blahdeblahsagaci: You mustn't be in Qld :-)01:24
sagacinope, nsw01:24
hot_wheelzhi 01:51
hot_wheelzis http://wiki.x.org/wiki/radeonhd the official site for the open driver or not?01:52
hot_wheelzit would to the case01:54
iktgood morning all02:53
iktheya hot_wheelz 02:53
iktin ubuntu just head to:02:53
iktsystem > admin > additional drivers02:54
iktand from there you can activate your ati or nvidia graphics card drivers02:54
iktiirc the open source drivers are enabled by default02:54
sagaciThis airconditioning noise is worse than being at the world cup07:38
iktit's raining07:42
sagaciCatch some water, bottle it and sell it07:44
sagaciNaturally from the sky07:44
ikti'll make millions07:44
sagaciMount Franklin does07:45
kaushalcan someone please guide me about https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2011-February/239556.html ?08:01
head_victimDo you have a kernel that is 2.6.33+ ?08:04
head_victimAnd please don't paste across multiple channels08:05
sagaciOtherwise there'll be trouble08:05
kaushalhead_victim: apologies08:09
kaushaldoes 10.10 comes with kernel 2.6.33+ ?08:09
nisshhkaushal, 10.10 by default comes with 2.6.3508:09
nisshhbut 10.04 doesnt08:09
nisshh10.04 only comes with 2.6.3208:10
kaushalis it available for 10.04 ?08:10
sagaciMaybe in the backports08:10
kaushalah ok08:10
sagaciNot as well tested though08:10
nisshheither in backports or you would have to compile it yourself, which i dont recommend08:11
kaushalnisshh: ol08:11
kaushalso how do i get around this issue ?08:11
sagaciInstall 10.1008:12
nisshhoh you have broadcom wireless08:12
kaushalso enable backports and then do sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get dist-upgrade08:12
kaushalnisshh: yes08:12
nisshhapparently broadcom drivers sucked prior to around 10.10 is08:12
sagaciBroadcom wireless has been fine for me since 10.0408:13
kaushalbut i am on 10.1008:13
nisshhi think the issue was the ath5k driver as opposed to the ath9k driver or some such08:13
kaushaland not on 10.0408:13
nisshhkaushal, i cant help sorry, i dont have anything with broadcom wireless08:14
sagaciWell go to additional drivers and install it08:14
kaushalsagaci: additional drivers ?08:14
nisshhkaushal, system > administration > hardware drivers08:14
kaushalis it from the website of broadcom ?08:14
sagaciUnder system administration08:14
kaushalnisshh: i did that08:14
nisshhheh, no08:14
kaushalalready 08:14
sagaciShould get an open and a closed driver08:15
nisshhyou should have the ath9k driver available unless your wireless is an old model08:15
kaushalso install athk9 for this broadcom wireless card ?08:16
kaushalnisshh: I have mentioned the card details too in the email thread08:16
nisshhkaushal, i dont know, it really depends on your issue, you just say "its not working" but thats too generic08:17
sagaciDoes anything show in networkmanager applet08:18
kaushalno firmware 08:18
sagaciAh ok08:22
kaushalnisshh: I would pastebin the daemon.log too08:25
kaushalsagaci: sure08:25
nisshhkaushal, if you like08:26
kaushalnisshh: as you suggested to enable backports can i do it in 10.10 ?08:44
nisshhkaushal, it can be done in any version of Ubuntu, but i cannot help you now, i must go out08:47
kaushalnisshh: sure08:47
kaushaland thanks08:47
ikthaven't seen darkrose in a while10:24
iktshe in brisbane?10:24
nisshhikt, no, she just doesnt sit in the loco channels anymore10:25
nisshhessentially, she isnt part of the loco now10:25
elkynisshh, :((( what happened?12:09
Blank__elky, I get the distinct impression she wants nothing to do with ubuntu anymore...12:23
elkyBlank__, she's in other ubuntu channels though12:24
Blank__the topic of one of her channels states: "STFU about Ubuntu"12:24
elkyshe's in the UW channels still12:25
sagacioh, thought there was something wrong with nisshh but it's just a continuation12:25
sagacilike he bricked his router12:26
Blank__oh wow, quail too12:27
nisshhelky, what?12:44
elkynisshh, you mentioned darkrose leaving.12:44
elkyi was asking about that.12:44
nisshhelky, yeah, darkrose and quail inhabit other channels now12:44
nisshhshe is still around, but she doesnt like being in the Ubuntu channels now12:45
nisshhdon't ask me12:45
nisshhprobably because she doesnt contribute to the loco, or whats left of it12:45
nisshhelky, she used to only not be in here, but now she isnt in -chat either12:46
elkyDear whoever controls the thermostat, I would like to register a complaint: http://www.bom.gov.au/products/IDN60901/IDN60901.94767.shtml12:46
Blank__it's still about 27 here, having hit about 38 during the day12:48
elkyBlank__, it did get cooler. it's decided to get hotter again. at nearly midnight12:48
Blank__elky, looking at those figures, you're right :S12:48
Blank__I do wish that whoever/whatever controlling aforementioned thermostat would knock it down 10 degrees or so12:49
Phlostenit is broken12:49
Phlostenpower failure12:50
Blank__have to get the electrician in?12:50
Phlostenwe lost power out here for an hour on Thursday, rather interesting12:50
Phlosten"what do you mean you only get 12 minutes on the UPS.."12:50
Blank__a UPS != a generator12:51
Blank__until the advent of portable, safe hydrogen cells, we're stuck with things like UPS' with SLA batteries, and fossil fuel-powered generators, with the occasional solar panel/wind turbine somewhere12:52
Phlostenalthough I did discover our PABX doesnt have a battery backup in it, bought a UPS for it on Friday12:52
Blank__ah, interesting12:58
Blank__well time for sleep...12:58
Blank__must go before i get caught up chatting to even more people :p12:59
iktso I have to simply resetup ubuntu on a pc, reinstall bind, copy the files over, redownload/install zimbra, then flick the ip's over and we're all good ayay13:12
iktnot a problem13:13
* ikt self motivates himself13:13

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