Gumbyhi all.  I've added the ubuntu-x server and upgraded the nvidia packages in natty.  X fails to start afterwards and Xorg.0.log mentions that I need to use --ignoreABI because of the unsuppoted X version.  Where exactly do I add this?00:18
brycehGumby, can't use proprietary -nvidia on natty for now00:20
brycehGumby, see release notes00:20
Gumbyah, so no 3d or Unity?00:21
GumbyI tried also using the default development driver as well but that didnt seem to work either00:21
brycehthere's an experimental 3d mesa package that adds 3d to nouveau00:26
brycehit's not supported though, but might work00:26
brycehwe'll get a fixed -nvidia within a month or so00:26
Gumbyok.  thanks for the info00:27
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hifihey, why the newest savage ddx ain't pulled to natty?08:26
hifiit's only a bugfix release that is required for it to work properly08:27
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tormodhifi, the bug fix in savage 2.3.2 was cherry-picked to maverick/natty 2.3.115:44
tormodhifi, but there is nothing against merging 2.3.2-115:44
hifitormod: oh, good to know, thanks16:37
tormodhifi, what card do you have?16:43
hifithinkpad t23, it has a supersavage, can't remember the exact model16:44
hifiI did the original bug report to upstream16:44
tormodhifi, alright. btw, does glxblur work on it?16:46
hifiblur? never used it16:46
tormodit's an xscreensaver hack16:46
vishooh! kernel .38 with ati makes we feel funky :D , weird flashes/glitches with compiz.. ;)16:46
hifinot even any desktop effects work, like compositing16:47
hifias far as I've tested16:47
hifithe only thing the card is good for is xmoto16:47
tormodhifi, yes, compiz won't work, missing support for NPOT textures16:47
hifiI mean not even xcompmgr16:48
tormodvish, for me the .38 work fine in lucid, but natty is a bit unstable, probably the new ddx enabling new features (pageflip)16:49
vishon maverick here, cube and anything triggering fullscreen changes causes odd effects..16:50
vishnot permanent, i'd just have to switch views to something else and back, it clears up16:51
vishchanging workspaces with the cube is the best, its like a disco flashing :D16:52
tormodhifi, Alex V.L. was looking at composite for savage once (http://lists.x.org/archives/xorg/2008-April/034441.html) but I would not hold my breath16:57
tormodthe card is good for some 3D screensavers :)16:57
hifiif you can stand the high pitch noise :p16:58
hifiat least my T23 puts out one when it's rendering 3D16:58
alex_mayorgaAny reports of video corruption in 2.6.38 on nvidia cards?19:29
alex_mayorgaCan I get some pairs of eyes on bug 713781 please?20:31
ubot4Launchpad bug 713781 in xorg (Ubuntu) "[natty] Video corruption on kernel 2.6.38-1-generic and nVidia Corporation GT216 [GeForce GT 230M] (rev a2) (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71378120:31
alex_mayorgaWhat else should I provide?20:31

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