* genii-around makes a pot of coffee19:27
genii-aroundAnyone alive ?19:28
genii-aroundI just got back from an interesting meeting about this CRTC usage based billing. Bleh.19:31
genii-aroundThere might be something like a one-minute overview later on Global's 6pm news but basically it was just an exercise in frustration.19:34
dscasselgenii-around: Moderately alive, yes.19:34
dscasselThe media doesn't get it.19:34
dscasselFortunately, the government seems to, which is just weird.19:35
dscasselI'm not used to Tory cabinet ministers being sensible.19:35
dscasselAlthough if they really got it, they'd be talking about splitting up the monopolists to prevent them being wholesalers, retailers and content providers.19:37
genii-aroundBut the main immediate problem for our ISP for instance is: We MUST collect the $2/GB overage from individual customers and remit it to Bell. Bell is not required. it's optional if they want to collect it or not from their subscribers.19:39
dscasselI signed up with these guys this week: https://www.eyesurf.net/index.html19:40
dscassel(Kitchener-Waterloo only, unfortunately)19:41
genii-aroundAnd yet it's the same physical line. And we must remit immediately to bell the overage money, which can be conceivable up to $5000 per customer. This is from our pocket. Then we have to try and get this money after the fact from the heavy user that now owes US. We will be bankrupt in most 2 months19:41
dscasselYup. It was obviously conceived in Bell's boardroom. The CRTC just rubber stamped it.19:41
genii-aroundwhich will not help us even if an act of parliament says they screwed up, etc. We will be dead by then and one less competitior to them19:42
genii-aroundsorry to rant but it's just... like that.19:43
* genii-around sips and thinks20:19
hypatiagenii-around: was it a meeting with the CRTC or what?20:20
* hypatia once explained how Skype works to the current Chair20:21
hypatiathat was lulz20:21
genii-aroundhypatia: No. A group "Online Party of Canada" and it's members decided to contact us (as being a small ISP affected) to invite us to a panel discussion with them and some others, with media present for a Q & A. CRTC declined to attend but were invited.20:24
lubotu1ping-pong, a fun game for all the family20:26
genii-aroundOK, I'm alive again :)20:26
* hypatia nods20:27
hypatiagotta run now :)20:27
genii-aroundHave fun!20:28
dscasselgenii-around: What's your ISP?21:09
genii-arounddscassel: Toronto FreeNet21:09
dscasselOh, awesome.21:09
genii-arounddscassel: It is more or less a co-op21:10
dscasselYeah.  I was a member of National Capital Freenet about 15 years ago.21:10
genii-arounddscassel: Yes, very similar idea21:10
genii-aroundSo this whole thing will kill us and set back internet access for the marginalized21:11
dscasselYeah, I can imagine. You're not about go to installng your own DSLAMs.21:13
dscasselDid you make a submission to the CRTC when they were asking for input?21:13
dscasselI'm guessing you were ignored...21:13
genii-aroundNot unless there's some sudden influx of large capital ( re the DSLAMs)21:14
genii-arounddscassel: Yes, we were ignored because we are so small we are like the parasite that lives on the flea which lives on the animal which is Bell21:14
dscasselPoetic. :)21:15
genii-aroundApologies if I sound bitter, but it is of course because I am21:34
dscasselgenii-around: I don't think bitterness is unreasonable in this situation.21:43
* genii-around makes more coffee and passes the mugs around21:44
genii-aroundGuess I'll float around the web and wait for the 6pm Global thing to see what kind of slant they are getting on it in the 60 seconds or so they said it will likely occupy21:45
dscasselI'd tune in, but I canceled cable. :)21:46
genii-aroundWhat I find weird is NetFlix having some kind of deal without overages from dslam to subscriber when they have no dslam equipment21:48
genii-aroundI *suspect* but cannot prove it is somehow because if Bell does that to them, it must charge overages on it's own on-demand video services21:54
dscasselThe line between what is an anti-competitive action and what isn't seems to depend on what the end product.21:56
genii-aroundYes, somewhat21:56
genii-aroundnon-interactive content delivery like tv or interactive like irc or so...21:57

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