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poelziis there a better, working doc then https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile ?14:01
poelzii wanted to fix some config problems for all archs, and just don't get it how, where to change it14:02
ograpoelzi, see planet.ubuntu.com, there was a kernel build giude two days ago or so14:02
poelziall these scripts... man. i'm happy just running vanilla ;-)14:03
ohsixis btrfs safe to use, for some definition of safe; if you're occasionally switching to new kernels, then back to the one for that version? (say, maverick vs. 37 and now 38)14:12
poelziogra: can't find it anymore :-/14:16
poelziat least on my machine btrfs is broken with .3714:17
poelziworked fine with .3614:17
ohsixgood to know; was just curious about on disk formats and such, and a one way kernel boot :D14:18
poelzii use it as a build partition where i don't care if it's lost14:22
poelzii think the disk format is quite stable now14:22
ohsixxfs is not great in a laptop, so i'm looking at my options before a reinstall and just using ext*14:23
ohsixyou can lose a whole AG if theres a temporary read error at an inopportune time; and theres only a handful so it turned out to be quite a bit of important stuff here :\14:24
poelziyes. xfs i will never use again. it's on my blacklist now14:27
ohsixdo you know offhand where i can look and see whats rolled into an initrd as far as fuse filesystems go? or know if its done by fstab entries or a white list14:27
poelzia journalying fs that damages when power wents off is just broken like hell14:28
poelzii now just use ext4 on my notebook14:28
ohsixnever lost anything with the power; just did something stupud that was innocuous on other filesystems, didn't expect to lose 1/8th of all files, i thought the odds were on my side corrupting an inconsequential file (there are lots of those!) that i'd replace if debsums said so14:31
ohsixlaptop drives are a harsh mistress though14:31
xycloHi, I want to install lowlatency kernel 2.6.37 on Ubuntu Studio 10.04. I found building instructions for Gentoo and in German. Anybody knows where I can get directions in english, or a pre-compiled one??23:33
doctormoxyclo: There should be a lowlatency kernel already available for Ubuntu Studio23:39
xycloSo I thought, but I cannot find anything newer than
xycloShould I settle for that one?23:40

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