ballIs it difficult to bridge between a wireless Ethernet (802.11g or 11n) and wired (100baseTX) on Ubuntu?05:13
HazRPGball: I've always wondered about that one too... I use to do it in windows all the time, which was handy for my xbox when I use to use it05:14
shaunoit shouldn't be.  I've bridged between 3g & ethernet a few times, not too messy05:15
ballHazRPG: the only computer in our house that's useable (because it has a network connection) is a very broken old Xubuntu laptop.05:15
ballHazRPG: I neeed to get something running tonight and if I have to install Ubuntu on a desktop for that to happen, I will.05:16
shaunoI dunno if the network widget does it tho, I did it the old-fashioned way05:16
shaunothinking about it, it was a dhcp server, caching name server, ip_forward & something involving masquerade in iptables.  maybe not as straight forward as I remembered05:17
ballshauno: I'm not afraid of the command line.05:17
shaunoaltho a lot of that was because the other machine I was trying to use was a brain-dead embedded firmware, so I needed dhcp & dns because there was no other way to configure it05:18
ballIf I bridge between the two LANs, the router should be able to serve DHCP even to the wired devices.05:19
shaunoI know it sounds like a rtfm, but http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/linux/docs/HOWTO/other-formats/html_single/Masquerading-Simple-HOWTO.html#SUMMARY05:20
ballI don't want or need NAT05:20
HazRPGthink this is more what ball is trying to do: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-632062.html05:21
shaunonever heard of bridge-utils, that may be easier :)05:22
shaunobriding is nat tho; it's just snat instead of what you're used to05:22
HazRPGor possibly this: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/debian-26/howto-bridge-wireless-and-wired-network-interfaces-369455/05:23
ballWhat is "snat"?05:23
HazRPGthat last one seems easier to do05:23
HazRPGSecure/Source NAT05:23
shaunorouting multiple addresses on one interface to multiple on another05:24
HazRPGsometimes the S can also mean Stateful05:24
HazRPGdepends who you ask :/05:24
shaunonot sure what the scheme is actually called, but iptables calls it snat :)05:24
HazRPGthink cisco classify SNAT as Stateful NAT05:24
ballshauno: That sounds like layer 3 stuff05:25
shaunoit's many-to-many instead of one-to-many05:25
ballI'm talking about simple Ethernet bridging05:25
HazRPGpretty much05:25
HazRPGcheck the 2nd link I put ball, does bridging in a few commands05:25
ballHazRPG: Thanks, I'll try that.05:26
shaunoit's only simple because things shrink wrap it .. it's all the same to the kernel :)05:26
shaunotime to head off.  good luck with that, should be pretty straight forward in most tools05:30
ballshauno: erm... no.05:30
HazRPGshauno: catch ya later dude05:31
HazRPGball: apparently there is a gui way to do it...05:33
HazRPGlast post05:33
HazRPGI've seen that tick box a thousand times, but never thought it was the way to bridge connections...05:34
HazRPGhope that solves it dude05:34
ballHazRPG: Thanks.  I may have to resort to that.05:35
HazRPGyou make it sound like the gui one is bad :P05:35
HazRPGguessing xubuntu doesn't include network-manager05:36
* HazRPG goes in search of snacks, "brb"05:37
HazRPGball: let me know how it goes :)05:41
Myrttixubu does come with nm05:48
* ball tinkers06:04
* MartijnVdS listens to Magnetic Fields07:05
kaushalcan someone please guide me about https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2011-February/239556.html ?07:59
MartijnVdSwhat's the problem?08:11
MartijnVdSI only see hardware listingsa08:11
phonex01need help here08:30
phonex01i'm trying to install tor-proxy and i have this error ? W: Failed to fetch http://deb.torproject.org/torproject.org/dists/maverick/Release.gpg  Got a single header line over 360 chars08:30
phonex01so whats the problem ??08:31
kaushalMartijnVdS: please give me a moment08:32
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
kvarleywhat gallery managers do you use?09:59
kvarley(f-spot, shotwell, picasa, etc)10:00
SuperMattI don't use any10:01
SuperMattthough I know I should10:01
kvarleyI've always just used nautilus with thumbnails and made my own file structure but looking for one for a friend which is easy to use and can handle existing folder structure10:06
MartijnVdSI use shotwell10:09
MartijnVdSused to use f-spot before it turned into a huge memory eater10:09
MartijnVdSalso, shotwell is fsat10:09
MartijnVdSmy DSL modem is broken... I only have ipv6 :)10:10
MartijnVdSthere's v4 :)10:11
nigelbMartijnVdS: lol10:23
MartijnVdSnigelb: I could get my (G)mail, I could get facebook, I could get to my VPS (irc)10:24
nigelbI wonder if my provider started v6 support10:25
MartijnVdSnigelb: never if you don't ask them ;)10:26
MartijnVdS(really, ask them.. "lack of consumer demand" is one of the reasons cited for not doing it)10:26
nigelbI'll bug them when I pay the bill ;)10:26
* MartijnVdS works for his ISP, so no bill there ;)10:27
dwatkinsGood morning Ubuntu fans :)10:28
nigelbNever say that in #ubuntu-uk.  its always minecraft fans here :p10:28
MartijnVdSnigelb: #ubuntu-uk-minecraft10:28
dwatkinsI did consider the possibility if might be misinterpretted, nigelb - hence the smile10:28
dwatkinsSadly my main Ubuntu machine is currently in storage, so I have to put up with running virtual machines for the moment.10:29
nigelbMartijnVdS: I'm beign pulled more and more into minecraft.  Must resist.10:29
* dwatkins is tempted to play Sim City 2000 again10:30
MartijnVdSnigelb: don't do it! you have so much else to live for!10:30
MartijnVdSdwatkins: Sim City 2000, wooo :)10:31
MartijnVdSdwatkins: I have SC4 on my Windows box (steam :)10:31
MartijnVdSDebian is actually releasing10:33
nigelbIts known to happen once in 2 years10:34
MartijnVdSnigelb: it's still surprising when it does10:34
dwatkinsI guess they finally decided things are stable enough.10:35
nigelbMartijnVdS: oldstable is now lenny :D10:35
MartijnVdSI'll be helpdesking my colleagues on Monday 8-)10:35
MartijnVdSall buildscripts will fail10:35
* nigelb watching @debian10:35
Mr-Woofhi all10:36
dwatkinsDebian on Twitter, nigelb?10:37
Mr-Woofwhat do recommend as an alternative to itunes on ubuntu? Ideally with a large podcast library like itunes10:37
nigelbdwatkins: yup10:38
bigcalmSleepy yawn10:44
bigcalmMorning peeps10:44
MartijnVdSMr-Woof: rhythmbox and banshee are both itunes alternatives10:47
MartijnVdSMr-Woof: banshee comes with miro-guide, which contains lots of podcasts10:47
Mr-Woofcool, I'll check it out now :-)10:47
MartijnVdSMr-Woof: but you can always subscribe to podcasts (also using rhythmbox) through a podcasts's website10:47
Mr-Woofyeah I know, I was hoping for a large library as I'm a bit lazy :P10:49
MartijnVdSwell, miro guide :)10:49
Mr-Wooflol :)10:49
popeymorning all!11:00
dwatkinshey popey :)11:01
dwatkinsmorning czajkowski :)11:10
czajkowskidwatkins: howdy11:11
czajkowskiwhere you ?11:11
* dwatkins wonders if there's a word missing there and whether that was directed at him 11:14
czajkowskidwatkins: ae you at fosdem11:14
czajkowskiif so where are you11:15
dwatkinsoh right, no I am at home11:15
czajkowskiahh pook11:17
dwatkinsI look forward to attending someday when I am actually a developer :)11:18
MartijnVdSdebian n-m is still as long as their release cycle? :P11:22
cpsgreetings, mentlegen11:24
AlanBellfosdem does seem to be lots of people http://identi.ca/attachment/3859107311:25
MartijnVdSthat's more than usual11:26
AlanBellthat was for Eben Moglen's keynote11:26
AlanBellI would be tempted to see that11:26
AlanBellnot really found any other compelling reason to go there though11:27
dwatkinsooh, I'd very much like to see that, AlanBell ... *runs to the search engine*11:27
MartijnVdSEben Moglen.. Stallman 2.0? :)11:28
AlanBellStallman's lawyer11:29
AlanBelllike stallman, but better dressed11:29
AlanBelland with sensible hair11:29
MartijnVdS"I'm not coming, I'm sending my lawyer"11:29
AlanBellMoglen is great11:30
shaunoMartijnVdS: that'd be the best sickday ever11:30
* cps wonders why youtube has dropped support for .ogv's all of a sudden11:30
MartijnVdSis he less "FREE SOFTWARE OR DEATH"?11:30
MartijnVdScps: it wants you to use webm ;)11:30
cpsMartijnVdS: I used MPEG4 >_<11:31
MartijnVdScps: freedom-hater!11:31
cpsI know =(11:31
cpskdenlive \o/11:32
MartijnVdSwhat is it11:32
cpsit's a non-linear video editor11:32
MartijnVdSpitivi for kde-weirdos ;)11:33
cpspitivi is actually more rubbish than kdenlive11:33
cpsI tried to upload that video as an ogv11:33
cpsbut it showed a green screen11:33
cpsyes, I'm a rail enthusiast lol11:34
cpshey adampc :)11:34
adampchey cps :)11:39
cpsMartijnVdS: Yes, I'm a trainspotter. :p11:39
dutchie"whatcha gonna do about it"11:40
popeycps: the green screen isnt pitivi, its the oggencoder bug11:43
popeycps: also, "TRAINS!"11:44
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MartijnVdSpopey: Is that a trainspotting zombie?11:45
czajkowskino CAKE in the topic11:45
czajkowskiso wrong11:45
cpsmy computer is probably showing signs that it's becoming unstable11:47
cpsI've been able to run it problem-free until a couple of days ago11:47
cpsever since then it's been crashing at a random time11:47
cpsI don't know what's causing the shenanigans. is there such a terminal command that can be used to diagnose constant system crashes?11:48
=== czajkowski changed the topic of #ubuntu-uk to: Welcome to #ubuntu-uk! http://ubuntu-uk.org | This channel is publicly archived: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com | Mailing List: http://tinyurl.com/uukml | Support Guidelines - http://tinyurl.com/uuksupport | Meeting Thursday February 10th 21:00 GMT in #ubuntu-uk-meeting http://tinyurl.com/uukmeet | \o/ Chickens and minecraft and trains and CAKE
dwatkinscat /var/log/messages11:49
MartijnVdSand ponies11:50
MartijnVdSnever forget11:50
cpsdwatkins: uh, /var/log/messages has 5873 lines11:52
cpsdunno if someone would be willing to read it all? haha11:52
czajkowskimr. walker is a bit broken11:55
AlanBelloh dear11:55
czajkowskibut he has shoes this time and not flip flops11:55
czajkowskiso we're doing well11:55
AlanBelldid he go to delirium?11:56
czajkowskihe did indeed11:57
brobostigonafternoonings everyone.12:02
danfish7 6 5 4 3 2 1 ....BOOM!!12:03
brobostigonouch. :(12:03
* brobostigon looks at his head, and finds schrapnal.12:03
cpsafternoon brobostigon :)12:03
* danfish is about to explode from MSG overload at Chinese New Year last nite12:04
brobostigonafternoonings cps :)12:04
* cps applies local anaesthetic to brobostigon's head and removes the shrapnel, quickly patching up the blood12:04
AlanBelldanfish: hope you had some vegetable side orders12:05
* brobostigon thanks cps :)12:05
cpsno probs brobostigon :)12:05
danfishhah - do prawns count?12:05
AlanBellyeah, I would say prawns are practically a vegetable12:06
* brobostigon asks the UN to take the remaining bombs off danfish, for everyones safety.12:06
cpsprawns? vegetables?! no wai!12:07
* danfish tosses his remaining bombs onto the minecraft map12:07
=== cps is now known as mentlegen
=== mentlegen is now known as cps
dutchieRecommendations for (decent) in-ear headphone shops on the high street? (preferably ones with a branch in oxford...)12:16
kvarleydutchie: Skullcandy?12:17
dutchiebut where to buy from?12:17
dutchiehmv? argos? specialist sound-y place?12:17
kvarleyHMV used to have them12:17
kvarleyMight be able to find them in txmaxx if you're lucky12:17
kvarleyI haven't got any, just what I hear is good12:18
terranHMV, John Lewis12:19
dutchiethere is neither a t k maxx nor a john lewis in oxford city centre according to google maps12:21
dutchieso i will look in argos and hmv i think12:21
danfishdutchie: maplin12:21
dutchieargh, that's all the way out in botley12:22
danfishmake an afternoon of it ;)12:22
dutchiei already have to make an afternoon of going to the station12:24
dutchieand thence on to kidderminster12:24
czajkowskican I just say. I hate public speaking with a passion12:42
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
* Pendulum hugs czajkowski 12:44
directhexczajkowski, rum helps12:47
brobostigonget drunk, give presentation while drunk. hmm.12:48
directhexbrobostigon, i had rum to fuel me last year12:48
brobostigondirecthex: hmm. ok.12:49
directhexnever heard of dutch courage?12:49
brobostigondirecthex: i tend to go for a gin and tonic myself.12:49
directhexspent €11.60 a shot on some rum last night12:50
directhex11y aged cuban12:50
AlanBellczajkowski: well done12:55
czajkowskiAlanBell: I've tweeted the 2 UK summit/forums12:58
czajkowskican you RT12:58
alexMocanuHello everybody!13:01
AlanBellczajkowski: already retweeted them13:04
cpslorne sausage buttie \o/13:11
dwatkinscps: I know it's probably quite long, but the most recent entries, or the ones just before the crash may explain it further.13:22
cpsdwatkins: from what I see the most recent ones are all about my wireless card :/13:23
cpsone such entry reads: Feb  5 11:50:19 InterCity-125 kernel: [  403.805129] [UFW BLOCK] IN=wlan0 OUT= MAC=d8:5d:4c:9c:ae:76:00:1f:9f:41:47:33:08:00 SRC= DST= LEN=68 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=45 ID=20055 DF PROTO=TCP SPT=9339 DPT=54355 WINDOW=91 RES=0x00 ACK PSH URGP=013:23
* cps admits he should've pastebinned that13:23
dwatkinscps: that could be a red herring, it's a bit of a dark art understanding the messagelog in my experience13:23
dwatkinsYou could also check dmesg, but that's just stuff since the last boot - I think it copies old instances of this to /var/log/dmesg.[123] though13:24
dwatkinsSadly diagnosing linux isn't as simple as it might be.13:24
cpsdwatkins: indeed13:26
brobostigonis ayone familier with setPwmFrequency onthe arduino, it giving me errors when i try and use it according to http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Code/PwmFrequency. any ideas please, i am stuck.13:29
ali1234show code?13:30
ali1234300 isn't a valid divisor13:32
ali1234"The divisors available on pins 5, 6, 9 and 10 are: 1, 8, 64, 256, and 1024. "13:32
ali1234"The divisors available on pins 3 and 11 are: 1, 8, 32, 64, 128, 256, and 1024. "13:33
brobostigon256 will be the nearest then.13:33
brobostigonas we need 100hz output.13:33
ali1234if you need a specific timing you have to run the avr at a different clock rate13:33
brobostigonali1234: i used 256, and its still giving me the same errors.13:35
ali1234what error13:35
brobostigonsetpwmfrequency was not declared in this scope13:36
brobostigonin function 'void look()';13:36
ali1234i don't think it is part of arduino standard library13:37
brobostigonit doesnt say what i need to add.13:37
Neotihey people i have a problem with my number key pad, in that it does not work... i can press numlock and thebenter key on it but the numbers do not work , on the main keyboard the numbers do work ... any ideas ?13:38
AlanBellNeoti: laptop?13:38
Neotinope desktop13:38
AlanBellNeoti: do you have an FN key or something which makes them work?13:38
ali1234brobostigon: it's a code sample, you are supposed to copy paste the whole thing i guess13:39
Neotiits just a bog standard qwerty keyboard13:39
ali1234btw, pwm isn't meant for function generation13:39
AlanBellcan you prove the keyboard works?13:39
ali1234and you can get much closer to 100hz using a phase accumulator13:39
Neotiyes i just booted up my windows computer and the keys defo work ... just on my ubuntu system they dont for some reason13:40
ali1234or just a built in timer13:40
brobostigonali1234: hmm, i see.13:40
ali1234why do you actually need 100hz?13:40
ali1234i suggest you hit the avr docs instead of messing around with avr library13:41
ali1234i mean arduino library13:41
ali1234there is nothing complex about avr chips, you do not need a library to program them13:41
brobostigonali1234: its for something my dad is doing, and he says he wants 100hz output from the pwm, idont understand the hydraulics involved.13:41
ali1234100hz... pwm13:42
ali1234well if it is to be used as pwm then frequency accuracy probably doesn't matter too much13:43
NeotiAlanBell: fixed it http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4444700&postcount=513:43
ali1234but if you wanted a clean 100hz signal for some reason pwm is not a good choice13:43
NeotiYEY \0/13:43
AlanBellNeoti: cool13:43
brobostigonali1234: ok, i dont understand it, i will tell my dad though,what you suggest.13:45
ali1234really depends what you are going to do with the 100hz13:45
brobostigonnot a clue,13:46
=== monsterkiller is now known as MonsterKiller
* brobostigon goes to ask more questions,of his dad.13:47
* cps yawns13:55
cpsi hate not being able to sleep at night13:55
dwatkinsSounds annoying, cps, yeah.13:55
bigcalmIt is I13:59
danfishhello I13:59
bigcalmHello D13:59
danfishibigcalm <-- now steve jobs will be after you :D14:00
* bigcalm changes his name to "ain"14:02
bigcalmMeld isn't proving very useful14:03
bigcalmIf thinks that 2 files are completely different14:03
bigcalmI wonder if winmerg works in wine14:04
bigcalmIt does. Yay :)14:08
bigcalmLunch time!14:08
alexMocanuanyone at the University of Birmingham here? :)14:09
MartijnVdSThey have a university in Birmingham?! ;)14:11
AlanBellhi alexMocanu14:12
AlanBellthere are people from universities and people from birmingham, not sure if there is anyone in the intersection of these sets here now14:13
AlanBellapart from you presumably14:13
Irwellbrum :D14:14
alexMocanuMartijnVdS there are quite a few universities in Brum :D14:15
Irwelldoes anyone know where i can get notifyosdconfig from?14:16
=== MonsterKiller is now known as monsterkiller
=== monsterkiller is now known as MonsterKiller
MartijnVdSthat's not cat6 ;)14:22
nimrod_52Afternoon all14:33
czajkowskijo shields u is up talking on Mono with Ubuntu and debian14:34
nimrod_52anyone free to give me initial setup advice for X-chat???14:34
penguin42AlanBell: Hehe14:35
nimrod_52I was trying to add a network by preferences / network /add but the server details just do not save when added - not sure of my error???14:39
nimrod_52I put in irc.servername.com but it didn't take14:40
nimrod_52.... "Is there anybody out there ...?14:41
brobostigonnot a clue, myself, never used xchat.14:42
nimrod_52thanks brob14:42
brobostigoni use irssi.14:43
czajkowskiway too many cats in his talk14:43
nimrod_52tried empathy but unable to connect on that apparently because server uses "nickserve" hence installed x-chat14:43
brobostigonyes, thats one of freenode's services deamons.14:44
nimrod_52irssi is that suitable for a nuby??14:44
brobostigonnimrod_52: its a cli irc client,14:44
nimrod_52or other irc recommendation?14:44
brobostigon!info quassel14:45
lubotu3quassel (source: quassel): KDE/Qt-based IRC client. In component main, is optional. Version 0.7.1-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 775 kB, installed size 2764 kB14:45
nimrod_52thanks will try quassel - have it installed but gave up previously when I meesed up with over restrictive firewall settings14:48
nimrod_52 going off to attempt setup - thanks14:48
* MartijnVdS has one nearly-empty kitchen14:52
dwatkinsare you just doing the washing-up or actually taking the kitchen out, MartijnVdS?14:52
MartijnVdSdwatkins: I've removed the cabinets and appliances, they're coming to take the tiles off on Wednesday14:53
MartijnVdSdwatkins: then re-route water, electricity, etc.14:53
MartijnVdSand then wait a week for the plaster to dry14:54
MartijnVdSand THEN they're going to put in the new kitchen :)14:54
dwatkinssounds pretty fundamental, MartijnVdS - fitting an entirely new kitchen, then?14:54
MartijnVdSIKEA's kitchen service++14:54
dwatkinsinteresting, I would be interested to know how it all goes14:55
MartijnVdSdwatkins: I clicked it together in the IKEA webapp, then went to the store and checked everything with an IKEAn14:56
MartijnVdSdwatkins: then they sent over a guy to check that the measurements I made were correct14:56
MartijnVdSdwatkins: then you get a quote for everything (removing + fitting new kitchen + anything else you want done)14:56
MartijnVdSthen you sign it, and off you go14:57
dogmatic69random poll... whats your thoughts on something like http://www.aber.ac.uk/en/undergrad/courses/compsci/open-source-computing/14:57
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: sounds pretty well organised14:58
dwatkinsdogmatic69: I'd probably really enjoy that course, but my only concern might be if I wanted a programming job afterwards, people might be concerned I'd not done any development within a company15:00
MartijnVdSdwatkins: yeah, and less risk of kitchen dealer going bust before actually delivering a kitchen (that used to be an epidemic here in .nl)15:00
dogmatic69dwatkins: i got 5+ years experience so not to worried about that15:00
ali1234java programming, web programming, dbms..... sounds pretty lame to me15:00
dwatkinsdogmatic69: in that case, great :D15:00
dogmatic69the core is C++15:00
dwatkinsI'm reading a book on C++ right now, can't really give up my job to do a degree in it15:01
dogmatic69plus learning java would be cool for android which i would like15:01
ali1234why not just do computer science?15:01
dwatkinshttp://www.mindview.net/Books/TICPP/ThinkingInCPP2e.html if you're curious15:01
dwatkinsJava and C++ have a lot of similarities. I think I'd prefer to learn them separately to avoid confusion.15:02
dogmatic69dwatkins: cool, ive been giving c a go, with arduino15:02
ali1234seems like it's just core compsci with maybe 1 or 2 optional courses about "open source"15:02
dwatkinsdogmatic69: I'm looking forward to my Arduino being delivered :)15:02
dogmatic69dwatkins: after you done the blinking led got something more fun for you15:02
dwatkinsoh yes, dogmatic69?15:03
dwatkinsA blinking LED that uses a sensor to blink at different rates depending on the ambient temperature? ;)15:03
dwatkinsooh, excellent - thanks dogmatic6915:03
dogmatic69got a few commits local, will push them soon15:03
dwatkinsI remember running an app on an SGI machine which blinked the power LED like a heartbeat - the more load on the CPU, the faster it blinked :D15:04
dogmatic69dwatkins: also got a cap meter :)15:04
dwatkinsFor measuring capacitance?15:04
dogmatic69with a ne555 timer15:04
dwatkinsdogmatic69: it mentions display - where is the output sent to?15:04
dwatkinsthe serial port as text?15:04
dogmatic69no, 16x2 lcd15:05
dwatkinsoh an LCD....15:05
dogmatic69you should get one15:05
dwatkinsyeah, I plan to in the next order15:05
dogmatic69arduino Serial + ubuntu is pants15:05
dogmatic69its 10 quid for one15:05
dwatkinsWe ordered from adafruit, I think they sell one, but I'll probably just get one locally in the UK15:05
* suprengr is sad... used 'hibernate' on 10.04 for first time today - when I got home and pressed power button... Ububtu started from normal startup. boo! hiss!15:05
dogmatic69dwatkins: coolcomponents are great15:05
dwatkinsthanks dogmatic6915:05
dogmatic69good prices, quick delivery, reasonable variety15:06
dwatkinsI like their blog entries too - that net curtain is rather amusing :)15:07
dwatkinsI clearly need to decide what to mount my Arduino and LCD in...15:07
dogmatic69not seen them15:07
dwatkinson the front page of http://www.coolcomponents.co.uk/catalog/15:08
dogmatic69my major projects with arduino is a laser cutter and autonomous grass mower15:08
dwatkinsI was looking at the ybox2 on adafruit, but I'll save that for next winter15:08
dwatkinsI like these ideas, dogmatic69 - I don't have any specific projects in mind, I just want to learn15:08
dogmatic69laser cutter will be for balsa - model planes :)15:09
dogmatic6960w co2 laser15:09
Neotidoes anyone in her use zoneminder ?15:09
dogmatic69only thing im scared of is the 30kV they use to opperate :/15:09
dwatkinsdogmatic69: ouch, yeah15:10
* brobostigon thank google goggles for the help in solving a sodoku. :)15:10
dwatkinsdogmatic69: should I get a serial-enabled LCD, or is it easy enough to control them via a parallel interface from an Arduino?15:10
dogmatic69get one with the HD44780-compatible chip15:11
dogmatic69for 16x2 that is15:11
dogmatic69not sure on others15:11
dogmatic69HD44780 is plug and play, others you might have to write 'drivers' for15:11
dogmatic69also parallel would use all your pins up15:12
dwatkinsaha thanks15:12
* dwatkins bookmarks http://www.coolcomponents.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=3515:12
dogmatic69that is the one i have :D15:12
dwatkinsexcellent, thanks for the tip15:12
dogmatic69it uses 4 pins + 5 for power15:13
dwatkinsWhere do you learn how to connect and program them?15:13
dwatkinsi.e. spec sheets, included docs, or elsewhere?15:13
dogmatic69*4 for data, 3 for controlling and 2 for data15:14
dogmatic69cool components has links to spec sheets on all the pages15:14
dwatkinsyeah, just loading that up now15:14
dogmatic69i just been browsing github for ideas https://github.com/search?langOverride=&q=arduino&repo=&start_value=1&type=Repositories15:14
dwatkinsI gather you can take an Ardunio after programming and just take the chip out and put it on its own board with a couple other components to then re-use the original dev board, so I could make all sorts of things with these15:15
dwatkinsaha yeah15:15
dogmatic69i got working code for 7 seg displays, capacitance, lcd, led light meter, range finder, motor controller, ohm meter, servo and almost i2c temp15:16
dogmatic69will try push them all tomorrow15:16
dwatkinsI really like 7-segment displays, I'd like to build a speed-o-meter someday15:16
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
dwatkinsthis --> http://hackaday.com/2010/06/17/replacement-speedometer/ :D15:17
dogmatic69dwatkins: i bought a loose microcontroller so im gonna set the uno up as a programmer and then just use the loose one for building things15:17
dwatkinsI assume that's pretty much having the chip on its own board and a re-usable programming board15:18
dogmatic69next code to write is the pin splitter thing 2 pins -> 16 or something15:18
dwatkinsI clearly have a lot to read up on15:18
dwatkinsserial vs parallel?15:18
dogmatic69ive just been reading the arduino site mostly, good info there15:18
dogmatic69and #arduino is helpful too15:18
dogmatic69dwatkins: when you back http://www.sparkfun.com/products/8130 you could connect 10 of them to your uno and have 160 digital pins at your disposal15:21
dogmatic69side note, i found https://proto-pic.co.uk to be quite lame, took a week for delivery and some things were squashed15:22
dwatkinsnot good, dogmatic6915:39
dwatkinsI gather adafruit is pretty good, they're in the US of course15:39
dogmatic69i could not wait that long :D15:40
dogmatic69you know RS components? if you know what you want that is a good place15:40
dogmatic69biggest electronics place i know of, its like the mcdonalds of electronics15:40
penguin42well, they're not the cheapest of places - but they've been going a LONG time15:41
dwatkinsYeah, RS have a huge catalogue.15:42
AlanBellhttp://twitter.com/#!/czajkowski/status/33900969699840000 that will be directhex rocking the house at fosdem15:42
dwatkinsdogmatic69: I'm on #arduino although I don't read it so often15:42
directhexAlanBell,  apparently czajkowski isn't big on cats15:42
AlanBellI haven't introduced her to the chickens yet15:43
AlanBellno lolwalrus this year?15:44
directhexnope. just lots of cats, plus spongebob squarepants15:45
* brobostigon is trying to watch starwars, and cant, because itv live player sucks balls.16:00
* dwatkins throws a DVD at brobostigon 16:02
MartijnVdSdwatkins: blurays are coming end of the year16:02
MartijnVdSdwatkins: you can preorder at amazon16:02
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: woohoo16:02
brobostigoncheers dwatkins :)16:02
brobostigonatleast iplayer works.16:03
* dwatkins learns that NTFS in linux is apparently done in userland16:04
directhexit is.16:04
directhexit's a FUSE driver16:05
directhexthere was an old read-only implementation in kernelspace16:05
dwatkinsI see, directhex :)16:05
dwatkinsI guess it's not required to be in the kernel, as it's only used for cross compatability16:05
dwatkinsi.e. using disks made on 'other' operating systems16:05
directhexdwatkins, technically you could use a fuse driver "normally" by including everything in the initrd16:06
brobostigonit has eventually  loaded itvplayer and then says, "this programme is not availabletowatch on itv.com" why didnt ou tell me  earlier, before i waited 15 mins for it to load. arghhh.16:07
penguin42there was an in kernel NTFS years ago wasn't there? (with very restricted functionality)16:10
dwatkinsapparently so, penguin42 - no write capability16:10
dwatkinsor it was hideously broken16:10
dwatkinsah, as directhex said16:10
danfishczajkowski: yips - that got pretty close in the rubgy!16:15
* davisc breathes a sigh of relief16:16
suprengrhi all. I have been given a D-Link DSL-2640S router.  Is it possible to use this to connect two Ubuntu systems [1x10.04desktop & 1x10.04 netbook]?16:31
brobostigonsuprengr: can you be more specific, what do you mean by conenct?16:31
suprengrbrobostigon: networking them for file copy [& hi there!]16:32
brobostigonsuprengr: scp, setup ssh on both ends.16:33
suprengrbrobostigon: with router in the middle I assume?16:33
brobostigonor something like sshfs16:33
suprengrcool! [a friend requested a new router from Sky & they sent him three :D]16:34
brobostigonjust make sure both machines cansee eachother.16:34
AlanBella router isn't essential to connect two machines16:34
brobostigonyou use crossover ethernet cable.16:34
AlanBellcrossover cable would do, or some autosense now16:35
suprengrAlanBell: you mean as in peer to peer... I thought that was a no no.  ...& that also answers my other question re cross-over or standard cat5 :D16:36
AlanBellworks fine, but you have to sort out IP addresses somehow16:36
dwatkinsMy router has a hub built-in to it...16:36
AlanBelleither run a dhcp server on one of them, or set static addresses in the same subnet16:36
AlanBellI am guessing your router has a dhcp server which hands out 192.168 addresses to devices plugged into it's hub16:37
suprengrAlanBell: ok.. can do that, no prob [I hope]16:37
brobostigonsuprengr: even with a crossover cable inbetween, you can still use scp or sshfs,16:37
suprengr& yes - it has a 4 port hub built in16:38
suprengr...I love ubuntu-uk: you ask a silly question, no-one laughs & you get help.... love you all16:39
brobostigonyoǘre welcome suprengr16:40
dwatkinssuprengr: http://pathogenrush.blogspot.com/2010/09/d-link-dsl-2640s.html :)16:40
dwatkinsThere's all sorts of information about it online, but yes, you can just connect network cables between the PCs and the router and they should get an IP address from the router and be able to see each other16:40
suprengrdwatkins: ok... now I'm more than impresses ;D16:40
dwatkinsif that doesn't work, you might have to set static IP addresses, but the router should give them out, good luck suprengr :)16:41
suprengrthanks again16:41
dwatkinsthis reminds me, I was going to run busybox on a gumstix PC...16:42
NeotiAny one using ZoneMinder16:49
* Neoti needs help on zoneminder!16:49
AlanBellthere is #zoneminder16:50
Neotii have posted the question there and its been four hours i have reposted it every 30 min ... but still nothing ...16:50
AlanBelloh, give it 24 hours16:50
AlanBelland try on a weekday16:50
AlanBellbut it might be that they don't use the channel16:51
AlanBellhow far have you got?16:51
AlanBellI looked at doing a zoneminder cctv for my house16:51
Neotii have a camera with a RTSP out feed and i can get the images via Mplayer etc but am stuck with some options in zoneminder...16:52
AlanBellnever quite got round to it and the project cost when I worked it out was higher than I initially guessed16:52
Neotisome of the documentation says if the stream works in mplayer IE mplayer rtsp:// then zone minder will work fine but its not working ... i just get a red bar and not image etc...16:52
jacobwHow much data does a CCTV feed generate per minute/hour/day ?16:53
jacobwSurely its a lot?16:53
Neotiwell i was using this through Gsurf the grandstream monitoring program and 1 hour was 400MB16:54
AlanBelljacobw: you can set it to record only whenn something interesting is happening (big changes between frames)16:55
jacobwI suppose you only need to keep, say, 48 hours worth of recording at any one time16:56
jacobwAh, that's cool AlanBell16:56
Neotifor my purpose i will keep them for 7 days and then it will delete them off etc..16:57
popeyi keep mine for ages16:57
popeyeats loads of disk space16:57
* jacobw has thought about implementing such a thing in the past16:59
MonsterKillerHey. i just built the latest openssl from source, does anyone how i could tell if it was installed right /just make sure its working17:16
MartijnVdSMonsterKiller: why did you install it that way?17:16
MartijnVdS(first of all :))17:16
MonsterKillerbecause there was a newer one from source than the ubuntu package17:16
MonsterKillerand i was getting ssl errors on my webserver17:17
MonsterKillerso i wanted the newest17:17
BigRedSMonsterKiller: the packaged openssl is tested with the packaged apache17:17
MartijnVdSit's more likely to break harder than fix your problem17:18
MartijnVdSunless you really know what you're doing17:18
BigRedSa custom-built one wont be. What were the errors? It's highly unlikely a compile has fixed them17:18
BigRedSBut, really, that's how to check it's working - do stuff with it and check it acts as expected17:18
MonsterKilleri went to the lighttpd channel and they suggested the newest openssl17:18
BigRedSPeople do that...17:19
BigRedSIt's not necessarily a *bad* thing, it's just it's easier to find a bunch of people using the distro-supplied openssl with the distro-supplied lighttpd than a mish-mash of handbuilds17:19
BigRedSand the distro-supported way is better tested17:20
MartijnVdSBigRedS: unless $distro is one of the build-your-owns ;)17:20
BigRedSMartijnVdS: ah yeah. I forget about those :)17:21
BigRedSbut those people just want that sort of trouble, anyway17:21
jacobwDamn 'those people' ;)17:22
BigRedSHaha. I've nothing against them, I just don't want to be one17:23
BigRedSOh, MonsterKiller your paste wotsit didn't work for me17:23
MonsterKillerill put it somewhere else17:24
MonsterKillerbut what did it say / not do?17:24
BigRedS(I missed a character off when I copied)17:24
BigRedSThough I'm still useless, and I've got to wander off imminently in any case17:25
MonsterKillerwho updates the ubuntu packages?17:32
MartijnVdSthe Ubuntu maintainers17:32
MonsterKilleri see17:32
MartijnVdSbut what is the exact problem you have?17:32
MonsterKillerwell to start with lighttpd was giving ssl errors and people couldnt access ssl pages17:33
MartijnVdSwhich ssl errors?17:33
MartijnVdSany more specific?17:33
MonsterKillerSSL: 1 error:1408A09D:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_CLIENT_HELLO:clienthello tlsext17:33
MonsterKillerSSL: null SSL_CTX for TLS server name <page>17:33
MartijnVdSThat looks like the client starts a TLS/SSLv3 connection17:34
MartijnVdSand the server can't find a SSL context for the server17:35
MartijnVdSsounds like you didn't generate/specify your server cert correctly in the lighttpd config17:35
MonsterKillerthe thing was that it worked for about 3 weeks then all of a sudden i got that17:35
MartijnVdSmaybe the cert expired?17:36
MartijnVdSor the signing cert expired?17:36
MonsterKillershouldnt have done :/17:36
MartijnVdScheck it17:36
MartijnVdSor someone/something fiddled with your config17:39
* mgdm wonders if dotdeb.org packages on Hardy is a bad idea17:43
MonsterKillerhmm well i will go back to the ubuntu openssl package for now since building one didnt work but there is like 5 updates, 1 of which is a security update, after package one17:45
mgdmsod it, /me rebuilds it with pbuilder17:45
MartijnVdSMonsterKiller: the Ubuntu people /always/ backport security fixes17:46
MartijnVdSare you really laughing out loud, or are you just filling the void with useless "lol"ling17:47
MonsterKillererm 2nd one?17:48
MonsterKillerOpenSSL 1.0.0c is now available, including important bug and security fixes17:48
MartijnVdSMonsterKiller: Important fixes are always backported to stable releases of Ubuntu17:49
MonsterKillerthough i wish i wasnt told i should update openssl from source :/17:51
MonsterKillergot to install things again17:51
MartijnVdSMonsterKiller: if you're lucky, it installed in /usr/local/ instead of /usr/lib/17:53
MartijnVdSMonsterKiller: if so, "make uninstall" should do the trick :)17:53
MonsterKillernever done make uninstall though17:55
MonsterKillerfirst timer for that17:55
MonsterKillermake: *** No rule to make target `uninstall'.  Stop.17:56
MartijnVdSoh, too bad17:56
MartijnVdSsometimes that works17:56
dwatkinsI guess it would require the Makefile to have rules on what to do, you could reverse the process of installation by hand, though, in theory...17:57
MartijnVdSdwatkins: afaik some automake versions create makefiles with uninstall targets17:57
MonsterKillerif i knew where it put everything17:57
MartijnVdSand ExtUtils::MakeMaker used to17:57
dwatkinsMonsterKiller: reading the Makefile may tell you this17:57
mgdmtbh I'd do something like apt-get install --reinstall openssl (whatever the package name is)17:58
mgdmbut I'll defer to advice on that point17:58
MartijnVdSmgdm: won't matter, everything installed into /usr/local/ssl17:58
MartijnVdSmgdm: package files weren't overwritten17:58
mgdmAh, that's not so bad then17:59
MonsterKillerwhere should it usually install?17:59
MartijnVdSMonsterKiller: depends on what you tell it :)18:00
MartijnVdSusually you would use a package18:00
MonsterKilleri will just stick with the package for now and wait till the package is updated18:01
Seeker`:O ITS MGDGM18:06
mgdm:O SEEKER`!!18:07
mgdmHmmm, I are lagging18:07
bigcalmHi mgdm :)18:12
mgdm'lo bigcalm :)18:12
* bigcalm hungers for Chinese take-away. Wonder if I can convince Hayley that she hungers for it as well ;)18:12
* mgdm compiles PHP 5.3 on his VM18:19
mgdmI expect to be waiting a wee while18:19
bigcalmWhat are you compiling in that can't be loaded as a module?18:21
mgdmPHP itself :)18:23
mgdmI want PHP 5.3 on hardy without all the silly things the deb packages do to it18:23
MartijnVdSsecurity? :P18:24
mgdmI don't need 90% of the junk that's compiled in, and I'm in two minds about the Suhosin thing18:25
bigcalmI've still yet to make use of file upload progress18:26
bigcalmThere was a time when it would have been useful. But that time may come again some day18:26
mgdmI used that the other week18:26
mgdmIf you're using APC's one, it doesn't work with FastCGI18:27
bigcalmI grumble at having to keep 5.2 around as CakePHP 1.1 doesn't work on 5.3 (no, there is no budget to upgrade to 1.2)18:28
bigcalmOne of our client servers has to remain on 4 due to a version of moregroupware on it18:28
bigcalmIt's possible to run different versions of PHP side by side based on vhost, right?18:34
mgdmif you do that you really want FastCGI or something like that18:34
brobostigonhehe, irssi on my android. :)19:29
mgdmis that via connectbot or some SSH thing?19:33
brobostigonsshing into my eeepc.19:35
kob hi all, anyone running TOR ? I'd need a running bridge to connect to the network ....19:35
Azelphurwhat's a good open source cross platform alternative to skype?19:36
brobostigonmgdm: its working quite well.19:37
mgdmI have done that on occasion19:37
* MartijnVdS yawns a bit19:40
brobostigonmgdm: i would loveto do it form an outside network, but dont have mobile ipv6.19:40
MartijnVdSmy phone has ipv6, as long as I'm on a wifi net with a v6 router19:41
brobostigonwhich i am at home,19:41
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: at home, or at work :)19:42
MartijnVdSwell not quite yet at work19:42
MartijnVdSbut they're working on it19:42
MartijnVdSooh, 80s night on the vault19:44
brobostigonwould workbetter i think,on a motorola xoom, with a bigger screen.19:49
brobostigonsomething like*19:50
* MartijnVdS wants a Xoom19:50
MartijnVdSor something like it19:50
MartijnVdSI've watched the presentation this week.. *Droool*19:50
brobostigonme too, very.19:50
ali1234meh, even windows mobile supported ipv6 back in 200519:53
MartijnVdSali1234: everything except most home routers/modems supports it19:54
brobostigonali1234: issue is, do an mobile phone providers support  and give ipv6 addr's. not that iknow of yet, atleastin the uk.19:54
MartijnVdSali1234: Carrier/ISP equipment can all do it (yay US government requirements)19:54
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: problem is, mobile won't do dual-stack until LTE19:55
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: 3G (UMTS) and GPRS support v4 _or_ v6, but not both at the same time19:55
brobostigonMartijnVdS: LTE ?19:55
brobostigonMartijnVdS: ah, i see.19:55
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3GPP_Long_Term_Evolution -- "4G"19:55
MartijnVdSthe next tech after UMTS19:55
brobostigonthank you MartijnVdS, ,let melook.19:56
ali1234exactly, everything supports ipv6 except the cheap free routers that ISPs give out19:58
MartijnVdSali1234: which is why we give Fritz!Boxes away where I work :)19:59
=== denny- is now known as denny
MartijnVdSthey can negotiate for a v6 prefix using PPPoA/PPPoE + magic19:59
brobostigoni very quickly got my ownrouter, when my isp supplied one failed, and have since stuckdoing that, and using custom firmware,19:59
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: sure, but if the ISP is assuming most people have the cheap router, they won't implement v620:00
MartijnVdSwell they will20:00
MartijnVdSbut everyone will need a new modem20:00
MartijnVdSor router20:00
brobostigonor new firmware,20:00
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: new modem is easier for the support department20:01
MartijnVdSfirmware flashing can go wrong in so many creative ways20:01
brobostigonMartijnVdS: good point20:01
brobostigonhigher HW cost.20:01
AlanBellyay, I have a phone again20:02
brobostigonbut maybe overall lower cost,20:02
brobostigonyay AlanBell20:02
MartijnVdSAlanBell: you lost your previous one?20:02
AlanBellthink it is a bit broken, for voice, but I think I can install an IRC client on it20:03
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AzelphurHaving problems getting my mic to work, I know it's wired up and has driver support because I can turn the mic up in the playback section on Alsamixer and hear myself20:07
Azelphurbut I can't get it to work on capture20:07
MartijnVdSAzelphur: use the pulseaudio configuration bit20:08
MartijnVdS(speaker in top bar, sound preferences)20:08
Azelphuryea, I'm using sound preferences20:08
Azelphurthe mic is turned up, and I got nothing from input level it's just black20:08
MartijnVdSand which app to record20:08
MartijnVdSis it muted?20:08
* MartijnVdS 's laptop has an unsupported codec chip20:09
MartijnVdSso the mic shows up but doesn't work20:09
AzelphurMartijnVdS: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3832397/screenshots/February%202011/2011-02-05-201014_574x477_scrot.png20:10
MartijnVdSAzelphur: any other "connector" available?20:11
Azelphuryes, but none of them work either :(20:11
AzelphurMicrophone 1, Microphone 2, Line-In20:11
AzelphurMartijnVdS: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/Azelphur pro helping tools :P20:15
MartijnVdSclick the internal audio thingy20:16
MartijnVdSanalog duplex is good20:17
MartijnVdSwhy not use the one in your webcam? :)20:17
MartijnVdSthe mic20:18
Azelphurdoesn't work either :(20:18
MartijnVdSHave you manually changed audio settings?20:18
MartijnVdSdisabled pulse, things like that20:18
MartijnVdSno idea, sorry20:19
Azelphurblast :(20:19
Azelphurlol mouse goes crazy when I go onto my other X screen xD20:20
AzelphurMartijnVdS: it's weird because if I change mic on playback I can hear myself20:21
MartijnVdSlet me check how it's set here20:21
MartijnVdSit wokrs!20:22
Azelphurhaha wtf20:22
MartijnVdSI hear you20:22
Azelphurbut it still doesn't work in the sound preferences dialog20:22
AzelphurI was just like what why is the VE meter on ustream working20:22
Azelphurthat's trippy.20:23
Azelphuralso, Flash fell over and died :(20:23
MartijnVdScould be flash20:23
MartijnVdSclaiming the device so sound prefs can't read from it20:23
Azelphurnah, I had sound pref open before I started flash20:23
Azelphur*shrug* weirdness20:24
penguin42Azelphur: Try lsof /dev/snd/*  the only thing should be a couple of pulseaudio instances20:25
alexMocanuHello, everybody!20:25
Azelphurpenguin42: Steam.exe and lmms :P20:27
penguin42Azelphur: Hmph well get those guys out of the way and pulse might be able to get back in there20:27
Azelphurpenguin42: lol, pulse is in there, apps that use pulseaudio can hear my mic :P20:28
AzelphurI think it's just the sound preferences dialog that went up the wall20:29
stuartThis might be a bit OT, but does Ubuntu automatically recognise say (SMP) Hyperthreading even if it is not recognised in the bios??20:49
mgdmthe kernel will handle that, so yes20:50
mgdmwell, if it's available on the chip, and assuming it's not disabled somehow20:51
AlanBellif it is disabled in the bios then it will see one processor20:51
gordyeah smp is almost always controlled by the bios20:52
AlanBellbut the bios should have some setting for it20:52
MooDoohello all21:48
brobostigonevening MooDoo :)21:48
AlanBellmy new phone thinks the date is 27/82/201023:10
penguin42which phone is that?23:11
AlanBellwhen I say "my new phone" I mean, "my wife's old phone"23:12
AlanBellLG KS36023:12
AlanBelland now it won't let me set the date because the date is invalid /o\23:12
AlanBellah, done it23:12
AlanBellset it all to zeros and saved, then set it back23:13

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