elzalemhello guys15:00
elzalemi have a client that wants to switch his business to linux15:00
elzalemany volunteers that are willing to work? (you can ask for $, not necessarily for free)15:01
youssefchakerrapacity: this sounds like a job for you ;016:26
rapacityhmm :p16:36
rapacityI wouldn't like to go alone though16:37
rapacityalso whar are their requirements16:37
elzalemhe's sick n tired of viruses and license fees16:38
elzalemneeds tech support to help move16:38
elzalemthey have an accounting software that works on windows16:38
elzalemi was able to run the client app using wine16:38
rapacityany networking requirements ?16:39
elzalemi haven't touched the server, but it could stay on windows, if linux didn't work for it16:39
elzalemi believe just the user pcs16:39
elzalembut i'm not 100% sure, when he approached me I declined byt told him that i'll check if i know some 1 interested16:40
elzalemso i didn't go into details with the guy16:40
rapacityah, I'm somewhat hesitant :p since I don't want to mess their shit up and be held responsible16:41
rapacityalso I don't like going out alone16:41
elzalemwell run ubuntu using WUBI16:41
elzalemif all went well16:41
elzalemuproot windows16:42
rapacityI don't even have ubuntu btw :p16:42
rapacityI don't have the latest release16:42
elzalemi had to say ubuntu since we're on an ubuntu channel :P16:42
elzalemdo whatever u want :P16:42
youssefchakerrapacity: why not get the contact info, talk to the person and get more info16:43
rapacityyoussefchaker: I don't like talking with people :(16:43
* rapacity hides in his room and locks the door16:43
elzalemrapacity: +116:43
youssefchakeri knew that, that's why im pushing you to do it :P16:43
elzalemu can start by emailing the guy16:44
youssefchakerrapacity: would requiem be interested in helping you?16:44
elzalemfrom ur room behind locked doors :P16:44
youssefchakerhe can do the talking16:44
rapacity:p no youssefchaker16:44
rapacityrequiem wouldn't want to waste his time :p16:44
elzalemguys charge mony16:44
elzalemso you won't be wasting your time, you'll be investing it :)16:45
rapacityeh :p but I don't have a particular need for money, I don't spend much16:45
youssefchakerno pressure ;)16:46
rapacityif you can get me the latest ubuntu release16:46
rapacityand someone to come with me16:46
rapacityand if the requirements are only installing ubuntu + wine + their software16:46
rapacityI don't mind doing it16:46
elzalemi got a reply on the mailing list, some1's interested16:46
elzalemso ill ask him if he could do it with u16:47
rapacitywoaw that's compengi16:47
rapacitywaaa he's not on16:47
elzalemwhat's compengi's real name?16:47
rapacityd: you're reading it on the email16:47
youssefchakeris compengi in lebanon? i thought he's in europe somewhere!16:47
elzalemD.A. ?16:48
rapacityI thought he was in germany16:50
rapacitybut he came to lebanon during christmas16:50
elzalemrapacity: some 1 replied privately, not to the list16:50
youssefchakerrapacity: so is he back for good?16:51
rapacityI doubt it, I thought it was only for vacation16:51
youssefchakermmm… so it will be difficult for him to come with you :P16:52

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