kristian-aalborgseem to be an actual thing00:14
seidosthat is awesome.  why aren't you in the offtopic channel #ubuntu-beginners-team?  i tried msging you in there but you weren't there T_T00:16
* kristian-aalborg joins00:17
yax51WOOT WOOT!!!00:42
gunndawghey seidos can I PM you a sec? I got somethin to show ya00:42
seidoswho let the dogs out?00:42
yax51so I figured out how to turn my old netgear router into a switch00:43
seidosgunndawg: i'm sure you can00:43
gunndawgseidos, May I? ;)00:43
seidosgunndawg: only if you should ;)00:43
seidosand you probably should!00:43
* seidos laughs00:44
yax51and you know what the dumb part was? it had nothing to do with configuration at all, I simply didn't use the WAN port like I should have and connected my internet straight into a LAN port...00:44
seidosgunndawg: how do you get the system stats on your desktop?01:14
gunndawgseidos, download "conky" and I'll send you the config file to look like mine (otherwise it looks bad)01:18
seidosgunndawg: all right.  downloaded.01:20
gunndawgok let me pastebin the confi file, just copy/paste it into the conky config file you have now and save it01:21
gunndawgseidos, its in /etc/conky btw01:21
seidosgunndawg: UNKNOWN PASTE ID!01:22
seidos- Unknown paste ID, it may have expired or been deleted!01:23
seidosi got that error when i clicked01:23
gunndawgok hang on01:23
seidosno worries, i'm not in a hurry01:23
gunndawgso replace that with ur current config, save it and type conky in a terminal01:23
gunndawgthen you can edit it how you want, you can change the colors, you'll see that in the config file01:24
seidosah, i should make a symlink to it from ~/01:24
seidosso that it gets backed up01:24
gunndawgwell install it and make sure it works01:24
gunndawgreplace urs with mine, and run conky in term01:24
seidosyes \o\ /o/01:26
seidosi should look at the config file01:26
gunndawgnow you can edit the color of each thing01:26
gunndawgjust look in the config01:26
seidosi think i'd prefer black text on this background01:26
seidosor, i should just change the background to black01:26
gunndawgyou can easily change it to black text01:26
gunndawgin the config01:26
gunndawgjust go to each section and change color to black01:27
seidosi actually would prefer a black background, but...it's not working for some reason01:27
gunndawgwhat part are you trying to edit01:30
seidosjust trying to set the background in gnome01:32
seidosright clicking desktop, clicking background01:32
seidoschange to a solid color01:32
seidosdoesn't take01:32
gunndawgworks fine for me01:32
seidoshmmm, maybe i'm missing something01:32
gunndawgmaybe a brain cell?01:34
seidosmaybe ;)01:35
seidosi tried right clicking an image, and setting it as the background, that didn't do it either.01:35
seidosbut i don't really know how it does its thing01:35
gunndawgtry log out and log back in?01:35
gunndawgmaybe a reboot ?01:35
* seidos refuses to reboot01:37
seidosthere is seeding to be done...01:37
seidosand coding...even though i am presently stumped01:37
gunndawgyou didnt tell me you were coding right now, what language ?01:38
gunndawgand also, seeding torrents can get you busted by certain ISP's01:38
seidosand maybe investigation as to how exactly the desktop image is set01:38
gunndawgwhen did you start coding in python? lol01:38
seidosgunndawg: that's sad01:38
gunndawgyou didnt tell me01:38
seidosi said i was working on projecteuler01:38
gunndawgyeah but you didnt say it was in python01:38
seidossorry, what other language would i use but python?01:38
gunndawgc, c++, shell01:38
gunndawgumm, what else01:39
seidosperl, php01:39
gunndawgsend me ur source01:39
seidosyeah, python is easiest for me right now01:39
gunndawgpython is the easiest language out of them all, to learn01:39
gunndawgI started with it last night and already have a full blown app finished, that should tell you something01:40
gunndawgperhaps we should move this to offtopic or in private01:40
seidosgunndawg: how do you paste an entire file from vim into pastebin?  yG used to do it iirc, but not anymore01:40
seidosgunndawg: yeah, OT01:41
gunndawgseidos, if I am gonna pastebin something I usually just gedit, it01:41
seidosgunndawg: same here01:41
seidosany ideas why this doesn't work:  metta@r2d2:/etc/conky$ ln ~/conky.conf /etc/conky/conky.conf01:44
seidosln: creating hard link `/etc/conky/conky.conf' => `/home/metta/conky.conf': Invalid cross-device link01:44
Dutch70gunndawg: not to interrupt, but what did you start with to learn python? is there a program? lessons? I'd like to learn it also.01:44
gunndawgDutch70, I'll show you a good series of video tutorials01:46
gunndawgseidos, I am not to sure01:46
Dutch70gunndawg: That would be great01:47
gunndawgduanedesign, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Mf0h3HphEA01:47
gunndawghe has like over 50 video tutorials so just keep following along, then he gets into wxPython tutorials which is making GUI programs01:48
gunndawgDutch70, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Mf0h3HphEA01:48
gunndawgthat link was for you, oops01:48
gunndawgbut like I said, hes got like over 50 video tutorials that start small and eventually grow, then after those he moves onto creating GUI apps with python01:48
Dutch70gunndawg: lol...bookmarked, thank you very much. I'll let you get back to what you were doing now.01:49
gunndawgDutch70, http://min.us/mveYeiq01:50
gunndawgthats a screenshot of a program I just recently finished using Python, its basically a front-end to apt commands01:50
Dutch70Nice!!! ...nice wallpaper too.01:51
gunndawgheh thx01:51
Dutch70gunndawg: ah, thank you. going to watch some videos, see ya.01:53
gunndawgDutch70, your welcome, enjoy01:53
seidosanyone know what package i can use to open .rar files?02:15
dtpcan anyone explain in simple explanation how to install anything on ubuntu?03:51
dtpdid that close his page or does this mean i'm still on a irc chat?03:53
dtpi guess that was the same thing but still if anyone here can still see this. please let me know03:53
pleia2dtp: you install software using the Software Center (it's in the main menu)03:54
dtpok. sounds simple. but what if i were installing a program to run with the wine program>03:55
pleia2unfortuantely I don't use wine so I'm not too familiar with how to install programs with it03:56
* seidos beeps like r2d203:57
seidosdtp: have you tried running the setup.exe file with wine?03:57
dtpthanks. i do appreciate it though. I just produce music and recently switched to Ubuntu. Now i still want to use some of the Windows programs for the production03:58
johnny77dtp: http://wiki.winehq.org/FAQ#head-f3515230c198befe0279d32c448d9c8da63be66f03:58
dtpno. but sounds like it could work. downloading wine now.03:58
dtpthanks johnny i'll read up on it03:58
johnny77dtp: no problem03:58
seidosdtp: you may want to check winehq.org to see how the software you want to run is rated03:59
dtpcheck out my site(s) if you want for the help   www.myspace.com/collectivesite and www.myspace.com/tgitcotr03:59
dtpthanks. wine is almost downloaded04:00
dtpi've seen the program work on a youtube vid. seidos but i'll probably not want to lock my system up either.04:01
johnny77dtp: I agree with seidos. Windows programs are rated on winehq.org on how well they run within wine.04:01
seidosi never click myspace links04:03
dtpi have a sound cloud if your afraid of the big myspace site. lol04:03
dtpjust have some of the best on myspace04:03
seidosdtp: haha afraid04:04
dtpyeah. myspace is kinda scary with all it's music and stuff.04:05
seidosi don't find it scary at all.04:05
dtpjust not into myspace music then?04:06
seidosdtp: nope.  this is also really isn't a place to advertise it.04:06
seidosor...not *the* place04:07
dtpyeah. i'm not trying to. i was thanking someone for there help with the only way other than thanks that i have from being a new ubuntu user. obviously he didn't check it or like it enough to respond04:08
dtpplus he could really like music.04:08
dtpbut yes i understand it's the wrong chat to advertise on.04:09
dtpwine is taking a while to download and apply chages... is this typical?04:12
seidosdtp: you might want to try talking about music in #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-beginners-team04:13
dtpteam? really?04:13
seidosdtp: maybe on a friday night.  i never had much trouble with it.  but i haven't used it in months.04:14
seidosdtp: that's what i heard04:14
dtphmm. o.k.   maybe i could make music for some ubuntu developers.04:14
dtpi hope this downloads quicker. i have to be at the beach tomorrow. and need this computer cause i'll be there all weekend04:15
dtpand it's late and my mommy needs to tuck me in.04:15
dtphow do i join the other irc chats and stay on this one?04:16
JoeMaverickSettdtp: /join #ubuntu-beginners-team for example04:17
bioterrorhobgoblin, you can be only on one channel at time? :D07:49
kaushalcan someone please guide me about https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2011-February/239556.html ?08:03
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anselmo_crowleyis there anybody here?09:16
CensoredBiscuithello anselmo_crowley09:16
CensoredBiscuit!ask | anselmo_crowley09:16
ubot2anselmo_crowley: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:16
anselmo_crowleyI think I messed up my sister's laptop. I already asked in the ubuntu forum but I wanted to try my luck here. She asked me to erase her Windows partition and I did but now the whole thing doesn't work. I can't start Ubuntu and when I use a LiveCD it tells me it can't access the /home partition. What can I do? (BTW is it rude or something to ask in ubuntu forum and here at the same time?)09:19
kristian-aalborgecho radiotray hold | dpkg --set-selections09:21
CensoredBiscuitanselmo_crowley: No its not considered rude09:21
kristian-aalborgis this really enough if I want a package to never be updated?09:21
CensoredBiscuitanselmo_crowley: are you burning the live cd where its bootable?09:22
yofelkristian-aalborg: usually yes, the only other thing you could do would be to add an apt pin09:23
kristian-aalborgyofel: cool09:25
kristian-aalborgI just type the name of the package - no numbers or something?09:29
yofelno, hold means stick to the current version09:35
kristian-aalborgI wish I'd done it before stuff broke, though ;09:39
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JackyAlcinehehehe bioterror.:D12:47
JackyAlcineI should have sent a part msg.12:47
JackyAlcineNoo! lol12:48
JackyAlcineGrr, I was close. ;D12:48
AbhijiTJackyAlcine, are you the one heading wintermute project?12:48
duanedesignmorning all12:55
earthling_Anyone know what the unolib3 and ure updates for?  It says "the list of changes is not available yet".14:25
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duanedesignearthling_: are you looking for the changelog?15:05
bioterrorhi duane15:09
* suprengr is sad... used 'hibernate' on 10.04 for first time today - when I got home and pressed power button... Ubuntu started from 'normal' startup, not from hibernate state. boo! hiss!15:10
bioterrorsuspend ftw15:10
suprengrbioterror: FTW may refer to: Fort Worth, Texas. Amtrak code for Fort Worth Intermodal Transportation Center; IATA code for Fort Worth Meacham International Airport ... or sometimes 'For The Win' ;D15:14
kumaankihi everyone..15:14
earthling_duanedesign, yes15:22
earthling_"There’s no page with this address in Launchpad."15:22
duanedesignthe last changelog at changelogs.ubuntu.com for ure is http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/o/openoffice.org/openoffice.org_3.2.1-7ubuntu1.1/changelog15:23
earthling_so those updates should be there?15:26
duanedesignearthling_: looks like ubuntuupdates.org does not have the changes listed yet for uno-libs3 http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/packages/show/30144715:28
earthling_Has their ever been a problem with installing updates? Should I just always download everything?15:33
duanedesignearthling_: you are on maverick?15:33
duanedesignearthling_: If you go to your Software Sources15:34
duanedesignin Lucid that might still be under System > Admministration > Software Sources15:34
duanedesignor in the Software Center under Edit > Software Sources15:35
earthling_I see it15:35
duanedesignearthling_: there is a Updates tab15:35
duanedesignI have all 4 checked15:36
duanedesignsecurity, updates, proposed, and backports\15:36
duanedesignif you are concerned you can do just the top 215:36
earthling_I just have important and recommended checked15:36
duanedesignSecurity and Recommended15:36
earthling_yeah top 215:37
duanedesignthen you are only getting the updates that are the most tested15:37
earthling_so you think they will get around to the changelog later?15:38
earthling_or sometimes they don't do that15:38
duanedesignearthling_: they might be using the openoffice changelog since those packages come with open office15:39
earthling_the same updates went to all the distros perhaps15:40
duanedesignearthling_: note that if you ever get a bug you can enable those bottom two software sourcees and see if there is a newer package available15:40
duanedesignbut that is just a tip if toy have an issue in the future15:41
earthling_do you always install all the updates?15:42
earthling_I don't want to slow down my system too15:42
duanedesignearthling_: yes, definetly if you are only doing the Important and Recommended15:44
duanedesignthose you should always install. Security updates and such are very inportant15:45
JackyAlcineGah, I get pinged everytime duanedesign says something.15:45
duanedesign<.<  >,>15:46
JackyAlcineLol, I fixed it :p15:46
johnny77Does the window manager handle right-click menus in applications?15:50
geirhajohnny77: No.15:52
greenage39Hi am new here, i cant access my web cam, pls can any1 help?15:53
earthling_Are you guys using maverick, how do you like it?15:54
greenage39yes maverick is awesome15:55
earthling_hi greenage39, I'm new too15:56
greenage39am using it rite now,15:56
earthling_were you using lucid awhile?15:56
greenage39then i wld say welcome earthling15:56
greenage39yes i did15:57
johnny77geirha: What controls it then? It seems intermittently I loose the ability to right-click in the programs I have open.15:57
earthling_greenage39, is it a new webcam?15:58
geirhajohnny77: That would be whatever library is used by the program. A typical gnome application will be using libgtk+15:58
greenage39nu! its my in built15:59
greenage39okies i think i jst solved it15:59
earthling_ok good15:59
greenage39it working now16:00
johnny77geirha: So more than one program could use the same library?16:00
greenage39do u use skype?16:00
earthling_I haven't tried skype on ubuntu16:00
earthling_it works well?16:00
greenage39i think its good but i havent been able to use the video call yet16:01
geirhajohnny77: Yes.16:01
geirhajohnny77: Open a terminal and run   tail -f ~/.xsession-errors    then try to reproduce the problem you're mentioning, and see if any useful error messages appear in the tail output.16:02
earthling_bbl thanks duanedesign16:06
johnny77geirha: ok, I'll take a look at it in a few minutes. I've never been able to reproduce it. It just happend then in a few minutes goes away.16:06
geirhajohnny77: Ah, well next time it happens. Open the ~/.xsession-errors file and look at the last few lines. It may have some clues about what went wrong.16:08
johnny77geirha: Does the xsession-errors continuous or does it start fresh at each login?16:20
geirhajohnny77: Not entirely sure, but I believe it's truncated each time you log in.16:36
raveeHey guys! I have a well functioning 10.10 installation (that was originally a 9.10 and then updated) and i have only an old network mapping in my fstba. I dont have a mount entry for my / or my swap. Anyone know if something is changed in 10.10 or something?16:38
raveebrb, reboot16:42
raveeAnyone have any thought regardin my fstab? Its really only one entry and that is that single network share16:46
raveei wnat to know wher there entrys for my / and swap are :)16:47
geirhaThey should be in /etc/fstab. If they're not there, they're nowhere :P16:52
geirhaIs your swap even mounted?  swapon -s16:52
charliemacbioterror, i'm trying to reformat that fat partition to ntfs using the disk utility but it can't do it...  :|16:53
bioterrorumount? and then try again16:53
geirhacharliemac: It's best to do that in Windows really. In Windows you can convert FAT to NTFS without losing the files.16:54
charliemacok well it says error unmounting; operation failed: only root can unmount?16:54
bioterroruse the force!16:55
charliemaclol nice.  I tried it in windows, too but it was also unsuccessful16:55
charliemacLet me switch to windows, brb16:55
geirharavee: You really should add entries for / and swap in your /etc/fstab.16:59
raveegeirha: sure but i was interested in knowing how that even can work17:01
geirharavee: Well, your swap is most likely not mounted. The system will work without swap.17:02
geirhayour / partition is mounted by the kernel at the early stage of the boot. Once it has that mounted, it will later read /etc/fstab and remount / with the options specified there, and mount all the other entries.17:03
geirhaI'd expect / to still be mounted readonly though, but I've never actually tested with a blank /etc/fstab. It might remount / anyway, even if it's not in fstab.17:04
geirhaHere's three lines from my fstab: http://pastebin.com/fydVcgj117:04
geirhaYou need to change the UUIDs to match your filesystems of course, and possibly change ext3 if you are using a different filesystem.17:05
geirhasudo blkid /dev/sda1   etc. will give you the relevant information.17:05
raveegeirha: the / is not mounted as read only actually17:07
raveebut how can it be mounted without entrys in the fstab? isnt that the explicitly point of fstab?17:07
raveeif i do a mount -l i see that / is mounted beutifully as ext4 with rw17:08
raveeGeirha: you are right, the swap is not mounted actually (well not very surprising that one haven't noted that)17:10
charliemacOk, so I'm in windows trying to reformat an empty, shared fat partition to ntfs. Should I enable compression?  I'd guess that would be a yes...17:11
seidoscharliemac: i think there is a speed hit to compression.  not sure by how much.17:11
charliemacSo clicking no wouldn't hurt?17:11
seidoscharliemac: not if you have plenty of space17:12
seidoscharliemac: compression will give you extra space, at the expense of speed.  that is all.17:12
charliemacUbubntu says 18 GB, windows says 16.9gb17:12
raveethe ntfs compression in wondows is actually slowing down, only use if you got little space avail imo17:13
charliemacravee: ^17:13
raveehere is a coparison between uncompressed and compressed if needed http://directedge.us/content/to-compress-or-not-to-compress-part-ii17:16
geirharavee: In order to read /etc/fstab, it must mount the filesystem where /etc/fstab is located.17:16
charliemacravee: Ububntu says 18 GB, windows says 16.9gb17:16
seidoscharliemac: this is interesting.  says it where?  can you get a screenshot?  or paste in pastebin?17:16
geirhacharliemac: In newer Ubuntus, 18GB means 18 * 1000 * 1000 * 1000 bytes. In Windows, 18 GB means 18 * 1024 * 1024 * 102417:17
raveegeirha, yeah ofc i didnt think about that. So then it actually manages to automount it in rw mode. I think ill manually fix my fstab ;)17:17
charliemacgeirha: Ok, that makes sense.17:17
raveegeriha, thanks for the help :)17:18
geirhacharliemac: Some more info on the matter: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UnitsPolicy17:18
geirharavee: np. :)17:19
charliemacbioterror: I'm in windows trying to reformat an empty, shared fat partition to ntfs. Would I want to do a quick format or not?17:20
bioterrorcharliemac, quicky quicky!17:20
charliemacActually, either way it gave me an error message lol17:20
bioterrorcharliemac, as I've kids, we tend to like quicky with my wife17:21
charliemacGotcha ;)17:21
bioterroris your memstick okay?17:21
raveequick just destroys the info about the data, its good enough for if you know that the disk is ok i should think17:21
charliemacShould I use a memstick?  I don't have one on me, but if I need extra space I have an ipod17:22
charliemac"Windows cannot format this drive.  Quit any disk utilities or other programs that are using this dirve, and make sure that no window is displaying the contents of the drive."17:23
raveedo you have disk management and a format box going at the same time ore something?17:24
charliemacbioterror: to my knowledge, there is no open program doing this.17:24
charliemacravee: i don't think so17:24
raveedo a reboot and your set17:24
charliemaci've rebooted 6 times lol!17:25
raveeand same error on each reboot?17:25
charliemacYes, Should I adjust the allocation unit size?17:25
raveeyou would actually get that same error if you where to try to format the drive that windows was on17:27
raveeif its a physical disk and you really want it formated just boot up killdisk or dban or something and it will be done in a jiffy (unless its damaged)17:28
charliemacravee: it's only a virtual partition, seperate from the c:/ drive17:35
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wmorriHi I am new and trying to decide which focus group I want to join, I have experience with documentation with fedora, but I have triaged bugs too. So I am not sure where to go?20:26
zkriessewmorri: Move on over to -team20:26
alexMocanuHello, everybody!20:26
zkriesseHello alexMocanu !20:27
jmarsdenibuclaw: phillw says you have seen the same or similar issue with Lubuntu installs in virtualbox that I am seeing... would it be good to work on figuring out that issue together?21:10
phillwjmarsden: yes, I think chatting to ibuclaw would be a good idea - As I said, I don't use VB but I did see his mention of problems.21:12
jmarsdenphillw: He apparently joined this channel about 9 minutes ago, so I thought he was around.  Might have been a disconnect and autoreconnect, though.21:13
phillwjmarsden: he does pick up on his pings.21:13
phillwhe may be busy on the main forum or going through his mail.21:14
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WiiHosting-KaspeI have a problem installing ubuntu desktop on my cumputer.. it pops up with an error. "apt configuration problem" (an attempt to configure apt to install additional packages from the CD failed.)22:51
WiiHosting-Kaspewhy does it do that?22:51
seidosWiiHosting-Kaspe:  here's what i think it could be 1.  bad cd  2.  bad HD  3.  bad ram22:53
WiiHosting-Kaspethe problem is taht i use USB to install. then it must be the HDD :/22:54
seidosWiiHosting-Kaspe: no, you are forgetting *your* idea.  4.  bad liveusb22:55
MrChrisDruifWiiHosting-Kaspe: How did you create the USB?22:55
WiiHosting-Kaspei followed the guide on ubuntu's site22:55
seidosWiiHosting-Kaspe: you're not alone it seems http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-bugs@lists.ubuntu.com/msg2102365.html22:56
MrChrisDruifWiiHosting-Kaspe: Which platform?22:56
WiiHosting-Kaspeim using windows 7 to create the USB and then install to a clean HDD on my laptop22:57
WiiHosting-Kaspethere were no problems with 10.0422:57
WiiHosting-Kaspenow i wanted to try 10.1022:58
seidosthere were problems with karmic, creating liveusbs of future distros.  i was only able to get a karmic liveusb made22:58
seidosWiiHosting-Kaspe: can you try a network install?  or a cd?22:59
WiiHosting-Kaspei dont have a CD drive :/22:59
WiiHosting-Kaspehow to web install?23:00
MrChrisDruifHmmm...it seems Ubuntu recommends Universal USB Installer....I would recommend UnetBootin on Windows :)23:00
seidosWiiHosting-Kaspe: dunno about web install, but if you had an extra computer you could do do bootp i think it's called23:00
seidosi've done it a few times23:01
seidoswell, i'm going to bow out, i don't have a windows system23:01
WiiHosting-Kaspeokay ill se what i can do here ;)23:01
seidosoh, idea!  you might be able to get a liveusb made if you're near a LUG or ubuntu user group, WiiHosting-Kaspe23:02
WiiHosting-Kaspecould it be the 64 bit version that cant work with the hardware?23:06
MrChrisDruifOn what hardware were you testing WiiHosting-Kaspe?23:08
seidosMrChrisDruif: good question23:08
WiiHosting-Kaspeits an acer laptop acer aspire 6935g with an intel centrino 2 cpu.. never had problems with windows 64x23:09
MrChrisDruifWell...if the laptop has a 64bit capable CPU, than it should work no problem...I'll check your hardware specs...brb23:11
seidosthat isn't entirely fair.  acer doesn't actively support linux, does it?23:11
seidosWiiHosting-Kaspe: i'm sure the issue is in the liveusb creation process23:12
seidosif i had money, that's what i would bet on23:12
seidosWiiHosting-Kaspe: do you have a link to the guide you followed for creating the liveusb?23:18
WiiHosting-Kaspehttp://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/download  scroll a bit down  ;)23:19
MrChrisDruifseidos: Do we care that almost all hardware vendors don't support Linux?23:20
WiiHosting-KaspeHave had server and desktop on it before so no problem to run linux23:20
MrChrisDruifWiiHosting-Kaspe: And like I said; Ubuntu suggests Universal USB Installer or something like that....but I HIGHLY recommend UnetBootin for Windows :D23:20
WiiHosting-Kaspei have tried now cross fingers ;)23:21
WiiHosting-Kaspeand it runs mac osx werywell to ;)23:23
WiiHosting-Kaspevery wel*23:23
WiiHosting-Kaspesame problem as before... i used UnetBootin this time23:24
WiiHosting-Kaspeill try with 32x then23:25
WiiHosting-Kaspe86x sry23:25
seidosMrChrisDruif: i care.  i don't speak for everybody, though.23:28
seidosWiiHosting-Kaspe: how did you install ubuntu linux on your system in the past?23:29
MrChrisDruifseidos: I didn't mean it like that :)23:29
seidosMrChrisDruif: i think it bears repeating, but i am sensitive to the political issues surrounding it.23:29
MrChrisDruifWiiHosting-Kaspe: Was the ISO downloaded correct? Did you do checksum etc?23:30
seidosyeah, a google search hasn't shone much light on the "official" way to create an ubuntu liveusb in windows.23:31
seidoswell, there's the community documentation:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick#From Windows23:32
MrChrisDruifseidos: Ofc I would like it very much if hardware vendors would start to support Linux, but that dream is still a few years away I'm afraid :)23:33
WiiHosting-Kaspethe iso is downloaded correrct yes. in the past i used the sae program ubuntu recommends on their page / guide. but i cant remember if it was 64 or 32 bit23:34
seidosMrChrisDruif: it's even further away if it remains a secret :o23:34
MrChrisDruifWoohoo...let's keep it secret that we've got Linux running on their hardware :P........(just kidding ofc;))23:35
seidosWiiHosting-Kaspe: so you followed this link:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick#From Windows ?  utilized "usb-creator.exe"?23:35
MrChrisDruifWiiHosting-Kaspe: A download-manager might say it's in, but it can be slightly off....alsways checksum the ISO :D23:36
seidosMrChrisDruif: yeah, i'm not sure if windows has a built in md5 checker like ubuntu linux does23:36
MrChrisDruifseidos: No, but a good one I've used many times is winmd5sum23:36
seidosMrChrisDruif: yeah, but it should be included23:37
MrChrisDruifIt integrates into the mouse-menu (right-click menu)23:37
seidosi'm sure there are some out there23:37
MrChrisDruifseidos: It's not from Windows, hence it won't be included :)23:38
MrChrisDruifBut you are right, Windows *should* come with something like that...23:38
MrChrisDruifEven a terminal command would be nice :P23:38
MrChrisDruifBut then again....Windows *should* do so much O:-)23:39
xycloHi, I want to install lowlatency kernel 2.6.37 on Ubuntu Studio 10.04. I found building instructions for Gentoo and in German. Anybody knows where I can get directions in english, or a pre-compiled one??23:39
Reaper50435I need help and the kubuntu channel cant help me23:39
Reaper50435when I updated my system the laptops keyboard and mouse dont work but a usb set does,  when I login I get this: I updated my system then my keyboard and mouse doesnt work but and usb set does, then when I login I get this Warning: Cannot open ConsoleKit session: Unable to open session: The permission of the setuid helper is not correct23:41
Reaper50435what do I need to do to fix this23:42
MrChrisDruifxyclo: I've found this *WARNING* use at own risk: https://launchpad.net/~abogani/+archive/ppa23:46
MrChrisDruifReaper50435: So when you've got a keyboard/mouse plugged in, you can't use your laptop's keyboard/mouse? And when you unplug it?23:47
xycloi have this ppa23:49
xyclobut i don't see any low latency kernel...Am i missin something?23:50
MrChrisDruifxyclo: Adding the ppa is step one :)23:50
Reaper50435no I cant use the keyboard and mouse on the laptop but if I use a usb keyboard and mouse the usb ones work23:50
MrChrisDruifI think if you'll go to synaptic and search for lowlatency you'll find what your looking for :)23:51
Reaper50435well that might work if it was installed23:51
MrChrisDruifReaper50435: What installed?23:51
xycloSo I thought, but I cannot find anything newer than
xycloAnd that is in another rep that I found and added23:52
MrChrisDruifIsn't it installed by default? (I don't have a clean system :P)23:52
Reaper50435no not with kde23:53
jmarsdenReaper50435: OK, try  apt-cache search lowlatency  instead23:53
MrChrisDruifOw, I'm using Gnome :)23:53
Reaper50435as root23:53
jmarsdenas anyone.23:53
jmarsdensearching does not alter your machine...23:54
MrChrisDruifIt's just searching, no root required23:54
MrChrisDruifBut that about synaptic was for xyclo23:54
xyclohaha, I got it thx. I'll try23:54
jmarsdenOh, oops!23:54
Reaper50435ok it didnt do anything just went back to command line23:55
jmarsdenReaper50435: Sorry, I was confusing you and xyclo23:55
xycloWell, yes, I got the same info I get on Synaptic.23:55
Reaper50435jmarsden: its ok it happens23:55
MrChrisDruifI'll try to use nicks more when I'm helping more then one :P23:55
xyclo2.6.32 is available from a repos I found somewhere23:56
xyclonot on the default23:56
xycloI can follow Reaper5043523:56
jmarsdenxyclo: So what makes you think you need a more recent kernel than those provided by Ubuntu?23:56
xycloWell, Ubuntu does not provide the Kernel23:57
xycloIt's on somebody's repository23:57
xycloI thought I'd get it from a reliable source, and as new as possible23:57
MrChrisDruifReaper50435: Did you try unplugging your hardware to see if you laptop hardware works after that?23:57
jmarsdenSo why not just use a low latency kernel that does exist?  Do you have hardware nly a very very new kernel will work with??23:58
Reaper50435yeah still not working23:58
xycloI am, very likely, going to use it23:58
xycloI just wanted to shop around for a newer version before I plunge :)23:58
jmarsdenxyclo: Going for "latest new stuff" for no good reason is usually a source of pain in the software world.23:59
xycloI heard somebody built the 2.6.37 low latency23:59
seidosubuntu comes with a kernel, but you can upgrade to a new kernel, but if you do that xyclo some packages may not be binary compatible.23:59
seidosxyclo: have you checked here: http://kernel.org/23:59

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