nhandlerpleia2: I finally got the annoying bug fixed (it didn't like how WP formatted the dashes). The script should be good on its new home now and running every hour. When s-fox adds the latest interview to the table on the wiki, it should show up on the fridge within the hour00:41
* nhandler goes to poke silverfox about it00:41
pleia2nhandler: the latest one wasn't an ubuntu member interview, I was asking for future reference :)02:02
pleia2(saw Joeb454's post about handing off the series)02:02
pleia2how does the /interviews/ page work anyway? is there any way the UW and Translations posts could end up there (is it a special tag or something?)02:05
pleia2er /interview02:05
nhandlerpleia2: It is just a static page (like the calendars). Like I said, the easiest way to handle this would be to post those other interviews on some other blog and put the URL on the wiki page. The other solution would be to add a link to the wiki pointing to the Fridge (but that will require adding a few weird exceptions to avoid some problems)03:40
pleia2yeah, to avoid double postings03:41
nhandlerpleia2: Among other things03:42
nhandlerDon't let me forget to add s-fox's URL sometime tomorrow03:45
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nhandlerI just updated the interviews wiki page. So sometime in the hour, it should show up on the fridge14:05
nhandlerWell, one of these days I'll get all the issues sorted out on the new server. The crontab was messed up, so I just ran the script by hand (and hpefully fixed cron for next time)18:26
pleia2nhandler: re: debian release, I saw your note in -website, I think we might want to x-post the debian-announce about release when it comes18:39
* pleia2 waits impatiently18:39
pleia2to fridge, I mean18:39
Joeb454pleia2: re interviews - I'll mention it to s-fox :) I still intend to help out dpm with the LoCo ones19:04
* Joeb454 must email him about that19:04

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