AlexMaxRoyK: again, i don't care about the config files that were there00:00
AlexMaxmy problem WAS  that I couldn't reinstall nginx00:00
AlexMaxbecause it couldn't find the (missing) config files00:00
AlexMaxthe solution was to also purge nginx-common and reinstall it00:00
AlexMaxpurging nginx-light removed the config files, but only reinstalling nginx-common put them back00:01
AlexMaxso there you god00:01
AlexMaxI'm not stuck in the 90's00:01
AlexMaxI know that files are gone if i delete them00:01
uvirtbotNew bug: #706917 in clamav (main) "ClamAV misses "SafeBrowsing" option in freshclam.conf" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70691700:01
szpuniAlexMax: why do you use package? compiled from source, package is really out dated00:12
szpunicompiling from source will give you only problem with pcre libary kind of weird00:13
AlexMaxwhy on earth would i compile from source when the nginx ppa exists00:13
AlexMaxalways the latest 0.8.54 or 0.9.300:13
AlexMaxupdate through apt00:13
AlexMaxi know ubuntu maverick ppa is out of date so I don't use that ;)00:14
ThirtysixwayI realize this is ubuntu-server, but anyone know of some good backup software for windows?00:18
Thirtysixwayor should I just do a vm of ubuntu00:18
ThirtysixwayI want to use something like backupPC, but I have to keep windows on my only 'server' machine because i have to use it for my printer/scanner...00:19
uvirtbotNew bug: #713002 in openssh (main) "Impossible to disable IPv4" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71300200:42
RoyK 00:55
Nertilwhy i cant fix ipv6 tuneling via HE on ubuntu server01:29
Nertili get weird error01:30
Nertilsudo ifup he-ipv601:31
Nertilioctl: No buffer space available01:31
NertilFailed to bring up he-ipv6.01:31
jmarsdenThirtysixway: I think bacula is ported to Windows as well as Linux, will that work for you?02:17
pmatulisjmarsden, Thirtysixway: i believe there is a Bacula *agent/client* for windows02:24
jmarsdenpmatulis: http://www.bacula.org/en/dev-manual/main/main/Supported_Operating_Systems.html says it has the daemons also02:25
jmarsdenIn "reported to work but not directluy supported" status, but they exist.02:25
Thirtysixwayjmarsden: I would need the server to be running on windows I think. I'll look into something else03:33
jmarsdenOK.  For linux and Windows file sync style redudancy you can use unison ?03:34
Thirtysixwayhmm. possibly03:38
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Nertildoes anyone here have ipv6 on his ubuntu server ?04:25
Nertil local,
patdk-laponly about 30 here04:38
Nertili want this command local04:38
Nertilto listen 2 addresses04:38
Nertilhow can i make it ?04:38
patdk-lapwhat the hell is that?04:38
Nertilim runing he-v604:38
Nertilin interfaces04:38
Nertiliface he-ipv6 inet6 v4tunnel04:39
Nertil        endpoint
Nertil        address 2001:470:27:5d6::204:39
Nertil        local,
Nertilsomething like this04:39
Nertili want local to read 2 addresses04:39
patdk-lapI have no idea what that local line says04:39
patdk-lapcause ipv4 only has 4 numbers04:39
jmarsdenNertil: I have no idea if will work, but does the definition of the syntax for this file allow two local lines in one iface stanza ?04:39
patdk-lapit can't have two ip's04:39
Nertilthe point is04:40
Nertilthat my ipv6 works with local ip04:40
Nertilbut it need the external too04:40
Nertilso were should i put the external one04:40
Nertilin what line04:40
patdk-lapit shouldn't need the external one at all04:40
Nertilthis is how my interfaces for v6 looks04:41
Nertili have dynamic ip so i update it often via script04:42
Nertilbut everytime the dynamic ip changes04:42
Nertilthe v6 tunel goes down for a while04:42
Nertilsomething like he get stuck04:42
patdk-lapthat is cause when your ip changes, HE doesn't know where to send the data04:43
patdk-lapit's not like it's tcp04:43
Nertilyes but when ip changes my script update it imidiatly the ip04:43
Nertilin HE04:43
Nertili dont know why ipv6 stucks somewere04:44
Nertilmaybe i can get some help from someone that runs HE in ubuntu server04:45
Nertilno help?04:52
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noobsterno idea05:01
noobsteranyone here can help me with lvm? #lvm is asleep & I wish I were :)05:35
noobsterI have followed a tutorial I found on google about reducing a logic vol, but not my df shows "/dev/mapper/VGHOME1-LVHOME1 Size 168 / Used 160 / Avail 0 / Used 100%  /mnt/lvmhome1. I do need to fix this before doing lvreduce right?05:36
noobsterused resize2fs on /dev/VGHOME1/LVHOME1 after umount /home & e2fsck on same lvm05:38
RoyKnoobster: you can't reduce it05:39
RoyKbackup/restore is the only way05:39
noobsterdd the lvm?05:39
RoyKerm - sorry - it's possible -  first hit on google http://tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO/reducelv.html05:40
noobsteri did that05:41
noobsterbut my vol group says 100% full? I can still write to it05:41
noobsterhave not rebooted yet out of fear of data loss05:42
noobster/dev/mapper/VGHOME1-LVHOME1 Size 168 / Used 160 / Avail 0 / Used 100%  /mnt/lvmhome105:42
RoyKthe volgroup can be full, but if the filesystems on it aren't you ma bea able to shrink it05:42
RoyKif the filesystems are full, well, then it's all full05:43
noobsterok thanks. what I am trying to do is remove a 2TB drive that I added yesterday. From what I have read, it seems I need to resize2fs down the 250GB /home partition and then shrink the LV to below the 250GB mark. then I can remove the 2TB drive05:45
noobsterwhat I want to do is dd the 250 onto the 2TB05:46
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* RoyK uses zfs for big storage, not micky mouse filesystems like ext[234]05:49
noobsterI know, but i have to get this up, so I can not have a oracle/solaris converses now, we will leave that to after I get this fileserver off failing drives05:54
noobsteralready started dev on true zfs05:54
RoyKnoobster: openindiana is open - s11ex is closed06:00
noobsterbtree fs?06:01
RoyKbtrfs isn't stable by far06:02
RoyKfreenas iirc uses fbsd and zfss06:02
noobsterif the would update their zfv and run it in the kern06:03
RoyKlinux zfs will arrive, but it's not here yet06:03
RoyKlacks a posix layer and tons of testing06:04
RoyKopenindiana just works06:04
RoyKI have a couple of 100TB boxes on openindiana06:04
RoyKit's stable06:04
noobsterI need this smb serv up by AM, I have 8 hours.06:05
Enderi just installed ubuntu server but when i did the install i skipped the internet configuration because i wasn't connected06:05
Endernow it doesn't automaically start up the eth0 interface06:05
Enderhow do i go back through that initial internet configuration?06:05
noobstershould I lvreduce with errors?06:06
ubottuThe Ubuntu server guide may be found at http://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/06:07
RoyKEnder: look in there for /etc/network/interfaces06:07
RoyKnoobster: get a new drive, make a backup, then try to tix it06:08
noobsterdid rsync -a on 500MB06:08
EnderRoyK, i've configured the interfaces file06:08
RoyKnoobster: trying to reduce a filsystem without a backup is lottery - you might win.....06:08
EnderRoyK, i've got it set up on a static ip06:09
noobstershould i dd06:09
EnderRoyK, it just doesn't bring up eth0 on boot06:09
RoyKEnder: pastebin the file06:09
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:09
* patdk-lap wonders if he changed the nic, and now it's eth1 instead or eth2 :)06:09
noobsterupdate.rc /etc/init.d network06:09
noobsterupdate.rc default /etc/init.d network06:10
noobsterupdate.rc default /etc/init.d/network06:10
noobstersomething like that06:10
noobsterI had that once, it was hard06:10
RoyKedit  the file, don't use silly tools06:11
ballIs it difficult to configure layer 2 bridging between WiFi and 100baseTX?06:11
ball(in Ubuntu Server on i386) ?06:11
patdk-lapit's called bridging06:12
RoyKball: I've never done that, but for linux, it's just two interfaces, regardless of medium06:12
patdk-lapdo it the same way every wifi router does it :)06:13
noobsterRoyK, whats the best way to abandon the lvm setup on /hpme and dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb? That how I usually move data06:13
patdk-lapbrctl :)06:13
RoyKnoobster: take a backup, reinstall06:13
ballpatdk-lap: routers generally perform NAT06:13
ball(at least, the consumer ones do)06:13
patdk-lapball heh?06:14
patdk-lapfirewalls do nat, routers normally don't06:14
RoyKnoobster: that's the easy way, and possibly the fastest06:14
patdk-lapand they normally only nat ipv4 on the INTERNET work, not wifi/lan06:14
* patdk-lap wonders why noobster is stuck on dd, why not just rsync the data over06:14
noobsterthats way more involved then you think, I have a samba4 ad ldap bind9 crazy install06:14
patdk-lapit will save you from coping empty space06:14
RoyKnoobster: those are just config files06:15
RoyKexcept perhaps ldap, with its database, but those, too, are only files06:16
noobsterso reinstall & then rsync over the partitions?06:16
RoyKI'd say rsync it all somewhere, reinstall, and copy the needed configs/databases back in after installing the needed software06:16
RoyKbind is just plaintext06:17
RoyKsamba is one file06:17
RoyKldap has a database06:17
noobsternot in samba406:17
RoyKsamba4 isn't really very well supported :P06:17
patdk-lapldap based on sleepycat? :(06:18
RoyKwell, that's not ubuntu06:18
noobsterbut if I could just properly remove the 206:18
noobster2TB, I would format in 2sec06:18
noobsterbrb lvreduce06:19
* RoyK taps his 100TB boxes06:19
noobsterit puts its feelings in a box06:20
noobsterand will beg to play another day06:20
RoyKwe've only lost five drives so far06:20
noobsterNow must fix srv06:20
* patdk-lap watchs royk put a big hole in the box06:20
RoyKout of 160 that's not that bad06:21
patdk-lapwhat kind of drives?06:21
RoyKWD Black06:21
RoyKenterprise drives are overprised06:21
patdk-lapI haven't had any issue with enterprise wd06:21
patdk-lapbut the blacks I keep having bad sectors06:21
patdk-lapand the drive won't remap them06:21
patdk-lapbecause pretty useless then, have to swap06:22
RoyKI've had issues with any kinds of drives06:22
patdk-laponly notice it, cause the drive gets slow as hell06:22
RoyKand I just read this study where they compared drives and replacement frequency06:22
RoyK100k drives over 3 years06:22
patdk-lapthese sas 3g 10k 300g hp ones been failing 2-3 a week :( out of 80 drives06:23
RoyKthe so-called 'desktop' drives were just as good as the so-called 'enterprise' drives06:23
patdk-lapthe performance of the enterprise drives rips apart a desktop drive though06:23
RoyKnot really06:23
RoyK2TB enterprise drives are still at  7k206:24
RoyKsame as desktop drives06:24
noobsterdebends on the filesystem06:24
patdk-lapmy application runs almost twice as fast on the enterprise over blacks06:24
patdk-lapwell, these are 1tb 7200rpm06:24
RoyKpatdk-lap: get real - 7k2 drives are 7k2 drives - wheather they're enterprise or desktop06:24
RoyK10k or 15k drives are neat, but they don't come in 2TB06:25
RoyKsince the drive platters aren't 3,5"06:25
patdk-lapmust be how it's using it's cache, or ncq06:25
patdk-lapheh? they make lots of 10k and 15k 3.5"06:26
RoyKno, SATA uses NCQ, SAS uses TCQ, but more or less the same thing06:26
RoyKpatdk-lap: have you ever opened one of those?06:26
RoyKI have06:26
patdk-lapwe are talking sata06:26
RoyKthe platter size of the 15k disks is closer to 2,5"06:26
RoyK10k is somewhat 3"06:27
* RoyK has a 4" stack of disk platters in a drawer :)06:27
patdk-lapare you confusing the term enterprise with sas drive?06:28
RoyKpatdk-lap: no06:28
RoyKSAS is an interface06:28
RoyKso is SATA06:29
patdk-lapI have no idea why you would tell me not ncq but tcq06:29
patdk-lapwhen we are talking 1/2tb 7200rpm sata drives06:29
RoyKSAS, by protocol, uses TCQ06:29
RoyKSATA and ATAPI uses NCQ06:29
RoyKwhich is a subset of TCQ06:29
patdk-lapI still dunno why you told me no06:30
RoyKno to what?06:30
patdk-lapI dunno, that is what I'm attempting to figure out06:30
patdk-lap"<RoyK> no, SATA uses NCQ, SAS uses TCQ, but more or less the same thing"06:30
patdk-lapI assume to, "<patdk-lap> must be how it's using it's cache, or ncq"06:31
patdk-lapwhere I was talking about my 1tb enterprise 7200rpm sata drives06:31
patdk-lapvs my 1tb black 7200rpm sata06:31
RoyKstill, the difference between SAS and SATA is highly theoretical for most setups06:31
RoyKfor large setups, multipath is good for SATA06:32
RoyKbut then, that goes with controller, not the drive06:32
RoyKSATA drives have WWNs just as SAS drives06:32
* patdk-lap is confused by all this useless info I already know, or why your talking about it06:33
RoyKand the interface speed is the same06:33
patdk-lapwe are talking about sata not sas06:33
patdk-lapthe interface is completely different speeds06:33
patdk-lapsata is uni-directional06:33
patdk-lapsas is bi-directional, read and write at same time06:33
patdk-lapsas can channel bond it's interfaces06:33
* RoyK checks06:34
patdk-lapif you put a single drive on sas, ya, not a difference06:34
patdk-lapbut if you do many drives per sas cable, it makes a difference06:34
Enderif i wanted to create a network share that several windows computers would be able to access, what's the best way to do that? samba?06:36
Enderis it stable?06:36
patdk-lapnope so, been using it for >10years06:36
noobsterwant a working smb3  smb.conf06:36
Endererm, i don't know. i guess so?06:37
patdk-lapisn't that relative, noobster?06:37
Enderlol "working"06:37
noobsterok ok06:37
patdk-lapI have a *working* config, but doubt anyone else could make much use out of it06:37
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.06:37
noobsterstill samba3 for nt style fileshare/PDC type work, samba4 for 2008R2 AD type06:38
Enderwhat'd pdc and ad06:38
noobsterdomain controles06:39
RoyKpatdk-lap: what about a truckload of SATA drives on a SAS expander?06:39
patdk-lapas long as the sas expander *converts* it to sata, it would be fine06:39
noobstersmb3 is what yo uwant06:39
noobsteror just samba06:39
patdk-lapor if they use those, interverter things06:39
Enderi'm thinking about making a reliable, mappable network share hosted on a linux server for windows xp, vista, and 7 computers to access. would i go for smb3 or smb406:39
patdk-lapinterposer boards :)06:39
noobsterwhat OS06:39
patdk-lapif you just shove a sata drive on sas channel, the sas channel gets downgraded06:40
noobsterdo you want to join a domain, or just make a nas?06:40
Endernoobster, on the server or the clients06:40
Endernoobster, no domain06:40
noobsterthen smb306:40
RoyKobvioualy, there'll be a bottleneck if you attach more drives than the bandwidth can handle, but with, say, 4 6Gbps links, the chances of the links being a bottleneck will take a few drives, given seek times and latency06:40
Enderoic network attached storage06:40
patdk-laproyk, ya, and bottlenecks for that all depends on what your doing06:41
patdk-lapraw transfer speeds, or iops06:41
* RoyK just ordered 2,5TB worth of SSDs for ZFS caching :P06:41
Enderis there an open-source equivalent/replacement for windows active directory?06:42
RoyKEnder: samba4 is the only one I know, except LDAP06:42
patdk-lapI have noticed most of the big storage venders overload the bandwidth by a crapload06:42
RoyKldap works well06:42
patdk-lapI always thought it odd, till I started to actually do storage for work06:42
patdk-lapoverloading the bandwidth isn't bad, if you need lots of random iops06:42
RoyKEnder: if you're in a windows environment, stick to AD06:43
Enderisn't ldap a part of active directory?06:43
patdk-lapa small part06:43
RoyKEnder: AD has an LDAP interface06:43
RoyKbut it's not part of it06:43
* patdk-lap just runs windows dc's, and samba fileservers06:44
noobsterEnder, yes and kerberos06:44
RoyKAD is a X.500-based catalog service06:44
noobsterEnder, if you want s simple OS appliance for all your residential grade storage needs, I recommend FreeNAS06:44
RoyKsucks hard if you compare it to what Novell inveted in the late ninetees, but still06:45
patdk-lapand openldap moved away from x.500 awhile ago06:45
noobsterneed 1GB or ram and drives06:45
nandemonaiEnder: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenLDAP06:45
patdk-lapdunno how compatble it still is, but never cared, I hate x.50006:45
RoyKpatdk-lap: afaik, ldap is still _based_ on x.50006:45
patdk-lapI know :)06:45
patdk-lapbut they removed most of the x.500 annoyances06:45
noobstertheres an appliance for that  Irun in vmware06:45
Enderis FreeNAS different from OpenLDAP06:45
noobsterfreenas is freebsd web gui06:46
RoyKEnder: hu...06:46
Enderwell he linked me to openldap after metnioning freenas06:46
noobsterit has openldap in it06:46
Enderi thought they mighta been connected06:46
RoyKEnder: freenas is a distro, openldap is a software package06:46
nandemonaiYou asked for open-source version of AD.06:46
RoyKfreenas probably uses openldap06:46
nandemonaiYou guys are talking about completely different things ;)06:47
RoyKnoobster: just try openindiana - it works......06:47
noobsterno nandemonai he asked for a none domain free srorage server06:47
Enderwell i'm really getting exactly what i want, which is a general discussion and outpouring of information about this kinda stuff06:47
nandemonaimy bad06:47
RoyKsomething like zfs-fuse with a rocket in its arse06:47
noobsterI have windows7 machines & have replace my 2008r2 box with a samba4 ad tree06:48
Ender2008r2 is server 08?06:48
patdk-lapah there it is. openldap is a subset of x.50006:48
patdk-lapit doesn't fully impletent x.50006:48
RoyKnoobster: don't do that!06:48
noobsterlol why06:48
noobsterit is awesome06:48
RoyKnoobster: just leave the windows folk to what they like06:49
RoyKuse windows with windows06:49
noobsterif I didn't touch lvm I would still be rocken06:49
Enderwell that' dbe nice if we all had windows server oSes hanging around06:49
RoyKdon't try to reinvent the wheel06:49
noobsterf that06:49
noobstersamba4 is great06:49
patdk-lapwhy replace win2008r2 with samba4?06:49
RoyKperhaps putting storage on zfs is nice, but AD is very good06:49
patdk-lapbut then, my win7 machines are very happy talking to samba306:49
Enderso is samba4 just an upgraded samba3 or is it a whole different enchilada06:50
Enderit sounds like samba4 has a lot more functionality...?06:50
patdk-lapalittle of both06:50
patdk-lapmainly an upgrade06:50
noobsterif you can bind9.7.2, samba4alpha15, follow a tutorial & install windows remote admin tools.. total replacement06:50
noobsterwhole diff game06:50
noobstermy global is 7 lines06:51
RoyKEnder: just keep it simple06:51
noobster3 line for each share06:51
noobstereverything is controled with win remote admin tootls06:51
noobsterall gui06:51
noobsterjust like 2008r206:51
noobstergroups policy controler06:51
RoyKEnder: out of interest, why would    you replace win2k8 with samba?06:51
noobsterwhy not?06:51
Enderi haven't a clue. noobster said he did.06:52
Enderi don't have a windows server os handy06:52
noobsterI did06:52
Enderi've never used windows server myself06:52
Enderbut i want to set up a nas at my lab06:52
noobstereverything you will ever want less AD06:52
RoyKno, forget about freenas06:52
RoyKopenindiana is good06:53
noobstertorrent server06:53
noobsterall gui06:53
RoyKfreenas uses a quite old zfs version06:53
RoyK  06:53
Enderwhy not use ubuntu server06:53
RoyKheh - if you're a server guy, why would you want a gui?06:53
RoyKEnder: it doesn't have zfs06:54
noobsterhe is no srv guy06:54
Enderyeah, i'm not06:54
noobsterhe has never touched 2008r206:54
Enderand the researchers are even less06:54
Enderonce i leave for a termin the peace corps in may they're on their own06:54
noobsterpoint click add drives zfs very easy06:54
Enderi'm comfortable at the command line, i just don't have a great deal of experience with it06:54
RoyKEnder: can you please scan through this before you type some more? http://hub.opensolaris.org/bin/download/Community+Group+zfs/docs/zfslast.pdf06:55
patdk-lapjust to contribute :) openfiler?06:55
RoyKlast I checked, openfiler was close to dead06:55
noobsteropenfiler hell no06:55
patdk-lapya, I think it died06:56
RoyKand btrfs is crawling to the step it can support mirroring and an fsck program06:56
noobsterfreenas is almost dead, but is good for noobs wanting to play with fileshare up to vmware06:56
* patdk-lap cant stand centos based things anyways06:56
noobsterpatdk-lap, you have to be open for fedora flavors, they are .deb other half06:57
patdk-lapI don't mind rhel06:57
noobsterrhel least fav, but fedora then centos06:58
Enderwhy hasn't ubuntu adopted zfs06:58
patdk-lapcause there isn't any?06:58
noobsterall *unix systems must run zfs in userland06:58
RoyKEnder: incompatible licenses06:59
Endereffin politics? forreal?06:59
RoyKEnder: there is zfs-fuse in ubuntu06:59
vraa__if you want zfs use freebsd06:59
vraa__i am using zfs v28 pools on freebsd 9.006:59
patdk-lapeveryone I know using the zfs on linux has had issues06:59
noobsterwell btrfs is now turned to oracle, so they own %100 of awsome storage06:59
RoyKvraa__: no way - use openindiana :)06:59
noobsterdo no evil06:59
Enderopenindiana, huh07:00
Enderi hate indiana07:00
vraa__lol i got tired of openindiana, i ended up using a member on hardforums freebsd scripts -- called zfsguru07:00
RoyKvraa__: I have several boxes on that - works like a dream07:00
noobstershould we call it openJones07:00
RoyKsome 320TB net storage07:00
Enderopenjones would be cooler07:00
Ender<nods> wow07:00
RoyKwell, not my choice07:00
Enderso, wait...because of the licensing issues, we'll never see zfs on ubuntu?07:01
noobsterbrb fsck just finished and I have to shit myself while runninf lvreduce07:01
RoyKbut I propose using openindiana for storage and using ubuntu for most other stuff07:01
noobsterEnder, u can run it but not @ kern level07:02
RoyKEnder: there is a port on the way, but it won't be included in distros07:02
Enderis there anything being developed that integrates a lot of/most of zfs functionality that will ?07:02
noobsterI will install openindiana in a vmware guest next week just because on how confident you are in it07:03
noobsterreal solaris07:03
noobsterfree for edu07:03
RoyKEnder: btrfs is the closeset, but it's far away07:03
EnderRoyK, so, like have a nas on an openindiana box but run ubuntu server on a separate box that handles other stuff like web server testing07:04
EnderRoyK,  right?07:04
noobsteresxi box07:04
noobsteropenindian as a nas07:04
Enderyeah i read an article recently about how awesome btrfs is going to be07:04
RoyKEnder: that's what I do07:04
EnderRoyK, oic. and if i wanted to use just one box...?07:05
Endercould i do some sort of virual situation07:05
noobstervmware server 2 on ubuntu07:05
RoyKEnder: just use virtualbox on top07:05
Enderreally, and run the openindiana nas on the vm?07:05
noobsterto test.. yes07:05
Enderand in production, i'd just basically have to bite the bullet and use two servers07:06
noobsterany os u can name == yes07:06
RoyKxvm aka xen doesn't work too well with OI atm07:06
RoyKSun abandonded it07:06
noobster1 nas & 1 virt box == heaven07:06
RoyKOracle took it in again, but after they closed the source07:07
noobsteresxi is awesome/free07:07
Enderwhat is esxi07:07
RoyKEnder: vmware07:07
Enderoic. how does it stack up to vbox07:07
noobstermore used in corp enviroment07:07
patdk-lapyou mean, how does vbox stack up to esxi07:07
RoyKEnder: ueah, but that works well07:08
Endervbox works well but esxi is superior07:08
Enderis esxi also free07:08
Enderas in beer07:08
RoyKbut esxi won't run on solaris07:08
noobsterand the 4pay has so much awesome07:08
noobstervmotion storage07:09
patdk-lapesxi won't run on anything :)07:09
patdk-lapyou run stuff on it :)07:09
RoyKEnder: If I were you, I'd setup an openindiana box with vbox07:09
noobsteryes you can get a i& and beast a esxi box07:09
patdk-lapesxi takes over the whole computer07:09
patdk-lapvbox runs on your existing workstation07:09
noobsterbut I run 9 computers and 2 servers in my ESXi box07:09
RoyKvmotion is fancy,but it costs a bit07:09
Enderi can't afford to buy anything07:10
noobsterdo u have a core2 anything?07:10
* patdk-lap just got storage vmotion and drs, it's nice07:10
RoyKEnder: then just follow my advice :P07:10
Enderi have a duo on my laptop07:10
noobsterhow much ram?07:11
Enderi know, i know07:11
RoyKa core2duo with a bunch of RAM and you can easily run 5-10 BMs07:11
patdk-lapvmware workstation runs good on my laptop, t8400 with 8gigs ram :)07:11
Enderwell my server hardware is considerably more arthritic07:11
noobsterworkstation zzZZzzZZ07:11
Enderit's a p4 system with 2g of ram07:11
noobster64 only07:11
* RoyK has an i7 and 4GB in his laptop07:11
Enderwhat's 64 only07:12
noobsterunless you want vmserver207:12
noobster4+ yes07:12
Enderwell w/e i'm familiar with vbox, i think i'll start with that07:12
Enderit runs on 3207:12
* RoyK pats his macbook pro07:12
Enderi don't run 64bit stuff on my duo either because it seems to get way hotter when running 64bit software07:12
noobsterpats his mac mini07:12
noobsterhp 100007:12
noobsteri7 is sweet 4 esxi07:13
* patdk-lap pats the pretty dual e5650's with 192gigs ram07:13
patdk-lapna, 6 of them, blades07:13
Enderpats thinkpad 200mhz w/96mb ram07:13
Enderhas anybody ever used openerp07:14
* patdk-lap wants openEMP :)07:14
noobsterhey can I lvreduce by drive, like 100%FREE /dev/md707:15
patdk-laphmm, no07:16
noobsterstill tryoing to take out that 2TB md807:16
patdk-laplv has nothing to do with that07:16
patdk-lapthat would be on the vg level07:16
Ender* as07:16
noobsterhave to shrink the lv b4 group though right?07:16
Enderhow do you do that "Royk does blah blah" thing07:16
patdk-lapnoobster, personally I dunno07:17
patdk-lapbut if it is possible07:17
noobster  like /me does something07:17
* noobster slaps07:17
patdk-lapyou have to have enough vg free space to remove the pv07:17
* Ender word07:17
* Ender downloads oi07:17
* RoyK slaps Ender 07:17
* Ender goes to bed07:17
* RoyK slaps Ender 07:17
RoyK /me slaps Ender07:17
* patdk-lap has been in bed for hours now07:17
* Ender SLAPS ROY BACK07:17
* noobster add a bitch slap07:17
RoyKnite, guys07:18
Enderhey it07:18
Ender's been fun07:18
Enderi love this channel07:18
Enderhere's a quick question07:18
Enderhow the eff did you guys amass your knowledge07:18
patdk-lapreading rfc's :)07:18
noobsterget a nas, then look a virtualization07:19
patdk-lapit helps I started 25 years ago07:19
Enderi see.07:19
Endernas nas nasnas anasasnasssss07:19
noobsteron an old box07:19
patdk-lapI always take it as07:19
Enderwel....i have a p3, is that too old?07:20
patdk-lapif you know how everything under it works, you will understand it much better07:20
noobstermucho storage07:20
noobsterin your closet07:20
noobsterwith only a network cable07:20
patdk-lapnooster, heh, connect your nas using wifi07:20
Enderohh yeahhh07:20
noobsteriscsi wifi07:20
patdk-lapand closets get way too hot07:20
Enderand radio-electric energy transfers07:21
Enderfull wireless07:21
noobsteri like it07:21
noobsteryour data doesn't07:21
patdk-lapoh screw radio electric07:21
Enderyeah just microwave-beam it in there07:21
Enderscrew wifi07:21
noobsteri think 3g07:21
noobstera 3g nas07:22
noobsternope to fast07:22
Enderdefinitely 4g, c'mon man07:22
noobsterthibk slowski's here07:22
Enderi'm going to use infared for my wireless connectivity07:22
noobsterandevry other packet must be lost07:22
Enderwell the server closet is in the other room so i'll have to set up some mirrors in the hall....07:23
Enderwill that work OK?07:23
Endersure it will07:23
noobstersetup a router to turn off and on every 5 sec just to scramble my word document saves too07:23
noobsteron the same channel07:24
Enderthe only way to make a router turn off and on every 5 seconds is to use an apple basestation07:24
Enderthat's their default functionality07:24
noobsterno i cant have undependable document scramblers here!07:24
Enderyeah, you're right07:25
noobstermust be a base station an a timer07:25
Enderprobably couldn't even rely on it to consistently malfunction like it was designed to07:25
Enderoh! i have a box of light timers07:25
noobsterhow else sell a wireless repeater for 120$07:25
Enderwe could plug them all into one another, and THEN plug the BaseStation EXTREME 14 into that07:26
noobsterwe have to make them redundant07:26
noobsteromg i have to install the server in 6 hours07:26
noobsterfuck lvm07:26
Enderwell i need to get up in 4ish hours07:27
Enderso i'mma crash07:27
noobsterwhy did I click that box??07:27
noobstercheck out freenas07:27
Enderi'mma crash like XP SP107:27
noobsterit has everything07:27
noobsterwith fake antivirus 2008?07:27
Enderok i'll d/l that too07:27
Enderi'mma crash like zfs-fuse07:28
Enderi'mma crash like it's 12/31/199907:28
Enderok bye07:28
* Ender crashes07:28
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incorrectis there a janitor script to clean up all the old kernels that aren't needed?09:29
=== Aison is now known as Aison|away
oCeanIt seems that I fail to connect to a (courier) mailserver running imapd-ssl (http://paste.ubuntu.com/563042/) while trying to sync several mailboxes using imapsync. Any suggestions?12:21
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__PeprI would like to have a single apache 2.2 web server be able to serve up cold-fusion files, php  and Ruby on Rails. How easy is this done. I have seen alot of tutorials, and help guides but most of the are "all or nothing"... Help please12:51
nimrod10__Pepr, check help.ubuntu.com and make a search there13:39
awbI am installing a mail server on Ubuntu 10.10 and have followed the Ubuntu server guide. When I get to the testing it says I should have the following lines: 250-STARTTLS 250-AUTH LOGIN PLAIN 250-AUTH=LOGIN PLAIN 250 8BITMIME, but I do not get 250-AUTH LOGIN PLAIN 250-AUTH=LOGIN when I used telnet13:39
uvirtbotNew bug: #713646 in munin "IPv6 functionality in ip_ plugin assumse #!/bin/sh being bash" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71364613:52
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ZacLnxNewbI'm having trouble setting up mysql on my server15:27
ZacLnxNewbguiless ubuntu the newest version15:28
ZacLnxNewbhello, I have questions.15:37
remix_tjZacLnxNewb: explain your troubles15:38
ZacLnxNewbremix_tj:  I'm trying to get mysql running15:41
ZacLnxNewbremix_tj:  and I can install it, and set a password, but I'm unable to connect to it with workbench remotely15:42
remix_tjZacLnxNewb: very easy15:42
ZacLnxNewbremix_tj:   I set the config file to use the bind address "" as to bind to the ports on multiple interfaces.15:42
remix_tjedit /etc/mysql/my.cnf15:42
ZacLnxNewbalready did.15:42
remix_tjbut not
remix_tji set *15:43
remix_tjand got working15:43
ZacLnxNewbwhenever I try "mysql restart"15:45
ZacLnxNewbI'm told I don't have privleges15:45
ZacLnxNewbsudo mysql restart15:45
ZacLnxNewbdoesn't either15:45
ZacLnxNewbI've been having to restart the entire computer in order to restart mysql15:46
ZacLnxNewbremix_tj:  sorry read >.>15:50
remix_tjZacLnxNewb: sudo service mysql restart15:50
ZacLnxNewbremix_tj: Aw, seems to be working15:52
ZacLnxNewbremix_tj: waiting a minute or two to see15:52
remix_tjZacLnxNewb: check with sudo netstat -alptn | grep mysqld15:53
ZacLnxNewbit's still waiting15:54
ZacLnxNewbmid command15:54
ZacLnxNewbin black space to get to the commadn15:54
ZacLnxNewbit's... processing?15:55
ZacLnxNewbremix_tj:  I'm going to try completely reinstalling.15:57
remix_tjZacLnxNewb: why?15:57
ZacLnxNewbremix_tj: I'm not sure of all the settings I've altered.15:57
remix_tjZacLnxNewb: try this15:58
remix_tjps aux | grep mysqld15:58
remix_tjto check if mysql is running15:58
ZacLnxNewban entry shows15:58
ZacLnxNewbI'm not sure what info to describe to tell you15:59
ZacLnxNewbremix_tj:  an entry shows16:02
remix_tjpaste the output to paste.ubuntu.com16:02
ZacLnxNewbremix_tj:  I apologize for the long wait16:14
ZacLnxNewbremix_tj:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/563104/16:14
remix_tjZacLnxNewb: so mysqld is not running16:14
remix_tjtry with16:14
remix_tjsudo service mysql start16:15
ZacLnxNewbremix_tj:  I entered the command16:15
ZacLnxNewbremix_tj:  I'm now waiting for the cursor to return to waiting position16:15
ZacLnxNewbremix_tj:  "start/running" I think it worked16:15
remix_tjnow try with16:17
remix_tjnetstat -alptn | grep mysqld16:17
ZacLnxNewbzachary@ZACSERVER:~$ netstat -alptn | grep mysqld (No info could be read for "-p": geteuid()=1000 but you should be root.)16:17
remix_tjZacLnxNewb: sorry16:17
remix_tjsudo netstat -alptn | grep mysqld16:18
ZacLnxNewbjust tried it16:18
ZacLnxNewbdidn't show any info16:18
ZacLnxNewbzachary@ZACSERVER:~$ sudo netstat -alptn | grep mysqld zachary@ZACSERVER:~$16:18
ZacLnxNewbzachary@ZACSERVER:~$ sudo netstat -alptn | grep mysqld16:18
remix_tjsudo netstat -alptn | grep 330616:18
ZacLnxNewbzachary@ZACSERVER:~$ sudo netstat -alptn | grep 3306 zachary@ZACSERVER:~$16:19
remix_tjps aux | grep mysqld16:23
ZacLnxNewbzachary   7005  0.0  0.0   4008   752 pts/0    S+   10:23   0:00 grep --color=auto mysqld16:23
remix_tjZacLnxNewb: only?16:23
ZacLnxNewbremix_tj: Only16:24
remix_tjso try this command16:24
remix_tjsudo mysqld --verbose16:25
ZacLnxNewb110205 10:25:44 [ERROR] Can't start server: cannot resolve hostname!: Success 110205 10:25:44 [ERROR] Aborting16:25
ZacLnxNewbhost name would be16:26
ZacLnxNewbfor the internet16:26
ZacLnxNewband of course for the local network16:26
remix_tjwait a bit16:26
uvirtbotNew bug: #713704 in etckeeper (main) "etckeeper is not run on apt-get remove or apt-get purge" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71370416:27
remix_tjZacLnxNewb: can you paste you my.cnf on http://paste.ubuntu.com =16:28
ZacLnxNewbsure thing16:29
ZacLnxNewbremix_tj:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/563116/16:31
remix_tjehm... ZacLnxNewb16:35
remix_tjcat /etc/mysql/my.cnf16:35
remix_tjthen paste16:35
ZacLnxNewbremix_tj: It's at the bottom of that >.> but sure16:35
ZacLnxNewbremix_tj:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/563120/16:37
remix_tjZacLnxNewb: cat /etc/hosts16:39
ZacLnxNewbremix_tj:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/563121/16:42
remix_tjyou may try with bind-address =
remix_tjon my.cnf16:42
remix_tjservice mysql restart16:42
remix_tjservice mysql start16:43
ZacLnxNewbremix_tj: ?17:07
ZacLnxNewbremix_tj: oh, sorry17:08
ZacLnxNewbremix_tj:  mysql running process 746617:09
remix_tjnow try17:09
remix_tjsudo netstat -altn | grep 330617:09
ZacLnxNewb tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN17:10
ZacLnxNewbremix_tj:  listening on the correct port. :p17:10
remix_tjk now working :-)17:10
ZacLnxNewbremix_tj:  awesome sauce17:10
ZacLnxNewbremix_tj:  Now I should be able to connect with MySQL work bench?17:11
ZacLnxNewbfirewall is currently down17:11
ZacLnxNewbworking inside the network, so port forwarding for the router is not yet needed17:11
ZacLnxNewblogging in with user root17:11
ZacLnxNewbwith mysql's password17:12
ZacLnxNewbon port 330617:12
ZacLnxNewbremix_tj:  "open database connection " failed17:12
ZacLnxNewbremix_tj:  Connecting to MySQL server  Host 'ZACNETBOOK.home' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server17:12
ZacLnxNewbremix_tj: so yeah, not seeming to be working. >.>17:17
ZacLnxNewbremix_tj: I do appreciate the help so far17:27
ZacLnxNewbbut are you still there?17:27
nimrod10ZacLnxNewb, is the user from ZACNETBOOK.home allowed to connect to the mysql server ?17:36
ZacLnxNewbnimrod10: I don't know how to tell17:37
ZacLnxNewbnimrod10:  also, I specified user and password17:37
ZacLnxNewbit should've worked17:37
nimrod10I presume you have access to the mysql server , right ?17:37
ZacLnxNewbnimrod10:  I just installed it17:37
ZacLnxNewbnimrod10: I installed it, configured it, it's running as a daemon17:38
ZacLnxNewbbut I can't connect remotely17:38
nimrod10select * from mysql.user ; and see if a user has access from ZACNETBOOK.home17:38
ZacLnxNewbwith workbench17:38
nimrod10that select you'll have to do it incommand line on the mysql server17:38
ZacLnxNewbwhere's that located?17:39
nimrod10:) where did you install mysql ?17:39
ZacLnxNewbdefault directory17:39
nimrod10on your laptop / desktop or on another computer ?17:39
nimrod10do you have access to the server ?17:40
ZacLnxNewbI'm using putty with my netbook to admin it remotely17:40
ZacLnxNewbI have physical access and I use putty17:40
nimrod10first of all let's make sure mysql is running  :    ps auxw | grep mysql     and paste the result17:40
ZacLnxNewbroot      7466  0.0  2.3 155608 17864 ?        Ssl  11:09   0:01 /usr/sbin/mysq d zachary   7817  0.0  0.0   4008   752 pts/0    S+   11:40   0:00 grep --color=auto mysql17:41
ZacLnxNewbtwo lines there17:41
ZacLnxNewbroot      7466  0.0  2.3 155608 17864 ?        Ssl  11:09   0:01 /usr/sbin/mysq d17:41
ZacLnxNewbzachary   7817  0.0  0.0   4008   752 pts/0    S+   11:40   0:00 grep --color=auto mysql17:41
nimrod10ok looks ok17:41
nimrod10lets make sure it is listening on the port17:42
nimrod10do this as root  on the server :    netstat -nlp --inet --inet6 | grep mysql17:42
nimrod10paste the output17:42
ZacLnxNewbtcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      7466/mysqld17:42
ZacLnxNewblistening on port 330617:43
nimrod10so mysql is up and it is listening on port 330617:43
nimrod10on your desktop open a terminal17:43
nimrod10or command prompt17:43
ZacLnxNewbI'm running windows 7 on my netbook17:43
ZacLnxNewbrunning cmd17:44
nimrod10do this in  cmd  :    telnet    ip_of_server  3306             paste the output17:44
ZacLnxNewband? ah17:44
ZacLnxNewbtcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      7466/mysqld17:45
ZacLnxNewbH♦Host 'ZACNETBOOK.home' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server  Connection to host lost.17:45
ZacLnxNewbI used17:45
ZacLnxNewb"telnet 3306"17:45
nimrod10do you know the mysql root password ?17:46
ZacLnxNewbyes, I set it17:46
nimrod10on the server :    mysql -uroot -p      put in your password and press Enter17:47
ZacLnxNewbI get17:47
ZacLnxNewb"mysql> "17:47
ZacLnxNewbwaiting for further input17:48
nimrod10good you've logged in the mysql command line17:48
nimrod10have you created any db ?17:48
ZacLnxNewbI thought I could do that with MySQL workbench17:49
ZacLnxNewbthere's an option for "server administration"17:49
nimrod10ok for that you need to setup a user in mysql server to be able to connect from  your laptop17:50
ZacLnxNewb"configure your database server, setup user accounts, browse status variables, and server logs"17:50
ZacLnxNewbI don't know how to do that17:50
nimrod10in the previous select where can the user root connect from ?17:51
ZacLnxNewbI can connect as zachary through putty17:51
ZacLnxNewband use sudo to do something as root17:52
nimrod10yes in the select it must of shown a user root17:52
ZacLnxNewbwhere do I see that?17:52
nimrod10I mean the root user for the mysql database , not the root user for linux17:52
nimrod10I see17:52
nimrod10in putty   : select * from mysql.user;17:53
nimrod10look out for user root17:53
ZacLnxNewbno command select?17:53
nimrod10are you still in the   mysql>  prompt  in putty ?17:54
ZacLnxNewboh lol17:54
ZacLnxNewbyes. >.>17:54
nimrod10that is a SQL select statement that only mysql understands17:54
ZacLnxNewbmysql> select     ->     -> lol     ->     ->17:54
nimrod10what is that ?17:55
ZacLnxNewbI wrote select by itself in the mysql field. >.>17:55
ZacLnxNewbhow do I exit that?17:55
ZacLnxNewbback to "mysql> "17:56
nimrod10cool    do the select for users17:56
ZacLnxNewbin mysql?17:56
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nimrod10yes the select I previously pasted to you17:57
ZacLnxNewbmysql> select * from mysql.user     ->17:57
ZacLnxNewbI just got an arrow by itself?17:58
nimrod10any SQL command in the mysql cli must end with  ;17:58
nimrod10then press Enter17:58
RoyKZacLnxNewb: SQL isn't terminated before the ;17:59
RoyKyou can write several lines and then ;17:59
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:59
ZacLnxNewbAll showing "root"17:59
nimrod10that means that you need to define another user that will connect to the server from Zackhome18:00
ZacLnxNewbnext to them18:00
ZacLnxNewbexcept for the last one18:00
ZacLnxNewbwhich is18:00
ZacLnxNewbah, I don't know how18:00
RoyKZacLnxNewb: grant all on somedatabase.* to someuser@somehost identified by 'somepassword';18:00
ZacLnxNewbRoyK:  is that exact syntax?18:00
ZacLnxNewbRoyK: I have not yet created a database?18:01
RoyKjust replace the some's with real data18:01
RoyKZacLnxNewb: create database somedatabase;18:01
ZacLnxNewb"mysql> create database drawing"18:02
ZacLnxNewb"Query OK, 1 row affected (0.00sec)18:03
ZacLnxNewb 18:03
ZacLnxNewbthat's the result18:03
ZacLnxNewbah, sorry18:03
RoyKbut that only shows you have created the database18:03
nimrod10ZacLnxNewb,  now do the grant command18:03
RoyKuse the IP, not the hostname after the @18:04
ZacLnxNewbbeyond-sight.com for the internet?18:04
ZacLnxNewband for the local network?18:04
RoyKyou don't want to allow access to mysql from the net18:05
RoyKjust local18:05
ZacLnxNewbfor user@somehost18:09
ZacLnxNewbsomehost would be my netbook's ip?18:09
ZacLnxNewbor host name?18:09
RoyKZacLnxNewb: do you need to connect directly to mysql from your netbook?18:12
ZacLnxNewbRoyK: preferably18:12
RoyKwhat are you going to use the database for?18:12
ZacLnxNewbpython, php, and flash intergration18:13
RoyKI'd recommend just allowing access from localhost, then18:13
ZacLnxNewbRoyK: specifically for some python server code to use a database, of possibly over 4000 users. >.>18:13
RoyKsince I guess that's where the scripts will be running18:13
ZacLnxNewbthe scripts will be running on the server, course18:14
RoyKthen you won't need to allow access from anywhere else18:14
ZacLnxNewbbut I was hoping I could administer the database and server settings through MySQL workbench on my netbook18:14
RoyKthen something like18:14
ZacLnxNewbI'm usually traveling18:14
ZacLnxNewband I'm not sure what host name/ip to put for my netbook, it changes often18:14
RoyKthen you'll need a VPN connection18:15
RoyKallowing access into mysql from the internet is _not_ safe18:15
ubottuFor more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN18:15
ZacLnxNewbI can figure that out later18:15
ZacLnxNewbfor now, what should I put as the host to allow for my netbook on the local network?18:15
RoyKthat'll give you admin access from that user/ip18:16
nimrod10ZacLnxNewb,  yuo might want to use ZACNETBOOK.home18:18
nimrod10or put the ip address  of the netbook18:18
ZacLnxNewbnimrod10: oh yes, thanks18:18
ZacLnxNewbnimrod10: ip address changes regularly18:18
ZacLnxNewbI haven't done any grants yet18:19
ZacLnxNewbwhich one do I need to do?18:19
nimrod10you have done grant all  :)18:19
ZacLnxNewbI haven't entered it at all18:19
nimrod10grant all means all grants18:19
ZacLnxNewbI haven't entered the command, nimrod1018:20
ZacLnxNewbgrant all on somedatabase.* to someuser@somehost identified by 'somepassword';18:20
ZacLnxNewbGRANT ALL ON *.* TO user@ip IDENTIFIED BY 'password' WITH GRANT OPTION;18:20
nimrod10second one18:20
ZacLnxNewbnimrod10:  RoyK  http://paste.ubuntu.com/563143/18:24
RoyKidentified by, not just by18:25
nimrod10where did this come from ? BY <mysqlpassword>18:25
RoyKmianosm1: he's just missing the word 'indentified'18:25
ZacLnxNewblol >.>18:26
RoyKor 'identified'18:26
ZacLnxNewbGRANT ALL ON *.* TO zachary@ZACNETBOOK.home IDENTIFIED BY, mysqlpassword WITH GRANT OPTION;18:27
ZacLnxNewbnot working. >.>18:27
ZacLnxNewbRoyK: nimrod10  Same error as the pastebin I gave you18:28
jmarsdenZacLnxNewb: The comma after BY seems incorrect in your GRANT ALL ON statement, was that a typo ?18:29
RoyKZacLnxNewb: GRANT ALL ON *.* TO zachary@ IDENTIFIED BY 'jalla' WITH GRANT OPTION;18:29
RoyKremember quotes around the password18:29
RoyKand no comma after BY18:29
ZacLnxNewb"Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)18:30
RoyKZacLnxNewb: bingo18:30
ZacLnxNewbRoyK:  nimrod10  I appreciate the help guys. >.<  I've been trying to do all this to no avail for 3 days18:30
RoyKnever mind the 0 rows affected18:30
ZacLnxNewbwhat else?18:30
RoyKwell, try to connect from your laptop18:31
ZacLnxNewbRoyK:  nimrod10 :  Connecting to MySQL server  Host 'ZACNETBOOK.home' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server18:33
nimrod10ZacLnxNewb,  one more command in the mysql prompt        flush privileges;18:33
nimrod10after that it should work18:34
ZacLnxNewbnimrod10: RoyK   Success guys. :D18:35
nimrod10keep smoking that weed ZacLnxNewb  it is good for you !18:35
ZacLnxNewbnimrod10: I get a natural high from staying up days at a time. >.>  I don't need no weed.18:36
RoyKnimrod10: :)18:37
* RoyK hands nimrod10 a beer18:37
nimrod10\me cheers18:37
* ZacLnxNewb gives both RoyK and nimrod10 each their own cookies of their favorite types, and milk18:38
ZacLnxNewbnimrod10:  fails the / me. :D18:38
nimrod10good , cookies , beer , and milk     watchout  toilet here I come !18:38
nimrod10ZacLnxNewb, sometimes the hands don't want to do what I tell them to type18:39
ZacLnxNewbnimrod10:  I'm a piano player as well.  I know what you mean. ;)18:39
ZacLnxNewbnimrod10: RoyK  So I'm  experimenting what I can do with this database. >.>18:41
* RoyK would prefer a lassi bhang18:42
RoyKZacLnxNewb: btw, where're you from?18:42
ZacLnxNewbRoyK:  I'm from Fort Worth, Texas18:43
ZacLnxNewbRoyK:  yourself?18:43
ZacLnxNewbRoyK:  You've helped me before.18:43
RoyKoslo, norway18:43
ZacLnxNewbRoyK:  I appreciate your support.  You helped me get started with linux in the first place. :D18:43
RoyKthe land of the freezing your balls off18:44
ZacLnxNewbRoyK:  lol, Right now it's fucking 25 degrees outside18:44
ZacLnxNewbitwas 18 last night18:44
RoyKit's not bad now - just -5 or so, celcius18:44
ZacLnxNewbRoyK: pussy. ;)18:45
ZacLnxNewbRoyK: I wish it got that cold here in texas18:45
ZacLnxNewbRoyK:  Currently, 49 of our 50 states have snow.18:45
ZacLnxNewbthe only exception is florida18:45
RoyKpretty strong La Niña this year18:46
RoyKstrongest in 100 years, they say18:46
RoyKthat tends to affect the temperatures a little18:46
ZacLnxNewbWhat check_admin_commands  Operation failed: /etc/init.d/mysqld start is invalid  What check_admin_commands  Operation failed: /etc/init.d/mysqld start is invalid18:46
ZacLnxNewbin workbench.18:47
RoyKno idea - google for it18:47
RoyKthis is cool http://pastebin.com/4Z4Ktu6Z18:47
RoyKcheck the total compared to the backup file size :)18:47
=== airtonix_ is now known as airtonix
ZacLnxNewbRoyK: it's working18:52
ZacLnxNewbRoyK:  I love you, my linux friend. :D <318:52
ZacLnxNewbRoyK:  I also recently discovered Google Chrome18:52
airtonixwhat is this new server thing you speak of18:55
RoyKnew server thing?18:56
* RoyK is lost18:56
ZacLnxNewbairtonix: it's this magical box19:16
ZacLnxNewbairtonix:  it serves19:16
ZacLnxNewbairtonix:  like a butler in the virtual world that we call the "internet"19:16
airtonixand google chrome is important to this19:16
ZacLnxNewbalso known as the interwebs, the virtual tubes, the virtual spahgetti19:16
ZacLnxNewbairtonix:  What about google chrome?19:17
airtonix05:22 <ZacLnxNewb> RoyK:  I also recently discovered Google Chrome19:17
RoyKZacLnxNewb: haha19:19
* RoyK listens to Rage Against The Machine, LOUD19:19
* ZacLnxNewb loves infected mushroom19:20
ZacLnxNewband DAFT PUNK!19:21
RoyKZacLnxNewb: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlVbEclPj4c :)19:22
ZacLnxNewbairtonix:  You have a problem with daft punk or infected mushroom?19:22
airtonixis it todo with ubuntu-server ?19:23
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic19:24
ZacLnxNewbRoyK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQy62TyvcuI19:24
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:24
ZacLnxNewbRoyK:  my video is so much cooler. >..19:24
RoyKnot really :)19:24
RoyKPici: there must be some room to be a little OT on a saturday :)19:24
PiciA little19:25
PiciBut theres an -offtopic channel so that you can 'channel' all that randomness somewhere.19:25
RoyKhey, calm down, it was just a few lines19:26
ZacLnxNewbRoyK: I shall lead our Revolt! >.>19:26
EvilPhoenixyeah... i think you guys would prefer #ubuntu-offtopic more :P19:27
RoyKPici: I've helped quite a lot of people in here over the years. Off-topicing a little doesn't harm19:27
ZacLnxNewbI will personally vouch for RoyK  's long record of helping people.19:28
ZacLnxNewbHe helped me get into linux in the first place, set up SSH, remote printing, mysql, and more19:28
ZacLnxNewbso he's paid his dues. ;) at the very least.19:28
PiciRoyK: Theres no denying that you're an appreciated helper here.19:28
ZacLnxNewbRoyK:  I'm sorry. ;_; I'm getting you in trouble19:29
RoyKno, you're not19:29
ZacLnxNewbPici:  are you a mod?19:29
PiciI just ask that you try to keep some of the offtopicness in our offtopic channel.19:29
PiciZacLnxNewb: one of them, yes.19:29
RoyKit'd be nice if we could have native zfs on ubuntu one day....19:32
ZacLnxNewbPici: Provided we are going a bit off topic, that's more in celebration of the awesome help we're achieving.  I don't feel we're interfering with anyone else, and if someone else were to enter the room asking for help, I'm sure he'd stop being off topic and immediately help them as he has repeatedly helped me...19:32
ZacLnxNewbso I don't really see the problem.19:32
ZacLnxNewbRoyK:  zfs ?19:32
air^RoyK: I'd love that too. fuck the license issues. :/19:32
ZacLnxNewbsomething similar to DRM?19:33
gpcfolks please keep the language clean19:33
gpcit hurts my eyes19:33
gpcall the red all over my window19:33
ubottuFor information concerning ZFS and Ubuntu, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZFS19:33
leniosZacLnxNewb, some people idle and read back, they better have nothing than a lot of offtopic19:33
RoyKZacLnxNewb: http://hub.opensolaris.org/bin/download/Community+Group+zfs/docs/zfslast.pdf <-- read that19:34
RoyKair^: there's a port in the works. When it's stable, it should be installable without issues. The only thing is that you have to install it yourself - it can't be distributed because of CDDL/GPL issues19:35
Kohelethhi is there a problem with the postgresql fix, my sites have gone down???19:35
ZacLnxNewbRoyK:  I hate it just looking at it.19:36
RoyKZacLnxNewb: heh - I have about 300TB on ZFS now - it's the best thing I've seen yet19:36
ZacLnxNewbRoyK:  >.> What does ZFS do in summary?19:36
air^RoyK: yeah. it's still sad. I wonder if betterfs will ever make it.19:37
air^sorry, btrfs19:37
RoyKZacLnxNewb: just read that presentation - it says the most19:37
air^afk, gonna go put the kid to sleep. bbl.19:37
leniosbtr stands for b-tree19:37
Koheleth [USN-1058-1] PostgreSQL vulnerability (Steve Beattie)19:37
air^lenios: "Btrfs (B-tree file system, variously pronounced "Butter F S", "Better F S",[1] or "B-tree F S"[2])"19:37
ZacLnxNewbRoyK:  I lightly skimmed over it :p  I gathered that it maintains parallel memory as to fight data degradation ?19:38
RoyKair^: btrfs will probably make it soon, in a year or two, but yet they haven't a way to attach a mirror to an existing drive, they can't do RAID[56] stuff, no compression, no dedup, etc etc19:38
KohelethSteve on here19:38
RoyKZacLnxNewb: read it again19:38
RoyKZacLnxNewb: it only takes 10-15 minutes19:38
KohelethSteve Beaty on here?19:39
KohelethBeattie sry19:39
jmarsdenKoheleth: yes, he is logged into this channel as sbeattie but probably not active right now.19:42
Kohelethjmarsden: ty19:42
Kohelethmy szites gone down, crap19:42
jmarsdenKoheleth: You're welcome.  Steve is in Australia... figure out the time zone and you will understand why he is inactive :)19:43
Kohelethjmarsden: he sleeps too much :)19:43
jmarsdenKoheleth: :)  if you need specific help with something on your server, tell the channel what error msg is in your logs, etc etc and hopefully someone here will know how to help you with it.19:44
Kohelethjmarsden:  kk, not admin fluent here tho19:45
Kohelethhope they fix it soon, seems a database thing but I dont use postgresql?19:45
Kohelethshould I purge the darn thing?19:46
jmarsdenKoheleth: Be as clear and specific as you can, and hope someone kind helps you out.  How do you know that pg vulnerability is what has taken your site down?19:46
jmarsdenif you don't use it, it shou;dn't be the cause of a problem with your site, by definition.19:46
jmarsdenWHat is the actual issue you are seeing?19:46
Kohelethjmarsden:  my server wants to upgrade it but does not complete, hangs a bit, it might not be it but all my sites that use databases are down?19:47
jmarsdenKoheleth: Ah, so you tried to upgrade PG and the upgrade failed, yes, that would explain why your sites are unhappy.19:48
Kohelethjmarsden: what should I do19:48
jmarsdenPastebin the output from the upgrade attempt so we can read that.19:48
Kohelethjmarsden: kk19:48
ZacLnxNewbRoyK: so what about adminning over the database across the internet? >.>19:49
jmarsdenZacLnxNewb: That is what ssh is for :)  Worst case, tunnel your database server port over ssh and run a GUI db admin tool locally pointing to it.19:50
Kohelethjmarsden: http://pastebin.com/zZiAwKfB19:51
Kohelethperfect timing, just put a social network project on line, bloody marvolous19:53
jmarsdenKoheleth: OK, so I was right, the updated package did not install itself/configure itself happily.19:53
jmarsdenKoheleth: Do you have recent database backups, just in case?19:53
Kohelethjmarsden: yep19:53
Kohelethjmarsden: yeah safe but only ssh access19:54
Kohelethjmarsden:  no access to my Plesk gui19:54
jmarsdenGood.  OK.  I'd (a) read the logs, as the message suggests (line 8 of your pastebin) and then (b) look at reconfiguring postgresql-8.319:54
jmarsdenReal server admins don't need a GUI to manage their servers :)19:55
Kohelethjmarsden:  not a real admin yet, new to this marlarky :)19:55
ZacLnxNewbKoheleth:   GUI less is awsome. :D19:56
KohelethI like alcohol in my beer :)19:56
jmarsdenOK. well, time to learn fast, since you have a real database issue to solve.  Read the logs and pastebin anything relevant, as a next step.19:56
Kohelethwhat log in partic?19:56
jmarsdenLook under /var/log/postgresql :)19:58
jmarsdenI'm running postgresql 8.4, but I expect the 8.3 logs are in the same place.19:58
Kohelethjmarsden: http://pastebin.com/iwQfz4hq seems a partition is full?  Impossible.20:08
Kohelethused 20g max of 140gb20:08
jmarsdenKoheleth: if df says it is full, then it is full.20:08
jmarsdenWhat does du -smxc /var    output?20:08
Kohelethnot me bro20:08
Kohelethhang on20:09
Kohelethno such?20:11
Kohelethgeez running a server is fun eh :)20:12
guntbertKoheleth: take it easy on <enter> please20:12
jmarsdenKoheleth: What did you type in as a command, exactly, and what exact message (error or otherwise) did you get back.  Be clear and specific.20:13
Kohelethpanicing here as I have people signing up to new project20:13
Kohelethgoing to try apt-get clean see if it clears up anything20:14
jmarsdenPanic won't get your database back up.  STay calm, work with us and we can get there...20:15
jmarsdenDOn't try random things!20:15
jmarsdenIf you have no space then trying to change a database may do more harm than good... and apt-get uses a database...20:15
jmarsdenSo.  What happens when you do    du -smxc /var   ?20:16
Koheleth134010  /var20:18
Koheleth134010  total20:18
Kohelethbrb, need to get a smoke, cracking here under the stress20:19
jmarsdenOK. So that is ... wait, that is about 134 GB right there.20:19
jmarsdenSo that is where the extra files are.20:19
Kohelethkk, where di that come from20:20
jmarsdenKoheleth: we need to look further for where the extra files are, and then we will know whtehr it is safe to just delete them or what else we need to do.20:21
Kohelethjmarsden:  kk ty20:21
KohelethHave be hacked or is it a misconfiguration of some kind20:22
jmarsdenpastebin me the output of   du -mxc /var | sort -n | tail20:22
jmarsdenMight be just log files that have grown really big, or something like that.20:22
jmarsdenBTw that command will list the ten biggest files or directories in /var ...20:23
guntbertjmarsden: in such cases I'd use du -s /var/*| sort .......20:23
jmarsdenguntbert: And if there is a /var/.whatever you will not see it.20:24
guntbertjmarsden: point taken20:24
jmarsdenKoheleth: OK, so what is /var/lib/psa/dumps/clients/holyfear.net/domains/holyfear.net/phosting exactly?  Do you need it?20:26
KohelethI need the site, but its backed up20:27
jmarsden"dumps" ?  Is that a backup of some sort?20:27
Kohelethno idea what it is20:28
jmarsdenDo you want or expect that phosting file or dir to be 60GB ?20:28
jmarsdenThen you need to find out, it is on your server :)20:28
jmarsdenwhat does   file /var/lib/psa/dumps/clients/holyfear.net/domains/holyfear.net/phosting    say ?20:28
jmarsdenKoheleth: Do you know what psa is?  Some sort of web hosting application ???20:28
Kohelethpsa is Plesk20:29
genii-aroundpublic service announcement? ... ;)20:29
Kohelethits bound up with Plesk20:29
jmarsdenAh!  OK.   cd /var/lib/psa/dumps/clients/holyfear.net/domains/holyfear.net/phosting and then pastebin the output of  ls -loh   for me, please.20:30
Kohelethwhen you say me do yoy mean here on main channel :)20:32
jmarsdenSure.  pastebin it and put the URL for that page here20:32
Kohelethhttp://pastebin.com/Yzh5FBYy  www.hoilyfear.net20:33
jmarsdenFor "us" on the channel, but since I'm the one currently helping you, primarily for me.  OK.20:33
Kohelethgeez, feel like I just dropped my trousers20:33
Kohelethreally thanks for the help20:33
Kohelethwould like to know what caused this when its solved20:34
jmarsdenLooks to me like you have a ton of old daily backups in there that can probably be deleted safely.20:34
jmarsdenHow far back do you think you need to keep backups of that site?20:35
KohelethI did alter that the other week, that lost net connection for a week or so as I bought a new house20:35
jmarsdenOK, so if we delete everything older than 01 Jan 2011, that would be OK with you?20:36
Kohelethbut just told the server to keep a week or so of backups, maybe I messed up there20:36
jmarsdenLooks like it :)20:36
KohelethI think your a genius, thats it I reckon, comand please :)20:37
Kohelethif it fixes I will send you a case of good French wine20:37
Kohelethas a ty20:37
Kohelethmy server people want to charge 35 euros per 15 minutes :(20:38
jmarsden:) OK.  So in that directory,  do      find . -older bkp_httpdocs_1012301709.tgz -type f | xargs rm20:39
jmarsdenKoheleth: That's very slightly more than my time is billed out to paying clients for at work, but not by much :)20:39
Kohelethget missing operand20:40
jmarsdenHmmm.  pastebin me both the command you typed and the full error message please?20:40
KohelethI could really get into this server admin stuff, facinating20:41
guntbertKoheleth: you missed the     find .      part20:43
jmarsdenOK, I made a minor mistake and so did you... Try      find . ! -newer bkp_httpdocs_1012301709.tgz -type f | xargs rm20:43
jmarsden(My mistake was that there is no -older there is only -newer, so you need to say "not newer" instead of "older" :)20:44
Kohelethputty gone tits up, hangon20:44
* jmarsden hopes it is Putty, and not the server, having the issue :)20:45
Kohelethwill see20:45
Kohelethhangs a bit then comes back to the dir with no output20:46
jmarsdenThat's fine.  Now do du -h  and see if you have some free space :)20:46
jmarsdenAh, make that   df -h20:47
Kohelethas in homer simpson DUH lol20:47
jmarsdenKoheleth: In general, Unix commands donot generate output when they succeed, the generate error messages when they fail.20:47
jmarsdenUnix was designed when terminals were 110 bits/second printing terminals like the ASR33, so minimising output was important.  It is still helpful once you understand the principle.20:49
jmarsdenKoheleth: OK, we gained back 4GB or so which is enough for the moment.20:49
jmarsdenSo now retry your apt-get update command and we will see if postgres can fix itself.20:49
Kohelethsites still down20:50
jmarsdenDon't panic, we are not finished yet :)20:50
jmarsdenIf apt get update   and then    apt-get upgrade     work error free, we are almost there.20:51
Kohelethyeah, went well20:51
jmarsdenOK.  apt-get upgrade   also ?20:51
Kohelethsites down tho20:51
Kohelethdid update and upgrade20:52
jmarsdenOK.  After the apt-get upgrade  you can do     /etc/init.d/postgresql-8.3 start20:52
jmarsdenand tell me what that does.20:52
KohelethStarting PostgreSQL 8.3 database server  ... no errors20:53
jmarsdenNice.  Now see if your sites are working :)20:53
Kohelethshould I boot?20:53
jmarsdenNo need.  CHeck your web apps.20:53
jmarsdenLinux itself was still running, so there should be no need to reboot.20:54
Kohelethnope sites the same20:54
jmarsdenrebooting is for kernel updates, and for Windows users :)20:54
jmarsdenHmmm.  Can you use Plesk now?20:54
KohelethI use win7 a bit20:54
Kohelethlet me see20:54
Kohelethnope, cache?20:55
jmarsdenYou can exit your browser and start it again if you want.... but more likely the lack of space broke something else as well as postgresql...20:56
jmarsdenSo now we have to find what else needs to be restarted on your server.20:56
jmarsdenDo any of your sites/apps use MySQL?20:56
Kohelethits why I like a gui20:56
Kohelethall is mysql20:56
jmarsden? How does that help?  Just adds complexity!20:56
jmarsdenAh, OK.  So   what does    /etc/init.d/mysql status     output  ?20:57
jmarsdenI am guessing that the lack of space caused mysql to die too...20:57
Kohelethits stopped20:57
Koheleththink we are there :)20:58
jmarsdenOK, so  do   /etc/init.d/mysql start    and let's see if that works :)20:58
KohelethGuess what :)20:59
Kohelethsites back up20:59
Kohelethlovely jubbly20:59
KohelethGot plesk too20:59
jmarsdenOK.  Good.   Now... you still have a LOT of disk space being used somewhere that you need to deal with... but you can do that on your own, right, from the comfort of the GUI if you want.20:59
Kohelethso I need to look at the back up settings20:59
jmarsdenYou have 4Gb free when you should have maybe 100Gb free... so yes.21:00
Kohelethty so much, pm me an address and you will have some great wine on your way, ty very very much21:00
jmarsden:) OK, and you are welcome.21:01
Kohelethbtw, anyone from Wales please signup to welshweb.net and bring it home folks lol21:01
Kohelethwho needs facebook eh lol21:02
KohelethWell all is fixed and my problem seems to be my site backup settings, on it now.  I need a bigger HD on my server it seems or a bit more attention to my server imput and command :)21:11
guntbertKoheleth: please have a look at the current used disk space  - 4 GB free is nearly nothing, there will be more log files/backups/...21:15
KohelethI have 50 backups of a domain that should be 5, typo error21:17
Kohelethgetting rid of em now21:17
Kohelethnot a big site but 50 of em mounts up, ate my disk, funny I got no warning tho21:18
RoyKguntbert: I have this 5 1/4" drive in my office, full-size, 1,2GB - now _that_ is a big drive21:23
RoyKfull-height, I meant21:23
RoyKsome 4" or so21:23
jmarsdenRoyK: I remember buying Seagate 40MB drives which were that size :)21:24
guntbertRoyK: geometrically, yes, but on a server with logging and "backups"?21:24
RoyKjmarsden: iirc those were only half-height ;)21:24
jmarsdenRoyK: I think the 2MB was half height and the 40MB was full, but it was a while ago :)21:25
RoyKsome time back in the mid eightees :p21:25
RoyKI just dropped in - what's it about? root fs size?21:26
* RoyK can't be botherd reading 1000 lines of scrollback21:26
Kohelethactually looks like I left number of backups blank so it just kept backing up21:27
jmarsdenRoyK: Koheleth had a remote server fill up its root partition and so mysql stopped, etc.  We found some old backups and deleted them and got him back up and running again.21:27
RoyKthat sort of thing fills up...21:27
RoyKjmarsden: ah21:28
RoyKseparating backup target storage is sometimes a good idea21:28
patdk-lapheh, I just noticed my rootfs on my home workstation was at 96% full21:28
Kohelethonly a 3gb personal site but it ate the disk21:28
patdk-lapjust finished cleaning it a few min ago21:28
RoyKthough, for most setups, I just use one large root drive21:29
Kohelethgot no email admin warning tho?21:29
RoyKKoheleth: there is no automatic warning21:29
Kohelethwill check all21:29
RoyKKoheleth: use Icinga (or nagios) or something to monitor it21:29
RoyKhave it send you an SMS if something goes badly wrong :P21:30
Kohelethhad it back up daily too21:30
RoyKbackup's for cowards21:31
patdk-laphehe :)21:31
patdk-lapreal people mirror the whole server, live to another server? :)21:31
KohelethI need to backup this chat too21:31
RoyKpatdk-lap: heh - that's nice when someone accidentially removes a subtree :P21:31
Kohelethlike my new site at welshweb.net lol be a millionaire one day :)21:32
RoyKwelshweb in English? now that's the oxymoron of the day :)21:33
KohelethI need a translation pack, have someone working on it21:34
KohelethCardiff uni students21:34
RoyKI somewhat doubt it'll make you millions21:34
Kohelethits not easy when you dont have resources lol21:35
Kohelethactually I dont want millions just take the wELSH FROM fb LOL21:35
RoyKreinventing facebook isn't really a good idea - see http://www.27bslash6.com/p2p2.html for more info :)21:36
guntbertlets keep this channel for support - there is #ubuntu-offtopic ....21:37
Kohelethhackers and spammers are a prob at the mo, someone put a shell.php script on there the other week and cleared the site lol21:37
Kohelethjust trying to bring it home a bit even though I live in France lol21:37
RoyKKoheleth: hackers aren't the problem. writing sane php scripts and using good security is the issue21:37
Koheleththought I had it locked down but some used a music modul I had on there to hack it so I got rid of it21:38
Kohelethyeah sry for the banta21:39
RoyKor http://xkcd.com/327/21:40
Kohelethgreat support btw, tyvery much21:40
nimrod10what's the best tool to encrypt a partition after install ?21:40
RoyKreinstall :P21:40
Kohelethused to be able to do it on install if I remember21:41
jmarsdennimrod10: Check out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedFilesystemsViaUbiquity21:43
jmarsdenIt's not quite what you are seeking, but could get you close.21:44
nimrod10thanks jmarsden , I can't believe I can't find a good howto for this kind of job :|21:44
jmarsdenI have seen someone else ask this before and could not find one then either... when you are done, please write it :)21:45
nimrod10might as well do it as it would help to have encrypted hdd in this day and age , with all these airport control routines21:49
Patrickdkheh, I encrypt all mine after install21:54
lenioswhy do you do it after?21:55
Patrickdkmy home system is fully encrypted, all 9gigs of it21:55
binBASHdo you have something to hide? ^^21:55
Patrickdkyes :)21:55
Patrickdkthat is the whole point of encryption21:55
Patrickdkif you hide everything21:55
binBASHI don't have :D21:56
Patrickdkthey will never find the hidden stuff with all the fluf21:56
PatrickdkI have medical records from medical companys on my computer21:56
Patrickdkso by law I must have my system encrypted21:56
binBASHdoes encrypting hdd slow down general performance?21:56
PatrickdkI don't notice it often21:56
Patrickdktransfers aren't an issue, but lots of random iops can be hell on it21:57
shadow66142000I'm having some issues getting an internet connection on a fresh 10.10 server installation. I can ping my router but not outside. I can provide more info, does anyone mind giving me a little help?22:24
nandemonaishadow66142000: Got your gateway setup?22:26
nandemonaiAnd DNS I guess would be another to check.22:27
jmarsdenshadow66142000: pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces file so we can see how you set that up, please?22:27
shadow66142000no I don't think it's correct. It failed to auto configure during the installation22:27
nandemonaiDHCP or static setup?22:28
nandemonaiSo many variables :P22:28
leniosmust be static if it failed autoconfiguration22:28
shadow66142000it's going to take a moment to type that out. I can't ssh at the moment so I guess I have to hand type that out22:29
nandemonaiNot necessarily, might be getting DHCP from something other than the router (I use my server for example).22:29
shadow66142000and yes static. I have FIOS if that matters at all22:29
jmarsdenYou can't ssh to the server from another workstation on the same LAN?22:30
jmarsdenThat is not " issues getting an internet connection", that is issues with basic network setup :)22:30
nandemonaishadow66142000:  Might want to follow something like this: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/ubuntu-networking-configuration-using-command-line.html22:31
shadow66142000I can ping it but not ssh22:31
shadow66142000connection refused22:31
nandemonaiHmm ssh is not blocked by ufw by default is it these days guys?22:32
nandemonaiI'm still on 10.04.22:32
shadow66142000and yes that is probably so. I'm not really a linux guy but have doing a lot more of it in past 6months22:32
genii-aroundI don't think openssh-server is a default tasksel choice with lamp22:32
nandemonaiOh yeah.. shadow66142000, you did install sshd right? :P22:32
jmarsdentoo many cooks... who is going to help shadow66142000 work through this?22:33
nandemonaiWhen you get the option to install services with tasksel during install?22:33
* genii-around makes a pot of coffee instead22:33
* jmarsden backs off and will let nandemonai help out.22:33
nandemonaishadow66142000: run 'sudo tasksel' on the server mate, make sure openssh server is install ;)22:34
shadow66142000I installed open ssh with the installation22:34
* RoyK just found an old CD with The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy :)22:35
nandemonaiCan you ping the box you're trying to remote in from the server?22:35
nandemonaiTotally can't type today. *grabs coffee*22:36
shadow66142000yes I can ping it22:36
nandemonaiThat looks ok.22:37
nandemonaiWait no.22:37
nandemonaiSame as broadcast.22:37
jmarsdengateway needs to the the address of the router, not .25522:37
nandemonaiThats your problem.22:37
nandemonaiDoesn't explain ssh being refused though.22:38
nandemonaiMight want to check ufw but I'm pretty sure it's allowed by default.22:38
jmarsdenshadow66142000: True.  One issue at once.  Edit that file to correct the gateway address (probably .1, maybe .254, you know your network) and restart networking22:38
genii-aroundI wonder if ssh message said specifically refused or just timed out because endpoint can't get anywhere22:40
jmarsdenOK, now can the server do   ping  successfuly?22:40
nandemonaigenii-around: Good point actually. Never set gateway as broadcast, I'm sure it would have some odd results.22:40
shadow66142000destination unreachable22:40
nandemonaiOk next up is /etc/resolve.conf22:41
jmarsdenshadow66142000: OK... pastebin the output of    ip route22:41
jmarsdennandemonai: No, it is not, ping does not use DNS :)22:41
nandemonaiActually yeah don't mind me lol22:42
nandemonai*slaps himself*22:42
jmarsdenshadow66142000: You have no routing table?  Wow.  You did /etc/init.d/network restart    after the edit of gateway, right?22:42
jmarsdenSomething feels wrong here... is rebooting the server simple and practical; I don't like doing that, but maybe it will help?22:43
shadow66142000it return no file22:43
nandemonaiYeah that is rather odd.22:43
shadow66142000returned no file22:44
jmarsdenshadow66142000: You typed in the command      ip route      and the response was exactly    "no file"?22:44
shadow66142000no I got that response with a restart22:45
shadow66142000I'll put the response of 'ip route' into pastebin22:45
nandemonaiDid you typo that second . ?22:48
jmarsdenThat looks OK apart from that.  And now ping works, but ping does not?22:49
shadow66142000actually I'm not pinging the router now either22:50
jmarsdenIs the network cable plugged in? :)22:50
shadow66142000double checking for lights22:51
nandemonaiYou mentioned a no file error when restarting the netowrking service?22:51
nandemonaiSomething like: * Reconfiguring network interfaces... RTNETLINK answers: No such process22:51
nandemonaiOr similar?22:52
shadow66142000-bash: /etc/init.d/network: No such file or directory22:52
nandemonaioh lol22:52
shadow66142000uh oh22:52
jmarsdennetworking, rather than network, I think??22:52
jmarsdenThat might have been my thinko earlier.22:52
nandemonaisudo /etc/init.d/network/interfaces restart22:52
nandemonaihold up one sec22:53
jmarsdennandemonai: No.... sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart22:53
nandemonaiOh of course.22:54
jmarsdenOK, any change?  What can you ping now, if anything?22:54
nandemonaiMan I gotta get back into Ubuntu.22:54
shadow66142000router ping still failed22:54
nandemonaiBeen stuck on RHEL builds at work.22:54
genii-aroundHm. Doesn't that bypass upstart's  /etc/init/rc-sysinit.conf22:54
jmarsdenSo you think we now are forced to do    sudo service networking restart   ??  OK, shadow66142000 you can try that.22:55
shadow66142000during installation I gave it the address
jmarsdenThat should be fine.22:55
nandemonaiAssuming it's not taken already ;)22:56
jmarsdenJust in case the old way is no longer usable and you need to use the new upstart-oriented way, try   sudo service networking restart    and then retest22:56
shadow66142000no don't see it used22:56
shadow66142000that returns 'restart: Unkown instance:'22:56
jmarsdenshadow66142000: Something feels weird here... can you try just rebooting the server and retesting?22:58
nandemonaiSpeaking of which, any major changes from 10.04 - 10.10?22:58
nandemonaiI generally stick to LTS myself if I can. Thinking about building a new backup box over the next week or so.22:59
shadow66142000I know I was pinging it earlier22:59
shadow66142000I don't mind trying that version. I always end up on CentOS because I run into networking issues with Ubuntu. It very well may be me.23:00
jmarsdenI use 10.04 for servers, too.23:00
nandemonaiI wasn't really implying you downgrade, just curious really.23:00
shadow66142000yeah I know just sayin23:01
jmarsdennandemonai: Since he doesn't have it running yet, it's unlikely he can provide much by way of advice on the differences yet :)23:01
nandemonaiWas a general question for the room :)23:01
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shadow66142000the last time I did this I had a problem with the driver it installed on my network card. After reading forums turns out that particular version commonly got confused for one close to it23:01
shadow66142000I got a new network card this time23:02
nandemonaiI was actually starting to suspect a dodgy driver.23:02
nandemonaiWhat card?23:02
jmarsdenOn a wired NIC?  Seems very unusual.23:02
nandemonai99% work fine you do get a few annoying ones though, mostly internal chipset ones I've found.23:02
nandemonaiIt's pretty rare.23:02
nandemonaiEspecially post version 9+23:03
_Techie_im having a problem with my bridge interface (br0 using eth0 and eth2) , i can ping across both interfaces from the server, but clients can only ping the server and inside their assigned interface23:04
jmarsden_Techie_: Are you expecting the server to act as a router?23:04
_Techie_jmarsden, yes, i have it set up as a router23:05
jmarsdenOK, so all the packet forwarding stuff is on, etc.23:05
shadow66142000it's a netgear23:05
jmarsdenHuh?  The sevrer is a netgear?23:05
nandemonaiOut of interest shadow66142000, run ifconfig -a make sure that the details look right for your interface. Especially that HWaddr section.23:05
nandemonaiIE is the MAC address shown.23:06
jmarsden_Techie_: I don't think netgear makes PC server hardware... can you be clarify?23:06
shadow66142000no it is not shown23:06
_Techie_jmarsden, it should matter about packet forwarding, its a bridged interface, not two seperate interfaces with different ip's23:06
nandemonaiThink he means the network card jmarsden ;)23:06
nandemonaishadow66142000: That is a problem then.23:06
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shadow66142000lenandemonai, let me copy that to pastebin23:06
uvirtbotNew bug: #443227 in exim4 (main) "cman" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44322723:06
_Techie_jmarsden, if your going to help 2 people at the same time, please not who says what, shadow66142000 said netgear23:07
jmarsden_Techie_: If you want the server to accept incoming packets from a client on one interface and send them back out on aother interface, then you need to enable packet forwarding.23:07
jmarsden_Techie_: You are correct, my mistake.23:07
jmarsdenThe bridging will work for the server, but it will not route things from one subnet to another, as far as I know, on its own.23:08
_Techie_jmarsden, their not two subnets23:08
_Techie_do you even understand whats bridging does23:08
nandemonai_Techie_: Been a long time since I tried this but don't you need to setup routes?23:09
_Techie_dont worry, i sorted it out anyway23:09
nandemonai_Techie_:  Or does bridging handle that?23:09
* nandemonai curious now23:09
shadow66142000'ifconfig -a' returned http://pastebin.com/gZ68hywE23:15
nandemonaishadow66142000: That actually looks ok.23:16
nandemonaiIt's picked up the mac address and come up ok so usually that means the interface driver is fine.23:17
nandemonaiSo now you're basically not able to ping anything from the server?23:17
shadow66142000yes it is. I do want to say thanks for the help23:20
_Techie_shadow66142000, i arrived late, can you give me a few details, is the server meant to be a routing packets to an external interface?23:20
nandemonaiI'm guessing you've tested another cable etc?23:20
nandemonai_Techie_:  He's just trying to get his network interface working on 10.04 server.23:21
shadow66142000_Techie_, no23:21
nandemonaiSorry yeah 10.10 hehe23:22
_Techie_nandemonai, what have you tried so far?23:22
nandemonaiwe've checked interfaces / ip route and ifconfig. All looks ok now.23:22
nandemonaiDid have gateway address set as broadcast but that's corrected now.23:22
_Techie_nandemonai, have you checked for a default gateway and DNS server?23:23
nandemonaiWeird thing is that he could ping before that change.23:23
nandemonaiNot DNS yet but he can't ping anything at the moment so it's gotta be something else.23:23
shadow66142000yeah nothing is resolving23:23
nandemonaishadow66142000: it wont until you can atleast hit your router and then dns23:24
nandemonaiWe need to get it talking to the rest of the network first.23:24
shadow66142000have no idea if this matters but I have FIOS and use the router they provided Westell23:24
_Techie_shadow66142000, can you please describe your network in a pastebin, eg ip of your router, etc etc23:24
_Techie_shadow66142000, thanks23:24
nandemonaishadow66142000: Shouldn't make a difference, you can't even ping your router at the moment. Little steps ;)23:25
nandemonaiI have to head off for a while guys. Hope you get it sorted shadow ;)23:26
_Techie_nandemonai, okay, have a good time/sleep/day at work23:26
shadow66142000thx appreciate it23:26
_Techie_cool, and also the outpur of the route command please23:31
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_Techie_shadow66142000, can i please get you to make your /etc/network/interfaces to look like this http://pastebin.com/ktYSbNX823:35
_Techie_is anybody here able to help me figure out why /etc/init.d/dhcp3-server isnt starting @ boot23:39
_Techie_shadow66142000, once your /etc/network/interfaces file looks liek that, issue a sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart23:39
shadow66142000k one sec23:40
nandemonai_Techie_:  it's in the default run level?23:41
_Techie_nandemonai, yes /etc/rc2.d/S40dhcp3-server23:42
nandemonai_Techie_:  Throwing you any errors or just not invoking?23:42
_Techie_not invoking, will start absolutely fine if started manually via /etc/init.d/dhcp3-server23:43
_Techie_items in that runlevel bother before and after it work perfectly fine23:44
nandemonaiYou used default-rc.d to add it?23:45
nandemonaiSorry update23:45
_Techie_nandemonai, it added it when it installed via apt-get23:45
nandemonaiShouldn't need to but try re-adding it.23:45
nandemonaiIt's weird that it just skips it.23:45
_Techie_nandemonai, is there a log file for runlevels?23:46
shadow66142000_Techie_ sry about the delay23:48
shadow66142000those files match now23:48
shadow66142000and it's restarted23:48
shadow66142000but I can not ping my router23:48
_Techie_very peculiar23:49
nandemonaiNot sure _Techie_ actually.23:49
shadow66142000yeah driving me nuts23:49
nandemonai_Techie_:  could try boot.log.23:51
nandemonaiIt's not very verbose tho.23:51
_Techie_shadow66142000, one last time, output of ifconfig please23:52
shadow66142000take a sec cause I'm typing these out23:52
nandemonai_Techie_:  also try daemon.log23:52
nandemonai_Techie_:  If it's just skipping it for some reason though I'll wager it's not in those logs.23:53
_Techie_one sec, got a better23:53
_Techie_better idea*23:53
_Techie_sudo grep dhcp3-server -R /var/log/*23:54
nandemonailol true23:54
_Techie_i created a cronjob to try start it, it appears to be running but it still isnt starting23:55
nandemonaiYeah not too helpful23:55
_Techie_hrmm, maybe if i move it to the end of that runlevel? maybe its somehow trying to start before something it depends on23:56
nandemonaiHang on that's a good thought.23:56
nandemonaiIs the networking coming up first?23:56
nandemonaiIt wont start without a static IP.23:57
_Techie_it should be, but it is starting on a bridge interface23:57
_Techie_which has a 30 second grace time23:57
nandemonaiI think you've hit the nail on the head.23:58
_Techie_this is going to be tricky23:58
nandemonaiSounds like what's going on.23:58
nandemonaiYou could put a sleep in the init but that's pretty dirty.23:58
_Techie_the runlevel scripts will be long done before the end of the grace time23:58
nandemonaiThere must be a better way23:58
_Techie_ya, there must be23:58

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