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pleia2already copied it over to the main report, but if anyone has anything to add: http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/ReportingPage03:52
nigelbis it relevant that ircc now has someone from UW (again :)) ?03:54
pleia2yes, but this report is for january :)03:55
pleia2ircc announcement is february03:55
nigelbYeah, now I remember03:55
macoand by the next team report we'll know whether another UW person is on another board too....03:57
nigelbno no03:57
rwwI'm running for the bored board. I feel I'm highly qualified.03:58
nigelbwe're all too bored to vote03:58
elkypleia2, i gave a unicorn talk at the haecksen miniconf at LCA.07:32
AlanBellwere there slides elky?09:05
elkyAlanBell, there's video. http://linuxconfau.blip.tv/file/4697410/09:12
nigelbelky: Love the way the slides are written09:15
elkymy unicode slides?09:16
nigelbno no09:16
nigelbthe handwriting style font09:16
elkyah. sec, i'll find the name09:17
nigelbBtw, are we having something for WPD?09:17
elky"Purisa" is the font name, nigelb09:18
* nigelb hunts for it.09:18
elkyI had to go for a whimsical one since it was essentially a talk about feminist geek humour.09:19
AlanBellbetter than comic sans09:19
nigelbComic Sans --> *cringe*09:20
elkyComic sans would have been perfectly fine if it had not been adopted for every. single. thing. evar.09:20
elkythat said, it needs to die for that reason.09:20
AlanBellletters home from school are set in comic sans09:20
elkyfont should fit tone. srsly.09:21
elkyAnyway i need to go find cold beverages.09:21
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elkyAlanBell, full slides at http://geekosophical.net/misc/haecksen2011.odp10:43
pleia2elky: right! added to report :)18:12
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