trijntjeHi all, how do ubuntu package numbers correspond to those of gnome? For example yelp has yelp 2.91.10-0ubuntu2 on LP, but the highest version upstream is 2-30 (or master)09:02
happyarontrijntje: 2.91 is "master"09:05
happyarontrijntje: http://live.gnome.org/TwoPointNinetyone09:07
trijntjethanks for the link09:09
trijntjeis launchpad able to automatically import the latest packages from upstream or should this still be done manually?09:12
happyaronat the beginning of a development cycle, launchpad auto sync from Debian, and we stop the sync at a special time called Debian Import Freeze, then all packages are uploaded either manually, or triggered by hand and then upload to archive with a semi-automatical script09:20
trijntjehappyaron, ok thaks, I've heard people are working on upstream import, but I wasnt sure what te status of that was09:25
happyaron"upstream import" is probably for translations? I don't think people would do upstream import for packages.09:31
trijntjeyes, upstream import for translations09:42

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