeze :)20:38
yofeladd ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-edgers, probably the wrong URL though20:38
Daekdroomsudo add-apt-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa20:38
Daekdroomx-swat is for stable updates.20:38
yofelah, that one ;)20:38
DaekdroomAltho you must read the PPA page in launchpad before adding, really.20:39
alex_mayorgaDaekdroom: OK, I will thanks!20:39
alex_mayorgaat #nouveau they tell me to disable vesafb, can anyone tell me how?20:46
DaekdroomHas anyone seen anything like bug #713443 before?20:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 713443 in Ubuntu "DSL Router modem doesn't work correctly with MCP61 ethernet" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71344320:48
yofelalex_mayorga: not really, I think we use vesafb by default now since the last grub changes20:50
yofelto get plymouth graphical mode to work with non-kms drivers20:50
bjsniderwell, plymouth is very crucial20:51
bjsniderextremely crucial, even20:52
yofelyeah, but nouveau doesn't seem to like those changes20:52
yofelfirst I get graphical plymouth with 640x480 res, then pixel garbage, then X20:52
yofelplymouth is only fine on shutdown20:52
yofelnouveau framebuffer rather20:53
daniel__Where's this channel logged?20:54
guntbert!logs | daniel__20:55
ubottudaniel__: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too; for older LoCo channel logs, see http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/20:55
alex_mayorgayofel: so no way to disable it then?20:58
daniel__thank you20:58
yofelalex_mayorga: I don't know how20:58
alex_mayorgayofel: I see, thanks anyway20:59
yofelsetting GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=text in /etc/default/grub might help20:59
alex_mayorgayofel: is that to me?21:00
yofelalex_mayorga: yep21:01
alex_mayorgaso I just add "GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=text" anywhere?21:02
yofelthat should disable the graphical kernel mode that sets vesafb up IIRC21:05
alex_mayorgayofel: let me try that one21:05
alex_mayorgaBRB, hopefully :)21:05
DaekdroomLooks like I fixed network-manager.21:15
DaekdroomAw.. It's still not working alright :(21:16
alex_mayorgayofel: nothing except this time the text from the boot stayed in there :)21:21
alex_mayorgaany other tips?21:22
ethana2howdy-- nVidia user here..  I21:41
ethana2whoops, hit enter..  I've tried every driver I can think of on 11.04, and haven't been able to get 3d working yet21:41
ethana2Is this likely to be fixed soon or is it fixed already?  ..or is it going to be a week or two or something?21:41
paradigmflowI've just done an upgrade using the terminal method and it still says 10.10?21:42
penguin42says where?21:42
paradigmflowon the loading screen21:43
paradigmflowand monitor window21:43
paradigmflowsystem monitor21:43
penguin42hmm - can you do a uname -a   and tell me what it says?21:44
ethana2ah, the magic or release notes21:44
penguin42sounds like it hasn't upgraded21:45
penguin42ok, so how did you upgrade?21:45
paradigmflowfrom the dos window21:46
penguin42(It's not a dos window, it's a shell)21:46
penguin42yeh, so what did you do to upgrade21:46
paradigmflowI typed "update-manager -d"21:47
paradigmflowit said a new distro is available21:48
penguin42ok, then what?21:48
paradigmflowthen I followed the prompts21:48
penguin42any errors?21:49
paradigmflowit asked me whether I wanted to keep maverick or install newer version21:49
paradigmflowgot to the restart at the end of the script/install21:49
penguin42how long did it take?21:49
paradigmflowabout 45 mins21:49
paradigmflowit downloaded the distro about a 1gig I think and then started the install21:50
paradigmflowall looked well21:50
paradigmflowuntil I rebooted21:51
penguin42odd, sounds reasonable - did you tick the thing about trying stuff in aufs ?21:52
penguin42hmm, I've never done that and don't know how it works, it's supposed to let you revert to the old-unupgraded version, and it sounds like you've done that somehow21:53
paradigmflowI'm running it again21:54
paradigmflowgot this: WARNING: Failed to read mirror file21:54
paradigmflownow it's calculating the changes21:55
paradigmflowsome hd grinding going on :$21:55
paradigmflowhmm...E:Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.21:57
penguin42any more errors before that ?21:59
paradigmflowA deprecation warning22:00
penguin42can you paste the full set of errors to a pastebin?22:00
paradigmflownot used it yet :(22:01
paradigmflowChecking for a new ubuntu release22:02
paradigmflow/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/apt/progress/old.py:134: DeprecationWarning: apt.progress.FetchProgress is deprecated.22:02
paradigmflowtheres 9 of those22:02
paradigmflowrelating to different packages22:03
paradigmflowextracting 'natty.tar.gz'22:04
paradigmflowauthenticate 'natty.tar.gz' against 'natty.tar.gz.gpg'22:04
paradigmflowthen the error I just posted22:04
penguin42be much better if you could paste to a pastebin, but still, that all looks OK22:05
alex_mayorgahow do I get back the calendar applet?22:25
alex_mayorgausing ubuntu classic desktop22:26
BUGabundohey guys can anyone recommend me a easy to setup SIP server ?22:55
BUGabundowith TLS support22:55
BUGabundotoo complex for a simple test genii-around23:06
BUGabundois it safe to remove 5)     xserver-xorg-video-nv ?23:06
yofelshould be, it's not used anyway these days23:08
BUGabundoI got an upgrade pending on that23:08
BUGabundoyofel: anyidea why gwibber is showing *old* notifications bubbles?23:08
yofelnope, I don't use it23:09
genii-around!info ser23:16
ubottuser (source: ser): high-performance SIP server. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.0-4ubuntu1 (natty), package size 1424 kB, installed size 3740 kB23:16
johnjohn101i can't wait to try unity on the live cd23:16
genii-aroundBUGabundo: I'm not sure how easy or not it is to set up, but probably less work than asterisk23:17
BUGabundowill try sipwitch23:17
BUGabundowill keep an eye on that ser, genii-around23:18
LLStarksproposal: rename ubuntu classic desktop to "natty light"23:27

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