BUGabundoo/ uh uh01:07
dupondjecan somebody open http://www.vacature.com/carriere/3225-euro-bruto-als-wetenschappelijk-medewerker-bij-kuleuven?utm_source=hln&utm_medium=partnersite&utm_campaign=hlncontent&utm_content=rechts ?11:41
dupondjecrashes instantly here :(11:41
jdstrandfta: argh, maverick ftbfs/armel only just now started building (the first buildd might have died to have it autostart-- this happeneded with other builds lately)13:59
jdstrandfta: I am publishing anyway and will upload a .2 for maverick for armel14:00
jdstrandfta: ok, all tested and published14:24
jdstrandfta: I uploaded a .2 to the security-proposed ppa for armel, which I'll test and publish later-- probably monday14:25

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