duanedesignjono: like your recent blog posts about making Ubuntu more personal01:23
duanedesignjono: I think that one on one connection is what I like so much about the Beginners Team. I am interested in how the team can do better.  If I have any ideas or any ideas come your way that you think the BT can help with let me know01:26
duanedesignthank you sir :)01:26
doctormoduanedesign: We could do a cross-group collaboration if you like.04:14
doctormoduanedesign: I've been thinking of doing a blog post on deviantArt for some of them to join the Beginners team04:14
nigelbthat would rock04:14
doctormoBut I don't want to do that unless there are some graphics/art type paths to folow.04:15
nigelbBT doesn't yet have something to with Art.  I've often noticed it when we talked about FG.04:16
nigelb(Well, that was at the time I quit.  Not sure about now)04:17
doctormonigelb: Well we can always set something up, the art team doesn't have a beginner or training program04:48
doctormoThe deviantArt group has plenty of candidates.04:48
duanedesigndefinetly doctormo12:53
duanedesignhello czajkowski12:54
duanedesignmorning all12:54
czajkowskihows you12:58
duanedesignczajkowski: getting tired of all the snow :\13:00
czajkowskiI hear ya13:00
czajkowskiI hate snow13:00
duanedesignyesterday morning a water pipe broke in my front yard. Made a mess13:00
duanedesignBeen trying to take the time I am snowed in to get caught up on all my Ubuntu stuff13:01
duanedesignNext on my list is to start an effort to recruit people to make some development/packaging screencasts13:03
duanedesignPlan is to break this http://daniel.holba.ch/temp/guide/index.html up into segments that can be covered in screencasts13:04
* mhall119 is running the air conditioner this morning14:46
doctormoMorning all16:04
duanedesignmorning doctormo16:04
dakerhi jcastro why there is no mention of Unity-2d on unity's website ?17:37
doctormoEvery time I see another article about my google docs mounting experiment I do a facepalm.20:04
doctormoI feel like I'm getting attention for doing something that I did for fun, one weekend, last year.20:04
doctormoBut no attention for doing actually interesting stuff that takes a lot of work.20:04
jussidoctormo: work is boring though...20:09
gpcpeople don't want to do a lot of work. They do like useful stuff that doesn't take much time20:10
doctormoAye yes, but when I see the interest it makes me want to work more on the project.20:11
doctormoBecause honestly, it's got holes the size of japan were it crashes, you can't unmount it and it doesn't really have much in the way of caching.20:12
AlanBellwould a unity places thingummy for google docs be full of awesome?20:12
doctormoAlanBell: Have you written an unity places thingies?20:13
AlanBellno, but I was thinking the other day that all the suggested ideas seemed rather consumerish20:14
nigelbok, random question20:15
nigelbAnyone have alternatives to clusterssh that would run on my  normal gnome-terminal20:15
nigelbAlso, gotta love @debian on twitter.  We should have something similar for ubuntu <-- jcastro20:16
doctormonigelb: What is clusterssh and what does it do that openssh-client doesn't? what is @debian and what does it do?20:16
doctormoAlanBell: Are you running Alpha2?20:17
AlanBelldoctormo: yes20:17
nigelbdoctormo: clusterssh lets me type in one terminal and it will replicate it simultaneously in multiple terminals20:18
doctormoAlanBell: Could you test what happens when you install my experiment?20:19
* doctormo needs to get natty alpha installed somehow20:19
doctormoIt's still the nautilus mounting of the fuse system, and I don't know if fuse shows up in the unity places already.20:20
nigelbdoctormo: the debian publicity team is using microblogging to great effect.20:22
nigelbThey're tweeting status messages of release20:22
nigelb(actually denting which is then forwarded to their twitter account)20:23
doctormonigelb: clusterssh sounds like it's doing the same thing as konsole used to do, except not over ssh. I used to have konsole connect automatically to a server on a number of tabs20:23
doctormonigelb: So @debian is a tag? or a group?20:23
nigelbdoctormo: neither.  its an individual account on twitter20:24
doctormoI thought we were doing that already20:25

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