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Sonny80i have problem with ubuntu an beagleboard c411:54
Sonny80after executing minimal-xfce.sh i cannot switch from console to x session. Ctrl+Alt+F1 and Ctrl+Alt_F7 - the system starts from login screen and previous X session is lost11:55
ograwhat the heck is minimal-xfce.sh ?11:57
Sonny80oh.. its script from /boot/uboot11:57
Sonny80that installs xfce4 on minimal ubuntu11:58
ograsurely not on any ubuntu images11:58
Sonny80that is on rcn-ee image11:58
ogranot sure what you got there, but that rather sounds like something hommemade and you should contact the author11:58
Sonny80as i understant the author is rccn-ee?11:59
ograso contact him or wait until he is around here11:59
* ogra notices the topic is outdated12:01
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rcn-eeSonny80, the minima-xfce script just installs 'xfce4 gdm xubuntu-gdm-theme xubuntu-artwork xserver-xorg-video-omap3' so what's it not doing?14:31
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