netritiousSvpernova09: NO lol00:29
netritiousno really, having dinner with fam00:30
netritious*had dinner with fam00:30
netritiouswe're fixing to play JD200:30
Svpernova09Meeting > family01:12
wrstSvpernova09: you married? :)01:37
cyberangerSvpernova09: backwards02:26
cyberangerI'd rather have a member willingly step down for what they know is important, where they will (hopefully) come back when things calm a little02:27
cyberangerthan piss a member off, to where they never come back or recommend the loco02:28
netritiousJD2=Just Dance 202:45
netritiousMeeting > family? psh you just wait Svpernova09 lol02:46
netritiousanyways I'm out...cya02:47
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Svpernova09Yes I'm married, was just giving netritious a hard time :_X04:03
Dan9186the not married one is me06:05
Dan9186and that is about to change06:05
Svpernova09OLD BALL AND CHAIN06:05
Dan9186she is older than i am06:07
wrstha ha Svpernova09 yeah you know that doesn't work out that way then :D13:58
wrstawesome orias :)20:29

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