coz_good day12:29
angusfretwellHello, I'm looking to volunteer my time as a graphic and UI designer. Am I in the right place? :S13:52
coz_angusfretwell,   well not sure actually... you may want to speak with thorwil   or kwwii14:21
angusfretwellOK thanks :)14:22
thorwilangusfretwell: hi! while wanting to volunteer is great and generous, as things are, you pretty much have to take an active approach15:00
angusfretwellOK, so just jump in and do some stuff, you mean?15:01
thorwilangusfretwell: if wallpapers don't happen to be of central interest for you, ubuntu-artwork is not quite the right place (i wish it was)15:01
angusfretwellAh, OK15:01
angusfretwellIs there a better place?15:02
thorwilangusfretwell: almost. even better if there's an actual need you can fill15:02
thorwilangusfretwell: depends on what you want to do15:02
thorwilthere are quite a number of options for what approach you could try15:02
angusfretwellwhat i'm mainly good at is user interface design15:03
angusfretwellwhether it be for the web or otherwise15:03
thorwilangusfretwell: UX for ubuntu/unity is hard to get in, because a lot is happening in teams of full time employees. meanwhile, the ayatana list as point of entry for the community is just very noisy15:04
angusfretwellthorwil: OK, I'll take a look ath that15:05
thorwilangusfretwell: you could perhaps look for an application you care for, where you see room for improvement15:06
thorwilangusfretwell: and then get into contact with the developers to get an idea if they would agree and for what would be feasible15:06
thorwilto then do mockups, eventually15:07
angusfretwellthorwil: OK, I'll try that, too.15:07
thorwilangusfretwell: do you have an online portfolio?15:11
angusfretwellthorwil: No, not at the moment15:11
thorwilangusfretwell: the people in #gnome-design on irc.gnome.org _might_ have one or the other idea on what else  you could work on. though i think asking during weekdays might lead to better results15:15
angusfretwellOK thanks for all your help :)15:15
coz_hey guys20:35
BlueBomber7Hi :)20:37
darkmatter'ello coz_20:40
coz_darkmatter,  hey guy :)20:40
coz_doctormo,  hey guy20:41
darkmatterhi doctormo20:41
doctormocoz_: I'm not a guy, I'm a bloke.20:42
doctormoUnless you think I should be shoved onto a bonfire and burned.20:42
coz_doctormo,   whoa  you must be a foeigner :)20:43
coz_damn spelling20:43
coz_damn fingers20:43
doctormocoz_: I must. British.20:43
coz_doctormo,  and what does "guy" mean in   the british isles  linguistics?20:43
doctormoAnd as we all know, the internet was invented by Al Gore and therefor is American soil ;-)20:44
doctormoguy is a name, i.e. Guy Falks, remember, remember, the 5th of Novemeber...20:44
doctormoWe go around as kids with a straw man asking for 'penny for the guy' before putting him on the bonfire on the 5th.20:45
coz_doctormo,  mm  yes it is also a name here in the US  but for us it also means  " man"  "dude" person of the male gender20:45
doctormocoz_: You mean it means 'bloke'20:45
doctormo'dude' is also American slang and 'man' is a Saxon word for 'human being'20:46
doctormoYou probably mean wereman as aposed to wifman.20:47
coz_doctormo,  yeah essentially it does mean bloke :)20:47
doctormocoz_: You know, talking of wif, I'd love to see a wifwolf movie. I think it would make for an excellent twist to the standard plot.20:48
* darkmatter gets a wif of doctormo and defends himself with febreeze :P20:50
doctormodarkmatter: How are you?20:50
thorwilaha! http://old.theshtick.org/language/woman.html20:51
darkmatterdunno. alive I suppose *checks for pulse* yup. alive ;)20:51
coz_i have gotten many hits on my flickr thingy ,, I have no idea why I didnt do this sooner20:58
coz_although I would prefer money to hits  but hey :)20:58
coz_now i need to find a flickr like place for music21:55
doctormocoz_: there are a ton of them, and some are even not shit.22:14
doctormoUnlike flickr, which is evil incarnate.22:14
coz_doctormo,  oh??  I didnt realize22:49
coz_doctormo,  why is flicker evil and ubuntu uses it for sumission s o022:49
doctormocoz_: Because we have nothing better, even though me and thorwil have issues with it (i.e. I think it's evil)22:50
coz_ah ok22:50
coz_doctormo,  so there are sites for music also?22:50
doctormooh yes22:50
doctormoopen source ones too22:50
doctormolook up cchost, it was original meant for music sites anyway22:50
coz_looking how22:51

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