BiosElementI find it awesome how a dude who's already stalked two of my 'underage' female friends is off after another yet again. >.<05:04
gilbertpaultag: ping17:10
gilbertpaultag: so, read ur latest blog post.  the one downfall to 32-bit that you're missing is insufficient randomness in address space randomization.  2^32 possibilities are currently brute-forceable, but 2^64 possibilities are not (currently)17:12
gilbert;) so, thats why i don't run any 32-bit systems any more17:13
paultaggilbert: humm, iteresting17:15
gilbertpaultag: oh yeah, i became a DM about a month ago too :) whoo!17:16
paultaggilbert: COMGRATS!!!!!!!!17:16
paultagwell done!17:16
gilbertthx :)17:17
gilbertand squeeze appears to be releasing today!17:17
paultaggilbert: I saw! (and no rc bugs!)17:17
gilbertwell, there are about 25 unfixed, but those are mostly security issues that will be fixed with a DSA soon17:18
gilbertthey're tagged squeeze-ignore17:18
gilbertso they don't show up in normal lists17:18
gilbertso, what have u been up to lately?17:18
paultaggilbert: just the usual. working away on school, it's been a crazy semester17:19
paultaggilbert: looking to start moving up to debian, so doing that soon. I'm going to adopt a few packages17:19
gilberti'm going to apply to DD pretty soon here.  i have a bunch of new packages to get sponsored as soon as wheezy is open for uploads17:20
paultagnice! :)17:20
paultagi need to bug more DDs more often17:21
gilbertheh, soon u can bug me ;)17:21
gilberthow's loco council stuff?17:23
paultaggilbert: busy as all hell. Our big issue is that loco members don't need to sign the CoC, so they can "act out" without violating anything17:23
paultaggilbert: so we get tons of kickback with tons of personal assults17:24
paultaggilbert: kinda sucks, but it's OK. we're doing good work17:24
gilbertpaultag: ah, so would it be too much of barrier if coc signing were a req to join a loco?17:24
paultaggilbert: we tried to insist on it, at least for the contact -- but then people bitched either because the CoC is not translated, or the contact is the not the administrator17:25
gilbertpaultag: most of ohio's members seem to be very well-behaved regardless of the coc17:25
paultaggilbert: +1000017:25
paultaggilbert: we have an amazing loco17:26
gilbertpaultag: for ohio the council ml is the contact now, so its not a real person17:26
paultaggilbert: aye, that's fine. We just consider it a meta-person17:26
paultagjust like other places where they give contact@ubuntu-xx.org to the contact17:27
gilbertthe council arrangement seems to be working out pretty well so far17:28
paultaggilbert: totally. y'all rule17:28
gilbertnice to have ppl to back you up17:28
paultaggilbert: for sure, for sure. Ya'll are doing a fantastic job17:28
gilbertso, wouldn't the solution be to translate the coc?17:29
gilbertif thats what ppl r complaining about17:29
paultaggilbert: yes, and we're working on it, but we have to get very good translators to translate it in a way that carrys the same meaning17:30
paultage.g. klingon has no word for love, so translating a document about how you should love someone has no meaning in klingon17:30
paultagbut yeah17:32
gilbertdidn't know there was a loco in the klingon federation17:32
paultaggilbert: ubuntu-kl17:33
gilbertpaultag: seriously?17:33
paultaggilbert: nope :)17:33
gilbertoh, haha17:33
gilbertwouldn't suprise me if there was one tho17:33
paultaggilbert: yeah, so we're working on getting the CoC and LCoC set up for locos17:33
gilbertpaultag: cool17:34
paultaggilbert: we'd really like to see leaders / contacts sign the LCoC, but there's a lot of push back17:34
paultaggilbert: e.g. if you give members roles, such as handling swag, or doing server work, should they sign as well?17:34
paultagand if so, then there is a huge technical cost to contributing17:35
paultagwhich disincentivizes the whole gig17:35
gilbertwhy does the lcoc need to differ from the coc?17:35
paultaggilbert: not sure. not my call.17:36
paultaggilbert: the LCoC is for leadership -- just says set a good example and step down with grace etc17:36
gilberty not, ur "the man" on the council17:36
gilbertpaultag: isn't that in the coc?17:36
paultaggilbert: yeah, for sure, but the LCoC is mark's call17:36
paultaggilbert: yeah, it's really fuzzy. Let me find both texts17:36
gilbertpaultag: thats what annoys me about the ubuntu community, its not a meritocracy when one person can say this is it17:37
paultaggilbert: http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct   |  http://www.ubuntu.com/community/leadership-conduct17:37
paultaggilbert: yeah I know17:37
paultaggilbert: I'm considering a move to debian fulltime.17:38
paultagnot like I'd drop Ubuntu17:38
paultagbut I'd swap time-investments17:38
gilbertit really seems like they can be merged17:39
paultaggilbert: yeah, there was talk of that, but they're these big blobby documents that are locked in17:39
gilbertconflicts of interest would be applicable to anyone17:39
paultaggilbert: if we change the CoC, we need to have everyone re-sign it17:39
gilbertcredit would be applicable to everyone as well17:39
gilbertall of it pretty much17:39
paultaggilbert: I agree17:39
gilbertpaultag: the coc resigning has already been done before, right17:41
gilbert1.0 to 1.1 or something17:41
paultaggilbert: yeah, but we had way fewer ubutnu members17:41
paultaggilbert: there were like 200-30017:41
gilbertbtw coc is probably the worst acronym ever17:41
paultaggilbert: we now have 662 ubuntu members17:42
gilbertdoesn't seem that bad when a dictor can say this needs to be done17:43
paultaggilbert: truth17:43
paultaggilbert: file a bug against ubuntu-community, I'll get it handled17:43
gilbertoh how i loath launchpad17:44
paultaggilbert: yeah yeah.17:45
Unit193Any Doctor Who fans? http://artoftrolling.memebase.com/2011/02/01/drag-troll-who-would-fall-for-this/21:36
canthus13Unit193: nice... :)21:38
Cheri703I hate it when there's a web page I saw a few weeks ago and now I can't find it, either in my history or google -_-23:05
canthus13Cheri703: How's teh job scene going?23:53
Cheri703I've been dealing with sick dog stuff23:55
Cheri703I'm in ny at my parents' house and my 12 yr old dog that lived with them had to get put down yesterday morning and I had to put down my 3.5 yr old dog that had cancer today...my dad buried them23:56

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