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MadnessRedhi all21:07
MadnessRedwhats happened to the website?21:08
MichealHI dont know21:08
MichealHLet me see?21:08
MichealH!status is [Website] Down [Launchpad] Up [Wiki] Seems Up [Bot] Up21:09
TourBotI'll remember that, MichealH21:09
TourBotstatus is [Website] Down [Launchpad] Up [Wiki] Seems Up [Bot] Up21:10
=== MichealH changed the topic of #ubuntu-tour to: The Ubuntu Tour Project! | http://ubuntutour.org | Join https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-tour | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuTour/Todo#List | Get the tour at http://ubuntutour.org/download
MichealH!status is <reply>[Website] Down [Launchpad] Up [Wiki] Seems Up [Bot] Up21:10
TourBotBut status already means something else!21:10
MichealH!no status is <reply>[Website] Down [Launchpad] Up [Wiki] Seems Up [Bot] Up21:10
TourBotI'll remember that MichealH21:10
TourBot[Website] Down [Launchpad] Up [Wiki] Seems Up [Bot] Up21:10
MadnessRedalso any news on the front page?21:13
MichealHNot yet, acctually21:27
MichealHWe had a meeting one saturday and discussed21:29
MichealHIts a nice idea to look at the logs21:29
MichealHIf I can find logs :s21:29
MichealH<meetingology> Minutes:        http://mootbot.libertus.co.uk/ubuntu-tour/2011/ubuntu-tour.2011-01-29-20.59.moin.txt21:29
MadnessRedyour birthdays a day after mine21:31
MadnessRedyh, it's not really that unlikely21:35
MadnessRedjsut had a very boring lecture on it21:36
MadnessRedanyway, I gotta go, i'll leave my computer logged onto the irc so i'll get any messages when I get back, I am also working on an addon for the firefox tour that will give the user options for other tours if he has installed other browsers21:39
UndiFineD<mattgriffin> Billynkid: ubuntu-tour ... one of the executions of the education campaign could promote what they're doing at Ubuntu Tour ... so perhaps some overlap but i think we would take the role of publicizing their work to a large audience * mattgriffin checks ossg.bcs.org21:50
UndiFineDon #ubuntu-adverts21:50
UndiFineDmatt works for canonical21:51

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