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kkathmanSorry about that...fat fingers :)00:25
knomeyou should really lose some weight00:28
* knome hides00:28
kkathmanLOL, you're right :)00:29
knomethe most painful part in that is that i should lose some weight as well...00:30
kkathmanI think this isn't a rare occurrence....most of us are probably in need of shedding a few.00:31
knomemmhmm :)00:32
charlie-tcaor, as my brother said "It took me 50 years to look like this, and now you think I want what?"00:36
KB1JWQJust for clarity: are network staff welcome to idle here?01:52
rwwyes. +V is defense against the idle policy.01:53
tonyyarussoKB1JWQ: Encouraged, even - we like it when you know about our problems :)01:53
KB1JWQI hear that.  One of these days I should have a talk with someone authoritative about how you want us (staff) to interact with the #ubuntu- namespace.  I think the last time it was heavily discussed predates my involvement.01:54
rwwmake nhand1er attend the talk, I find people rapidly swapping hats amusing.02:01
tonyyarussorww: s/,/\;/ though02:12
rwwthe bad grammar in ubottu factoids is infecting me.02:13
tonyyarussoI hear you there :(02:13
gpcSo it turns out the person I assumed was going to be an issue, isn't and the channel regulars are the ones who make trollish comments/jokes02:31
gpcbtw I am not lazy but thanks for caring02:32
rwwI like ubottu removal message parsing. I am also lazy. But I don't think these are related ;P02:53
Flannelrww: You broke her...02:56
ubottuxangua called the ops in #ubuntu (ichbein)04:21
gpcany ideas on how to handle ichbein, soon as you quieted he rejoined with a different ip04:25
gpche does seem to have calmed down a little04:26
rwwindeed. I was planning on removing that +q in a few minutes anyway, so if he doesn't start up again, w/e.04:26
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from ichbein)04:26
gpcok, will see what happens04:26
gpcspoke to soon04:27
* rww hovers over banhammer button04:28
gpcalready got it lined up :/04:28
gpcif he comes back and still continues to be vague I breaking off my banhammer04:52
rwwI'm thinking banforward him here the next time he /quits.04:52
rwwassuming you feel like explaining what a support question is supposed to look like.04:53
gpcnot really and sending him here will just create confusion for him.04:53
gpcmaybe not04:53
gpcwill see04:53
gpcisn't pitivi default?04:55
rwwI have no clue >.> <.< >.>04:55
gpcI didn't install it but it is in the menu so yeah04:56
macoi dont even use ubuntu and i know this!04:56
* maco hides developer hat04:56
rwwooo, are we playing a hat game?04:56
* rww grabs sorting hat04:57
gpcI think I am gonna get my beer hat and go cry in the corner04:57
* rww puts sorting hat on gpc's head04:57
rww< sorting_hat> Bogosort!04:57
gpcWhy does this dog always want me to let him out. He knows I don't like him, he isn't my dog and I DON"T LIKE HIM.04:58
* rww hears loud noises, goes off to find out what cat is attempting to destroy05:00
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gpcanonboots is posting stuff said in #u to that twitter link05:14
gpcisn't that a no no?05:14
rwwnot as far as I know05:14
ubottuIn ubottu, anonboots said: Where is your controller?05:14
gpche is posting "noob" stuff in an attempt to make fun of people05:15
gpcircc ^^05:15
rwwand if he does it again in channel, he's gone.05:16
rwwwe're not the twitter police ;P05:16
gpcnot about twitter it's about the code of conduct and how making fun of people is wrong.05:17
rwwlike I said, if he makes fun of people in-channel, we can do something about it.05:17
rwwThis isn't fair. It's a NEW MOON. We aren't supposed to get trollfests now :(05:21
rwwgpc: ta, was debating what to do with him05:25
gpche will be back and next offence is a ban05:26
gpcyou gave him a couple of warnings already right?05:26
rwwgpc: he's had enough between the three of us, yes.05:27
rwwokay, that does it. my brain is melting.05:31
bazhang* [Roobet] (~caffery@ smut rut but  dodging in -ot05:47
rwwbazhang: thanks05:51
bazhangrww, my mistake05:51
bazhangnogo gobo valkyrie etc is not ban dodging05:52
bazhangat least not in -ot05:52
macoIvis is offering an invite to a torrent tracker in -ot05:54
macodoes that violate !piracy?05:54
rwwDepends. Do you want an extended argument with -ot about all the legitimate torrents they pretend are on Demonoid?05:54
macono, in -ot05:54
macorww: yeah thats what i was wondering about05:55
bazhangr00t4rd3d in -irc06:09
rwwfun. isn't one of the two people privileged to be banned from there, in case anyone else was about to check.06:10
bazhangIvis is doing that 'demonoid  giveaway network wide now06:14
rwwcan I quiet people for being more nonsensical than average in -ot :|08:41
jussirww: only if you quiet yourself then :P :P :P08:43
Tm_Tbah, I hate Moinwiki08:53
jussidont we all?08:53
Tm_TI guess08:54
Tm_TI had already forgot that I volunteered to help with swedish translations or such08:55
Tm_Ttalking about the Coordination page08:55
jussiTm_T: yeah, the page hasnt been touched for a good while.08:56
Tm_Tthat said, more coffee08:57
rwwsomeone should probably figure out who ikoniaassholemot in #ubuntu is and then get rid of them. I'd do it, but I'm about to go sleeps.09:12
Tm_TI PM'd they09:14
Tm_TI'll wait 15 min for the response and then act09:20
Tm_Tand left09:24
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q_a_z_steveHey, can FloodBots !tell people "!enter" too? I think that might help some.11:14
* q_a_z_steve hears crickets11:17
Flannelq_a_z_steve: They say "please don't flood, please don't use the enter key as punctuation, use pastebin"11:22
tsimpsontheoretically, but they already give out the info11:22
FlannelPlease don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:22
q_a_z_steveD'oh! You're right. Sorry.11:25
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mernilioWhere is the "real" ubuntu channel?13:12
ikoniabe aware marcusdavidus is back online14:36
ikoniaand in #kubuntu14:36
Tm_Toh, captainjack?14:45
ikoniadon't know him as captain jack14:47
Tm_T-!-  ircname  : Cpt.Jack14:48
ikoniaah, not seen him as that14:49
Tm_Tso he's JackOfHearts?14:49
Tm_Taka Jack_Sparrow?14:51
Tm_TI don't know anything, I go to eat14:52
ikoniaJack_Sparrow is a good community member14:53
ikoniamarcusdavidus is a loon who rants about open source stuff and causes a problem on a regular basis14:53
Tm_Tyup, I fail at reading the logs14:53
Tm_Tikonia: remember him vaguely14:54
ikoniaklined/banned multiple times,14:54
ikoniathinks that because he's been part of an open source project he can do what he wants14:54
ubotturetrofit called the ops in #ubuntu ()15:11
gpcubottu: tell retrofit about guidelines15:12
gpcubottu: tell retrofit about codeofconduct15:12
ikoniadon't bother he's doing other channels15:13
ikoniahe knows what he's doing is wrong15:13
gpcyeah but for logs sake15:13
ikoniaI wouldn't bother, if someone is hitting the whole network, I pesonally don't think we have a duty to "educate him" or go through a process15:14
gpche just PM'ed me a link that chromium blocked as malware15:14
ikoniaexactly why I wouldn't waste any time on him15:15
ikoniaheads up on ubuntu-women15:15
gpcthank you15:16
ikoniaI wouldn't quite him, I'd ban and remove him so he can't see people in there to pm and harras15:17
gpcI banned and removed15:17
gpcoh you meant in #ubuntu15:18
gpcthanks for taking care of that15:18
bazhang* [Intersecret739] (~N3rdH3rd@ks306254.kimsufi.com): I see you!  <-- wonder if thats a bot, it/he/she was pasting some gibberish in #ubuntu17:02
bazhangthats odd, now it exited and was replaced with Intersecret153 (no response via PM so far)17:07
ubottuLjL called the ops in #ubuntu (Intersecret920 is a bot or something, lastlog "intetsecret")17:27
bazhangits logging in / exiting with variations on the last 3 numbers, perhaps *!Intersecret*@  ?17:28
rwwbazhang: or just ban the hostmask17:29
* rww does17:31
ubottuLjL called the ops in #ubuntu (miki165)18:43
gpcJordan_U: ^^18:58
Jordan_Ua1234567890: Please turn off whatever script you are running, or otherwise stop posting random messages.18:59
a1234567890Cairo, Egypt (jodan-edan) -- Apparent fissures in Egypt's regime surfaced19:04
bazhangseems to be some sort of google/news bot19:05
bazhanga1234567890, egypt19:05
Jordan_UI'm just going to change the ban-forward to a normal ban.19:05
a1234567890enneth Cole Egypt tweets ignite firestorm Money.|call agencies UN-.a12345678901678919:06
bazhanga1234567890, NYSE19:06
a1234567890extreem83447attd334 443 117 991 99 b19:07
a1234567890dim234 341 556731\19:07
bazhangmay want to remove from here before it quotes the entire NYSE :)19:07
Jordan_UI don't have op powers here :(. I really should have considered that better before setting the ban forward.19:09
Tm_Tis -irc a core channel?19:11
PiciI'm going out for a bit, someone may want to keep an eye on -server19:31
gpcRoy is often ot but he is also helpful19:33
ikoniawho is roy ?19:38
bazhangin #ubuntu-server ikonia19:38
ikoniaah, I have seen him before19:39
* genii-around hands Jordan_U a coffee20:50
* Jordan_U doesn't drink coffee20:51
Jordan_UThanks though :)20:51
genii-aroundHeh, OK. Just my way of thanking you for being on the #u trolls...20:51
jussigenii-around: not all the new ops know your little coffee habit :D20:53
genii-aroundjussi: Yes, I was away a long time :(20:54
macorww: can you get your clone to behave?21:47
* Tm_T huggles genii-around21:50
genii-aroundhiya Tm_T !21:51
Tm_Thi DarthFrog21:51
DarthFrogHi Tm_T21:53
Tm_Tis there something we can help you with?21:54
DarthFrogNope.  I just found out about this channel and thought I'd see what it was about.21:55
Tm_TDarthFrog: then I would like you to read the channel topic (;21:55
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rwwmaco: hrm?23:27
macorww: r\wWorld in -ot23:27
macorww: scroll back a couple hours. there's speculation that it's you in disguise23:27
rwwI'm glad there's a random \ in there. That would have been a /lot/ of highlights otherwise.23:28
genii-aroundsigh, in #u <r000t_laptop> MrFricks, Do this to log in as root, open a terminal, type in sudo passwd root23:33
genii-aroundwhich he did, apparently, by the time I was in there looking back through scroll23:34
genii-aroundanyhow , goodnight23:35

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