MutantTurkeyTraveler: yes00:34
MutantTurkeyTraveler: he was around looking for InHisName earlier00:34
TravelerI got auto disconnected, MutantTurkey01:45
TravelerI'm in MCSA class right now.01:45
Travelerlearning all about DHCP servers tonight01:46
TravelerI come back and turkey leaves01:47
Travelerdidn't miss much during lecture so far.02:30
Travelerbye all, going back home.02:36
InHisName@later samuraialba There must have been TWO Home Depots on Cross Keys.  I waited until 5:30.   Later on way to school, I found the Target only 1/2 mile further from where originally turned to go the other way.  I turned back at Pitman downer rd.  I was getting near the Home Depot when you texted you thought you saw me. I stopped at HD parking lot to text back.  You replied you'll be there in a few.  I tried to reply but ran 13:47
PennBotOkay, InHisName.13:47
InHisName@later samuraialba I'll call during a break to see how your afternoon sched would be.  Is that one place walkable ?13:50
PennBotBugger all, I dunno, InHisName.13:50
InHisName@later samuraialba I will call during a break to see how your afternoon sched would be.  Is that one place walkable ?13:51
InHisNameI guess the 2nd time worked.13:51
InHisNameOff to school13:51
Travelerno bacon man yet ?16:24
* waltman just had some bacon :)16:28
TravelerGood Falafl to you all.16:35
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!16:42
TravelerHowdy SamuraiAlba16:47
TravelerDid you get the saved messages  from me (InHisName)16:48
waltmanSamuraiAlba: we were just talking about bacon!16:51
TravelerSamuraiAlba: are you still needing to sell yesterdays stuff?  I still have the money from yesterday.  Also interested in 22" flat screen too.  Almost lunch break and can call you.17:10
SamuraiAlbaSold the screen, actually17:13
SamuraiAlbadidnt get any messages, however :(17:13
SamuraiAlbaI have the 2 160s still17:13
SamuraiAlbaWound up getting down to Millville and doing some jobs and sold some gear.  After I couldnt get a hold of you, I was kind of wondering what happened.17:14
MutantTurkeyhow the heck do you define underlined text in html5? that is pointless they got rid of it.17:14
SamuraiAlbajust googled.  Unsupported :O17:15
MutantTurkeyso dumb.17:15
SamuraiAlbaMutu, running into Runescape, today?17:15
MutantTurkeythey change just for the sake of change rather than to improve.17:15
SamuraiAlbaIn the 30s :)17:15
MutantTurkeySamuraiAlba: sorry, got a lunch date with lady friend :D :D :D17:15
MutantTurkeywhere are you training?17:16
SamuraiAlbathose mages south of Varrock17:16
SamuraiAlbaeasy pickins17:16
MutantTurkeyi always train on guards17:16
MutantTurkeyalso i will show your hill giants i think they are called17:17
MutantTurkeythey drop big bones, they are worth major cash.17:17
MutantTurkeywant me to get on now and show you actually?17:17
SamuraiAlbasure :)17:18
SamuraiAlbaBig bones dropping in price, I heard17:18
MutantTurkeybut not a ton17:18
MutantTurkeyI remember when law runes were 1.2k each.17:18
MutantTurkeywhips were like 1.6mill17:19
PennBotwhips are like 1.6mill, SamuraiAlba17:19
MutantTurkeywhat world are you in?17:19
MutantTurkeythe sweetest weapon in the game17:20
MutantTurkeyfaster than daggers, crazy strong.17:20
MutantTurkeythey are awesome.17:20
SamuraiAlbaworld 3317:20
MutantTurkeymeet me in varrock17:20
SamuraiAlbaokies... at gh17:20
SamuraiAlbain a few17:20
TravelerSamuraiAlba: can you give me that gog map link to neighborhood address. Probably connect after 3 or 4.17:35
SamuraiAlbabones at 606 gold17:43
Travelerwelcome back DavidLevin17:52
SamuraiAlbaTrav, got the addy?17:57
Traveleryes I did17:58
SamuraiAlbagotta run, for a bit.17:59
SamuraiAlbatty soon17:59
SamuraiAlbaI r t3h back20:23
SamuraiAlbaU there, Traveler?20:24
MutantTurkeywho is DavidLevin?20:51
MutantTurkeyI know a Greg  Levin, i hope they are not related.20:51
Travelersamu r u there ?   no bacon ?20:53
Traveler@later samuraialba it is 4pm and still in lab class.  will call in a bit.20:56
PennBotI hear ya!20:56
jedijf@later tell SamuraiAlba it is 4pm and still in lab class. Traveler will call in a bit.20:59
PennBotjedijf: The operation succeeded.20:59
MutantTurkeyjedijf: so thats how you do it!21:00
MutantTurkeycould never remember.21:00
MutantTurkeydoes it show up when the person speaks on the channel?21:00
Travelershows up when they log back in21:05
Travelerso it is "at later tell"  more stuff21:05
rmg51MutantTurkey: it pm's them when the "speak" in channel not on sign in21:14
rmg51and it only works if you get the nick right21:14
Travelerare caps important  to get nick right ?21:15
MutantTurkeyoh alright21:15
jedijfTraveler: i don't think so21:15
MutantTurkeyi assume21:15
MutantTurkeyoh really?21:15
jedijf@later tell me something21:16
PennBotjedijf: The operation succeeded.21:16
Travelerso long while I go home21:58

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