TakyojiApparently my connection speed is 15Mbps01:06
TakyojiWhereas it was originally 10Mbps01:06
TakyojiWould be nice if my ISP focused on IPv6 support rather than a red herring of higher Mbps01:07
TakyojiHow have I not known of this before? http://opensourceforamerica.org/01:43
fisch246o cool03:00
fisch246i may bring that up in the next Open Source Brotherhood Summit03:01
fisch246i'm proud to be apart of a non-profit organization for open source devs :)03:07
Jay-CeeOk, so I'm at http://ubuntu-minnesota.org/events and the only even showing is the maverick release, I know i've found a calender here before, but just can't get to it today17:43
Jay-CeeCan anybody help me ?17:44
=== sparkle_history is now known as sparklehistory
Jay-CeeI got it figured out, I added a link to the calendar at the bottom of the events page20:53

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