Landon_Will there be more compatability in Natty Narwhal00:21
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nigelbadd a slash before q06:58
nmvictorI heard, but belated, that the ubuntu kernel engineering manager was answering questions on this channel some 14hrs ago(according to facebook). How can I get a logged copy of that meeting?07:53
sagaciVia irc logs07:54
nmvictorsagaci, would you please point me to the exact address,if you dont mind?07:54
sagaciGoogle ubuntu irc logs07:55
sagaciI would but i'm not on a suitable web browser07:55
sagaciAnd it's in the topic07:55
Psychwhat is your email address?07:55
PsychI will email it to you07:56
nmvictorsagaci, thanks anyway.07:56
PsychAnyone else want it emailed before I send it off?07:56
Psychdid you want me to email it off to you?07:57
nmvictorPsych, yea07:57
tsimpsonnmvictor: it wasn't in here, it was in #ubuntu-classroom07:57
nmvictori'd appreciate07:57
PsychWhat is your email address?07:57
nmvictortsimpson, the facebook link pointed to this channel07:58
tsimpsonyeah, but it wasn't here07:58
nmvictorPsych, I PM'ed you my email07:58
tsimpsonpeople make mistakes ;)07:59
PsychJust sent the email07:59
Psychits long.07:59
macooh that explains the other person who came here instead of there07:59
nmvictorPsych, thanks07:59
Psychbecause it is the transcript of everything since 9AM07:59
PsychI just copy pasted it07:59
PsychI wasn't able to participate, so I just left the window open all day.07:59
valorieif you read the logs here, you'll understand why it was moved08:29
valoriewhat a mess08:29
sudo_zoelhelo everybody08:55
sudo_zoeldoes anyone can help me?08:55
sudo_zoeli have a problem with my ubuntu.08:55
sudo_zoelwindow border is disappear in any application08:55
tsimpsonsudo_zoel: #ubuntu is the support channel08:56
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besogonhi. I'm about to ask a question about cdrecord and wodim. Looking through the page http://cdrecord.berlios.de/private/cdrecord.html I found out the line "Warning: do not use Debian binaries/sources as they include many Debian specific bugs and still do not run correctly on Linux-2.6" and read following paragraph. It wasn't pleased me.17:14
bazhangbesogon, #ubuntu for support17:14
besogonOK. May be I'm not right and being in not  the place where I must be. Still I have a question to kernel maintainers of ubuntu. http://cdrecord.berlios.de/private/man/README/README.ATAPI I suppose we (Users) need ATAPI that let us burning CD/DVD faster and stable then we do it now. For me it is a hard Adventure game to build my own kernel as I don't know in it nothing still I would prefer using cdrecord with ATAPI and DMA support to wo17:35
bazhangbesogon, yeah, thats for #ubuntu not here17:35
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