ledzepp4evais anyone here going to the meeting in Asheville tomorrow?02:33
_marx_ping holstein ^02:36
_marx_hey ledzepp4eva02:37
_marx_ the user i pinged just now is in a'ville02:37
ledzepp4evao ok... i'm kinda new and this would be my first group meeting, seeing as i dont know anyone, was wondering if i could get an idea of who to look for or where to go in the cafe02:38
_marx_i dig it, holstein is a musician so he may be working now02:39
_marx_i'm in winston and haven't been to a wnclug deal yet02:40
_marx_it sounds like a pretty cool place02:41
ledzepp4evaya i'm pretty excited02:42
ledzepp4evai was looking around on the website for ways to get involved and i found the group.02:42
_marx_oh great02:43
* _marx_ used to live in h'ville02:43
_marx_just south of a'ville02:43
_marx_how do you use ubuntu ledzepp4eva02:44
ledzepp4evacould you be a little more specific?02:44
_marx_i've been dazed and confused for so long...02:44
_marx_i'm a daily desktop user02:45
ledzepp4evai've been using ubuntu since 7.10, exclusively since 10.04 came out02:45
_marx_servers tend to be what ever02:45
_marx_7.10 nice02:46
ledzepp4evagot it to initially experiment and tinker. but as i started programming more i could no longer resist02:46
_marx_so are you scared of the command line or completely comfortable02:46
_marx_oh not scared of cli i'd guess02:47
ledzepp4evai'm quite comfortable02:47
_marx_same here02:47
ledzepp4evahow long have you been using?02:47
_marx_since '9802:48
_marx_before ubuntu02:48
_marx_5.04 with ubuntu02:48
_marx_debian unstable before that02:48
ledzepp4evawow.. a real veteran02:48
_marx_seemed stable to me in '01 and they're still talking about linux on the desktop02:49
ledzepp4evathere is still much to discuss02:50
_marx_file sharing is pretty seamless02:51
ledzepp4evayeah. fortunately i was able to not get too tied in02:51
_marx_really depends on what software one "must" have02:52
_marx_games and quicken seem to be the biggest deal breakers02:53
ledzepp4evaquite true. games i think are the pinchpoint for people02:53
_marx_some, i've never really been a gamer, computer gamer cards i like02:54
_marx_flash games02:54
_marx_my spousal unit must have her fix02:54
ledzepp4evai enjoy gaming to a great extent.02:55
ledzepp4evathere are some games for linux but there are still a few things to be desired02:55
_marx_i'd like to see the FPS type of game go to consoles, dedicated gaming units02:57
_marx_i'm not a gamer so...my opinion is biased by not having participated02:59
_marx_D&D back in the day02:59
ledzepp4evaare you aware of a way to batch install a folder full of *debs?03:00
_marx_trustworthy *debs?03:00
ledzepp4evanvm i got it... i'm installing libreoffice03:01
ledzepp4evathe install is just a bunch of deb installs03:01
_marx_see that, office type software, is something i rarely use03:03
* _marx_ goes to get liberated yadtel usb drive, a nicotene fix and let the fat cat out03:05
_marx_skinny cat is asleep03:05
_marx_fat cat is pestering the helloutame03:05
ledzepp4evahow fat? we have a pretty big cat03:06
_marx_13-14 lbs03:12
_marx_miss massive macy is her current name03:12
_marx_miss mad macy too03:13
ledzepp4evahaha... ours tips the scales at about 16 or 17 lbs03:13
_marx_wow, that is a big one!03:14
ledzepp4evahes quite impressive03:14
_marx_i bet, mmm would run she's such a chicken03:19
ledzepp4evanice talkin to ya, i'm gonna step out for a smoke03:23
holstein_marx_: pong04:35
holsteinmaybe ledzepp will come back04:36
_marx_he's up your way04:36
holsteingreat :)04:37
_marx_gained some understanding of the bots too04:43
_marx_the irc folks were super helpful and quickly helpful04:44
holstein_marx_: supybots right?04:46
_marx_lu bot is, the other is a logging bot04:46
holsteini have a supybot04:47
holsteinand a phennybot04:47
_marx_and i added a notice of that to the entry message04:47
_marx_sack time04:52

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