brobostigonafternoonings everyone.12:03
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Welshy-RobEvening all20:30
brobostigonnoswaith dda Welshy-Rob20:30
Welshy-RobHow are we all? Long time no speak :)20:31
brobostigonWelshy-Rob: i have a possible interesting project coming up, but thats about it. and you?20:32
Welshy-RobAwsome :) is it top secret then?? haha20:33
brobostigonWelshy-Rob: howeevr i am fine, myhip hurts, and my back, and my eczema has calmed down. how about you?20:34
Welshy-Robim good thanks :) been offered a place in Glamorgan uni !!20:34
Welshy-Roband kingston in london ;)20:34
brobostigonWelshy-Rob: IT for the company my dad is going to form.20:34
brobostigonthats good to hear, :)20:34
brobostigonwell done,20:34
Welshy-RobSweeet that will keep you busy and glad to hear it ^^^20:34
Welshy-Robbrobostigon, Thanks :)20:35
brobostigoni would agree, yes, maybe busy.20:35
Welshy-Robbrobostigon, is  ianto still about?20:35
brobostigonWelshy-Rob: should be, yes. you just need to catch him when he is around.20:36
Welshy-RobAh Fairs :)20:36
brobostigonhe is around often.20:36
Welshy-Robbrobostigon, know anything about programming??20:36
Welshy-Robor anyone else??20:36
brobostigonWelshy-Rob: can you be more specific. programming is a big subject, and varied interpretations.20:37
Welshy-Rob brobostigon,  well as a college project im thinking about writing a keylogger in python possibly C#  (as an practical joke to my subject teacher who dosent think i can pull it off) but yeh i dont really know how to go about it :/20:39
brobostigonWelshy-Rob: it would have to be a module inside xorg, as xorg manages keyboard input.20:40
Welshy-Robumm okay :) ill look into it20:41
brobostigonthat is if it uses xorg that is.20:42
Welshy-Robprobably xorg controls the mouse and screen ( i belive)20:42
brobostigonwell xorg does the basic graphical output, mouse and keyboard, and its basic interaction. yes.20:43
brobostigonhowever, many other components are probebly involved in keyboard setup.20:44
Welshy-Robhumm think its too much of a challange my self?20:45
brobostigonhoweevr i am thinking xorg, as your keystrokes travel via underlying pickup, and have to go via xorg to go to gui apps.20:45
brobostigonbut i maybe totally wrong.20:46
brobostigonWelshy-Rob: ot stick a module in the kernel, which does basic hw pickup.20:47
Welshy-Robbrobostigon,  okayy sounds a bit too complex for me xd20:49
brobostigonWelshy-Rob: i amsure using enough research andlogic, you canwork it out.20:50
Welshy-Robim am sure i can...given a bit of time xD20:52
brobostigondefinatly. :)20:53

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