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i4ba1_excuse me06:03
macothere's no class going on here right now06:04
i4ba1_i read on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Development/Academy06:04
i4ba1_there is class c++06:04
* maco clicks06:04
i4ba1_on 15:0006:04
i4ba1_but i think there is a differetn time06:05
maco15:00 isn't for another 9 hours06:05
macooh come on webpage, load fasterer06:05
i4ba1_time 15:00 for country what?06:06
i4ba1_because in my country06:06
macoit''s UTC06:06
macolike, my timezone is Eastern US which is -05:00 which means i take UTC and subtract 5 hours to get local time06:07
ToyKeeperThat page says "hour / utc" in the time column...  UTC.06:07
macoif you're in india, im sorry about your half-hour wackitude06:07
i4ba1_i'm in indonesia06:07
maco(if you're not:  india is 5 and a half hours off of UTC)06:07
ToyKeeperIf you have an ubuntu or debian system, the 'gworldclock' package is useful for tracking these things.06:08
maco(which is just WEIRD)06:08
nigelbmaco: haha, you gotta pull us on the half hour wackitude don't ya? ;)06:09
maconigelb: yes06:09
maconigelb: though that one timezone that's got a :45? they win06:09
nigelbThere is a timezone with :45?06:09
nigelbOk, they win hands down06:09
nigelbthere are other time zones with :30 too06:10
macoonly winninger thing would be like... :3706:10
maco(which doesnt, afaik, exist)06:10
nigelbDivided state of maco.06:10
macoi4ba1__: how's that network doing?06:10
i4ba1__down again06:11
nigelbAnyway, jokes apart. Lets get off the classroom channel, its logged for classes.06:11
macoi4ba1__: you got all the important bits06:11
i4ba1__so i must wait 9 hour06:12
i4ba1__it mean 22:00 pm in mycountry06:12
macoif thats too late for you, it will be logged and posted on the wiki for you to read later06:12
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nmvictorwhat are we being taught today?08:03
macoin 7 hours, C++08:04
tsimpsonthere's a link to the google calendar in the topic08:05
nmvictortsimpson, thanks08:05
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