schnuffle1shawndrost: my advice: update your system if you're linux save or compile apache and create a package from the source otherwise. that way its easier to revert if you have problems00:00
Starminnchaos2358, Have you tried installing and running as sudo? (At least installing so everything gets where it needs to be)00:00
``if this problem was ongoing for more then a few days and u dont want to blow your brains further tryng to resolve it try a fresh instal @ chaos00:00
chaos2358Starminn,  yes of course.00:00
mike_millerAny ideas why I can't grab the kernel sources using apt-get(I get a 404?00:00
schnuffle1shawndrost: normally an update is painless, but sometimes you have to correct something00:01
Starminnchaos2358, :) Just making sure. Alright, well the only thing I'm left with is just reinstalling it. Just back up your Home folder and reinstall Ubuntu. May be killing a fly with a bazooka but at least it'll work. (Anybody else wanna chime in?)00:01
mike_millerDo I need to add anything to /etc/apt/sources.list ?00:02
``@  starmin thats what i said a few times already so i agree!00:02
ConfusedThe error from vlc is: [0xb7300be0] main input error: ES_OUT_RESET_PCR called00:03
chaos2358Starminn,  i'm hoping I can get away without having to do that because i  have over 150 gigs of media stored on it. family photos, etc00:03
``Good lucj chaos!00:03
usr13Confused: Mplayer must be broken.  Try to upgrade or re-install mplayer or smplayer00:03
rumpe1mike_miller, no... change the package-server00:03
Luigianacan some1 help me? i have troubles installing ubuntu00:03
shawndrostschnuffle1: thanks.  by "create a package", do you mean create my own apt package, or just compile the new version?00:03
mike_millerrumpe1: How? To point to what?00:03
ConfusedI did all that and I reconfigured everything using dpkg-reconfigure.00:03
Luigianacan some1 help me? i have troubles installing ubuntu00:04
yayoj1luigiana: what is the issue at hand00:04
Luigianawhenever i boot, and press install it goes blackscreen00:04
rumpe1mike_miller, to another mirror00:04
barack_osamatry to add00:05
ConfusedIn fact, I purged all of the media players and libreaddvd and libdvdcss and reinstalled everything.00:05
Starminnchaos2358, Just put the Home folder on its own partition and just don't touch that partition on reinstall.00:05
p_resLuigiana, have you tried safe-graphics mode.00:05
barack_osamadont remember number exactly00:05
yayoj1luigiana: which version are you installing?00:05
rumpe1mike_miller, 404 means the current mirror you are using is not available00:05
schnuffle1shawndrost: you can use the checkinstall tool to create a de package, or you get the ubuntu package source ana create it with the debian tool. first way is easier second one cleaner and gets you all dependencies00:05
Luigianaim installing the 10.1000:05
mike_millerrumpe1: How would I go about changing my mirror?00:05
Luigianaand im running a intel quad core00:05
``@ Lugiana does your pc meat the requirements for installing ubuntu 10.1000:05
rumpe1mike_miller, e.g. with synaptic-packagemanager00:05
Luigianaas mentioned im running quad core00:05
mike_millerrumpe1: Which mirror should I change to?00:06
yayoj1luigiana: and graphics card?00:06
Luigiana7600 gtx i think00:06
g_0_0chaos2358, have you tried reinstalling gnome-main-menu, maybe I'm not following what the problem is00:06
OttifantSirchaos2358: How did you install? Synaptic? Did you open it from CLI? If so, did you start it with sudo synaptic or gksudo synaptic?00:06
usr13Confused: How about libdvdcss ?00:06
mike_millerAlso, I don't have a GUI. What would I use instead of synpatic? Would editing source.list have the same effect?00:06
chaos2358one sec guys.00:06
schnuffle1mike_miller: yes00:07
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yayoj1luigiana: will Ubuntu be the primary os on your drive?00:07
ConfusedI reinstalled libdvdcss after purging it but libdvdcss is actually working and has always worked.  It generates the key, but the DVD play.  This isn't a decryption problem, or at least I don't think it is.00:07
mike_millerokay, so what mirror WOULD have linux_2.6.35-24.42, if not security.ubuntu.com?00:07
chaos2358g_0_0,  ok it gives invalid command trying to install.00:07
rumpe1mike_miller, yes, you could edit sources.list00:08
usr13Confused: Maybe codecs need to be installed or re-installed, (not complete or lacking in some way)...00:08
chaos2358OttifantSir, I tried installing via sudo apt-get in terminal00:08
ConfusedDid all of that.00:08
schnuffle1mike_miller: do a aptitude update and retry00:08
usr13Confused: DO you have GStreamer codecs ?00:08
ConfusedYes, I do.00:08
ConfusedAll purged and reinstalled.00:08
Midas3Confused: permissions for the dvd-drive do allow your user? another strange idea would be to check for libdvdnav version, though it is not necessary to play dvds00:09
mike_millerschnuffle1: looks like that did the trick, thanks00:09
rumpe1mike_miller, mirrors are e.g. in  /usr/share/update-manager/mirrors.cfg00:09
yayoj1luigiana: I have seen graphics card errors with 10.10, I would try the lts release of Ubuntu, version 10.04.  there really isn't much of a difference.00:09
yayoj1second are you installing through a thumb drive or dvd?00:10
schnuffle1mike_miller: that happens when you don't have the latest repo infos and something has changed00:10
aeon-ltdIvis: just right click on any flash embedded media, then it should have some options; also if you're using compiz disable that, it may make the video smoother00:10
ConfusedI am in the cdrom group which seems to be all of the permissions I should need, but just to be sure, I changed the permissions for /dev/dvd to 777 just for testing purposes.  When that didn't work, I changed them back to what they should be.00:10
OttifantSirchaos2358: OK. I just remembered that opening GUI-apps with sudo from a terminal can give you problems.00:11
tom453642356hello - SHN audio files are not working, can someone help please00:11
chaos2358OttifantSir, anyother ideas?00:11
strigoi66guys please help if possible: problem just clean installed ubuntu 10.04lts when i boot or try to boot all i get is a message (Boot form atapi cd-rom : error : out of disk.) then a grub rescue prompt any ideas how to fix00:11
usr13Confused: Try installing mplayer from http://www.mplayerhq.hu/design7/news.html00:11
ConfusedI like how you are thinking though Midas and user13.00:11
erUSULConfused: /dev/dvd should already be 777 becouse it is a symlink to the actual device /dev/sr000:11
g_0_0chaos2358, no luck reinstalling gnome-main-menu?00:12
usr13Confused: I'm still thinking it's a video driver prolem.  See  http://www.mplayerhq.hu/design7/news.html00:12
chaos2358g_0_0, no in terminal it gives invalid command and i cant find the package in synap or software center.00:12
ConfusedHow do you think that would help usr13?  They all use the same basic libraries.  If it were a video driver problem, how would I be able to play ripped dvd's using the same players?00:12
usr13Confused: Let me ask you this;  Is this 10.04 system fully updated?00:13
OttifantSirchaos2358: Not really. I thought about maybe installing ubuntu-desktop to see if that solved it, but that's ONE big package, and isn't what I'd try so soon00:13
g_0_0chaos2358, so sudo apt-get install gnome-main-menu doesn't work?00:13
usr13Confused: What command are you using to tell mplayer to play DVD?00:14
ConfusedYes, I am fully updated.  I am running kubuntu by the way in case that makes any difference.00:14
OttifantSirchaos2358: Have you checked your enabled repos? In Synaptic or sources.list00:14
chaos2358g_0_0,  nope invalid command is the output00:14
strigoi66can anyone help me with grub rescue00:14
``chaos fresh install should save u allot of head aches dont forget back up your home folder b4 u fresh install ;-)00:14
chaos2358brb guys rebooting00:14
Confusedmplayer dvd://12  (12 is the longest DVD title.)00:14
robehend1say, any reason why a brand new, fresh install of 10.04 server would be grabbing the KVM packages at only 30 kb/s? Its hooked up via a gig nic, plenty of bandwitdh00:14
Midas3Confused: did you try the --verbose= switch on the cli with xine? sry if i missed something, i did not read the whole backlog00:15
__name__can i except a network to be displayed as roaming in networkmanager?00:15
mike_millerI made a patch using patch -p0 -b < myFile. How can I undo the patch?00:16
mike_miller(since it didn't apply cleanly)00:16
OttifantSirI get this message when running xdg-open file:///path/to/home in terminal: gvfs-open: path: error opening: No program registered. Can anyone help me correct this? I can open Nautilus, but Nautilus can't open Videos/Documents etc from any of AWN's menu or folder applets. At #awn I was told it was a problem in Gnome.00:16
uranus_gas_giant@lart gpc00:17
usr13Confused: Any luck with just mplayer dvd://00:17
ConfusedWell, thanks for the attempts guys.  I have to take a phone call now, but I will keep working on this and I will add something to the forums if I solve it.00:17
strigoi66what is the help command for grub rescue prompt00:17
ConfusedNope, mplayer dvd:// doesn't work either.00:17
usr13Confused: Very good.  sorry...00:17
Midas3Confused: or try putting it in ''00:17
Midas3ok good luck Confused00:18
ubottuTo reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »00:18
ConfusedI have to say, mplayer is the most interesting malfunction since there is no error state reported.  The application just exits with an error state of 0, although it obviously malfunctions.00:19
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ConfusedBye for now.00:19
ConfusedAnd thanks again.00:19
robehend1hmm, guess I just got a slow mirror. when i SCP a file from another machine to this one, i get some decent speeds00:19
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philip_robehend1 it happens.00:20
bozdoghi all00:20
robehend1philip_: yeppers. Just wanted to make sure it was just that before I threw my LTSP server on here in KVM00:21
subspiderhow do i restore GRUB200:21
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub200:21
philip_Even on my DSL where  I get 175K download speed on 1.5 I hit a few bad mirrors.00:22
bozdoganyone have any idea how to remove a program, specifically google earth from my machine(ubuntu 10.10)00:22
nikrudrobehend1, if you're talking about an ubuntu mirror you can search for a faster one via the edit software sources in the software center00:22
usr13bozdog: dpkg00:22
robehend1nikrud: yep, got it figured out. i was pulling from a mirror in Europe ;000:22
bozdogusr13 dpkg?00:23
nikrudI remember when doing that was faster :)00:23
* philip_ noms on some burgers mmm :)00:23
usr13bozdog: Yes dpkg -r00:23
usr13bozdog:  Man dpkg00:23
usr13bozdog:  man dpkg00:23
nikrudbozdog, where'd you get google earth?00:23
bozdognikrud  google site00:24
mda_anyone here use the linux-rt package?  I use it b/c it makes things more responsive, especially during I/O...  one annoyance though, grub doesn't seem to want to let me make it the default at boot00:24
bozdoglooks like it isn't installed00:24
nikrudwas it set up as an ubuntu package?00:24
bozdogbut is still there00:25
usr13bozdog: or apt-get remove googleearth-package00:25
bozdognikrud pretty sure it was00:25
nikrudbozdog, I'd run that last command from usr13 - if you got the right stuff from google you'll be gold00:25
mda_(pls tell me if you actually use linux-rt and have grub setup....i've tried multiple suggested approaches and of course rtfm ;)00:25
nikrudprobably need sudo apt-get <etc>00:25
usr13bozdog: dpkg -S google00:26
mda_10.04.1 LTS00:26
bozdogthanks all00:26
mda_pls privmsg me if you know the answer, this channel is too high volume to monitor....thx00:27
chegibariHello. Can I have my window buttons to the right in Ubuntu?00:27
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nikrudchegibari, try system->preferences->appearance - some of the themes have the button on the left00:28
nikrudor right, your choice00:28
LinfertHello !00:29
robehend1now, to make sure i'm not retarded. 1 MB/s = 10 mb/s, correct?00:29
asin3Is there a way to forward a ms windows application windows(s) to a linux desktop without the desktop (VNC and similar programs show the whole desktop not just the application)?00:29
chegibarinikrud: oh, it's a theme thing. I was looking in the Window's preferences! :) Ok. Thanks very much!00:30
robehend1asin3: check out SeamlessRDP00:30
bozdoghi again all00:30
nikrudchegibari, I've got the default theme and my buttons are top right. I've not installed ubuntu in a bit, so I can't say if they're moveable from one side to another00:31
LinfertI need help, but, i'm french and i don't know if i can describe my problem...00:31
LinuxNoobi just installed steam using wine, it asks for username and password to log into steam, starts logging in, shows all the steam crap that first pops up, then closes, what is happening?00:31
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.00:31
nikrudjust in case, Linfert00:31
bozdogstill have the google earth installed, it works ok apart from the fonts are all illegible00:31
robehend1nikrud: they are. easiest way is to just change the theme to clearlooks, but you can change it in gconf as well00:31
robehend1LinuxNoob: try running steam from the terminal, via wine /path/to/steam . it should give you any crash errors00:32
bozdogand it doesn't appear on the list of installed applications00:32
nikrudthanks robehend1 . I'm poking around again - nice to see that the underpinnings are still recognizable00:32
LinfertMhhh, yes, i know, but, they do not respond...00:32
LinuxNoobhow do i find the path to steam? its on my desktop00:32
LinuxNoob(im complete noob to this)00:32
robehend1LinuxNoob: that case, the path would be /home/username/Desktop/, etc etc00:32
gunndawgLinuxNoob, you might also look under the Applications menu at the top of ur screen00:33
LinuxNoobso "wine /home/cameron/desktop/steam or steam.exe00:33
robehend1LinuxNoob: steam.exe00:33
gunndawgLinuxNoob, look under Applications menu at the top of ur screen00:33
LinuxNoobcannot find00:34
gunndawgLinuxNoob, is Wine under your applications menu ?00:34
LinuxNoobdoes capital's matter when typing in terminal?00:34
LinuxNoobyeah wine is under apps menu00:34
gunndawgLinuxNoob, thats how you access it, thru the wine menu00:34
ubuni cant find help for bluefish....00:35
chegibarino, it's not like that. While pictures show the buttons on the right, it doesn't acctually affects my windows00:35
ubundoes anyone know where i can get help for bluefish?00:35
robehend1Ubun: i thought bluefish was dropped in favor for Kompozer?00:36
edbianubun, what are you trying to do with it??00:36
LinuxNoobdo u have wine and steam?00:36
LinuxNoobcause i go to applications/wine/programs/steam/steam00:37
SethHui'm using compucompiz to enable my workspace cubes, but i cannot find where i can specify different wallpapers for it; does anyone know how to? 10.04 if it matters00:37
LinuxNooband it says logging in....the steam browser n such opens up, and then it closes00:37
gunndawgLinuxNoob, hm im not sure, it works fine for me00:37
LinuxNoobgunndawg hmm00:37
usr13ubun: http://bluefish.openoffice.nl/manual/00:37
skyllohow I set ip in apache modem routed?00:37
skyllohow I set ip in apache modem routed?00:38
robehend1SethHu: if you go into the compiz settings, under desktop cube, its called "skybox"00:38
usr13skyllo: Can you elaborate on that just a bit?00:38
SethHurobehend1: oh that's what that thing is00:39
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GeekManhow do i install shockwave?00:39
SethHuthe word dome was confusing me00:39
subspiderhow do i place windows option on grub i can't do it00:39
SethHui thought it was refering to the top of the dome00:39
robehend1GeekMan: shockwave doesnt exist, unless you do it via wine, and its not that good ;)00:39
jpdevallo à tous00:40
subspiderallo jpdev00:40
GeekManhulu doesnt work on my buddies laptop (netbook) im trying to make it all work but it runs on a hp derivitive of hardy heron00:40
usr13GeekMan: You mean the plugin for Firefox?00:40
jpdevj'ai probablement un probleme avec xorg, quelqu'un peut m'aider?00:40
Julienjpdev: english here, noob00:40
skyllousr13 simplistic, I'm on a network and need to configure ip in apache for external access.00:40
GeekMani installed flash but its not recognizing it00:41
jpdevoups, english in here00:41
GeekManon that site00:41
coz_GeekMan,  how did you install flash?00:41
jpdevxorg problem, need some help00:41
root-mehyrestart your computer00:41
fumblnoobwindow kill 400:41
robehend1GeekMan: go into the terminal and run "sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree" , then restart browsers. Blammo, your good to go.00:41
GeekManapt-get install adobe-flashplugin00:41
rwwJulien: please don't call people "noobs" in here.00:42
coz_GeekMan,   try  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras00:42
usr13GeekMan: Restart firefox00:42
usr13skyllo: Do you have this machine listening on an outside IP?00:42
knoppiesI used to use compiz to draw my desktop wallpapers, I am using 10.10 64bit and it seems as though if I turn nautilus draw desktop off, nothing draws the desktop wallpaper. Does anybody know how to have a different wallpaper for each virtual desktop (in the compiz wall)?00:42
robehend1knoppies: i dont even want to thinko f the extra resources that'll eat ;)00:43
usr13skyllo: So, you want it to be accessable to the www?00:43
__name__how do i get the network id of a gsm network i am online in?00:44
Julienjpdev: you have channel ubuntu-fr for french community, see ya bro00:44
knoppiesrobehend1, then I had a script that would automatically change each desktop background every minute or so.00:44
robehend1knoppies: heh. I'll stick with my Icewm. Function over pretty ;)00:45
GeekManstill doing it its pointing me to the adobe site to download flash00:45
ubudo you  need apache with bluefish?00:45
robehend1GeekMan: what did you try?00:45
robehend1ubu: no00:45
craigbass1976Well, that was annoying...  I was on a wireless network at my inlaws, shut the laptop lid, and cracked it open again at my house.  WOULD NOT connect to my wireless network.  I did /etc/init.d network-manager and networking restart.  Nothing.  What's the right way to do it?00:45
GeekMani tryed sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfre00:45
uburobehend1: do you need mysql?00:45
skyllouser13 I'm on a network with several computers connected to a modem in router mode, I configre apache on my machine not the server.00:45
craigbass1976I ended up rebooting, but that's very windows-ish00:45
GeekMani tried the restricted00:45
robehend1GeekMan: ah, must not work on 8.04.00:45
jpdevhi all00:46
jpdevcomputer gets slower with time, any help?00:46
skyllouser13 yes00:46
brandon420how can i get the terminal to auto complete long ass file names, and tab isnt working.00:46
jpdevfeels like xorg swap, or some...00:46
skylloi want00:46
uburobehend: to view it in browser? what do i need? do you know of a tutorial?00:46
usr13GeekMan: see if libflashplayer.so is in the plugins directory00:46
GeekMan:( i will have to ask my friend if i can install a real version of ubuntu on this machine not this snot of hp junk00:46
robehend1ubu you should be able to just open the file you've created00:47
craigbass1976jpdev, you mean over the course of weeks, or until you reboot?00:47
GeekManhow do i do that usr1300:47
usr13GeekMan: ls /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/00:47
jpdevafter 3 hours i have to reboot00:48
brandon420anyone know how to make the terminal auto complete long ass file names?00:48
subspiderplz how do i get window option on grub200:48
philip_jpdev which CPU do you got?00:48
jribbrandon420: press tab a couple of times00:48
knoppiesjpdev, that sounds bad, I haven't seen that issue before.00:48
philip_And how much ram.00:48
brandon420jrib, i did, and its not working.... on any file names00:48
jpdevif i leave computer on for the night, then display is very very slow, action like closing a window takes about 15 sec., and is in slow motion00:48
jribbrandon420: did it ever work?00:49
Guest1274mkv files go crazy = slow down or speed up, missing frames and so on. both on Totem and VLS. help please.00:49
jpdevP4 1.5, 2g ram, nvidia00:49
brandon420not on this install00:49
usr13GeekMan: Is it there?00:49
brandon420jrib, ^^00:49
philip_About time for a new PC.00:49
jribbrandon420: what is special about this install?00:49
GeekManflash player plugin alternate . so is00:49
brandon420jrib, nothing... lol.00:49
usr13GeekMan: Download http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/completion/?installer=Flash_Player_10.1_for_Linux_(.tar.gz)00:49
jribbrandon420: how did you install it and what is "it"?00:49
brandon420installed with a cd, and its 9.0400:50
GeekManam i gonna have to compile this sucker ?00:50
knoppiesjpdev, sounds like something is hogging your ram. I assume a memory leak, could you use top or htop (or even conky) to have a look?00:50
jrib!9.04 | brandon42000:50
ubottubrandon420: Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) was the tenth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: October 23, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.00:50
jpdevi had last LTS with all compiz gear working just fine, switched to lucid and then melt down00:50
Julienjpdev: do you use windows ?00:50
GeekManhold on a second00:50
xycloHi, My problem of today is that Pulseaudio disconnects from Skype and Firefox after a while.  Any ideas? Ubuntu Studio 10.04, rt kernel00:50
jribbrandon420: (that's not why you can't tab-complete but you need to upgrade anyway so might as well sort that out first)00:50
brandon420jrib, i tried to update yesterday, and it didnt turn out well, my computer got slow as hell.00:50
jpdevfor the moment, top doesn't tell me anything, since i've just boot00:50
GeekManlet me type it in .... i cant install xchat on this thing so im using my desktop00:50
jribbrandon420: you're being too vague, I can't really say anything00:51
jpdevno full ubuntu user for 7 years00:51
philip_jpdev try LXDE00:51
philip_That's a tad old.00:51
gamerccan anyone identify the intros 1,7,8,9,13,26 and 33 here is for which games? Thanks in advance  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUJ_zS_6Ks400:51
jpdevi like gnome...00:51
jrib!ot | gamerc00:51
ubottugamerc: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:51
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usr13GeekMan: Don't need to compile it, just mv libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/00:51
brandon420jrib, all im saying, is i upgraded to 10.04 yesterday, my computer got hella slow, like a lag in everything. and couldnt update further. so i reinstalled and im going to stick with 9.0400:51
brandon420i just want "tab" to effin work00:52
Julienxyclo: you must recompile the alsa_core module to v.
jribbrandon420: do you understand why it's a really bad idea to use an unsupported release?00:52
jpdevnvidia driver installed and working, anybody wants to check my xorg file?00:52
jpdevi dont know that stuff00:52
edbian10.04 is supported00:52
edbianjrib, 10.04 is supported00:52
usr13GeekMan: tar zxvf install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz ; sudo  mv libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/00:52
jribedbian: brandon is sticking with 9.0400:52
brandon420jrib, not for what i use my computer for, no. and like i said, 10.04 made it hella slow00:53
edbianjrib, which is also supported right now00:53
GeekManok wait a sec00:53
jribedbian: eh?00:53
Julienjpdev: after 7 years, try w7. No memory leaks and rock stable !00:53
brandon420i still get updates....00:53
=== helper132 is now known as UbuntuUser16
brandon420either way, 10.xx is slow as hell, even on a quad core00:53
GeekManso in the term just type tar zxvf install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz00:54
jribbrandon420: you're not guaranteed to get security updates and soon your repositories will move to old-releases.  What are the specs on your computer?  How much ram?00:54
LinuxNoobwhen i try and open steam it asks for steam login, pass,etc..then logs in, steam opens the browser, friendslist, etc..then about 1 second later, closes out steam. what are the possible causes?00:54
edbianjrib, the latest unsupported version is 8.10  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes00:54
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philip_I'm on LXDE Ubuntu and I run fine on a AMD Sempron 3000+1.8GHZ 1Gig ram Machine.00:54
LinuxNoobbtw, im using wine00:54
brandon4203.0 ghz atholn II  2gb ddr2 120000:54
brandon420jbwiv, ^00:54
brandon420jrib, ^^^00:55
UbuntuUser16Athlon II X4?00:55
LinuxNoobhybrid processor :D00:55
LinuxNoobcan run 64 and 32bit00:55
jpdevJulien i prefer gnome look then w7...00:55
UbuntuUser16Ubuntu doesn't isn't that great at multi-core CPUs00:55
jribedbian: that's just out of date 9.04 had support for 18 months and that expired in october of last year00:55
UbuntuUser16It seems that it uses one of my cores alot and the others zip00:55
LinuxNoobwhen i try and open steam it asks for steam login, pass,etc..then logs in, steam opens the browser, friendslist, etc..then about 1 second later, closes out steam. what are the possible causes?00:55
edbianjrib, Can you cite a source?00:56
UbuntuUser16LinxuNoob, its because Steam isn't made for Ubuntu. Get Virtualbox00:56
LinuxNoobim using wine00:56
LinuxNoobis virtualbox better?00:56
UbuntuUser16Wine isn't that great00:56
brandon420UbuntuUser16, i notice that too, but when it needs em, it will use all the processors00:56
UbuntuUser16Virtualbox allows you to run Windows in Linux00:56
jribedbian: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases00:56
philip_LinuxNoob Virtualbox is a Virtual OS install thing.00:56
edbianjrib, Alright I believe you.  Thanks00:57
ubuntu_I'M NEW USER UBUNTU00:57
philip_Please take off Caps.00:57
LinuxNoobwhat os should i install to keep this comp super fast, while still playing games :D00:57
Midas3but virtualbox and so on could be quite difficult to get hardware accelerated 3d working iirc00:57
UbuntuUser16LinuxNoob, Tiny700:57
jribbrandon420: your machine can definitely run 10.04 smoothly00:57
LinuxNoobive got a fast labtop00:57
GeekManit needs a file directory so i jsut chang the terminals dir00:57
brandon420jrib, it doesnt.00:57
jribbrandon420: of course it does00:57
LinuxNoobi know the guy that made tiny7 :D00:57
UbuntuUser16Linuxnoob, what CPU/GPU do you have?00:57
brandon420jrib, i updated to that yesterday, and had to reinstall 9.04 cause it was so slow, not to mention 10.04 is ugly as hell00:58
jribbrandon420: maybe you had compiz enabled and didn't get a chance to install video drivers?  Hard to speculate.00:58
LinuxNoobuhhh, lemme check..(where at..im windows savy..not linux savvy) and i forgot my specs00:58
brandon420i had compiz installed, and had updated my drivers before i nuked it00:58
usr13GeekMan: Yea, that's right.00:58
usr13GeekMan: was on the phone....00:58
bindiHey! I have a laptop, Toshiba Satellite Pro A100 (PSAACE), and running Ubuntu 10.10. I had this problem, no sounds, that got (barely) fixed by adding options snd-hda-intel model=auto to the end of /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf - though now the sound is very very quiet, even when boosted over 100%. alsamixer states everything is to the max, but master doesnt have a bar/value..00:58
bindiaplay -l says HDA Intel, ALC86100:59
usr13GeekMan: Wait.. What did you say?00:59
ubuIS there a Bluefish CHANNEL?00:59
GeekMannvm hold on00:59
brandon420bindi, no sound, or is it really quiet?00:59
usr13GeekMan: tar zxvf install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz ; sudo  mv libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/   # That's all there is to it.00:59
bindibrandon420: really quiet00:59
jribbrandon420: I'd recommend troubleshooting your issues with 10.04 or trying 10.10 instead00:59
bindii get only left channel (headphones plugged in atm)00:59
UbuntuUser16Bindi go to your audio settings00:59
UbuntuUser16I had the same problem, Ubuntu is weird there00:59
brandon420bindi, open a terminal and type "alsamixer"01:00
bindibrandon420: did that01:00
bindiits 100 as i said01:00
bindiand boosted to 140% or so from the gui01:00
brandon420and turned up the first one?01:00
bindimaster can not be turne01:00
GeekManso what after that just try it out agian01:00
bindihttp://bindi.arkku.net/upload/XwvHS3afb6.png looks like this01:00
brandon420i had that same problem, but that fixed it01:00
jrib!who | brandon42001:00
ubottubrandon420: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:00
brandon420tha hell!01:00
g_0_0bindi, try typing - amixer init01:00
brandon420he knows who im talking to.01:01
ddWorld have 10.04 and everything is working fine and fast ;)01:01
UbuntuUser16Back in the day, this was a great gaming PC: 66mhz Intel CPU, 8MB of RAM01:01
usr13GeekMan: What failed?01:01
bindig_0_0: amixer: unknown command 'init'...01:01
LinuxNoobhow do i know if all my hardware is updated driver wise?01:01
knoppiesUbuntuUser16, they had games back then?01:01
UbuntuUser16They had game a long time ago01:01
GeekManwhat we tried i moved the file to the right dir but the website says the same thing01:01
UbuntuUser16Games back then were beast01:01
knoppiesUbuntuUser16, I know, I was teasing.01:01
UbuntuUser16YouTube "Daggerfall"01:02
g_0_0bindi, oops I meant alsactl init01:02
jribLinuxNoob: update-manager will inform you of updates01:02
LinuxNoobso why would steam not be working =/01:02
LinuxNoobcause it says im updated01:02
bindig_0_0: still quiet01:02
ddWorldwhy do you want to use steam in linux ?01:02
bindiHardware is initialized using a guess method01:02
GeekManLinuxNoob: check under administration in restricted drivers01:02
jribLinuxNoob: follow the instructions at !appdb for installing steam.  #winehq can help you with wine issues01:03
ddWorldcreate a second partition and install windows for the games01:03
jrib!appdb | LinuxNoob01:03
ubottuLinuxNoob: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help01:03
UbuntuUser16You needed a hardcore gaming system for that game01:03
bindig_0_0: http://pastebin.com/ivGPzf4G01:03
brandon420what are the perks of 64 bit over 32bit ( i only have 2gb of ram)01:03
UbuntuUser1664-bit is faster01:03
UbuntuUser16Performs operations faster01:03
LinuxNoobubottu: tried there, no one answered =/01:04
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:04
UbuntuUser16More than twice the speed when it comes to rendering, Winrar, etc01:04
jribbrandon420: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/64-bit#Pros_and_cons01:04
GeekMani think i will just install the netbook edition of ubuntu 10.10 the official version not this hp derivitive01:04
LinuxNoob64bit can run 8 times as many processes as 3201:04
KM0201brandon420: imo.. not much, if you dont have the ram.. but thast my opinion01:04
brandon420KM0201, thats what i was thinking, but ill give it a shot01:04
GeekManthey dont even keep the os up to date on it its running hardy lol01:04
edbianLinuxNoob, nope, it can just address more memory and handle bigger single values01:04
usr13GeekMan:  If the website you are going to generates the error that flashplayer is not installed, I would just about imagine the warning is an error.  Nor sure why but....01:04
g_0_0bindi,  lsmod  | grep -i snd     gives ?01:05
GeekManhold on01:05
LinuxNoobto bad we have such inferior mobo's01:05
LinuxNoobwe could make 1tb ram sticks :D01:05
bindig_0_0: http://pastebin.com/MnPukLXX01:05
usr13GeekMan: I don't think re-installing the OS will help.01:05
LinuxNoobbut it wont work cause mobo's wont suport that muc lol01:05
brandon420good iso burner for ubuntu?01:05
KM0201brandon420: i like gnomebaker01:05
jrib!burn | brandon42001:06
ubottubrandon420: CD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, brasero, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto01:06
macobrandon420: i think you can just righ click an iso and tell it to burn01:06
GeekManno trust me man this version of linux sux01:06
macounless gnome removed that feature too01:06
firtyxhi all01:06
ariqsis there an unrar tool other than unrar?01:06
jribariqs: why?01:06
macoariqs: there's unrar-nonfree01:06
brandon420jrib, why you keep !w/e me, when the question has been answered?01:06
pksadiqGeekMan: might be for you, but not for all,01:06
gilbert_Ubuntu 10.10 problemas de suspencion.01:06
brandon420!pipeit | jrib01:06
macoariqs: its not open source but it can do more complex rars01:06
gilbert_Alguien que me ayude con esto01:06
maco!es | gilbert_01:06
ubottugilbert_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:06
GeekMani have used lost of diffrent distros of linux but this one is very crippled01:06
jribbrandon420: !burn gives you several options01:06
pksadiqbrandon420: every answer starting with ! is to invoke the bot to say the answer01:07
firtyx this line is correct         sudo apt-get remove --purge "the packet name"01:07
gilbert_join #ubuntu-es01:07
macoGeekMan: oh yeah didnt hp like disable the command line on their version too?01:07
brandon420jesus, its gonna take 20mins to download this hoe01:07
KGHey, I could use some help with a GStreamer installation01:07
KGEverything was working perfectly up until a few days ago01:07
macogilbert_:  necessita "/join" no solo "join"01:08
jrib!enter | KG01:08
ubottuKG: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:08
GeekManthank god it has root command LMAO i dont even enter a password for sudo01:08
ariqsmaco: Package unrar-nonfree is not available, but is referred to by another package.01:08
jribfirtyx: that's fine, yes01:08
macoariqs: enabe multiverse in your software sources01:08
pksadiq!find unrar | ariqs01:08
ubottuariqs: Found: unrar-free, libclamunrar6, unrar01:08
GeekManunder the application manager the only internet app there is skype01:08
jribfirtyx: note, you can also use: apt-get purge PACKAGE     nowadays01:08
macohrmph did naming swap?01:08
macoariqs: sorry01:09
jribariqs: you very likely want unrar, not unrar-free01:09
KGjrib: Sorry, habit. But since then, GStreamer can't find any plugins but the core elements like fakesrc/sink. When I use gst-inspect, only 20 elements are listed. However, /usr/libs/gstreamer-0.10 is filled with all the plugin .so's that GStreamer can't find.01:09
ariqsnp, it's just I have unrar hitting on a different file in the archive as corrupt each time.01:09
macojrib: this seems backwards of how things normally get named. that is, the free one is plain, and the nonfree one is -nonfree01:09
GeekManits gnome but a funky version of it theres no way to use the gui to change settings for update manager01:09
firtyxthanks jrib thats all  bye01:09
ariqsand I wanted to try a different unrar to figure it out since unrar is being ridiculous01:09
bindig_0_0: ah i think i found something01:09
g_0_0bindi, ?01:10
bindiCodec: LSI Si305401:10
jribmaco: it used to be like that many releases ago, I guess too many people were grabbing the free version and it's pretty useless01:10
bindihow do i get rid of this?01:10
GeekMani could go on about this hp linux but im not01:10
macojrib: oh01:10
GeekMananyways thanks for trying to help me01:10
g_0_0bindi, ??01:11
bindi4th post from the bottom01:11
jribariqs: you're sure it's not actually corrupted?01:11
bindi"remove all the other Codecs support and all other sound devices in Kernel" i'm having problems understanding this line :<01:11
g_0_0bindi, you have checked sound preferences01:12
jribKG: hmm, I don't remember much about gstreamer... But, what does this return: which gst-inspect01:13
KGjrib: It lists all of the plugins and GStreamer elements that it finds.01:14
KGUp until a few days ago it listed some hundreds of elements from the various plugin packages01:14
g_0_0bindi, output from cat /proc/asound/card0/codec#* | grep Codec ?01:14
ariqsjrib: I expect something is, but I can't narrow it down with unrar since unrar keeps hitting on a different file in the archive01:14
jribKG: nah, I mean what does the command « which gst-inspect » return?  (I'm checking if you installed stuff to /usr/local/)01:14
bindig_0_0: same as earlier01:15
bindirealtek alc861 + lsi si305401:15
g_0_0try here http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downloadsCheck.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=24&PFid=24&Level=4&Conn=3&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false#High%20Definition%20Audio%20Codecs01:15
g_0_0bindi, for the correct codec01:15
KGjrib: hah, sorry, somehow missed the which. It shows /usr/local/bin/gst-inspect01:15
bindiwhats this LSI Si305401:16
jribKG: so my hunch was right :P  Why do you have it in /usr/local/?01:16
pooltablehelp installed tomtom gps?01:16
blixtendo i need to install any packet to get 32bin to work on a ppc64 with ubuntu 64?01:17
philip_How do I make the Windows logo button open up the menu on LUbuntu 10-1001:17
ActionParsnippooltable: connect the device and run: lsusb   websearch for the 8 character hex id01:17
KGjrib: No idea? I haven't changed it since it's been install. Supposedly it came with 10.10.01:17
jribKG: hmm, official packages won't install anything to /usr/local/.  Stuff usually ends up in there through some "./configure; make; make install" dance01:18
pooltablewhere do i fine the hex id?01:18
jribpooltable: the hex id of ...?01:19
bindig_0_0: what exactly am i supposed to find there01:19
pooltabletom tom gps?01:19
ActionParsnippooltable: its in the command output, please direct your txt too01:19
ActionParsnipphilip_: http://www.planetwatt.com/forums/topic/47/i-wish-i-could-use-my-windows-bu/view/post_id/26101:19
g_0_0bindi, appropriate codec for your sound card01:19
KGjrib: Oh geez, must have been when I thought writing a custom GStreamer plugin was the solution to my problem, so I tried to build from source. :X Completely forgot about that. Anyway to remove?01:19
bindiim having trouble finding01:19
philip_Thanks ActionParsnip01:19
pooltableCommand 'runq' from package 'exim4-daemon-heavy' (main)01:20
pooltable Command 'runq' from package 'exim4-daemon-light' (main)01:20
g_0_0bindi, it should work for your card01:20
pooltable Command 'runq' from package 'sendmail-bin' (universe)01:20
pooltablewhat one?01:20
FloodBot2pooltable: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:20
bindig_0_0: i dont even know whats a "correct codec"01:20
jribKG: sometimes authors will provide an "uninstall" rule, so you can try « make uninstall » in the same place you ran « make install ».  Otherwise just use rm in /usr/local/ (this is easy if all you have in there is gstreamer :))01:20
=== sirneo is now known as SirNeo
g_0_0bindi, unpack the files and run ./install01:21
ActionParsnippooltable: the command is:  lsusb01:21
pooltableyes did that01:21
ActionParsnippooltable: then read the output, one line identifys the device, copy the hex id and websearch it01:22
=== WinP000 is now known as drivelpita
jribpooltable: try to write "ActionParsnip" at the beginning of what you say when you are talking to him.  Makes it easier for everyone (mostly ActionParsnip :))01:22
pooltablethis http://paste.ubuntu.com/562846/01:22
ActionParsnipjrib: I need all the help i can get :)01:22
q0zhm, i installed grub-install to mbr. first sign of trouble: no menu.lst on boot i get a grub shell but without the kernel command, so i cannot load the kernel. any advice? i suppose i can try to type out the menu.lst file on my own..01:22
ActionParsnippooltable: ok the ID is:     1390:000101:23
jribq0z: reinstall grub?01:23
jrib!grub | q0z01:23
ubottuq0z: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.01:23
ActionParsnippooltable: so if you websearch: ubuntu 1390:0001   you may find guides01:23
pooltableok actionparnip now what nest?01:23
blixtendo i need to install any packet to get 32bin to work on a ppc64 with ubuntu 64?01:23
rcmaehlHelp! Booting gets me stuck at grub>01:23
pksadiqjrib: its grub2 I beleive01:23
rcmaehlHow do I fix this?01:23
q0zjrib no this is the first install01:23
frotzedblixten: I've had mixed results depending on the software01:24
KGjrib: Well it was the only thing in there so I did rm -rf *. Now gst-inspect-0.10 (the only available gst-inspect) is located in /usr/bin and still only has 20 items. Is this another silly mistake on my part?01:24
MrUnagii dont understand md5 checksums........i ran md5 on a text file, then added 'testing' and it was the same checksum.....01:24
=== drivelpita is now known as WinP000
=== WinP000 is now known as drivelpita
blixtenfrotzed: okey, what was needed to get those who worked to work? :P01:24
jribq0z: well if you know the install completed successfully, then just try reinstalling grub by following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub01:24
jribpksadiq: you're right but the RestoreGrub link handles both01:24
ActionParsnippooltable: thats your bit, go searching01:25
frotzedblixten: I'm not _that_ good ;)  I only mean that some software worked out of the box while others didn't01:25
ActionParsnippooltable: there is no 'next', are you always that obnoxious?01:25
jribMrUnagi: it's possible... I really doubt that happened but it's possible...01:25
ActionParsnipfrotzed: how do you underline, dude?01:26
jribKG: try deleting ~/.gstreamer-0.10/*.bin01:26
=== drivelpita is now known as r\wWORLD
blixtenfrotzed: hmm okey? so you had a clean ubuntu64 install on ppc64 and some 32bins worked and some didnt? without change or install anything extra for it?01:26
nixjrhow do i save the output on a command to a text file? something like "ls || file.txt"01:26
rcmaehltotal times I've screw up something on my linux install: 37. Total linux reinstalls: 1301:26
pksadiqnixjr: ls > filename01:26
jribActionParsnip: _ underlined _  (get rid of the spaces)01:27
nixjrthanks pksadiq01:27
jribnixjr: note that will overwrite filename if it already exists01:27
=== PhilWolf is now known as philip_
q0zjrib, already tried that, grub fails at "setup (hd0)" - no such command01:27
ActionParsnipjrib: ahh, i see01:27
MrUnagimd5 does not update....01:27
frotzedblixten: yes.  But honestly I can't claim to know why.  Sorry I couldn't be more help.01:28
pooltableactionparnis found pytomtom will try that thanks01:28
pksadiqActionParsnip: _failed_01:28
jribActionParsnip: it must be your client making things look nice.  /italics/ *bold* _underline_01:28
blixtenfrotzed: mkay, weird :P01:28
jribMrUnagi: pastebin your terminal session showing us what you are doing01:28
ActionParsnipjrib: italics didn't work, the others were fine01:28
frotzedblixten: agreed01:28
ActionParsnipnar, oh well, on with support01:28
pksadiqjrib: ActionParsnip : me too, I'm in irssi01:28
ActionParsnipjrib: thanks btw :)01:28
frotzedActionParsnip: I've always just done underscores for underline, in my client it doesn't underline, but it's kinda "understood"01:29
jribq0z: that's pretty weird.  You ran grub from the live cd?01:29
philip_ActionParsnip I did that tutorial, and it did not work for me.01:29
KGjrib: You're probably overwhelmed by all the other people asking questions, sorry :/ Deleted ~/.gstreamer-0.10/, still the same situation it seems.01:29
pksadiqjrib;    do you see something different?01:29
q0zlive usb, its grub 0.9701:30
jribpksadiq: I just see them as you write them (no italics, no bold, no underline)01:30
pksadiqq0z: which version of ubuntu?01:30
=== r\wWORLD is now known as drivelpita
blixtenand i may have formulated myself wrong, i was talking about x86 32bins applications :)01:30
=== drivelpita is now known as r\wWORLD
[Nigel]hello, does any run smartmontools with  with seagate ST32000542As (2TB) drives?01:30
pksadiqjrib: k, But I love irssi, it shows the source code of written text ;)01:30
q0zjrib, um.. actually the distro is more like backtrackr2, but i thought since i'm here why not give it a shot, eh?01:31
jribKG: are you running "gst-inspect" or "gst-inspect-0.10"?01:31
pksadiqblixten: you can install and run almost every 32 bit apps on 64 bit, I beleive01:31
jribq0z: heh, try the backtrack channel01:31
rwwq0z: Backtrack isn't supported in #ubuntu. Register/identify with nickserv and /join #backtrack-linux.01:31
KGjrib: at this point, there is no gst-inspect. Just gst-inspect-0.1001:31
pksadiq!find ia32-libs01:31
ubottuFile ia32-libs found in ia32-libs01:31
blixtenpksadiq: yes, but this is a x86 bin01:31
blixtenpksadiq: and i want it to work under ubuntu 64 on ppc64 arch01:32
pksadiq!info ia32-libs | blixten01:32
ubottublixten: Package ia32-libs does not exist in maverick01:32
Nertilsudo ifup he-ipv601:32
Nertilioctl: No buffer space available01:32
NertilFailed to bring up he-ipv6.01:32
Nertilwhy i get this error!!!01:32
FloodBot2Nertil: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:32
blixtenthere is no ia32 libs for that :(01:32
q0zjrib, yea, i know.. i thought i could get away with that01:32
nixjrif i want to read the contents of a text file into a php script, do the permission of that text file matter?01:32
MrUnagijrib: http://pastebin.com/DAfzRVFp01:32
jribq0z: well you can, we can't really check.  But you're likely to get better support there as the helpers there will be more familiar with the differences between ubuntu and backtrack01:33
pksadiqblixten: is it a bin file?01:33
rsouthardAnyone work with indian contractors that always say "please do the needful"?01:33
ActionParsniprsouthard: that is offtopic here01:33
pksadiqrsouthard: :O ?01:33
Juliensouthard cht fu'01:34
frotzednixjr: theoretically yes, but it would be odd for a file to be unreadable.01:34
jribMrUnagi: any reason you aren't using md5sum?  I'm not familiar with md5 nor do I have it installed01:34
rsouthardSorry was just doing the needful.01:34
blixtenpksadiq: yes01:34
blixten2.6.37-12-powerpc64-smp #26-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jan 5 21:56:46 UTC 2011 ppc64 ppc64 ppc64 GNU/Linux01:34
goddardwhats better for php fast cgi or cgi mod-php or suPHP?01:35
jribKG: and « which gst-inspect-0.10 » now returns the /usr/bin one?01:35
john-john1what would cause rythembox not play sound?01:35
pooltableActionParsnip ok try tom tom home with wine but wine does not see the tomtom?01:35
ActionParsnip!natty | blixten01:35
ubottublixten: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.01:35
jribjohn-john1: not having speakers would be one possible cause (give more details)01:35
pksadiqblixten: what does file filename        command shows?01:35
goddardthe driver setup wrong01:35
goddardor set to play from wrong device01:35
jribgoddard: maybe try ##php01:35
ActionParsnippooltable: if the ubuntu cannot communicate properly with the device then wine won't. Did you find any guides01:35
john-john1i have speakers01:35
gbear14275can I mount a partition to a directory that doesn't exist?  I am trying to figure out what is on an unmounted parition... and am not sure where to mount it so was just thinking of mounting it at /explore01:36
KGjrib: Yep, that's the case.01:36
pooltableActionParsnip not really01:36
ActionParsnipgbear14275: no you need the mount point to exist01:36
strigoi66john-john1: is it a fresh install or old install01:36
pksadiqjohn-john1: does other players work well?01:36
ActionParsnippooltable: that's what you need to do01:36
jribKG: hmm, try reinstalling the relevant packages before we spend more time troubleshooting?01:36
KGjrib: Yeah, hope I wouldn't have to but that's what I get for being silly01:37
strigoi66john-john1: what version are you running01:37
blixtenpksadiq: Exec format error01:37
john-john1no no sound from other players but the test sound work01:37
pksadiqblixten: I mean  try the command        file <filename>01:37
pksadiq!sound | john-john101:37
ubottujohn-john1: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.01:37
gbear14275ActionParsnip, thanks01:37
blixtenah oh01:37
ralliasis there anything other then the packages to be installed that needs to be on a Ubuntu LiveCD?01:38
gbear14275ok... next question... Can I dd a running disk?01:38
john-john1they are all the way up01:38
blixtenpksadiq: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.2.0, stripped01:38
gp5st1using openssl, is there a way to tell if a file encrypted with a symetric cipher was decrypted correctly?01:38
MrUnagijrib: how to use md5sum with a directory?01:38
pksadiqblixten: what does         ./<filename>            does?01:38
jribMrUnagi: md5sum operates on files01:38
brophatI have an approx 7 year old pci card but does not seem to fit into my new HP pavilion. It almost fits. Did they change the spec for a pci card recently?01:38
MrUnagithen that is why i wasnt using it :D01:38
digiraki am having some permission issues01:38
blixtenpksadiq: cannot execute binary file01:39
digirakkde-devel@rakesh-eMachines-E725:/usr$ cd local01:39
digirak-su: cd: local: Permission denied01:39
pksadiqblixten: try         chmod +x <filename>01:39
digirakcan someone help me with that01:39
ActionParsnipbrophat: ask in ##hardware , this is ubuntu support01:39
gbear14275Can I unmount /boot once the machine is booted and running?01:39
brophatok thanks01:39
pksadiqblixten: then      again do ./<filename>01:39
john-john1the rythymbox is ghosting on the screen even though it was turned off.01:39
blixtenpksadiq: it has -rwxr-xr-x01:39
digirakdrwxrw-rw-  10 root root  4096 2011-01-25 13:52 local01:40
digirakthese are the permissions01:40
ActionParsnipblixten: what is the output of:  lsb_release -d    thanks01:40
pksadiqblixten:  do you have a linux32       command available?01:40
juniour john-john1 click on exit01:40
ridinwhere's the blacklist file at?01:40
blixtenActionParsnip: Description:    Ubuntu natty (development branch)01:40
ActionParsnipridin: /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf01:40
blixtenpksadiq: yes01:41
ActionParsnipblixten: your release isn't supported hre01:41
ActionParsnipblixten: #ubuntu+1 is where natty is supported until it is officially release01:41
blixtenActionParsnip: what rls shall i use on a ppc64 box?01:41
pksadiqblixten: try linux32  command       and then run ./<filename>01:41
john-john1@juniour the rythymbox doesn't show a symbol at the top like it usually does.01:41
blixtenpksadiq: that gives me; 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected01:41
Dead_Storagehow do i know if my computer is infected by a keylogger or something, My password for one of my forum accounts (its very exlusive and cant be replaced) has been stolen twice now01:41
ActionParsnipblixten: maverick is the highest release supported here, the guys in #ubuntu+1 will support you. Natty is NOT stable and NOT ready01:41
KM0201!ppc | blixten01:42
ubottublixten: PowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ01:42
ActionParsnipDead_Storage: rkhunter may help01:42
pylixnatty wouldn´t work on my machine driver issues i think01:42
ActionParsnipblixten: please join #ubuntu+1 and continue support there01:42
pksadiqblixten: wow,ok linux32 thinks that its a shell script , I'm afraid, I think if you can't run 32 bit directly you can run by chroot      command01:42
nicofsWhich folders in / are owned by who normally? I might have messed up a bit...01:43
jribnicofs: what did you do?01:43
ActionParsnippksadiq: please don't support natty here, it's offtopic. Natty is only supported in #ubuntu+101:43
=== SolidLiq is now known as solid_liq
pksadiqActionParsnip: I said nothing about natty01:43
ActionParsnipnicofs: most are owned root:root but there are anomolies01:43
TDJACRHow would I convert a Raid-1 array into a Raid-5 array?01:43
nicofsjrib, install a root file system by extracting a .tar.gz - and i don't think everything ended up as it should01:43
Dead_StorageActionParsnip, I used something simmalar to that and it came up negitive for any malacious code01:43
ActionParsnippksadiq: but you are advising blixten whom is using natty, natty isn't supported here01:44
ActionParsnipDead_Storage: should be ok then01:44
jribnicofs: I'd advise starting over and doing it right01:44
nicofsActionParsnip, so i rephrase to which folders in / are not owned by root...01:44
pksadiqActionParsnip: wow, K , sorry01:44
ActionParsnipDead_Storage: you can also run:  ps -ef | less     and analyse each process01:44
=== SirNeo is now known as sirneo
nicofsjrib, i can only extract the tar.gz - and end up with what i have now...01:44
jribnicofs: so you don't have access to the original files with the permissions?01:45
nicofsjrib, i created that tar with rootstock...01:45
digirakcan someone help01:46
pksadiqdigirak: pong01:46
ActionParsnipdigirak: ask away01:46
digirakActionParsnip: i am getting a permission denied for a cd01:46
ActionParsnip!games > Julien01:46
ubottuJulien, please see my private message01:46
digirakActionParsnip: and the file has read permissions for all01:46
ActionParsnipdigirak: what asort of CD is it and what are you trying to do01:46
ruffleSi'd like to know what is this pae kernel? what is the difference between it and the generic kernel?01:47
jribnicofs: I don't know what "rootstock" is01:47
EmuAlertWhat the command to toggle capslock?01:47
digirakActionParsnip: na am getting a permission denied for a change direcrtory01:47
nicofsjrib, a program to create a root file system01:47
ActionParsnipruffleS: it can address 64Gb RAM wheras the generic can only reference 3Gb01:47
digirakcd local01:47
digirak-su: cd: local: Permission denied01:47
EmuAlertAs in, change the state of capslock, but not do anything to the capslock key01:47
ActionParsnipdigirak: if you run;  sudo -i    can you do what you need01:47
jribnicofs: ok, and you can't redo that but tell it to create the tar.gz with permissions intact?01:47
ActionParsnipdigirak: forget su, use:   sudo -i01:48
juniourhow to uninstall ubuntu 10.1001:48
digirakActionParsnip: i cant cd with sudo01:48
ruffleSActionParsnip, should i use it then? will it make any difference to my lappy?01:48
rwwJulien: #ubuntu is for technical support, not silliness. Thanks.01:48
ActionParsnipdigirak: run sudo -i   and you can then issue the cd command seperately01:48
ActionParsnipruffleS: if you have 32bit OS and all your RAM isn't being used then PAE will make it get used01:48
KM0201juniour: giving up?01:49
Julienrww: i dont attack you so be pacifist and pragmatic. Or ...01:49
Julienrww: tanks a lot for you comprohension01:49
digirakActionParsnip: wow that worked but then the local is highlighted in green01:49
juniourKM0201 WT ARE YOU TALKING ABT?01:50
KM0201juniour: did you not ask how to remove ubuntu 10.10?01:50
nicofsjrib, in the end, rootstock creates a tar. i can tell rootstock what shall be inside - but not with which rights... i assume that in most cases it's correct - but even un-taring can have an effect on ownership... so the best and most efficient way to sort out my problem would be to manually adjust what went wrong...01:50
ActionParsnipdigirak: how do you mean 'local'?01:50
juniourKM0201 how to remove that i wanna to use 10.04 thata y i waan to remove01:51
digirakActionParsnip: see its like this01:51
KM0201juniour: just install 10.04 over 10.10.01:51
jribnicofs: tar will preserve permissions by default and keep them intact when you extract as superuser by default (maybe pass --preserve-permissions during extract to be sure)01:51
digirakActionParsnip: i am trying to run cmakekde and it gives a permission error on usr/local/bin01:51
ruffleSActionParsnip, ok thanks. one last question. i guess i'll get it installed so what is the metapackage i should install? would it be linux-generic-pae? and also, does it include the ubuntu patches?01:51
juniourKM0201 last time i did the sam but it dident work01:52
digirakActionParsnip: and i am trying to change the permissions but then the directory has read permissions01:52
frotzedjuniour: afaik you'll need to backup your necessary data and reformat/reinstall.  I could be wrong though.01:52
nicofsjrib, yes, but even so - the fact that i don't install but just extract is complex... numeric ownership and so on...01:52
juniourfrotzed i am ona dual boot with win701:53
jribnicofs: no, it's not01:53
=== plusfags is now known as plustax
juniourfrotzed i have installed ubuntu 10.10 through usb01:53
rcmaehlKernel panic - not syncing: VPS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)01:54
nicofsjrib, i just changed ownership of /lib from 500 to root - resulting in the network manager to disappear...01:54
frotzedjuniour: have you manually removed the 10.10 partition and installed 10.04 in its place?01:54
juniourfrotzed alongside other operating system01:54
jribnicofs: look, the best way is to this properly, preserving permissions from the start01:54
rcmaehlHow do I fix this Kernel Panic?01:54
juniourfrotzed now i have done nothing01:55
jribnicofs: if that's not possible, you can use getfacl -R to record the permissions of the original file and then restore them on this01:55
Snowman1I just installed linux and it says i need a vga compatible controller. where do i download one from?01:55
juniourfrotzed i am askig you how to do that01:55
nicofsjrib, but what would be the original file?01:55
jribnicofs: the files you created the tar from01:56
juniourSnowman1 system->addminstration->hardware drivers01:56
sagaciis dapper server EOL in june?01:56
Snowman1ok that is the thing i went to that and all i have are 2 different broadcom installs. i have done 1 but nothing else is there.01:57
rwwsagaci: yes01:57
ActionParsnipsagaci: yes https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases01:57
Snowman1my buddy told me i need to find out what to get so it can be01:57
nicofsjrib, but what if indeed rootstock creates them wrong...01:57
rwwsagaci: dapper = 6.06 = June 2006. LTS for server is 5 years, so June 2011.01:57
jribnicofs: I was under the impression you used rootstock to create the tar.gz from some install, is that not the case?01:58
frotzedjuniour: I believe there are several tuts online.  Basically your task is to boot to a live 10.04 CD, remove the 10.10 partition (might be able to use the gui) and then select that partition as the one in which you'd like to install 10.04.  GRUB should take care of itself.01:58
nicofsjrib, rootstock takes packages from the repositories and uses qemu to emulate a system where to install them (thats how i understand it) - enough room for mistakes01:59
pooltableactionparsnip got it to work with this thanks 1390:0001 TOMTOM B.V. GO 520 T01:59
ActionParsnippooltable: cool01:59
ActionParsnippooltable: glad you got the gold bro01:59
pooltableactionparsnip got it to work with this thanks http://pytomtom.tuxfamily.org/index.php?title=Main_Page02:00
ActionParsnippooltable: IDs are dead handy, what is printed on the plastic case isn't terribly useful :)02:00
jribnicofs: how did you extract the tar.gz?02:02
nicofsjrib, "tar xvzf file.tar.gz"02:03
jribnicofs: as a regular user?02:03
TohuwI'm having issues getting Wifi working on an HP Mini 1010nr with Ubuntu NE 10.10. I followed the steps at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/Machines/Netbooks#HP%20Mini%201010nr, but after updating WL I don't see anything in the Additional Drivers manager except the b43 drivers (no STA). The first time I tried it, STA did show up and that driver actually worked. Now it's gone from the list... any ideas?02:03
nicofsjrib, as root on host system.02:03
ActionParsnipTohuw: try a reboot02:04
gbear14275Is there a config file which determines the layout of the desktop bar?  I've noticed that my arrangement is significantly different from thoseof new users I create.  Is there a way to "reset" the config file so it goes back to default?02:04
TohuwActionParsnip: I did, that's what made it disappear from the list :D I'll try another though02:04
rwwubottu: resetpanel | gbear1427502:04
ubottugbear14275: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »02:04
jribnicofs: also ubuntu?02:05
jribnicofs: erm02:05
nicofsjrib, host: ubuntu, target: shared internal storage of android 2.102:05
TohuwActionParsnip: I should have also mentioned, it can't connect to networks, but I can see the networks. (as opposed to when I first installed the OS and the driver wasn't even present)02:05
djjonexhello everybody02:07
frotzedTohuw: what kind of router / wireless security are you trying to connect to?02:07
SushiDudeFredo42, hi02:07
frotzeddjjonex: hello02:07
jribnicofs: well I don't know how to fetch the permission data in a tar.gz, but checking that would see if rootstock is to blame or not (I found no bugs to the effect).  Otherwise, try passing -p to tar and see if it makes a difference02:07
djjonexi wanto to setup a outgoing mail server to work with php (mail())02:07
Tohuwfrotzed: WPA2 on a Cisco SMB router.  I connected just fine to a linksys using wpa2 earlier today though.02:08
frotzedTohuw: so the _only_ thing that has changed is the router?02:08
Tohuwfrotzed: That and restarting. I have no issues with this router on another ubuntu system, though (granted, it's using an atheros)02:09
TohuwActionParsnip: frotzed: now the STA shows up again, but trying to install either yields the message: InstallArchives() failed02:09
nicofsjrib, the thing is that "restarting" is really only my last resort... since getting this system running was quite some work... and since then i added lots of other things, drivers, firmware - somewhere in this process some ownerships have gone wrong - all i really need is the info, what should be owned by who...02:09
djjonexnobody knows about localhost mail server? i need to configure one02:09
Tohuw!anyone | djjonex02:10
ubottudjjonex: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?02:10
jribnicofs: extract it properly somewhere else then get the info there (you can use getfacl trick for this)02:10
djjonexi was trying to configure Sendmail Mail Server02:10
djjonexbut not lucky02:10
rwwdjjonex: try postfix instead. It's less arcane.02:11
SushiDudemy friend ran 'sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop', and now it always says kubuntu at start up02:11
rww!postfilx | djjonex02:11
rww!postfix | djjonex02:11
ubottudjjonex: postfix is the default !MTA and !MDA on Ubuntu. For help, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixBasicSetupHowto - See also !MailServer02:11
SushiDudehe does not know how to remove/rollback it02:11
djjonexi have it installed02:11
SushiDudeI have not seen the computer in person yet..02:11
pragmaticenigmaanybody know how to refresh GRUB2 selection menu?02:11
edbianpragmaticenigma, sudo update-grub202:11
rcmaehlWhat do I do I if have no fstab?02:12
pragmaticenigmaedbian: that should clear out the old kernel references?02:12
edbianpragmaticenigma, if the kernels are no longer on the system.  But if you remove those packages it takes them off the list and updates it for you.02:12
edbianrcmaehl, Are you SURE?  How does your OS find the / drive?02:13
pragma_pragmaticenigma: what is wrong with your name?  it looks like it has a cancerous growth of letters on it02:13
pragma_also, it's too long02:13
edbianpragma_, it's an enigma02:13
pragma_no it's not02:13
pragmaticenigmayour just jeleous02:13
nicofsjrib, it says that /lib should be owned by 500... that just sounds weird...02:13
john-john1what's the command for metacity replace?02:13
pragma_it makes perfect sense02:13
rcmaehlIDK but according to ls-ing into the /etc/ dir after getting stuck at (initramfs) there's no fstab\02:13
jribnicofs: what says that?02:13
edbianjohn-john1, metacity --replace02:14
rcmaehledbian: IDK but according to ls-ing into the /etc/ dir after getting stuck at (initramfs) there's no fstab\02:14
john-john1thank you02:14
pragma_my whois says "pragmatic chaos"02:14
* pragma_ wins.02:14
nicofsjrib, extracting and having a look at the owner states "500"...02:14
edbianrcmaehl, oh, you're stuck at initramfs (now this makes sense)   You could write it by hand?  Do you have busybox?02:14
edbianjohn-john1, sure02:15
rcmaehledbian: idk how to02:15
jribnicofs: then it may be an issue with rootstock02:15
rcmaehlbut yes it says busybox02:15
edbianrcmaehl, do you have nano?02:15
=== taka is now known as Guest46766
nicofsjrib, it's not only rootstock - as i said it's also all the other things i added - so it really would be helpful to know how it should be on a running system...02:16
rcmaehledbian: umm idk02:16
rcmaehldoesn't look like it in the help02:16
edbianrcmaehl, type nano, press enter02:16
edbianrcmaehl, this will help in writing it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fstab02:16
jribnicofs: what do you mean "it's also all the other things I added"?02:16
rcmaehledbian: /bin/sh: nano: not found02:16
jribnicofs: you have a running system anyway, don't you?  The host ubuntu system?02:17
frotzedTohuw: In my experience wireless networking can be frustrating.  I'd really pour through that Cisco router and see if perhaps it's being too restrictive.02:17
djjonexmy postfix is running02:17
nicofsjrib, firmware, drivers, the lot...02:17
djjonexnow i need to edit php.ini ?02:17
jribnicofs: well what went wrong?02:17
rcmaehledbian: how do I write it?02:18
nicofsjrib, i had hoped there is a better way that taking my host's filesystem and going through all folders on it...02:18
frotzedTohuw: Perhaps it has some other security measures in place other than  a simple encryption.02:18
edbianrcmaehl, you should probably just follow this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=89527302:18
Tohuwfrotzed: I am absolutely certain it is not the fault of the router. There is something strange going on with the OS itself... the STA driver appears and disappears out of jockey, and trying to install the lph version of b43 driver, which is what it really should be using, doesn't work because the URL the deb pulls from is dead.02:18
singularitycan you guys suggest any great universal tech forums that i can join ?02:18
philoskidjjonex: lol02:19
Tohuwfrotzed: I'm a network engineer by trade. :) This is a ubuntu 10.10/b43 issue.02:19
Tohuwnot a cisco router issue.02:19
singularityyeah, by unviersal i mean everything inside technology02:19
jribnicofs: of course!  The better way is to get the permissions right from the start!  But asking here for the permissions of folders would just give you the same info you already have from your ubuntu system.  Like I said, if it's not possible to do the permissions properly for whatever reason, you can use getfacl/setfacl to copy permissions over02:19
djjonexu know they have everything there02:19
Tohuwsingularity: tomshardware.com02:19
nicofsjrib, as such nothing went wrong - but things that should work don't... for instance wifi - when i do "ifconfig ra0 up" all i get is SIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not permitted02:19
ChogyDansingularity: askubuntu.com      and the rest of stack overflow stuff02:19
gbear14275thanks rww02:19
frotzedTohuw: gotcha ;)  Then you're more advanced than me.02:19
philoskidjjonex: They have everything, but it's far from great..02:19
jribnicofs: but that's probably caused by the original permissions issue, no?02:20
edbiannicofs, sudo ifconfig ra0 up02:20
nicofsedbian, yes, i meant that02:20
=== gary_ is now known as Guest82218
nicofsedbian, i just always forget to mention because sudo -s is what i do first...02:21
nicofsjrib, you wouldn't believe it, but i have been through this delete all, extract again thing several times now for various reasons...02:21
cb1066trying to run hplip-3.11.1.run but does not finish, get Running 'sudo apt-get install --assume-yes libsane-dev'02:22
cb1066Please wait, this may take several minutes...02:22
cb1066error: Package install command failed with error code 10002:22
cb1066any ideas appreciated.02:22
FloodBot2cb1066: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:22
rcmaehledbian: well when i'm on live cd fstab appears but when i boot from grub it doesn't02:22
edbianrcmaehl, that's because you're looking at the live CD's /etc/fstab, you'd have to mount your Ubuntu partition and copy /etc/fstab over (then edit it appropriate)02:22
rcmaehlno I'm on /media/(UUID here)/etc/fstab02:23
pooltablewhat are the speed of usb 3.0?02:23
rcmaehlit exists but not when I boot from grub...02:23
edbianrcmaehl, does it all look correct?02:23
datakidcan I get some help with rsync or can someone point me to where I can get some help with rsync02:23
edbianrcmaehl, Well then you my friend need to boot (the system, not the live CD) and look for errors to figure out why you're getting dumped to busybox.  It's possible that the / partition is not being mounted so you're not seeing your /etc/fstab even though it is there.02:24
SushiDudercmaehl, oh hi =P02:24
edbiandatakid, I can help.  More specifically what is the problem?02:25
pooltableis there a way to have 2 hard drive one with windows os the other with ubuntu and both boot at the same time if so how ?02:25
edbianpooltable, It is not possible to boot two OS's at the same time.02:26
rcmaehledbian: proc doesn;t have a device though'02:26
datakidedbian, I am backing up a 550GB drive. I've done a 3 day cp -a to get 500 across. Now I want to rsync the remaining files, but only those that don't already exist in the destination02:26
rcmaehljust noticed that02:26
edbianpooltable, You can have two running at the same time using virtualization.  but one is the host OS and one is virtual02:26
pooltableedbin ok02:26
edbianrcmaehl, That's cause you're not really booting into Ubuntu.  So the whole ubuntu / is not available.  Busybox is very limited.  Do you see any errors during the Ubuntu boot?02:27
=== richard is now known as Guest61568
datakidedbian, It's a mail spool, that can't go down - so I am expecting some files to have changed, hence mv from cp to rsync02:27
djjonexmy postfix is running how do i send an email now? :(02:27
edbiandatakid, ok hang on, I have to think02:27
edbiandatakid, Should it delete files that are at the destination that are not at the source?02:27
datakidedbian, for some reason I get the impression that rsync will actually overwrite or re-copy files that allready exist02:27
edbianpooltable, virtualbox is neat like that :)02:27
datakidI only want the diff02:28
datakidedbian, yes, I have --delete already02:28
edbiandatakid, rsync is built specifically to easily do what you want02:28
edbiandatakid, -u is the flag you're looking for02:28
rcmaehledbian: yes something about something not mounting or something it whent by too fast02:29
m_fuldercan I auto enter a command in a new terminal window while opening it by gnome-terminal in teminal :P ?02:29
Blue1edbian: datakid this might help:  http://pkill-9.com/?p=44102:29
edbianrcmaehl, shift + page up02:29
edbianBlue1, Thanks02:29
datakidedbian, cool - I just wanted to confirm, since I couldn't find a switch that says "only the diff"02:29
MikeMike1does anyone know how to set up a midi keyboarD?02:29
datakidedbian, but I did seee something about copying files that already existed, which is not waht I want :)02:30
edbiandatakid, a: archive z: compress v: verbose u:update (what I suggested)02:30
rcmaehledbian: mount: cannot read /etc/fstab: No such file or directory02:30
Blue1MikeMike1: nope but if you'd tell us, it would me much appreciated, I could pass on the knowledge02:30
edbiandatakid, the -u flag will do what you want.  I do it all the time02:30
Romulasis thre an ubuntu social channel?02:30
datakidedbian, Blue1 thanks - appreciate it02:30
edbianrcmaehl, go back before that02:30
edbianrcmaehl, we know that is actually there via the live cd right?  so ignore that02:31
RomulasI know you guys handle tech and I just want to chat with some fellow Ubuntu fans in a techinical fashion02:31
MikeMike1i will report back with info02:31
rcmaehledbian: mount: mounting /dev on /root/dev failed: No such file or directory02:31
edbianRomulas, #ubuntu-offtopic02:31
Romulasthank you02:31
edbianrcmaehl, that's a good one.  go to the first error (that's how debugging works)02:31
edbianRomulas, no problem02:31
anonbootsm_fulder. I herd you like terminals so we put some terminals in your terminals so you can have some terminals.02:31
rcmaehledbian: same thing with /sys and /proc02:31
edbianrcmaehl, what is the first error?02:32
edbiandatakid, I use -u all the time on a script I wrote to sync my music on my hdd and my music player.  I promise you it doesn't copy data that is already there.02:32
cannonfodderany way to install ubuntu onto a flashdrive with penndrivelinux? while on ubuntu...not windows?02:32
edbiancannonfodder, yes absolutely.  Use the usb creator02:33
ActionParsnipcannonfodder: use usb-creator02:33
edbiancannonfodder, link?  It's in the System -> Admin menu02:33
cannonfodderoh ok02:33
edbiancannonfodder, no problem have fun!02:34
rcmaehledbian: fstab no such file or directory, then mounting /dev failed, then /sys mount failed, then /proc mount failed, then filesystem doesn;t have requested /sbin/init02:34
ActionParsnipcanthiswait: instead of instantly asking for a link, try doing smoe research based no theadvice02:35
edbianrcmaehl, the very first error is that fstab is missing?02:35
djjonexneed help configuring postfix02:35
rcmaehledbian: yes02:35
edbianrcmaehl, are you sure that there isn't a typo in the filename or something?  Can you pastebin the ls from the live cd ?02:35
TulioH'yal, I'm Tulio Baars and I am here to help you guys02:36
edbianrcmaehl, Sorry to jerk you around but this is getting confusing02:36
=== developer is now known as waergsegstr
rcmaehledbian: also I've have had to manually enter grub info like kernel and initrd info02:36
djjonexneed to configure postfix with localhost02:37
m_fulderIm trying doing "gnome-terminal -t "myName""   it creates a new terminal window with the name "myName" but as fast as it loads it changes the name to myComp@myComp ... can't I change that somehow?02:37
edbianrcmaehl, well that's bad... Are you sure you're doing that correctly?  Perhaps you're pointing it to the wrong /dev/sdX ?02:37
edbianrcmaehl, Of course it's unlikely that it found the kernel but not /02:37
MikeMike1i have another question02:37
pooltableany one have a usb 3.0 working?02:37
=== KindTwo is now known as KindOne
rcmaehledbian: I'm pointing it the partition that has /boot and everything else02:38
shcherbakm_fulder: in profile preferncies set keep title instead of repleace02:38
edbianrcmaehl, Do you have a separate /boot?02:38
m_fulderah will check it out :)02:38
edbianrcmaehl, I think you're pointing it to the wrong /02:38
MikeMike1a bunch of jack audio programs keep crashing02:38
rcmaehledbian: no but I have a seperate /home02:38
cb1066new printer and trouble installing hp printing package...hplip-3.11.1.run fails trying to install libsane-dev anyone else encounter this?02:39
m_fuldershcherbak, which profile perferncies do you mean?02:39
edbianrcmaehl, pastebin me some things.  I want (from a live CD) the ls in the mounted /etc.  sudo fdisk -l  can you do that?02:39
ActionParsnipcb1066: does:  sudo apt-get install libsane-dev   install ok?02:39
rcmaehledbian: k02:39
edbianrcmaehl, k02:40
rcmaehledbian: so what's mounted and fdisk -l?02:40
edbianrcmaehl, I want ls in the /media/whatever/etc/02:40
edbianrcmaehl, So I can see fstab02:40
edbianrcmaehl, df -h too, why not02:40
shcherbakm_fulder: gnome-terminal: menu > Edit > Profile Preferencies, it is second tab, set option: Keep initial title02:41
shcherbakm_fulder: You mean window title, not prompt?02:42
m_fulderaha there02:42
m_fulderyes the title02:43
StarminnWhen using the "man" command in the shell, how do you get out of man? Say I run, "man chmod" -- how do I get back to entering commands?02:43
edbianStarminn, q02:43
shcherbakm_fulder: if this do not work, you will need to make new profiles (I have more than dozen) to control start and settings.02:44
rcmaehledbian: http://www.pastebin.com/FcaTdMHx02:44
Starminnedbian, Ah, thank you very much. :)02:44
edbianrcmaehl, reading02:44
edbianrcmaehl, You have a lot of hdds02:45
B-doghard drive on my laptop idlies hot any help plz02:45
edbianrcmaehl, what are you giving it when you boot using grub?02:45
cb1066when try to install libsane get depends: libsane (= 1.0.20-13ubuntu2) but 1.0.21-0ubuntu1 and not sure how to correct.02:46
brandon420jrib, i just installed 10.10 and now my sound is messed up, it keeps muting itself02:46
B-dogi have 10.10 on a laptop and the hard drive get hot sometime to the overheating point02:47
ActionParsnipcb1066: you may need a reop or deb to satisfy deps. What is the output of:  lsb_release -d   please02:47
rcmaehledbian: grub> linux /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.35-25-generic then grub> initrd /boot/initrd.img-2.6.35-25-generic then grub>boot02:47
uranus_gas_gianti had to do 'sudo apt-get install --reinstall alsa-base alsautils' with ubuntu 10.1002:47
ActionParsnipB-dog: what make / model laptop?02:47
rcmaehlB-dog: try using fancontrol by running pwmconfig then fancontrol02:48
edbianrcmaehl, you're missing the root line on your linux02:48
rcmaehledbian: everything I tried with root gave me a kernel panic02:48
edbianrcmaehl, (this is the cause of the problem) it should be something like linux /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.35-25-generic root=/dev/sda102:48
edbianrcmaehl, That's cause you were getting the root wrong. (that causes a kernel panic)02:49
TulioEven sudo permissions02:49
djjonexhow i can send php mail using postfix ?02:49
aLemmerThe s-video on my GTX 260 isn't working to display on my TV.02:49
edbianrcmaehl, Which one of your 3000 hdds has ubuntu installed on it?02:49
cb1066Ubuntu10.04.2 LTS02:49
rcmaehledbian: the 38 MB partition02:49
rcmaehlhas /02:49
edbianrcmaehl, what?  Ubunut is not install in 38mb02:50
m_fulderschatan, thanks works great with the title... now the only problem is .. when I try to execute this command:  "gnome-terminl -e "cd /home/" I get the error message:  "There was an error creating the child process for this terminal :S ... why is that?02:50
B-dogThere are no pwm-capable sensor modules installed02:50
rcmaehledbian: /dev/sda1              38G  4.0G   32G  12% /media/54fb5dd0-ce0b-467c-9db4-5b93adea285f02:50
rcmaehlthat one02:50
edbianrcmaehl, oh, Gb!  not mega-bytes ;)02:50
edbianrcmaehl, so that's the one you should use in grub02:51
aLemmerCan someone help me get s-video displays to work on my GTX 260?02:51
rcmaehlokay also if it works how to I fix it so I don't have to type in the stuff?02:51
edbianlinux /boot/vmlinuz26-whatever root=/dev/sda202:51
rcmaehlaLemmer: sudo apt-get install nvidia-xconfig02:51
edbianrcmaehl, sudo update-grub2  once the system is working02:51
aLemmerrcmaehl: I already have that.02:51
edbianrcmaehl, If fact, you maybe be able to chroot using the live CD and just run that command ;)02:52
brandon420i just installed ubuntu 10.10 x64 and my audio keeps muting its self when im watching youtube/banshee, can someone help me?02:52
rcmaehlaLemmer: did you install the restricted drivers?02:52
aLemmerrcmaehl: From nVidia's site?02:52
rcmaehlaLemmer: from the repos02:53
aLemmerrcmaehl: Elaborate, please...02:53
rwwrabbit_: hmm?02:53
cb1066Action Parsnip: Ubuntu 10.04.202:53
rcmaehlaLemmer: easier way goto: the system menu and choose check for drivers02:54
Tuliobrandon420: Have you tried to reinstall alsa?02:54
ActionParsnipbrandon420: what link is generated by: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && bash ./alsa-info.sh02:54
rcmaehledbian: root=/dev/sda2 <- you sure?02:54
brandon420Tulio, no, i just installed it <10 mins ago02:54
ActionParsnipbrandon420: say yes to upload to the site02:54
brandon420ActionParsnip, 1 sec02:54
shcherbakm_fulder: I guess -e top works fine, no idea.02:54
edbianrcmaehl, no, def not that (must have been a typo) root=/dev/sda102:54
rcmaehledbian: ok02:55
edbianrcmaehl, I'm betting that your system and the live CD name them the same02:55
aLemmerrcmaehl: it says I have installed "NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver," and it has a green icon.02:55
brandon420ActionParsnip, http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=81a5f70f9ebdd201c2f9e4f35edea851f203058202:55
rcmaehlaLemmer: are there others?02:56
* rcmaehl hugs edbian It worked!02:56
aLemmerrcmael: no.02:56
edbianrcmaehl, I feel like a hero02:56
rcmaehlaLemmer: then it should automatically detect the device when the svideo is connected to the card and the device02:56
uranus_gas_giantrcmaehl: I did a 'sudo apt-get build-dep <mydriver>' before I installed it.02:57
* rabbit_ 'I am little boy'02:57
rcmaehledbian: so sudo update-grub2?02:57
ActionParsnipbrandon420: is the systenm a branded pc or laptop?02:57
ACameronHi all.  I'm looking to facilitate my workflows for a couple specific use cases, and I was wondering if Ubuntu had any helpful features or if any software existed that might support me.  For example, it would be nice to have a single shortcut which launches a couple programs and positions them appropriately on the screen as well.02:58
edbianrcmaehl, yeah, it should say stuff about 'found this kernel' and 'found that kernel' Is your grub menu totally erased?02:58
rcmaehledbian: update-grub2 not found02:58
aLemmerrcmael: its not,02:58
edbianrcmaehl, sudo update-grub202:58
rcmaehledbian: I tried02:58
edbianrcmaehl, sudo update-grub     ?02:58
TDJACRACameron: You can use launchers to do that :)02:58
ACameronTDJACR: Nifty!  I'll have to check out their documentation.  =)02:59
TDJACRI have a RAID-1 array which I just tried to resize. First I resized the underlying partitions and then tried to use mdadm grow. The partitions are larger, but the mdadm won't let them grow02:59
=== rcmaehl_fallback is now known as rcmaehl
rcmaehledbian: http://pastebin.com/NXTh2q5503:00
edbianrcmaehl, reading03:00
edbianrcmaehl, oh hell yes03:00
edbiansorry, 'heck' yes03:01
edbianrcmaehl, That pretty much solves the entire problem03:01
onekenthomasoption to include file in ubuntu tar?03:01
ACameronTDJACR: So I would do something like "matlab -nodesktop && firefox www.mathworks.com", for instance, as the command for my launcher to run?03:01
bobboauok, so I have this mother board: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813500046 and I am unable to get sound out of any but two chanels, it seems that the onboard audio has some sort of soft switch that changes the function of the jacks03:02
TDJACRACameron: A ; instead I believe03:02
ACameronTDJACR: ..right; && would block until matlab completed, right?  Also, how do I get the launcher to position & size the windows it opens?03:03
welshmenanyone willing to help the wireless driver questions?03:03
edbianwelshmen, here for ya03:03
TDJACRACameron: I believe so and I'm not sure03:03
ACameronTDJACR: Well, thanks.  That's a start, anyway.  =)03:05
ACameronTDJACR: Perhaps the docs for compiz can tell me more...03:05
welshmencool, so i put BT4 on my laptop and knew that my broadcom won't work or would be a hassle but i found a driver and installed it rebooted and it was there, but when i came back to it today and booted up it was gone03:05
edbianwelshmen, This is support for Ubuntu not Backtrack03:05
edbianwelshmen, sorry! ;)03:05
welshmenwent through the same proess and can't seem to get it03:06
welshmenok sorry than03:06
bobboauso any idea on my audio problem?03:06
ActionParsnipwelshmen: backtrack isn't supported here03:08
welshmenok  another question i have another laptop that today i put ubuntu on and the laptop is a touch screen, would there be any such drivers that would support  that input03:09
ActionParsnipwelshmen: what is the make and model, it's massively important03:09
lexvegasonekenthomas, tar --append --file=foo.tar bar.txt       where foo.tar is the existing archive and bar.txt is what you want to add03:09
welshmenhp tx2 touchsmart03:09
ActionParsnipwelshmen: so you never found this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=125249203:11
onekenthomaslexvegas,  tks,  I had just essentially figured --append is the only way to do what I want with gnu tar :)03:12
ActionParsnipwelshmen: i literally found that in 120 seconds....03:13
welshmensorry but after i was told this was strictly and ubuntu chat  it just popped in my head03:13
xe-dlli recently installed ubuntu side by side with windows 7 although i installed it on a diffrent drive coz i have two of them,i could get the network up and running03:13
xe-dlli installed 8.10..03:13
rcmaehlxe-dll: ubuntu 8.10?03:14
xe-dllis there something wrong with the way i installed it?03:14
lexvegasonekenthomas, no problem. i think you may be able to do something with the u option, but i couldn't find anything03:14
welshmeni was not trying to lazy03:14
TDJACRxe-dll: 8.10 is two and a half years old.03:14
ActionParsnipwelshmen: the forums are awash with handy guides like that, if you websearch a little before asking you'll probably find stuff. Ask here if you get stumped :)03:14
xe-dllyep 8.10 its he only cd that i have unfortunately..i know its a lil bit old..:)03:15
TDJACRAnyone have software raid, fs experience?03:15
pksadiqwelshmen: you need not try to be lazy, it happens automatically ;). just do nothing03:15
brandon420whats the best looking window manager?03:15
pksadiqbrandon420: e17 , I think03:15
welshmenwell thanks folks sorry to bother03:15
moesI was trying to save some app changes to sro and it started saving to sda1 ..now my sda1 returns to grub and retries to boot sda103:15
Tempus_Fugitis there a compiz room or can someone help me in here?03:15
pksadiqTempus_Fugit: might be #compiz, but enough here if it's ubuntu specific03:16
brandon420thanks pksadiq that does look pretty good03:16
rcmaehlxe-dll: dollar tree now has 3pack 52x cd-rs for $103:16
Tempus_Fugithas anyone else upgraded to the newest distro of ubuntu......26 and had compiz stop working??03:17
rcmaehlTempus_Fugit: yes03:17
xe-dllyeah i know,i didnt download the newest release..lol! :)03:17
Tempus_Fugitok so its not just my puter then ok03:17
rcmaehlbut it was just the compiz package conflicting with compiz-fusion on my pc03:17
xe-dllwell its just the network manager thats bugging me..03:18
xe-dllwell guess ill just look for some ways around it thanks03:18
Tempus_Fugitfor some reason I cant even get the extra plugins03:18
pksadiqxe-dll: might be better to use 10.04 atleast,03:19
Tempus_Fugitevery time i try to check the features and effects they uncheck automatically for some reason03:19
pksadiqTempus_Fugit: does the wobbly efect, etc.. works?03:19
pksadiqTempus_Fugit: are you using nvidia?03:19
bonodoes your card support 3d acceleration?03:19
Tuliotouchsmart tx2 seems to have some issues with the Nvidia Ubuntu driver, AFAIK03:20
Tempus_Fugitpksadiq:  not sure which card I have a dual boot but I hardly ever go into windows however before I did the upgrade all my effects worked fine...i.e cube and effects for open and minimize03:21
DanielWhere can I get help on using Compiz?03:23
DanielI cannot get it to do the cube.03:23
DanielIt was working before then stopped working.03:23
Tempus_FugitI have another question as well....when I boot up, before I log in the appearance window pops up and I have to close it before I can log in03:23
Tempus_Fugithow do I get rid of that03:23
pksadiqTempus_Fugit: try ls pci and find which it does03:24
pksadiqTempus_Fugit:  I mean lspci03:24
=== Spacewalker_ is now known as Spacewalker
Tempus_Fugitpksadiq: 00:02.1 Display controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07)03:25
TulioWhich kinda popups?03:25
Tempus_Fugitthe appearance window03:25
DanielIs there a chatroom for Compiz help?03:26
xanguaDaniel #compiz03:27
TDJACRI have a RAID-1 array which I just tried to resize. First I resized the underlying partitions and then tried to use mdadm grow. The partitions are larger, but the mdadm won't let them grow03:27
* x_X Identificandome Como Administrador De La Red03:28
TulioDoes NN have any huge bug?03:29
Sonjai'm getting this error when trying to update ubuntu: http://pastie.org/153025603:29
DanielIs this a serious error?  I get it when I try doing updates.03:31
DanielW: A error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is not updated and the previous index files will be used.GPG error: http://deb.opera.com stable Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY A2019EA84E7532C803:31
xanguaSonja: it means it does not exists03:32
DanielSays more too03:32
xangua!gpg | Daniel03:32
ubottuDaniel: gpg is the GNU Privacy Guard.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto and class #8 on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ClassroomTranscripts03:32
xanguammmm it doens¿t say how to add the gpg i believe :S03:32
DanielThank you03:32
pksadiqTempus_Fugit: sorry, I was away03:32
ActionParsnipDaniel: sudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com A2019EA84E7532C803:32
xanguasudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com <last ten numbers> » Daniel03:33
xanguaooh ActionParsnip got t better03:33
ActionParsnipDaniel: or you can go to the ubuntu opera howto and use the key file there03:33
DanielThank you03:33
fool_does anyone know how to fix problem where CUPS printers are not shown in the print dialog (evince, firefox, etc...) ?03:34
brandon420is their anyway to adjust the EQ on ubuntu?03:34
pksadiqbrandon420: what is EQ?03:34
ActionParsnipfool_: is cups running?03:34
fool_ActionParsnip: yes03:34
ActionParsnipbrandon420: there is a pulse equalizer03:34
brandon420ActionParsnip, how do i access it?03:35
fool_ActionParsnip: i can print from acroread, but not evince/firefox/bleh03:35
ActionParsnipbrandon420: http://www.unixmen.com/linux-tutorials/954-add-equalizer-for-pulse-audio-in-ubuntu-lucid-lynx03:35
brandon420thank you sir03:35
brandon420you must be a audiophile03:35
bobboauok, still have no idea what to do to get my 5.1 sound to work.03:36
pksadiqbrandon420: I don't think its need to call someone sir, untill you truely beleive ;)03:36
brandon420pksadiq, its just respect =)03:37
ActionParsnipbrandon420: no, i just know of stuff that exists, then find guides03:37
pksadiqbrandon420: everybody is a student here, even if is the Master, learning new things time to time ;)03:38
ActionParsnipbrandon420: keep an eye on omgubuntu it's a huge fanboy site but they have the odd nugget of usefulness. They are on facebook too so you can see when they publish a new review / report03:38
brandon420i will "like" them on facebook now =)03:38
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JuJuBeeHow can I change the order of the entries listed in the Grub2 window?03:39
ActionParsnipJuJuBee: do you want windows on top per chance?03:41
JuJuBeeActionParsnip: no, I want my most recent version of ubuntu on top 2.6.35 (10.10) vs 2.6.32 (10.04)03:42
JuJuBeeThey are on different partitions.03:42
ActionParsnipJuJuBee: why not just remove the lucid kernel? do you actually use it?03:42
ActionParsnipahhh i see03:42
UnderSampledthis kernel requires the following features not present on the CPU: cmov03:42
UnderSampledwhat do I do?03:43
=== rp3_ is now known as Rp3a
=== Rp3a is now known as Rp3Evo
macoUnderSampled: use 10.0403:43
knoppiesUnderSampled, have you googled it? Or should I?03:43
JuJuBeeActionParsnip: I am not done setting up my maverick env. yet...03:43
macoUnderSampled: 10.10 only supports i686 and newer03:43
Tempus_Fugitpksadiq: thats fine03:44
UnderSampledmaco: oh03:44
UnderSampledI'll try 10.4 then03:44
Dead_Storagesoo one of my accounts on a forum i go to keeps getting stolen, i know this doesnt have to do directly with ubuntu but i would like some help here last time it happened i had a 25 char pass on both my recovery email and account, what could be going on03:44
pksadiqTempus_Fugit: ok, now let me try?03:44
ActionParsnipUnderSampled: http://www.rasyid.net/2009/01/28/the-kernel-requires-the-following-features-not-present-on-the-cpu-06/#03:44
ActionParsnipUnderSampled: http://www.rasyid.net/2009/01/28/the-kernel-requires-the-following-features-not-present-on-the-cpu-06/   sorry03:44
macoDead_Storage: try #ubuntu-offtopic03:44
LinuxNoobhello all, im slowly figuring this out :D03:44
brandon420apt-get install banshee03:44
ActionParsnipJuJuBee: not sure personally, could ask in #grub as well03:44
brandon420 /rage03:44
LinuxNoobday 1 in, i found out how to open steam and play gmod and i learnned.......how to close firefox :D03:45
JuJuBeeActionParsnip: I did, not much happening there...03:45
UnderSampledActionParsnip: how could I run apt-get if I can't get past the kernel boot?03:45
Dead_Storagemaco, ok i just did03:45
brandon420LinuxNoob, thats actually pretty good, lol. it took me awhile before i got a game to play decent in linux03:45
LinuxNoobactionparsnip < helped me out when i couldnt get my comp runnin, now it is :)03:45
ActionParsnipUnderSampled: could boot to livecd and chroot03:45
brandon420ActionParsnip, your a good guy, lol. helpin many people out =)03:46
ActionParsnipLinuxNoob: np bro, you'll help others as you learn03:46
LinuxNoobbrandon420: yeah i hope so :D03:46
fool_does anyone know how to fix problem where CUPS printers are not shown in the print dialog (evince, firefox, etc...) ?03:46
ActionParsnipbrandon420: i try, tbh work is dead so i may as well use my time for somethin03:46
LinuxNoobi found out also that capitals matter in terminal >.>03:46
UnderSampledActionParsnip: well, I'm just going to use 10.0403:46
UnderSampledit's to late to go back anyway, I just erased the cd-rw03:46
whiteshadowhi all, trying to install ubuntu 10.10 server on x86 from usb, running into cannot mount cd-rom errors, any advice?03:46
LinuxNoobi spent forever trying to open somethin stupid on my desktop, to find out that i had to say /Desktop not /desktop >.>03:46
brandon420ActionParsnip, we appreciate it.03:47
knoppiesLinuxNoob, on linux, capitals ALWAYS (ok, almost always) matter.03:47
LinuxNoobknoppies: i know that now :D03:47
LinuxNoobonly after like..30 minutes of fustration03:47
bobboauok, so, I have just installed 10.10 on a zotac nm10-a-e mobo and I cannot get the 5.1 sound03:47
brandon420everything is case sensitive03:47
fool_LinuxNoob: try bash-completion03:47
knoppiesLinuxNoob, yea, some of us have been there too.03:47
* brandon420 hates it03:47
LinuxNoobwell. i dod formated my hdd, and linux is my only os03:47
izinucsI just plugged in a usb stick and waited.. then did lsusb and it is recognized but not mounting.. how do I mount it?03:47
pksadiqLinuxNoob: but usually variables are named in capitals     . try     the export command and see some03:47
LinuxNoobi know how to use windows like a master pokemon trainer03:48
brandon420now time to add over 11k songs to banshee =/03:48
pksadiq!tab | LinuxNoob03:48
ubottuLinuxNoob: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.03:48
macoActionParsnip: that's /old/  ... see 8.04? even the one that says 386 is now 68603:48
yonderinghola.  anybody know of a utility to view which mouse button is which when I click them?03:48
macoyondering: xev03:48
pksadiqActionParsnip: what is the difference between 386 and 686?03:48
LinuxNoobthe way i installed it, was i Have to learn what im doing to do it, i cant go back to windows :D03:48
whiteshadowtrying to install from usb, but getting cannot mount cd-rom, ideas?03:48
LinuxNoobinless..i reinstall it ofcourse, which i wont do, inless i have to for a project for school lol03:49
yonderingmaco, that's the one I was looking for, thanks.. just couldn't remember the name.03:49
knoppieswhiteshadow, is the error from GRUB or the cd-rom?03:49
yonderingneed to disable the 'wobble' keys on this mouse. =/03:49
macopksadiq: its a matter of what cpu instructions intel added at what point in history. cmov was added in i686, so UnderSampled probably has a i586 (which would be quite old) or a Via or some brand of thin client (which simply stuck with the old architecture very long)03:50
pksadiqLinuxNoob: if you use Only ubuntu for at least a week, M$ windows will look bad, especailly the scrolling techniques and ....... of ubuntu03:50
fool_LinuxNoob: also try virtualbox03:50
fool_does anyone know how to fix problem where CUPS printers are not shown in the print dialog (evince, firefox, etc...) ?03:50
pksadiqmaco: is there something special with the naming/03:50
whiteshadowknoppies: i'm not using grub, i used univeral usb installer03:50
knoppiesLinuxNoob, you could use something like virtualbox to run windows (assuming your hardware is sufficient), or use WINE which enables you to run some windows apps on linux.03:50
LinuxNoobive got xp,vista,7 cd's i dont need a vm03:50
father_longcat>switch to ubunt03:51
father_longcat>2 years later, visit windows 703:51
LinuxNoobi just am for lack of better quote, jumping in to linux and programming in general without knowhing how to swim03:51
father_longcat>cant find drivers for computer03:51
LinuxNoobive got an asus gaming labtop, it can run lots of stuff :D03:51
knoppieswhiteshadow, is the .iso supported by universal USB installer?03:51
pksadiqLinuxNoob: genuine?03:51
father_longcatlinuxnoob: no offense to anyone here but the best OS for gaming is Win7 unless you love to mess with WINE03:52
LinuxNoobyeah my stuff is legit :)03:52
brandon420whats the best media player for a large volume of music? (flac)03:52
whiteshadowknoppies: yeah, it is supported, otherwise it wouldn't find the iso, i had trouble with it for a bit cuz i was selecting a desktop version when i had the server iso03:52
rwwfather_longcat: #ubuntu is for Ubuntu technical support. Your opinions on Ubuntu vs. Windows 7 are not technical support.03:52
LinuxNoobim goin to school to be a CNT, i know windows, just never messed with linux03:52
knoppiesLinuxNoob, you could use your CDs to install the OS on a VM. You could also duel boot the two. Many people (including myself) do that.03:52
father_longcatbut neither is stating "I have an asus laptop"03:52
ultrabizweb2Have to agree with father ubuntu lts for servers FTW...03:53
LinuxNooband ill need this for later on, when i do servers, as alot use UNIX03:53
macopksadiq: um... 586 is newer than 386 nd 686 is newer than both?  i mean...i think this corresponds to pre-pentium days03:53
father_longcatlts is great for servers03:53
fool_brandon420: mpd03:53
UnderSampledmaco: Undersampled has a AMD-K6(tm)-2/30003:53
fool_brandon420: or vlc :)03:53
whiteshadowknoppies: http://ohioloco.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1550317&highlight=mount+cd-rom     i think i'm supposed mount my cd-rom as the usb, but i can't seem to understand those directions, sort of linux noob03:53
UnderSampledmaco: which was released in 199803:53
bobboau--keeps pokeing about my audio problems in the futal hope that I will find myself on the top of the stack--03:53
LinuxNoobi plan on getting my CCNA03:53
ProfessorBaconif you have a computer that still runs, it is 686 class03:53
pksadiqmaco: then why the numbering is in the reverse order? any ideas?03:53
father_longcatdescending order of set03:53
father_longcatI mean03:53
brandon420fool_, there isnt anything like foobar, or winamp03:53
father_longcatit went from 386 to 58603:54
father_longcatand then to 68603:54
ActionParsnippksadiq: 386 is the old 8082 CPUs. 686 includes Pentium 3 CPUs and higher (from what I remember)03:54
ultrabizweb2Used to run centos now run lts on just about everything.03:54
LinuxNoobquestion guys, i tried to make a windows batch file(for cmd) and he couldnt open it03:54
father_longcatany date when 11.04 is releasing?03:54
pksadiqthe naming is a bit confusing03:54
fool_brandon420: there are many players, you just have to try them all03:54
rww!schedule-#ubuntu+1 | father_longcat03:54
ubottufather_longcat: A schedule of Natty Narwhal (11.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule03:54
UnderSampledfather_longcat: april03:54
macoUnderSampled: k6-2 is a 586. amd apparently kept it for a very long time03:54
lucky711xfather_longcat, april 201103:54
father_longcatI mean the real release date, not beta03:54
pksadiqLinuxNoob: define he03:54
fool_brandon420: personally i use vlc/mpd03:54
macoUnderSampled: even some thin clients being manufactured *now* are still 586. maybe its a cheaper architecture to produce *shrug*03:54
ActionParsnipLinuxNoob: you will need notepad++ to thn resave it as Linux uses different CR characters to Linux03:55
LinuxNoobwindows user03:55
rwwfather_longcat: the wiki schedule page has the release date also.03:55
father_longcatthank you again.03:55
LinuxNoobi had to explain it to him over msnger03:55
=== bencahill is now known as bencahill_
UnderSampledfather_longcat: by definition, 11.04 is april 2011. if it was in may, it'd be 11.0503:55
macoUnderSampled: the k6 claimed to be a 686 but it actually wasnt fully compliant with the 686 spec03:55
LinuxNoobhe wanted a prank he could do to his moms computer, so i wrote him one03:55
brandon420fool_, i have over 11k songs, i need something that will organize it all for me, lol. i know vlc doesnt do that, not sure about mpd, but imma give it a try03:55
macoUnderSampled: this is what the google is telling me03:55
ljsoftnetcan i use icon themes from gnome to xfce?03:55
father_longcatmonth, year.03:55
xangualjsoftnet: yes03:56
knoppieswhiteshadow, I can suggest using a tool which mounts the drive using GRUB legacy and then trying to follow what that guy said in the forum post.03:56
MrUnagianyone know why rsync -r --delete doesn't work within a script?03:56
fool_brandon420: mpd takes a little to set up, but once it runs it's very nice :)03:56
pksadiqbrandon420: what about mplayer or rhythm box?03:56
rewinelandokay which ftp program is better filezillia or vsftpd03:56
lucky711xhaha sorry ive got dyslexia03:56
ljsoftnetxangua how about gtk themes?03:56
UnderSampledmaco: I'm guessing that it doesn't matter, because I'm burning 10.04 anyway03:56
fool_brandon420: my ~/music is about 80gb as of now :)03:56
xangualjsoftnet: yes03:56
ultrabizweb2If your going for CCNA take a look at vyatta and tell your instructor about that and watch his face drop lol.03:56
brandon420mine is >250gb03:56
knoppiesrewineland, I use nautilus for some basic ftp, but its probably not what you are looking for.03:56
ljsoftnetxangua ah thanks man03:56
father_longcatgood question fool_: how much of it is legal?03:56
whiteshadowknoppies: sure, i don't wanna waste anymore time installing this thing, what's the other good installer, unetbootin?03:56
pksadiqfool_: my whole hard disk is ~80 GB :O03:56
fool_father_longcat: not much03:57
brandon420pksadiq, rhythm box crashes when i try to add that much music at once. and mplayer is about like vlc03:57
rewinelandi am just looking for control someusers and there access to files03:57
fool_father_longcat: define legal :)03:57
father_longcat~/music/ is 507 GB03:57
father_longcatfool_: RIAA sucks anyways03:57
Tempus_Fugitsorry if anyone was talking to me I was away for a few03:57
bobboau--keeps pokeing about my audio problems in the futal hope that I will find myself on the top of the stack--03:57
brandon420father_longcat, what media player you use?03:57
knoppieswhiteshadow, no, I used the multi-iso thing from pendrivelinux, I forget what its called, Let me find it for you. You will have to edit the menu.lst, but otherwise it should work.03:57
ActionParsnipbrandon420: tried deabbeef?03:57
pksadiqfool_: size is not a matter, how much of that do you hear?03:58
ActionParsnipdeadbeef sorry03:58
knoppieswhiteshadow, http://www.pendrivelinux.com/boot-multiple-iso-from-usb-multiboot-usb/03:58
whiteshadowknoppies: gonna give that a shot, be back in 503:58
knoppieswhiteshadow, I suggest you install some small .iso (other than your server one, we will do that manually) then copy your server.iso onto the root of the flash drive. Then we will need to edit the menu.lst03:59
brandon420ActionParsnip, imma try that now03:59
father_longcatone day....03:59
brandon420seens kegut'03:59
father_longcatwe will invent the self-extracting TARball03:59
ultrabizweb2Pendrive is good stuff03:59
knoppieswhiteshadow, 64 or 32bit? Because that doesn't seem to have the 64bit under the options, but I think you can use it anyway.04:00
KB1JWQknoppies: Does your system support 64 bits?04:00
rewinelandso no ideas on a good ftp server04:01
brandon420must all the good shit be a bitch to install?!04:01
knoppiesKB1JWQ, yes it does, Im talking about a tool that puts .iso files onto a USB flash drive.04:01
brandon420rewineland, ubuntu server comes with one04:01
KB1JWQFor the tool itself, shouldn't matter.04:01
m_fuldercan I somehow run .sh files by doubleclicking on them?04:01
ultrabizweb2Proftpd for the win.04:01
ActionParsnipbrandon420: keep it family friendly please04:01
lahwranm_fulder: set them executable04:01
rewinelandyes but i am looking for easy setup04:01
ActionParsnipultrabizweb2: openssh-server is a more secure method ;)04:02
knoppiesm_fulder, yes, in gnome I can. You need to set them as executable first. chmod u+x <filename>04:02
lahwran!permissions | m_fulder04:02
ubottum_fulder: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions04:02
drue_Hey, I am having a little problem. I have the ATI Radeon IGP 330m/340m/350m video card in my HP Pavilion ze5604rs notebook. I have looked over the net all day and cant find drivers for ubuntu. Does anyone know where i could find drivers? Thanks in advance!04:02
fool_rewineland: vsftpd04:02
ultrabizweb2Yes it is I use it too scp and sftp04:02
pksadiq!ati | drue_04:02
ubottudrue_: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:02
sacarlsonrewineland: nothing much easier than apt-get install openssh-server04:03
rewinelandI have that already but I want multipl users that will not be on my system04:03
drue_pksadiq, Thanks!04:03
m_fulderI've already set my permission to +x but still I can't run it ... I mean making it executable it only shows me a window where I can choose to edit my script run in terminal etc... but while I choose run in terminal nothing happends :S @ lahwran & knoppies04:03
rewinelandcarlson i'll look into it04:03
bobboau--keeps pokeing about my no 5.1 sound on a zotac nm10-a-e problems in the futal hope that I will find myself on the top of the support stack--04:03
ultrabizweb2I use virtualmin install script simple and effective.04:03
ultrabizweb2Does use more ram for gui though.04:04
ActionParsnipultrabizweb2: so why run an ftp server as well as sftp?04:04
knoppiesm_fulder, does your script have the #!/bin/bash (I think its called a shabang or something)04:04
sacarlsonrewineland: well you said you wanted something that needed no account, so maybe ssh wouldn't be as easy for that04:04
pksadiqm_fulder: you might have to change the first line , what is it now #!  .......?04:04
m_fulderknoppies, yes it has04:04
ultrabizweb2For legacy support04:04
m_fulderpksadiq, its #!/bin/bash04:05
ultrabizweb2Most of the time I use scp04:05
ultrabizweb2I have a developer or 2 that uses it.04:05
brandon420deadbeef is 100% legit04:05
knoppiesm_fulder, then Im not sure what your issue is then. Is it possible that the script works its just so quick you dont see the terminal??04:05
pksadiqm_fulder: might be you need to change it to #!/bin/terminal -e         or what ever your terminals path is and try double click04:06
JoseeAntonioRHello, anyone here?04:06
m_fulderknoppies, the script should open up new terminal windows and while run directly from terminal I can see them open with 1 sec between them04:06
=== windkids is now known as windGone
brandon420JoseeAntonioR, there are alot of people here04:06
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:06
m_fulderpksadiq, oki will try that :)04:06
bobboauyeah, pveople are heree04:06
knoppiesm_fulder, Im stumped then. Sorry I couldn't help.04:07
virtus=/ I need to intall glib2.5 or higher, but apparently the highest glib is 2.26 via the repos?04:07
brandon420ActionParsnip, i think i love you04:07
ActionParsnipbrandon420: deadbeef is not in the repos but it's light on resources and pretty sweet04:07
m_fulderknoppies, np, thank you anyway :D04:07
virtusOr, atleast, when going apt-get install libglib2.004:07
ActionParsnipbrandon420: hehehhee04:07
TulioCan I ask a question?04:07
m_fulderpksadiq, -e or -c didn't help :(04:07
AbhijiTvirtus, get it from their website04:07
ActionParsnipTulio: sure, ask away04:07
virtusPlease tell me you're not THAT far behind04:07
fool_does anyone know how to fix problem where CUPS printers are not shown in the print dialog (evince, firefox, etc...) ?04:07
brandon420!question | Tulio04:07
ubottuTulio: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:07
fool_anone ?04:07
TulioJust joking, the bot already said04:08
knoppiesfool_, have you added the printer using System->admin->printing?04:08
pksadiqm_fulder: is the path to terminal right?04:08
virtusJesus christ =/04:09
virtusIt's like dependancy hell INSIDE UBUNTU04:09
fool_knoppies: acroread prints fine04:09
brandon420ActionParsnip, deadbeef is awesome! you can change anything to your likings! this is what i was looking for! woot!04:09
virtusApparently it needs glib-2.0 -- When I have 2.2604:09
JoseeAntonioRI have a problem with Pidgin, it signs me in, and then it disables my account because it says I have connected in another place, and when I re-enable it, the same thing happens.04:09
fool_knoppies: it's evince/firefox/otherbrowsers/ that does not show the printers in the print dialog04:09
fool_very weird04:09
ActionParsnipbrandon420: it uses a heck of a lot les resources too. it was considered for lubuntu04:09
m_fulderpksadiq, what do you mean my path to the terminal :P04:09
jribvirtus: you're doing it wrong04:10
brandon420JoseeAntonioR, it seems that your signed in somewhere else....04:10
voidmageI have an issue with notify-osd. When I have a wine virtual desktop on a separate workspace, it suppresses notification bubbles from coming up as if it's a full screen app.04:10
virtusjrib: Of course I am.04:10
virtusEither tell me 'how' or, don't adress me.04:10
JoseeAntonioRbrandon420 No.04:10
jribvirtus: start from the beginning.  Why do you think you need this version of glib?04:10
brandon420ActionParsnip, thats just a plus =) quad core baybee04:10
virtusjrib: For screem. -- A editor.04:10
ActionParsnipbrandon420: i dont follow04:10
virtusSays 'You need Glib 2.5 or higher' when compiling.04:10
virtusSo, naturally. I try apt-get, then synaptic04:10
brandon420JoseeAntonioR, pidgin doesnt lie. try signing in with www.meebo.com sometimes meebo will kick where ever you are signed in at.04:11
macovirtus: screen isn't an editor, but moving on... glib-2.0 is just the package *name*. the version is 2.2604:11
father_longcat^doing something horribly wrong04:11
virtusNothing. Go to the site, highest glib there is 2.27 -- I go to the GTK+ part-04:11
pksadiqm_fulder: try       which terminal       command , you might see the path04:11
virtusScreem. Learn to read.04:11
brandon420ActionParsnip, lol, means im not worried about using resources, i have more then enough04:11
voidmagethe xwininfo and xprop for my wine desktop are at http://pastebin.com/YZCzAVFJ if anyone knows what to look for04:11
ultrabizweb2Rember editing apt sources can be your friend.04:11
LinuxNoobdo they make a app in the ubuntu software center thats like "ubuntu for dummies" or "so easy a kindergardener can do it"04:11
ActionParsnipbrandon420: ahhh i see, i have spare but always use lightweight stuff so the OS is snappier04:11
JoseeAntonioRbrandon420 I have already tried, and it works normally.04:12
brandon420JoseeAntonioR, you try it with empthy?04:12
Tuliobrandon420: You  around here breda?04:12
ultrabizweb2Ubuntu is the easiest.04:12
virtusmaco: You're saying there is no 2.5? 'Cause, this is becoming stupid.04:12
brandon420Tulio, sup mane04:12
ActionParsnipjust how i roll, its not right or wrong, just my bag :)04:12
whiteshadowknoppies: LOL, well, i didn't even bother using the multiboot thing cuz i'm super lazy, and decided to just drop the .iso onto the root of the usb (after i had formatted it with universal usb inst) and followed those directions, it works :)04:12
duckwarswhat is the file I need to copy to make a new user's shell experience like my original users? (I mean the new user has no tab completion and such)04:12
JoseeAntonioRbrandon420 Empathy  doesn't shows my contact list.04:12
whiteshadowknoppies: not done with the install though, i'll let you know04:12
TulioMane? How did ya called me?04:13
AbhijiTvirtus, why dont you just dwonload from their website?04:13
voidmageor is the fullscreen flag necessary for the virtual desktop to go overtop of gnome-panel?04:13
virtusAbhijiT: Again. If you would read - Highest on their site is 2.2704:13
knoppieswhiteshadow, awesome. Im glad you are winning.04:13
brandon420JoseeAntonioR, it seems like there is something wrong with your account, maybe try making a new one to test it with? that would let you know if it is your account, or client.04:13
macovirtus: im saying 2.26 is WAY NEWER than 2.5 so should be dandy04:13
virtusconfigure: error:04:13
virtus*** GLIB 2.5.6 or better is required. The latest version of04:13
brandon420Tulio, hahah, yeah.04:13
AbhijiTvirtus, what is this http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/glib/2.25/04:13
fool_duckwars: ~/.bashrc04:13
jribvirtus: you need -dev packages to compile things04:13
duckwarsfool_: thank you04:14
fool_duckwars: as well as many other ~/.dotfiles04:14
virtusjrib: Why? That sounds very inconvenient04:14
AbhijiTvirtus, what is this http://ftp.se.debian.org/pub/gnome/sources/glib/2.5/04:14
jribvirtus: erm, because users do not usually need to compile things04:14
macovirtus: because -dev packages have headers04:14
brandon420=( my eq only goes down to 55hz04:14
JoseeAntonioRbrandon420 I use MSN Messenger, and I have two accounts. The two of them have the same issue.04:14
macovirtus: you cant compile against binaries04:14
virtusWell. I have both.04:14
jribvirtus: what do you have exactly?04:14
ultrabizweb2apt-get install build-essentails I think?04:14
virtuslibglib2.0-dev is already the newest version.04:15
ActionParsnipvirtus: it tells the compiler and libraries how to talk to the binarys when they run, its pretty inconvenient though, especially when compiling huge things like X or gnome04:15
brandon420JoseeAntonioR, have you tried reinstalling pidgin?04:15
AbhijiTvirtus, answer me?04:15
jribvirtus: then tell your configure script to stop being silly?04:15
xanguaJoseeAntonioR: don't login in the online client04:15
virtusAbhijiT: Shh. I'm dealing with people actually helping me.04:15
AbhijiTjrib, i gave him location to download 2.504:15
xanguaJoseeAntonioR: update pidgin04:15
=== Newa2 is now known as NewaWrk
ActionParsnipJoseeAntonioR: there's a pidgin developers ppa with a later version04:15
virtusjrib: Wish I could. 'Tis bein' very rude.04:15
jribAbhijiT: he'll just break things if he starts compiling glib :/04:15
JoseeAntonioRbrandon420 When I reinstalled it, the issue was solved. Now I have reinstalled two times and nothing.04:15
AbhijiThmm :/04:16
brandon420JoseeAntonioR, 1 sec. i am going to try something on my end. it may be msn, it messes up alot on me.04:16
JoseeAntonioRActionParsnip: Already done that, nothing.04:16
ActionParsnipJoseeAntonioR: bah04:16
voidmagedoes anybody know how i can get notify-osd bubbles to show up with a wine virtual desktop, and still have the desktop obscure the gnome-panel? xwininfo/xprop on the desktop at http://pastebin.com/YZCzAVFJ04:17
ActionParsnipvoidmage: have you asked in #winehq04:17
voidmageActionParsnip: i haven't because notify-osd is an ubuntu thing04:18
ActionParsnipvoidmage: i guess04:18
voidmagesuppose i could ask in #winehq as well04:18
achew22What package installs test-mpeg2?04:19
ichbeinTAKE CARE, TCB04:19
FloodBot3ichbein: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:19
pksadiq!find test-mpeg204:19
ubottuPackage/file test-mpeg2 does not exist in maverick04:20
ichbeinNO THX FLOODBOT304:20
gpc!caps | ichbein04:20
ubottuichbein: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.04:20
achew22pksadiq: damn. thanks though04:20
gpcichbein: drop the caps please and stay on topic04:20
ichbein!caps gpc04:20
ichbeinWHATS THE TOPIC?04:20
xanguaichbein: respect the rules and stop04:20
gpcUbuntu support04:21
ichbeinTHATS BORING04:21
FloodBot3ichbein: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:21
xangua!ops | ichbein04:21
ubottuichbein: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!04:21
achew22thank you gpc04:21
ichbeinI SAID HI04:22
fool_does anyone know how to fix problem where CUPS printers are not shown in the print dialog (evince, firefox, etc...) ? - acroread + openoffice prints fine04:22
rwwichbein: I strongly recommend you stop that.04:22
gpc!guidelines > ichbein04:22
TulioI SAID BYE BYE04:22
ichbeinBYE tULIO04:22
ubottuichbein, please see my private message04:22
ichbeinbye Tulio04:22
gpcTulio: stop please04:22
TulioIm trying to make ichbein listen to you04:22
achew22fool_: is it listed in the printer list?04:23
fool_achew22: no04:23
fool_achew22: that's exactly my problem :~(04:23
achew22fool_: sorry, I meant the one in system | admin | printers04:23
fool_achew22: oh, yes04:23
ichbeinwhats up?04:23
fool_achew22: like i said, i can print with acroread/openoffice fine04:23
pksadiqichbein: ifup, uptime etc are up ;)04:24
fool_achew22: it's just weird that the printers are not shown in firefox/evince/other browsers..04:24
ichbeinnot funnt pksadiq04:25
fool_achew22: and i've been googling to no end04:25
* jrib doesn't feel so slow now04:27
Nertildoes anyone have ipv6 on ubuntu?04:27
jribvirtus: packages seems old.  Actually seems to have been packaged in debian and now gone.  You can try to fetch the source package from debian but it seems like deps are just gone now (like libgtkhtml-2.0)04:28
macoNertil: ive had ipv6 access using the meredo package before, but not native04:28
jribvirtus: s/packages/screem04:28
NertilTom-B ipv6 is for ipv6 not for ubuntu + ipv604:28
strigoi66please help if u can I have lucid with 2.6.32-28 kernel and gnome 2.30.2 when i boot i get a message that says upgrade bios or use Force1 can anyone tell me what to do to fix this?04:28
Nertilthis channel is for ubuntu + help04:28
shcherbakNertil: ipv6 is suported, with some applications you need to change configs, or get *v6 version, i.e. traceroute604:28
jribvirtus: see, made it into older ubuntu: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=screem&searchon=names&suite=all&section=all04:29
whiteshadowahhhh!!!!!!! gonna be running my own dedicated tf2 server (main purpose of installing ubuntu on this machine) and print server (didn't know about this until now, makes life so much easier)04:30
devdrinkerwhat happens when during (say 50% through the process) copying a 900mb file (fileA) from one location to another that file A is updated and now 912mb. what is the result of the end copy?04:33
GanymedeHello. I'm trying to print an order confirmation in Firefox to a PDF so I can email it. However, it comes out on two pages. I tried setting the scale to 50% or 75% but when I printed to effect, there was no visible change on the output PDF; it was still two pages. Please advise on how I can fit it into one page.04:33
ActionParsnipGanymede: copy the text and paste to a file, then you can resize / remove unwanted fluff etc04:35
GanymedeHmm...I guess I can do that...it just seems a bit less official once it's modified.04:36
ljsoftnetcan i install metacity themes in xubuntu?04:36
devdrinkercan u just send a 2 page pdf and when they print it they scale to fit one page04:37
=== buschwus_ is now known as buschwusch
maco!language | austen04:37
ubottuausten: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.04:37
austeni just wanted to see what wood happen04:38
Ganymededevdrinker, That seems nontrivial...I don't think Adobe Reader has the capability of doing that, except if you fit two pages per page of printout, in which case, the text will be much smaller than it needs to be so it will be suboptimal.04:38
austenwhat r we talking about04:38
rwwausten: Ubuntu technical support04:38
GanymedeAnd if I save the HTML and send it, then I'll need to ZIP it up because of all the embeds and images, which is a hassle on the other end.04:39
austenwhy doesnt kino work right04:39
austen and why everytime i download something its a useless document04:39
austenanswer me04:40
ljsoftnetcan i install metacity themes in gnome to xubuntu?04:40
austeni need to get a mac04:40
father_longcatWhat you need is to get a brain.04:41
xangualjsoftnet: no, visit xfce-look04:41
GanymedeYou heard the man! He demands an answer...you have less than TWO minutes.04:41
austenshut up father im only 1104:41
thiebaudesomeone ban him please04:41
macofather_longcat: be nice04:41
father_longcatGo to your room, young man.04:41
rww!work | austen04:41
macoausten: get on topic04:41
ubottuausten: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.04:41
macofather_longcat: stop04:41
father_longcatJust kidding.04:41
macogosh gonna have to sit you two in opposite corners of the room...04:42
* father_longcat activates his innuendo mode04:42
austenwhen i download stuff it turn into a useless document04:42
rwwausten: example?04:43
father_longcatmake sure it saves the filetype04:43
AbhijiTis there any special channel for ubuntu artifial inteliigence? or wintermute for that matter?04:43
austenand then it says error you cant get into this04:43
rwwneuromancer is better04:43
shcherbakausten: what browser? have you tried "Save as..." oprion?04:44
austeni think so04:44
AbhijiTrww, that response to me?04:45
austenill be back04:45
austenit does the same thin g04:48
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)04:48
austeni hate ubuntu04:48
austenit never agrees wth me04:49
rwwausten: If you feel like actually giving usable details about your issue, we can help you. If not, please feel free to use an OS you like.04:49
endlessgood morning everyone04:49
id10tJust curious, does anyone successfully bittorrent between hard drives (IE have an os on one hard drive and tell transmission to download and seed torrents to a storage drive"?04:49
austenits hard to explain04:49
Nisstyreid10t, that's easy04:50
Bopcan i use apt-get on a mounted filesystem ?04:50
Nisstyrejust mount the drive and tell your torrent client to save torrents there04:50
Nisstyreor if you like you can make a symlink somewhere to the hdd04:50
austeni dont have an option when i download stuff04:50
gpcausten: what stuff?04:51
gpcausten: give me a link so I can test04:51
id10tnisstyre: I already did that but i am having problems with my memory caching until my comp freezes04:51
austenk ill be back04:51
j_ayen_greenI was going to try phpStorm, but it requires sun jdk instead of openjdk. I was reading the reasons for it, and that the sun version, aside from being much better with fonts and graphics, is much faster, and I wonder, is it a bad idea to use it instead of openjdk?04:52
austenthats the link04:53
AbhijiTno idea whats going on in this channel04:53
rwwausten: the best way to get programs in Ubuntu is to use Software Center, not from random websites.04:54
anonbootsAlways relevant and on topic.04:54
rwwanonboots: please don't advertise in here.04:54
gpcanonboots: please don't spam04:54
anonbootsVery well.04:54
austenoh but i need movie making stuf like movie maker for linux04:54
xanguaausten: pitivi already comes installed in ubuntu04:54
anonbootsFeel free to check it out.04:54
rwwausten: then go to Software Center and search for pitivi.04:54
xanguaausten: and you don't need to download software from suspicious sites, use repositories04:55
ActionParsnipausten: http://techcityinc.com/2009/02/04/top-10-free-video-editors-for-ubuntu-linux/04:55
rwwor apparently it's already installed. I'm out of touch with the default app selection.04:55
ActionParsniprww: +1 minimal ftw04:55
jeniahello, I cannot start compiz. I upgraded to 10.04, it was working in previous versions of ubuntu, and it worked in this version until I turned it off, and then I can't turn it back on anymore. It says, looking for drivers, than it says couldn't start visual effects. I have Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07) on the lenovo notebook04:56
austenill be bak04:56
ActionParsnipjenia: what video chip do you use?04:56
sacarlsonausten: I have that already installed,  sudo apt-get install pitivi04:56
ActionParsnipjenia: nm, just saw04:56
ActionParsnipjenia: what model lenovo04:57
brandon420ActionParsnip, pm?04:57
jeniaActionParsnip: ThinkPad SL50004:57
ActionParsnipbrandon420: sure04:57
austeni dont know04:59
austenit just crap04:59
sacarlsonjenia: take a glance at System>Administration>Hardware drivers04:59
bobbydHey, I'm looking for a book or books that would be great reference for Ubuntu Linux. Something that has terminal commands, etc. Any suggestions?05:00
jeniasacarlson: I looked in there and it's empty05:00
Nisstyrebobbyd, "Classic Shell Scripting"05:00
g_0_0!manual bobbyd05:00
NisstyreO'Reilly publishing05:00
g_0_0!manual | bobbyd05:00
ubottubobbyd: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/05:00
=== windGone is now known as windkids
austenim gonna get a new computer or something05:00
=== root is now known as Guest63284
akshatjjenia: rub compiz --replce in a terminal and tell us what it says05:01
austenit was supposed to have windows 7 but i clicked the wrong thing05:01
xanguaGuest63284: not good idea enter as root05:01
gpcakshatj: jenia compiz --replace05:02
AbhijiT!root | austen05:02
ubottuausten: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo05:02
Bopcan i regenerate the files on /etc/ssh/ ?05:02
xanguaausten: and you are telling us this because....05:03
AbhijiThow do i set alarm for after 15 days?05:03
austeni never said anything about root password!?05:03
shcherbakFirst 100 who type /ignore austen<ENTER> will get bonus points!05:03
Nisstyresudo passwd root05:03
austeni give up05:03
AbhijiTshcherbak, :D05:03
rww!noroot | Nisstyre05:03
ubottuNisstyre: We do not support setting a root password. Please don't offer instructions on how to set a root password or ask for help with setting it. See !root and !wfm for more information.05:03
gpcshcherbak: Please don't.05:03
gpcausten: We can't help you if you don't tell us exactly what the problem is.05:04
jeniagpc, akshatj: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/562902/05:04
shcherbakAbhijiT: sleep <calculate seconds> && alarm, or crontab (more efective)05:04
austeni told u a million times05:04
AbhijiTshcherbak, gui way?05:04
AbhijiT!details | austen05:04
ubottuausten: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."05:04
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/05:04
gpcno you didn't, you said it doesn't work. what exactly doesn't work?05:04
Nisstyrerww, and giving people information is bad how?05:04
austen downloading stuff is worth crap and a waste of time it doesnt work05:05
dospodwhat is &lt Br&gt supposed to be05:05
Nisstyredospod, html entities05:05
gpcausten: fine continue to be vague. enjoy windows 705:05
Nisstyrethey are non special characters used to represent things like quotes05:05
dospodmy bad I mean &ltEnter&gt.05:05
austeni like mac05:06
austenbut i need windows05:06
qreezyHi, I'm having a problem with Ubuntu 10.10. I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 GFX Card with the latest drivers. I use Google Chrome, and the problem is that I experience a lot of lag viewing videos in youtube, skipping every couple of seconds. I also experience lag watching offline videos usually after browsing in google chrome, and this still persists even after I close all memory leaking instances (ha). Anyone have any idea what'05:06
qreezys wrong and how to fix this? Thanks05:06
rwwNisstyre: because you're not going to be online 24/7 to offer support when it breaks things, and we're going to tell them to go away because they set a root password, which isn't supported here.05:06
shcherbakAbhijiT: gui way? let me think05:06
akshatjjenia: no idea about what GLX means, try #compiz05:06
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
ligtmanhi all, does anyone know how to focus my web cam build into my netbook for kubuntu...05:06
sacarlsonausten: I have that already installed,  sudo apt-get install pitivi05:07
akshatjjenia: probably related to your graphics driver05:07
austenwhere do you get it05:07
xangua!manual | austen: why don't you take a look in the manual¿05:07
ubottuausten: why don't you take a look in the manual¿: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/05:07
xgt001ligtman: do u have cheese web cam booth installed???05:08
sacarlsonausten: it's automatic downloaded and installed look in synaptic or in a terminal type sudo apt-get install pitivi05:08
shcherbakAbhijiT: seems oldish, but should do: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/schedule-tasks-using-gnome-schedule-a-cron-at-gui-in-ubuntu.html05:08
gpc!software > austen05:08
ubottuausten, please see my private message05:08
jeniaakshatj: ok, that's weird though that it worked before. I will see what #compiz says05:08
austeni DONT have a manuali had this for a YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i suck05:08
AbhijiTshcherbak, ok. thanks05:09
gpcausten: read the links sent to you05:09
xgt001qreezy: did u update ur Ubuntu system???05:09
rwwubottu: u05:09
ubottuU is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.05:09
sacarlsonausten: solutions are abundant everywhere05:09
austenyou didnt send me any05:09
qreezyYes xgt00105:09
ligtmani have cheese but not booth ...05:09
thorbj0rnausten: nobody will send you a hardcopy manual. everything is online05:10
austeni know that05:10
xgt001qreezy: my friend had a similar issue with 10.1005:10
gpcausten: http://ubuntu-manual.org/ and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement05:10
thorbj0rnausten: http://ubuntu-manual.org/ http://ubuntu-manual.org/ http://ubuntu-manual.org/05:10
Ten-Eightausten: you're getting the right answers05:10
xgt001qreezy:nvidia drivers seems to have a problem with 10.10 ... did u update ur drivers???05:11
melhi everyone05:11
=== mel is now known as Guest40500
AbhijiTausten, you can buy that manual05:11
AbhijiTif yyou want hardcopy05:11
qreezyyes xgt00105:11
austenim not gonna stay up reading a manual im 12 and im not that awake. i give up.05:11
philip__What's a good DVD making program in LUbuntu?05:11
anonbootsAwaiting new n00b chats. Feed it.05:12
AbhijiTphilip__, gnomebaker05:12
AbhijiToh lubuntu05:12
philip__It will still work though :)05:12
dospod"Type run and then press &ltEnter&gt." what keys do I need to press05:12
Loshkiphilip__: dvd burning, or dvd authoring?05:12
AbhijiTphilip__, yeah it will work more help in #lubuntu05:12
xgt001qreezy: did compiz effects (like woobly windows, desktop effects) etc run fine prior to the driver update???05:12
philip__Sorry this is the room it takes me to.05:13
Ten-Eightausten: take a break and come back to it later with a clear head.05:13
ligtmanhow do i focus web cam in a browser...05:13
anonbootsIll keep it stealthier.05:13
ActionParsnipphilip__: devede can make DVD ISOs from video clips andsuch05:13
anonbootsPlease excuse me.05:13
anonbootsas I lurk.05:13
qreezyi've never used them xgt00105:13
katphiveAnyone try installing Ubuntu Server with /boot on raid1, rest of fs(es) on raid5/lvm? That's my current setup, and I'm having a problem booting. It tries to wait for root fs to become available, it doesn't, drops to initramfs prompt.05:14
xgt001qreezy: can u do this... run a live boot from the cd... without doing any update... and try playing the videos from youtube05:15
qreezyim watching this video in youtube and my cpu resources are going up to 70% and 70%, and memory is only .5gb out of 405:15
xgt001if it works fine then i think u should revert back the drivers05:15
dospod&ltEnter&gt what keys are these05:15
qreezyalso... my hardware on another machine of mine is failing, lag on the OS as well (music machine)05:15
qreezycould it be dusty air or something? what the hell... lol05:15
philip__qreezy - specs?05:15
xgt001no no05:15
xgt001nvidia drivers were always seems to be buggy05:16
dospod:'( really?05:16
MylesManI installd the 96-x nvidia and when i do a xorg -configure the glx module fails to init05:16
dospodIm getting a new asus rog laptop next week with nvidia and I planned on dual booting05:16
Dead_Storageok this is driving me insane, i have conky and it is working ok but I cant find the conky.rc file so i can edit it. I have looked everywhere05:16
father_longcattry using crtl+f05:16
NisstyreDead_Storage, make it05:16
katphiveDead_Storage: You need to WRITE one, otherwise it uses compiled-in defaults.05:16
* philip__ has Nvidia 173 drivers on his Nvidia geforce FX 5200 AGP8x 256Mb card.05:16
father_longcator make it05:16
* father_longcat has nvidia 173 drivers on his nvidia quadro fx1500 256mb05:17
father_longcattoo bad it SUCKS05:17
xgt001forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=190837 ... similar issue i guess05:17
Loshkiqreezy: well, funnily enough, dusty air can clog fans and cause overheating, which might manifest as 'lag'...05:17
qreezyamd athlon 7750 dual core processor  2.7 ghz (black edition), 4gb ram, gigabyte mobo, and nvidia geforce gtx 26005:17
MylesMancan som1 help me out05:17
father_longcatwhat's up mylesman05:17
Dead_Storagekatphive, I have mad it, mine is VERY customized and i dont want to redo it, My custom one is still there i just cant find the file05:17
philip__Try using Lubuntu qreezy.05:17
xgt001i suggest not to use nvidia official drivers for ubuntu ....05:17
qreezyok xgt00105:18
katphiveDead_Storage: Could always do a search for '.conkyrc'05:18
qreezythank xgt00105:18
Nisstyrexgt001, are you high or something?05:18
philip__Gnome is getting heavy I ese.05:18
Nisstyrethe open source drivers are terrible05:18
xgt001qreezy... that should be fairly powerful to run05:18
Dead_Storagei have it says no files found05:18
father_longcatyou have to be full retard to not use proprietary drivers05:18
xgt001Nissty... lol can u elaborate???05:18
father_longcatdat 3D/openGL support05:18
uranus_gas_gianti did a 'sudo apt-get build-dep <mynvidiadriver>' before I installed it and it built a kernel module installled it and I even get a fullscreen nvidia logo05:18
MylesManfather i installed the nvidia96 pkg and now the glx kernel module wont init05:18
Nisstyrenouveau sucks05:18
qreezyi DO have cpu spikes on my music machine too... but i mean could the air really be THAT bad?05:18
katphivexgt001: Why NOT use the official drivers, exactly? The only way I can get my VAIO to not vomit on me is to use the proprietary drivers.05:18
Dead_Storagebut it has to be somewhere or my conky wouldnt still exist05:18
father_longcatpiss sakes.... slow down05:19
rwwfather_longcat: Your attitude is not appropriate for this channel.05:19
father_longcatwill I be assimilated?05:19
katphivefather_longcat: Assistance is futile.05:19
philip__qreezy it could also be due to GNOME.05:19
thorbj0rnDead_Storage: locate conkyrc05:19
qreezyits so strange that a youtube video uses 70% of my cpu resources... what is that?05:19
* father_longcat is totally registerring wearetheb.org05:19
ActionParsnipqreezy: in all browsers/05:20
philip__qreezy, That's normal that's flash being gay.05:20
qreezyi was considering that too philip_, which DE do you recommend? KDE?05:20
katphiveGRUB help needed, btw.05:20
ActionParsnipqreezy: `are you using 64bit OS?05:20
rwwphilip__: Don't use "gay" as a pejorative.05:20
qreezy32bit ActionParsnip05:20
philip__Sorry about that.05:20
qreezyphilip_,  flash tends to crash a lot in google chrome05:20
father_longcatuse such terms as homosexual, or "rosie o'donnel05:20
philip__I use Chrome in LUbuntu05:20
qreezyoh, Lubuntu is a dekstop environment05:20
ActionParsnipqreezy: in all browsers?05:20
father_longcatI prefer firefox.05:20
qreezyhaven't tried ActionParsnip05:20
qreezyi'll try now05:20
ActionParsnipqreezy: lubuntu is a distro, lxde is the DE05:20
xgt001because offlate too many are complaining that there systems  are behaving badly after updating the nvidia drivers... i dono which exact models suffer but thats an issue of late in many cases05:21
Bopanyone here know how to generate ssh host keys on a mounted filesystem ?05:21
Dead_Storagethorbj0rn,  I know where conkyrc is but that is not mine that is the "default" i have a conky.rc but i cant find it but conky is still running off it so its somewhere05:21
Bopplease , this is important :s05:21
qreezycan i use lxde in ubuntu?05:21
philip__Yes you can.05:21
philip__I'm using it right now.05:21
MylesManwould reinstalling the driver work05:21
thorbj0rnDead_Storage: so use "locate conky" and look for that file..05:21
ActionParsnipqreezy: install lxde, log off, click your name, select lxde at the bottom of the screen then logo n05:21
IvisHelp, sound controler from left corner disapeir05:21
thorbj0rnif it is somewhere, it will be listed.05:22
macoqreezy: sure. in fact there's an ubuntu derivative called Lubuntu that defaults to just that05:22
xgt001and my friend could nt even start the x windows server after he updated his nvidia driver05:22
ActionParsnip!sound | Ivis05:22
ubottuIvis: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.05:22
philip__Hey qreezy check your PM I sent you a Link for Lubuntu05:22
father_longcatit's simple: ATI05:22
qreezyi'm monitoring resources with the ubuntu gui and running firefox. i went to a website and both cpus spiked to around 40% usage05:22
father_longcatjust kidding05:22
philip__I use it on my 6 yr old PC.05:22
ActionParsnipphilip__: if s/he install lxde then s/he can use the ligh OS05:22
Ivissound is working just control disapeir05:22
philip__That works too.05:22
shcherbak!resetpanel | Ivis05:22
ubottuIvis: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »05:22
philip__But I prefer to use the main Downloadable version IMO05:23
Loshkiqreezy: If you were in a lumberyard maybe I'd worry. But realistically, it's probably something else.05:23
ArtyHi ALL.05:23
philip__Hello there arty.05:23
xgt001father_longcat: ati doesnt seem to have an issue ... i havnt seen/heard of issues with ati offlate05:23
sandGorgondoes anybody know how to share a screen session ? I am doing a code merge that different people need to see05:24
father_longcatif I can get off my *** and find money, I'll buy a 577005:24
ArtyI got 577005:24
pragma_get off your three stars?05:24
sacarlsonBop: you can try this but there might be easier ways with a gui someplace http://pkeck.myweb.uga.edu/ssh/05:24
qreezydo the cpu spikes mean anything? or is the ubuntu gui resource monitor just slow?05:24
ArtyIt not bad.05:24
father_longcatarty: worth it?05:24
xgt001and rite now i am online using 11.04 natty alpha 1... it has got all the nvidia/ati/intel video drivers and is pretty good05:25
philip__Why does people say VIA Chipsets suck on Linux?05:25
philip__My machine is using a VIA Chipset and I have no issue.05:25
Nisstyrexgt001, the open source nvidia driver is great. If you never plan on doing anything at all with your hardware (3D for example)05:25
Nisstyreotherwise it's a pos05:25
Ivisshcherbak,  Oh how can you not love the linux, support is wonderful, thanks again :)05:25
father_longcatphillip: grow a pair and buy a real chipset05:25
uranus_gas_giantI have an entire via mainboard and have no issues05:25
ActionParsnipphilip__: because 9 out of 10 times you need to form an xorg.conf file and often they either don't do 3D or do it badly05:25
xgt001nisstyre ... yeah .. i was referring to official nvidia drivers05:25
thorbj0rnVIA killed mah pa!05:26
Arty< 190$05:26
Nisstyrexgt001, those are closed source05:26
sacarlsonphilip__: I had a via sound card that made sound but never recorded,  I worked for weeks to find a solution gave up get a new card,  thumbs down for me and via chips05:26
philip__I haven't had a single problem with that on my end.05:26
IvisYou know what i hate? When people ask what distr and you answer - "Ubuntu" they start laughing and saying that you are noob05:26
philip__Realtech/via here.05:26
brandon420what happened to the compiz cube deformation thing in the compiz config manager?05:26
Ivisit's stupid05:26
LoshkiBop: might be easier to just remove then reinstall openssh05:26
qreezyokay, thanks guys, my videos seem to be running well in firefox now. but i wonder why offline video in any media player still lags even after closing all instances of google chrome? don't the memory leaks clear up after the processes are killed?05:27
shcherbakIvis: nice, thanks.05:27
xgt001just google "nvidia issue 10.10" and u will get dozens in the ubuntu forum05:27
ArtyI try to play angrybirds on my ubuntu labtop it's not work05:27
BopLoshki, i know that , but i dont have the filesystem mounted05:27
ActionParsnipIvis: let them, it changes nothing05:27
BopLoshki, its on rescue  mode on /mnt05:27
Nisstyrexgt001, I have no problems with the latest nvidia drivers05:27
thorbj0rnIvis: tell them you run Suicide Linux on a headless terminal.05:27
Nisstyremust be a problem with gnome or something05:27
Nisstyreor the default xorg configuration05:27
xgt001nisstyre : are u using 10.1005:28
shcherbakIvis: That distro thing is partly true...05:28
Nisstyrexgt001, I'm on Arch05:28
uranus_gas_giant'sudo nvidia xconfig'05:28
thorbj0rnIvis: http://qntm.org/suicide05:28
zeroklHello. Does anyone speak Russian?05:28
Nisstyrenvidia 260.19.36-105:28
ActionParsnipIvis: or find a really obscure distro like Chakra05:28
xgt001Nisstyre: Arch is rpm based i guessed05:28
rwwzerokl: /join #ubuntu-ru05:28
Nisstyrexgt001, no05:28
ActionParsnipIvis: they'll be all like "huh?"05:28
zeroklrww Thank you :)05:29
Ivisthorbj0rn,  ohh :D:D05:29
xgt001Nisstyre: debian????!!!!05:29
Nisstyrexgt001, it's similar to crux05:29
rwwxgt001: Arch uses neither .deb nor .rpm for packages. It has its own thing.05:29
shcherbakthorbj0rn: sl05:29
Nisstyrerww, it uses the basic package format, .pkg.tar.xz05:30
Nisstyrejust compressed archives05:30
xgt001rww: cooool i gotta try that.. i thought all used either rpm or deb05:30
Ivisi mean i have installed gentoo in terminal mode, arch linux etc... but i choose ubuntu for many reasons and becouse it's easy to use doesn't mean that you are end-user or else... :D05:30
LoshkiBop: from http://www.symantec.com/connect/articles/ssh-host-key-protection: ssh-keygen -t rsa /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key   # ssh-keygen -t dsa /etc/ssh/ssh_host_dsa_key   # ssh-keygen -t rsa1 /etc/ssh/ssh_host_key05:30
Nisstyrethe problem isn't with the nvidia drivers05:30
katphiveNisstyre: I use Arch fairly extensively. Great system to tinker with, for one.05:30
Nisstyreit's with ubuntu05:30
thorbj0rnNisstyre: Arch(ives) ?05:30
thorbj0rnwho would ahve thought05:31
pragma_rww: doesn't it use burritos?05:31
ActionParsnipIvis: totally, gentoo teaches a LOT05:31
=== rogerzanoni is now known as albtraum
tomoyuki28jpOn 10.04 server, sudo command does not require password. I've tried to put PASSWD:ALL in /etc/sudoers, but no difference. How can I check it to require sudo password?05:31
IvisActionParsnip,  after painfull couple day reading manual i finally start understand how kernel works and so on...05:32
Loshkipragma_: burritos?05:32
rwwtomoyuki28jp: by default, sudo doesn't ask for your password if you've supplied it within the last N minutes (I forget how many, maybe 10).05:32
Nisstyretomoyuki28jp, I thought the default was to require a password? Also, I hope you're not editing the sudoers file directly05:32
Nisstyreuse visudo05:32
shcherbakIvis: since using Ubuntu, I devepled very sneaky method of copy/paste (how to's), but lost ability/ambition to read...05:32
tomoyuki28jprww: Nisstyre: I see, thanks!05:32
xgt001but Ubuntu is the distro which beats even windows when it comes to user friendliness and consistency05:32
ActionParsnipxgt001: beats how?05:32
katphiveYeah, I'd question that statement.05:33
pragma_xgt001: not05:33
Ivisshcherbak, copy/paste (how to's) ?05:33
BopLoshki, Too many arguments.05:33
xgt001@all: i am speaking abt my own experience which may differ from person to person05:33
LoshkiBop: ?05:34
Bopgive-me that error05:34
Bopcant understand why05:34
ActionParsnipxgt001: thats fine05:34
xgt001i have tried Ubuntu , Fedora,Opensuse, PClinuxOS, puppyLinux, Mandriva05:34
syddrafI am using a dual 1080p monitor setup on ubuntu 10.04. I would like to have one monitor in landscape and one monitor in portrait, however this option vanishes in the Monitor Preferences unless I have "Same image in all monitors" checked. Is there a way around this?05:34
zeroklPeople tell me please I want to start using ubuntu how to install a better version of me?05:34
xgt001but Ubuntu suited me the most05:34
IvisAnd what's is the greatest part of all this - community i always liked linux people they are different i think you know what im saying :)05:34
Artyubuntu is the best05:34
ActionParsnipArty: in some ways yes, in others not05:35
shcherbakIvis: with this mass of user base, most of problems are solved, so developing method of transfering web content to console issue, but this is exactly why i use Ubuntu.05:35
* rww notes that #ubuntu-offtopic is available for non-support discussions ;)05:35
Error404NotFoundi have a hp dv6 laptop with 4 primary partitions: system, windows, recovery drive, hp tools. I want to dualboot it but can't have anymore primary drives, any solution beside only booting ubuntu or formating whole drive?05:35
katphiveArty: Blanket statements are typically the realm of the ill-informed. Best at what?05:35
ActionParsniprww: ;)05:35
LoshkiBop: you understand it's meant to be 3 lines of text, right?05:35
BopLoshki, yeah , i know05:35
BopLoshki, i've just inserted first one05:35
Artybest for my use05:35
thorbj0rnZerokl: you might end up having to edit your config manually :/05:35
Ivisshcherbak, ahh understand05:35
katphiveArty: And what use is that?05:36
ActionParsnipArty: that qualifies it a bit better05:36
ArtyPrograming , Social network , ETC.05:37
LoshkiBop: you're right! Mine too. Please stand by...05:37
rad_sci_guyhello.  I have question about ubuntu on my Asus netbook.  After I shutdown, Ubuntu will switch off my wifi card so that when I turn the netbook on again I need to go into the bios to enable the wifi card again.  Is there a way to prevent Ubuntu from not turning off the wifi card on shutdown?05:37
IvisCan someone please suggest compilator for C# ?05:37
=== Kasjopaja23 is now known as Kasjopaja
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest2810
ActionParsnip!info mono-mcs05:38
ubottumono-mcs (source: mono): Mono C# 1.0 compiler for CLI 1.1. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.6.7-3ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 410 kB, installed size 1260 kB (Only available for i386 lpia kfreebsd-i386 powerpc amd64 kfreebsd-amd64 ia64 arm armeb armel sparc s390 all)05:38
zeroklthorbj0rn Yes I read the manual I know but can not decide which version of ubuntu I install =\05:39
BopLoshki, nevermind , i've managed to install a telnet server , in case sshd fails05:39
sacarlsonBop: so your in rescue mode on the server side?  what is it you want to acomplish?  what's in /mnt ?05:39
LoshkiBop: looks like you need to add '-f' before the filename e.g. ssh-keygen -t rsa -f /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key05:39
Artyjust force architect .05:39
brandon420where is the option to make the compiz "cube" a sphere? it used to be there, but not anymore......05:39
Bopsacarlson, /mnt is my filesystem , im on rescue mode05:39
Bopbut i've manually installed a telnet server05:39
Bopas failsafe05:39
katphivezerokl: What versions are you considering?05:40
qreezyis google chrome better than firefox?05:40
sacarlsonBop: I guess you could turn keys off in ssh also if it's the server side05:40
qreezyin terms of memory management and speed05:40
ArtySomeone can tell about RAMDisk05:40
qreezyseems already twice as fast05:41
xgt001@qreezy: yeah05:41
alesanhi I have installed a program called "enfuse", but it's stripped, and I would like to debug it05:41
alesanwhat am I supposed to do?05:41
qreezyhah, google isnt perfect!05:41
xgt001i use chromium and its more than double speed05:41
thorbj0rnzerokl: " cat /etc/lsb-release " to see your version info05:41
qreezyis chromium coded by google05:42
ActionParsnipqreezy: i find it chews fewer resources personally05:42
xanguaqreezy xgt001 opera with turbo enables is faster, don't go too much !offtopic here ;)05:42
GSF1200Sqreezy- not to me05:42
dschuettcould someone that is running bind9 on ubuntu explain this... this is from a client within my network http://pastebin.com/USAf28mU05:42
zeroklkatphive I see 2 version. ubuntu 10.04 and ubuntu 10.1005:42
rad_sci_guyhello.  I have question about ubuntu on my Asus netbook.  After I shutdown, Ubuntu will switch off my wifi card so that when I turn the netbook on again I need to go into the bios to enable the wifi card again.  Is there a way to prevent Ubuntu from not turning off the wifi card on shutdown?05:43
ArtyOpera turbo not fast for me05:43
ActionParsnipqreezy: chromium also precaches DNS while you read, making it faster there05:43
katphivedschuett: What about it are you questioning?05:43
qreezythanks everyone for the help, gotta run! :)05:43
thorbj0rndschuett: looks like google's dns server05:43
ArtyIt's connect to Opera server before load web page05:43
xgt001xangua: i am going offtopic because i am learning way more stuff here :-D.... but chromium was in ubuntu repos by default (not chrome)so i tried tat05:43
dschuettkatphive: if i do a nslookup through googles public dns it still resolves my INTERNAL hosts even after flushing dns05:43
katphivedschuett: Some routers intercept DNS requests if they look like they're destined for LAN hosts.05:44
dschuettthorbj0rn ^^05:44
dschuettkatphive: even ubuntu running bind?05:44
sacarlsonrad_sci_guy: you might be able to turn it on with rfkill command,  if so then you might add that in a script at boot05:45
ActionParsnipdschuett: you can run a local dns service on the system like dnsmasq and make dns resolution take 0ms rather than 50ms or so05:45
dschuettkatphive i am using an ubuntu server box with two nics as my router which is running iptables and bind/dhcp05:45
katphivedschuett: Depends on its configuration, I think. Google would reject a request for a host that's not an FQDN or something similar.05:45
brandon420how can i install the compiz "extra plugin" package?05:46
katphivedschuett: Also, if the system's running BIND, it's going to try using its own internal resolver FIRST - which means that BIND is going to resolve your host before it ever kicks it out to Google.05:46
dschuettkatphive: yeah, i know it isn't actually google that is resolving it...i just wish i knew HOW it was doing it..05:46
spikkuHow bad is this? sudo apt-get autoremove python05:46
katphivedschuett: Check your /etc/resolv.conf05:46
katphivedschuett: I know that nslookup is SUPPOSED to use the specified server for DNS resolution, but who knows.05:46
ActionParsnipspikku: VERY05:47
ActionParsnipkatphive: try: dig www.yahoo.com05:47
xgt001brandon: Ubuntu software center, there u type compiz-plugins-extra05:47
rad_sci_guysacarlson:  how do you turn it on with a rfkill command?05:47
xgt001or even this will work i guess sudo apt-get compiz-fusion-plugins-extra05:48
spikkuActionParsnip, haha, autoremove seems to act differently then I interpreted the documentation05:48
=== windkids is now known as windGone
dschuettkatphive: get this as well... if i manually set my client to use some random ip for its dns it still resolves....?05:48
katphivedschuett: Haven't the foggiest. I haven't run BIND in a long time.05:48
xgt001sorry the latter wont work05:48
katphivedschuett: And I'm a little fuzzy from lack of sleep. On that note, g'night all.05:49
xgt001but Ubuntu software cnter must be fine05:49
dschuettkatphive...thanks for your input.05:49
katphivedschuett: Sure, however brain damaged it might be. :P05:49
katphivexgt001: That's because it's 'apt-get install blah' not 'apt-get blah'05:49
xgt001katphive : thanks :-D05:50
pylixi'm having trouble installing Glib 2.26.105:50
* katphive @derps, "I'm useful, yaaay!"05:50
xgt001any1 testing natty alpha 2 over here????05:50
pylixi keep getting a make error05:50
katphivexgt001: No, how is that, anyway?05:50
xgt001have to download that ... i am on alpha1 yet05:51
xgt001alpha1 is pretty stable... (unity is almost unusable in alpha 1 :P)05:51
xgt001gnome (now called as Ubuntu Classic Desktop) is very stable except for a couple of buggs05:52
rigvedxgt001: you could ask in #ubuntu+105:52
xgt001@rigved: thanks for the info05:52
rigvedxgt001: :)05:53
pylixhelp please with this05:53
=== belak_ is now known as belak51
ActionParsnipxgt001: putting alpha2 lubuntu on my lappy on sunday, should be ok05:55
xgt001can u tell me the differences b/w lubuntu and ubuntu05:56
g_0_0pylix, try removing the space in "New Folder" or rename new folder without spaces05:56
xgt001lubuntu is lxde i guess??05:56
rwwxgt001: yes05:56
thorbj0rnpylix: New\ Folder05:56
thorbj0rnspaces need escapes05:57
ActionParsnipxgt001: ubuntu uses gnome + compiz/metacity by default, Lubuntu uses LXDE + openbox and is drastically lighter even than Xubuntu05:57
pylixi took out the space05:57
ActionParsnippylix: easier05:57
xgt001differences btween gnome,lxde and xfce pls :)05:57
g_0_0pylix,  and any luck?05:57
pylixgonna re ./configure first05:58
pylixthen try make05:58
ActionParsnipxgt001: base apps and reasources used05:58
hilarieWhen System Monitor 2.30.0 says 22% memory used as cache, is that essentially prefetch like on windows?05:58
ActionParsnipxgt001: you can install gnome apps in LXDE if you wish05:58
xgt001compiz wont work in lxde???05:58
xgt001hilarie: can u tell the system conig05:59
hilarieUbuntu 10.10?05:59
ActionParsnipxgt001: sure will, its a bit weird though, using a light desktop like LXDE then adding fat old compiz...05:59
thorbj0rnxgt001: gnome, kde, xfce, lxde are window managers05:59
hilarieon an HP DV7 1129 WM05:59
xgt001i mean ur ram, cpu05:59
macothorbj0rn: no05:59
macothorbj0rn: they're desktop environments06:00
thorbj0rnwhat he said.06:00
ActionParsniphilarie: yes, your kernel will use the ram as disk cache, unused ram is wasted ram06:00
rwwthorbj0rn: metacity, kwin, xfwm, and openbox are window managers.06:00
hilarie4gb of ram (3.6 for memory and the rest for VideoRam)06:00
macothorbj0rn: gnome's window manager is metacity. kde's is kwin. xfce's is xfwm4, and at least in lubuntu lxde uses openbox for a window manager06:00
xgt001@thorbj0rn: diff bw xfce and lxde???06:00
rwwI am faster than the maco.06:00
macorww: im more specific06:00
hilarie@actionparsnip would it be possible to turn it up? so it would use closer to 50% as cache?06:00
macorww: however you are a he06:00
ActionParsnipxgt001: you can find out more than we can tell you with a few simple websearches06:01
xgt001and compiz is a window manager or a windw decoratot???06:01
=== xyclo is now known as help
rwwxgt001: window manager06:01
=== help is now known as xyclo
macoxgt001: gtk-window-decorator and kde-window-decorator are supported decorators for compiz06:01
pylixsimilar error http://paste.pound-python.org/show/2522/06:01
macoxgt001: emerald is an old unmaintained and unsupported decorator for what existed /before/ compiz-fusion (beryl) that you may occasionally find references to06:02
xgt001maco: ok.... if i use compiz effects like cube etc... it replaces metacity or will it just display the effects inside metacity???06:02
macoxgt001: replaces06:03
ActionParsniphilarie: not sure, if you set vm.swappines = 0   in /etc/sysctl.conf  it will keep apps in ram rather than swapping out to swap06:03
thorbj0rnpylix: ...the library `Folder/glib-2.26.1/glib/lib...  looks like it is still looking for "New Folder" somewhere06:03
macoxgt001: gtk-window-decorator ensures that it maintains your theme though06:03
ActionParsnipxgt001: thats why you run: compiz --replace   to get compiz stated06:03
pylixhow do i fix that?06:03
* jonnyboi anyone know about gnome shell support for 11.0406:04
g_0_0pylix rename NewFolder as just Folder06:04
xgt001ok in the desktop effects.. if i choose normal/none it uses metacity and if i choose extra then it runs compiz am i correct06:04
hilarie@actionParsnip where would I do that at? or if my swap space is never used, is that not happening?06:04
xgt001gnome 2.32 in 11.0406:04
rigvedpylix: rename 'New Folder' to 'NewFolder'...without the quotes06:04
jonnyboisigh, thanks, any chance of ppa support?06:04
rwwjonnyboi: it'll be in a PPA, yes.06:04
xgt001but gnome 3 will be included in the software center06:04
pylixi already did06:04
thorbj0rng_0_0: it might be mis-parsing the line to "New" "Folder/... etcetcetc"06:04
ActionParsniphilarie: like I said, in /etc/sysctl.conf06:05
g_0_0thorbj0rn, I think it's expecting NewFolder to be called just Folder06:05
sacarlsonpylix: what is the top of the tree that you are trying to compile?  what application?06:05
pylixi´m gonna re-extract the source without the folder altogether06:05
jonnyboiAnother question, I remember dell was going to release an ubuntu laptop but it fell through due to the 6 month release cycle06:05
g_0_0thorbj0rn, we already renamed it NewFolder06:05
pylixglib 2.26.106:05
jonnyboiany chance that there will be a rolling release ubuntu?06:05
jonnyboisimilar to what mint is doing?06:05
ActionParsnipjonnyboi: no06:05
xgt001jonnyboi: mint rolling is debian based i guess06:06
rwwjonnyboi: Dell ships Ubuntu laptops, and Ubuntu is not going to become rolling release.06:06
ActionParsnipjonnyboi: miint is now debian based which is a rolling release06:06
thorbj0rng_0_0: yeah, but the script might still have a "New Folder" in there somewhere06:06
sacarlsonpylix: that not an application that a lib,  what application is it you plan to run it with?06:06
jonnyboithey do? In the US06:06
g_0_0thorbj0rn, possibly but we haven't seen the makefile, worth a try just to rename it06:06
ActionParsnipjonnyboi: http://www.dell.co.uk/ubuntu06:06
jonnyboiI'm also a gentoo/arch user but I was wondering if ubuntu would go rolling release similar to mint06:07
pylixoh i need the dependency to get gtk+2.22.106:07
thorbj0rnpylix: pastbin makefile?06:07
xgt001no no... ubuntu will be 6 month cycle06:07
ActionParsnipjonnyboi: sorry: http://www.ubuntu.com/dell06:07
pylixthe whole thing?06:07
rigvedpylix: i suggest restarting the make process by forcing it to start fresh, instead of using the cached files06:08
jonnyboithanks, and the next LTS version is 12.04?06:08
sacarlsonpylix: gtk_2.22.1 is also a lib,  what application on top top top of that?06:08
ActionParsnipjonnyboi: yes06:08
zenithdk_-hi, when trying to compile rawstudio I get an error about not being able to find glib.h, but I already installed libglib2.0-dev, and I did apt-get build-dep rawstudio - it seems like a lot of include directories are missing to the gcc command, what should I do?06:08
xgt001rolling release requires us to break our heads over broken packages :D (thats wat i guess) :P06:08
xgt00112.04 will be LTS :)06:08
pylixxfce 4.806:08
jonnyboihmm, I know with arch/gentoo you have to merge config files with new updates06:09
jonnyboiI suspect it would be too hard for common users to do manually06:09
jonnyboinot sure how mint is going to pull it off06:09
xgt001ya ... thats the reason06:09
goddardis it possible to login to ssh as the mysql user?06:10
xgt001but mint have seperate editions for lxde, xfce, kde, gnome (ubuntu) and gnome (debian which is rolling)06:10
rwwCan we move the general OS talk to #ubuntu-offtopic, please?06:10
sacarlsonpylix: well even that's a lib,  but there are already ppa in 10.04 and 10.10 for that http://www.webupd8.org/2011/01/xfce-48-ubuntu-1004-and-1010-ppas.html06:11
xgt001rww: can i update my current ubuntu install offline???06:11
=== skpl is now known as rodimus
pylixwhat is a ppa?06:12
g_0_0pylix, did you run a configure script?06:12
g_0_0can you run it again then make06:12
bazhang!ppa | pylix06:12
ubottupylix: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.06:12
rwwxgt001: from one version of Ubuntu to another, or just regular updates?06:12
thorbj0rnxgt001: you can use "apt-get install --download-only <package-name>" to get the .deb files, and install them with dpkg offline06:13
xgt001regular updates like bugfixes released06:13
pylixi´m making now w/o new folder06:13
goddardis it possible to login to ssh as the mysql user?06:13
sacarlsonpylix: stands for personal package arkives https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas06:13
pylixso far so good06:13
pylixno errors06:13
rwwgoddard: not unless you set a password and valid login shell for the mysql user.06:14
g_0_0pylix, good06:14
xgt001and i have heard about something lik "apt safeupgrade" whats that06:14
thorbj0rnxgt001: aptitude safe-upgrade06:14
g_0_0pylix, I think the configure script was thrown by the initial spaces, without the space now it's going06:14
rwwxgt001: aptitude safe-upgrade is approximately equivalent to apt-get upgrade. It installs packages that are newer in your current version's repositories than on your computer.06:14
xgt001yeah .. but wats that06:14
thorbj0rnxgt001: "man aptitude"06:15
xgt001are synaptic , ubuntu software center and aptitude independent ???06:15
pylixthe reason i used a folder was cause i didn't think the extract would make one06:15
rwwxgt001: they're different frontends to the same package management system.06:15
bazhang!manual | xgt001 please have a read06:15
ubottuxgt001 please have a read: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/06:15
sacarlsonpylix: what your trying to do require only sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alexx2000/xfce sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop06:16
pylixmake is running smoothly still; i think the folder was the culprit06:16
g_0_0pylix, so it has definitely made progress06:16
SoulPropagationSo I've got a server that's giving me some trouble. I can ping it and access http://myserver.example.com but I can't get to my samba shares or ssh to it. Is there anything I can do to give it some sort of smack upside the head over the internet, or will I need physical access to do anything more? (pretty much stock server 10.10 x64 with lamp and samba set up to some degree)06:16
bazhangAbhinav1, please /msg ubottu06:17
pylixon xfce.org they have a source tar there; but there are a lot of libs i need before i can make06:17
sacarlsonpylix: that's all been done for you in the ppa build06:17
pylixmake was successful :)06:18
Abhinav1bazhang: hmm sure, I will that next time06:18
xgt001hey this is a issue which couldnt be solved by any1... ready for this????06:18
gino__I've followed the Headless installation guide for virtualbox (using ubuntu 10.04) but RDP isn't working, tried starting vbox with: VBoxHeadless -s "Win7" -e "TCP/Ports=3390 but win7 rdesktop and nmap don't show up 3390?06:18
pylixsudo make install time06:18
rigved!info gnome-voice-control | Abhinav106:18
ubottuAbhinav1: gnome-voice-control (source: gnome-voice-control): speech recognizing applet to control the GNOME Desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4really0.2-0ubuntu2 (maverick), package size 32 kB, installed size 208 kB06:18
bazhangpylix, thats not a command06:18
ActionParsnipxgt001: ask away, i got jeeves ready :)06:18
Abhinav1rigved: thanks06:18
bazhangpylix, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic NOT here06:18
rigvedAbhinav1: :)06:19
Abhinav1rigved: have you worked on it?06:19
pylixi'm not chatting....06:19
rigvedAbhinav1: nope06:19
xgt001i use my cell nokia 6600  to connect to the internet and i use bluetooth to connect for pc .... but i tried both ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10 both seem to hate my cel..............they dont even pair with my cell :(06:19
ActionParsnipxgt001: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothDialup06:20
xgt001but it works flawlessly in 11.04 !!!06:20
SoulPropagationuse 11.04 then06:20
xgt001thats eating my headoff!06:20
xgt001 dude 11.04 is in alpha stage... (incomplete distro!!)06:21
rww#ubuntu is for released versions of Ubuntu. Try #ubuntu+1 for natty discussion.06:22
ActionParsnipxgt001: then make your call, which is more important..06:22
xgt001rww : there is no one online in #ubuntu+1 :(06:22
bazhangxgt001, then be patient06:23
=== jonnyboi is now known as jonnyboy
rwwxgt001: probably because people keep asking #ubuntu+1 questions in other channels.06:23
bazhangxgt001, its offtopic here06:23
xgt001ok... :) any ideas about connecting nokia 6600 via bluetooth to Ubuntu 10.10 /10.04 for net connection????06:24
SoulPropagation1get the packages that are updated in 11.04 and add them to your 10.10 install06:24
rwwMixing packages from different versions of Ubuntu is not supported in this channel.06:25
ActionParsnipxgt001: http://www.abttech.com/connecting-internet-in-ubuntu-using-mobile-as-modem-via-bluetooth-or-datacable/06:25
bazhangSoulPropagation1, supremely bad advice06:25
xgt001i agree with bazhang ... will break lots of packages....06:26
xgt001actionparsnip: i tried it ... doesnt work :(06:26
ActionParsnipxgt001: could just wait 2 months06:26
SoulPropagation1it works with 11.04's packages; it doesn't work with 10.10's packages. that means the only option is to use the updated versions of the packages. you could manually install them but there's no real option outside of version mixing06:28
brandon420how can i check my computer specs?06:28
xgt001the basic problem is... 10.10 cant access my cellphone's bluetooth services ....(even file sharing) ....06:28
bazhangSoulPropagation1, dont recommend it here. its not helpful at all.06:29
bazhangbrandon420, sudo lshw06:29
lazyPowerI'm having trouble locating a spidermonkey package for Ubuntu 10.10, does anybody have any helpful hints on where I could find it?06:29
LinuxNoobbrandon420: noob even i know that, j/k :D06:29
ActionParsnipbrandon420: or use lshw-gtk06:29
g_0_0brandon420, sudo lshw | less06:29
xgt001@brandon420: go to system>administration>system monitor> system06:29
sacarlsonxgt001: might it just be in the kernel of 11.04?  you should be able to backport that06:29
ActionParsnip!info lshw-gtk06:30
ubottulshw-gtk (source: lshw): graphical information about hardware configuration. In component universe, is optional. Version 02.14-1build1 (maverick), package size 381 kB, installed size 1540 kB06:30
xgt001sacarlson: ya .... if thats the case then i dont think nothing much can be done :(06:30
xgt001i wanted especially for 10.04 as its an LTS06:30
SoulPropagation1bazhang: we've determined that it needs a newer version of whatever manages the connection than is available in 10.10. what else can you do besides get the newer package (or manually getting the package's contents or building the contents etc) somehow?06:31
lazyPower!info spidermonkey-bin06:31
ubottuPackage spidermonkey-bin does not exist in maverick06:31
sacarlsonxgt001: why did you already boot the 11.04 kernel in 10.10 and fail?06:31
bazhangSoulPropagation1, backports06:31
xgt001@sacarlson: nonono i was using 10.10 b4.... bt then formatted it and installed 11.04 (only for testing)... and i noticed that bluetooth works so dint remove it06:32
SoulPropagation1xgt001: do you have problems with 11.04?06:32
ActionParsniplazyPower: do you mean Mozilla's C implementation of JavaScript.06:33
lazyPowerActionParsnip: its required to run the jslint plugin for gedit is all i know06:33
pylixthe ppa didn´t work06:33
pylixmy txt rendering is messed up now06:33
xgt001@SoulPropagation1: not with the connection but with the gui of the OS .... i cant logout easily, notification area and compiz crashes randomly and so on06:33
lazyPowerpylix: ooooooo i hadn't considered searching for a ppa. thanks!06:34
xgt001thats justified though... its still in alpha...any help for 10.04 ???06:34
sacarlsonxgt001: so make a dualboot system with 10.10 and 11.04 and try backport the 11.04 kernel then,  if not boot the one that has the feature you need at the moment06:34
ActionParsniplazyPower: maybe: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/i386/spidermonkey-bin/   never heard of it personally06:34
PurplePeterHi everyone. Xorg has gone berserk and is taking up 100% CPU time on one core, and not working correctly. For some reason, despite sending it SIGKILL and SIGSTOP repeately, it won't die. How do I kill it?06:35
xgt001@sacarlson: 11.04 has a sad grub as of now.... it wont install with the normal installation... it shows error ... so no 10.04 dual boot :(06:35
fdsaseemslegitPurplePeter, you kill it softly.  Also,  Have you tried to reboot?06:36
SoulPropagation1xgt001: how about installing 10.04 second to use its grub06:36
sacarlsonxgt001: you don't need to change grub to boot the 11.04 kernel,  keep 10.04 grub and try just port the kernel06:36
xgt001ok first i have to install 11.04 then 10.04???06:36
Skilzhey guys my pc is screwed, it keeps freeing on the graphical 'Ubuntu' screen with the .... under it, it's before the GDM or what ever it is login screen.06:36
SoulPropagation1xgt001: or use 10.04's installer to reinstall grub06:37
xgt001sacarlson: can u explain how to port the kernel???06:37
chupacabratry fedora06:37
sacarlsonxgt001: you said you already have 11.04 installed,   you just need to setup a spare 6 gig partition to install the secound06:37
ActionParsnipSkilz: when the splash shows, press ESC and you can see the useful text that plymouth hides06:37
ActionParsnipchupacabra: please be constructive06:37
xgt001@chupacabra: ya i tried fedora as well ,... doesnt work06:37
chupacabralol sorry06:38
Blue1xgt001: this might help re-install grub:  http://pkill-9.com/?p=31406:38
chupacabrawhat video chipset?06:38
PurplePeterfdsaseemslegit: I have not. I was more worried about whether I've gone insane and SIGKILL doesn't actually just rudely remove the process from the run queue, than worried about how to fix the issue. For reference, I just discovered that dmesg has some pretty horrific things in it, so I think this issue may be that of a crashed graphics driver.06:38
sacarlsonxgt001: to port the kernel just get the deb file for it and install it in 10.04 or just copy the two files that make up a kernel and put them into /boot and create a custom grub2 entry to boot that set of ported kernel to try06:39
SkilzActionParsnip: not working06:39
xgt001sacarlson: ok the simple deb install should work???06:40
lazaruspchi, I just moved my home folder to a new drive/partition, and I see a "lost & found" folder in it - is that normal?  I'm a Linux noob - ty06:40
xgt001wat about the dependencies????06:40
xgt001lazarus: ya thats normal...06:40
lazaruspcok, thanks - is that like the hidden "recycler" in windows?06:41
ActionParsnipSkilz: ok then hold shift at boot, select recovery mode then select root, you can now use nano to edit /etc/default/grub and remove the quiet splash boot options, you can then run: update-grub  to apply the change and reboot to get a text boot06:41
sacarlsonxgt001: I'm not sure if the kernel is you problem or not but it's one difference between that it could be,  what version kernel is your 11.04 now running?06:41
xgt001@lazarus: exactly!06:41
xgt0012.6.37 rc306:42
SkilzActionParsnip: I already have that option turned off06:42
listerdlcant play dvds and done most things like medibuntu - but dvd is japanese u think that is problem06:42
listerdlam in japan :)06:43
ActionParsnipSkilz: then you should get no splash, just text06:43
lazaruspcmight have to change region on the dvd player, listerdl06:43
listerdlthanks is that an option in VLC lazaruspc?06:43
lazaruspclisterdl: doubt it - in windows, you right-click on the player, properties - not sure in linux (I'm noob)06:44
lazaruspcthink it affects the firmware06:45
sacarlsonxgt001: I see kernel 2.6.38 available in daily build ppa you could try on both 11.04 and 10.10 https://launchpad.net/~kernel-ppa/+archive/ppa?field.series_filter=lucid06:46
blitzer32hey anybody here with a separate home partition can help me out06:47
xgt001sacarlson: is it a deb file???06:47
lazaruspcblitzer:I just did it 5 min. ago, but I'm a major noob06:48
sacarlsonxgt001: it an added repository that adds deb files yes06:48
blitzer32when you had it in the home folder was it just your user name folder or was there other files06:48
xgt001sacarlson: will give it a shot :) thanks06:48
lazaruspcblitzer: I believe there were all the default subfolders, but not sure -this is fresh install06:49
przemo_liHi how to report bugs in boot process after upgrading to 11.0406:50
lazaruspcI followed directions on this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving06:50
blitzer32so inside the home folder there is a boot folder and an initrd.img amongst other things or no06:50
cse03_where is the trash option present?06:51
lazaruspcI see no boot folder in mine06:51
lazaruspcthe commands on the page I just listed move everything to the new home folder06:51
cse03_i want to restore my file from trash . where the trash present ?06:51
blitzer32okay thanks i thought so i can delete those then thx just wanted to double check06:51
lazaruspcblitzer: I'd back it up first06:52
lazaruspccan't be too safe06:52
cse03_what is the terminal command to restore from trash?06:52
blitzer32i already have a separate home partition setup thats not it my home partition is 10 gb and its only showing about 3 gb but i think i forgot to format the partition after changing it from the whole install to just the home partition06:52
zenithdk_-cse03_:  how about just going to the trash and then move it back out again?06:53
zenithdk_-if you deleted something using the command line, then it is gone06:53
lazaruspcblitzer: that page should help - took me a while, but I'm very new to this06:54
blitzer32just to be sure zenithdk_- ubuntu doesn't install any system files on your home partition right?06:54
zenithdk_-blitzer32: I have no idea how your partition layout is, so can't answer that06:55
blitzer32okay how about this i have a initrd.img file on my file system partition and on my home partition is that normal06:56
SuperMiguelwhats the easiest web serveri can use?06:56
SuperMiguelapache 2?06:57
chupacabrathe newest06:57
zenithdk_-blitzer32: I would expect it only to be on the file system partition, but I am no expert06:57
przemo_liHi how to report bugs in boot process after upgrading to 11.0406:57
zenithdk_-chupacabra: is that not a bit overkill? apache is hardly easy to configure?06:57
lazaruspcgl blitzer, good night to all06:58
przemo_liapache goes as pre configured06:58
chupacabrais for me.  get something less and when you need a real feature it ain't there06:58
przemo_liput anything to /var/www06:58
blitzer32okay thanks i'm pretty sure i know whats wrong so ill take the plung and delete them whats a reinstall anyway06:58
przemo_liif it is olny static web site06:58
brandon420how can i delete the main topbar?07:00
zenithdk_-right click -> delete?07:00
zenithdk_-but then your menu and everything will be gone :)07:00
zenithdk_-better to just move07:00
zenithdk_-move it to the bottom that is07:00
brandon420i want it gone, lol07:01
brandon420i have cairo-dock07:01
brandon420and you cant right click and delete07:02
=== buschwus_ is now known as buschwusch
zenithdk_-what does it say when you try?07:02
blitzer32i kept it with glx-dock i did remove it once but glx-dock is not that stable07:02
SuperMiguelhow about ftp server? whats a very simple ftp server?07:02
blitzer32you can't just right click delete07:02
brandon420you just cant click the option07:02
brandon420blitzer32, i have the dev version, and its pretty freaking stable, lolol.07:03
przemo_liUbuntu can not mount any file system after upgrading to 11.04 , manual mounting fails also, ubu think that / is mounted while it is not07:03
brandon420if something goes wrong, i have a keyboard combo for the terminal07:03
blitzer32do you have any extra hard drive whenever i try to open my ntfs drive from the shortcuts menu it doesn't work07:04
blitzer32the last post on this thread pg. 207:04
brandon420idk man07:05
brandon420i have 2 extras, but i dont have that issue07:05
blitzer32i know its odd it didn't used to happen but now it happens on both my desktop and laptop07:06
brandon420tha hell.....07:06
blitzer32your using ubuntu 10.1007:06
brandon420yeah, atleast now i am07:06
blitzer32and what version of cairo-dock i have 2.2.0-407:06
blitzer32how do you get the beta maybe that will fix it07:08
brandon420i would uninstall yours first07:09
brandon420then do that.07:09
brandon420pm me, and i can walk you through it if ya need it07:10
blitzer32thanks i've got it from here07:11
Bopanyone knows where vncserver logs failed login attempts ?07:11
Blue1Bop: good question07:12
brandon420maybe in the ~/vnc4server/ folder?07:13
Datzis ubuntu going to be doing point releases now? eg 10.04.207:13
Bopbrandon420, nope07:13
macoDatz: long term support releases get them every 6 months starting 3 months after release07:13
blitzer32i dont think so Datz what would make you think that07:13
macoblitzer32: the fact that the 10.04.2 freeze is currently in effect?07:13
Datzwell, 10.04.1 was apparently  the first point release07:14
holmserI need some help here. Just set up my server with spam assasin, and I want to test it.  Anyone know of any sites where I could post my email address that would guarantee spam?07:14
DatzI was wondering if this is a new strategy07:14
ericthehaxI just gotta say it, I'm stumped. Is there a file I could edit to change default compiling options? Y'know, so I don't have to specify everything every time? Such as in Gentoo there's /etc/make.conf07:14
blitzer32really i missed that i just went to 10.10 and forgot about the rest07:14
macoDatz: 8.04 also had point releases07:15
Datzmaco: ah. ok thanks07:15
ActionParsnipholmser: http://www.financial-freedom-informant.com/free-spam-guard.html07:15
blitzer32do you know why there are point releases?07:16
macoblitzer32: so you dont have to spend eternity downloading patches07:16
chris_osxno why?07:16
blitzer32sudo apt-get update07:18
blitzer32sorry wrong window im leaving thanks for the help07:19
ragaspatch : command not found; its a new vps.  do i have to install it?  ive done apt-get update07:19
brandon420got a easy question, where is the conky config at!?07:20
brandon420save me some googling07:20
ActionParsnipbrandon420: ~/.conkyrc07:20
brandon420ty again good sir07:21
blitzer32brandon420 updating to the beta fixed the issue thanks i thought i was on the beta07:21
brandon420the regular version never works right for me either07:21
blitzer32thats stupid the beta is more stable than the stable version07:22
smadwhat is polish kanal ubuntu ?07:22
rwwsmad: #ubuntu-pl07:23
blitzer32alright going to sleep got my 7 gb back and cairo/glx-dock fixed i can sleep happy07:23
kbrosnan!pl | smad07:23
ubottusmad: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.07:23
smadok thx ;)07:23
brandon420nn blitzer3207:23
zenithdk_-when trying to compile rawstudio I get an error about not being able to find glib.h, but I already installed libglib2.0-dev, and I did apt-get build-dep rawstudio - it seems like a lot of include directories are missing to the gcc command, what should I do?07:24
zenithdk_-rs-debug.h:23: fatal error: glib.h: No such file or directory07:24
zenithdk_-with what?07:27
I-Am-A-PenguinI am using ubuntu in virtualbox and compiz dosent work07:27
I-Am-A-PenguinI enabled 3d Acceleration but Ubuntu cant enable desktop effects07:28
zenithdk_-did you install support for 3D in virtualbox?07:28
ZykoticK9I-Am-A-Penguin, did you install the Virtual Guest Additions inside your vm?07:28
brandon420ummmmm.... hate to as again, but where the heck is the conky config?07:28
brandon420i looked in the home folder, and didnt see it.07:29
yonderingbrandon420, ~/.conkyrc07:29
yonderingbrandon420, ~ is your /home/username directory, if you didn't know.   .conkyrc (note the period at the beginning) is a hidden file.  If it's not there, it needs to be created.07:30
I-Am-A-Penguinzenithdk_-:What do you mean07:32
jgcampbell300can someone help me use firestarter to white list some of the computers on my lan07:33
zenithdk_-I meant the Guest Additions as the other person wrote07:34
zenithdk_-3D is not supported out of the box if I remember correctly07:35
I-Am-A-PenguinI installed the guest additions, and I DID enable 3D07:35
=== windkids is now known as windGone
yonderingThat is correct.  TBH though, I've never tried using compiz or any other composite wm in a vm.  not sure it's possible.07:36
ActionParsnip!away > windgone07:36
ubottuwindgone, please see my private message07:36
I-Am-A-PenguinIt did work when I installed karmic, but now I'm using maverick and it dosent work07:37
sagaciWhat doesn't work07:37
ActionParsnipI-Am-A-Penguin: which version vbox are you using?07:38
ActionParsnipHi technokid07:38
arundraculaHi Urgent Help needed!!!. While I was upgrading.. at Applying changes.. My system gone OFF due to power failure07:38
arundraculaI cannot go into ubuntu. It stucks at somewhere.. Ples help07:39
sagaciAny errors?07:39
zenithdk_-arundracula: can you get a shell?07:39
arundraculaHow to get the shell?07:39
ActionParsniparundracula: boot to root recovery and run: apt-get -f install07:39
rkodrHello, I was wondering if anyone could help. I have a pavilion dv2000 series laptop with broadcom wifi (4312) and have gotten the additional drivers for it from the livecd (restricted) for it and it still does not recognize07:40
arundraculaOn the recovery mode.. at somewhere it stucks... and I cannot type there07:40
ActionParsnipI-Am-A-Penguin: try the closed source one. There is a repo method o07:40
ActionParsnipOn the vbox site07:40
arundraculaSo what to do07:41
I-Am-A-PenguinActionParsnip:I'm not sure if Im using the closed source one07:41
ActionParsniparundracula: hold shift at boot, select recovery, select root07:41
arundraculathen apt-get -f install?07:42
* HeilNewDawn it07:42
ActionParsnipI-Am-A-Penguin: dpkg -l | grep virt | grep box07:42
ActionParsniparundracula: thats what i said..07:43
arundraculaI'll try and if fails at somewhere..07:43
HeilNewDawnhello ActionParsnip how do i get my ipod touch 3g working on ubuntu?07:43
I-Am-A-PenguinActionParsnip:Nothing happened07:43
arundraculaI'll retur here.07:43
arundraculaok. Im going to check that07:43
ActionParsnipHeilNewDawn: no idea. I don't buy garbage from Apple07:44
HeilNewDawnanyone can help to get ipod touch working on ubuntu as they say it's supported?07:45
ActionParsnipI-Am-A-Penguin: ok just search software centre. If you see 'ose' its the open one07:45
macoHeilNewDawn: stop now07:45
sagaciPlug it in07:45
rkodrIs there a possible conflict from me having both b43-fwcutter and bcmwl_kernel_source active?07:45
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod07:46
I-Am-A-Penguindpkg -l | grep virt | grep box didnt work07:46
thauriswulfaQUESTION: want to install xfce4.8 , would it ok if i do that ?07:46
HeilNewDawndoes anyone know how to get ipod touch 3g working on ubuntu?07:46
Bopdoes anyone users vncserver here ?07:46
ActionParsnipHeilNewDawn: if you had a more accessible device rather than one needing specific software to run you'd have an easier life07:47
I-Am-A-PenguinNo, i am using it on Windows07:47
HeilNewDawn i know but i got that so what you advise ?07:48
ActionParsnipthauriswulfa: omgubuntu have a review of it as well as a ppa07:48
sagaciDoes it come up in rhythmbox or banshee07:48
ActionParsnipHeilNewDawn: ubottu gave some info07:48
I-Am-A-PenguinI installed Virtualbox on XP07:48
HeilNewDawnwhere is ubottu ?07:49
sagaciVbox 4!07:49
HeilNewDawnubottu! ipod touch07:49
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod07:49
arundraculaHello, that command not working07:49
ActionParsnipI-Am-A-Penguin: you said. Did you find the app in software centre like i suggested??07:50
kaushalcan someone please guide me about https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2011-February/239556.html ?07:50
HeilNewDawnhey hello :)07:50
arundraculaI cannot go into console07:50
arundraculabecause,, on booting it stucks at Begin: Running scripts.init-bottom... doonw07:50
I-Am-A-PenguinI found it, but no help07:51
ActionParsniparundracula: can you give us some details or do you expect us to guess07:51
arundraculaI pressed shift and then entered into the recovery console07:51
sagaciGood work07:52
arundraculaBut I am not getting the console.. It got paused at07:52
ActionParsnipI-Am-A-Penguin: ok try:dpkg -l | grep -i virt07:52
leyvishello, my flash plugin of my firefox crashed when I try to put a video on full screen07:52
arundraculaIs there any other way or I want to install Ubuntu again?07:52
sagaciBack up ur data07:53
arundraculaHow to backup if I am not getting even console07:53
ActionParsniparundracula: you ca07:53
sagaciLive cd07:53
smackboxdoes anyone know how to exit fullscreen mode in putty?07:54
arundraculaOne more question.. where is the firefox bookmarks folder reside?07:54
ActionParsnipCan boot to livecd, chroot to the installed os and maybe run the same command07:54
arundraculaok.. I'll try07:54
ActionParsniparundracula: ~/.mozilla/firefox someplace07:55
rkodrHello, I was wondering if anyone could help. I have a pavilion dv2000 series laptop with broadcom wifi (4312) and have gotten the additional drivers for it from the livecd (restricted) for it and it still does not show as picking up anything.07:55
jetpackDoes anyone know anything about Gnomenu?  I changed a couple configuration settings, it had to restart, and now I can't see it at all, and neither can I add another one.  How could I re-set the settings?07:55
arundraculathank you07:55
=== HeilNewDawn is now known as Voa
hakermaniaHey, anybody willing to help with MIME types?07:56
gunndawgnot familiar with MIME types07:56
gunndawgsorry :(07:56
smackboxis anyone using putty?07:56
ActionParsniparundracula: if the command is no good, reinstall and restore user data from backup07:56
smackboxi'm stuck in fullscreen mode.07:56
ActionParsnipSmackbox: i do07:57
hakermaniagunndawg: No, problem. I have make a new mime type and a new icon for this mime type, but I cannot associate it with a specific application, and xdg-mime default desktop_file mime_type doesn't work at all.07:57
* Voa anyone had sucess using ipod touch 3g on ubuntu ?07:57
smackboxactionparsnip: any idea how to exit fullscreen?07:57
gunndawgI dont even know what a mime is07:58
I-Am-A-Penguinit came up with this07:58
I-Am-A-Penguinii  erlang-base                          1:13.b.3-dfsg-2ubuntu3                          Erlang/OTP virtual machine and base applications07:58
I-Am-A-Penguinii  gvfs                                 1.6.4-0ubuntu1                                  userspace virtual filesystem - server07:58
I-Am-A-Penguinii  gvfs-backends                        1.6.4-0ubuntu1                                  userspace virtual filesystem - backends07:58
I-Am-A-Penguinii  gvfs-fuse                            1.6.4-0ubuntu1                                  userspace virtual filesystem - fuse server07:58
FloodBot3I-Am-A-Penguin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:58
I-Am-A-Penguinii  libgnomevfs2-0                       1:2.24.3-1ubuntu1                               GNOME Virtual File System (runtime libraries)07:58
gunndawgI-Am-A-Penguin, use pastebin07:58
ActionParsnipSmackbox: I've never used fullscreen in putty as i have about 5 instances of it open at a time07:58
gunndawgActionParsnip, what for ?07:59
smackboxactionparsnip: i just figured it out, i had to alt-tab to the desktop then right click on the status bar.07:59
skilzhey guys, how can I share my internet from eth0 over wifi?08:00
ActionParsnipgunndawg: its how the OS knows what to do with files when users open them with doubleclick and such08:00
smackboxactionparsnip: i really didn't want to kill the process just to get back to the desktop lol08:00
gunndawgActionParsnip, putty ? what? pretty sure putty isnt a file type handler08:00
ActionParsnipgunndawg: we use unix and redhat based esx at work = lots of putty08:01
skilzI have pc1 sharing internet 'ppp0' via 'eth0' to pc2 and I want to share the internet from 'eth0' on pc2 over wifi to my phone and macbook08:01
gunndawgActionParsnip, hmm alright, I though putty was a form of connecting to a computer or server08:01
kaushalChecking in again for the query ?08:02
ActionParsnipgunndawg: putty is a terminal client for ssh, telnet and such08:02
windparadisehelllo, which script do we run or how do we run application which will start as soon as ubuntu start running08:02
gunndawgActionParsnip, right, so what does that have to do with it telling you how to handle icons when you double click on them? i am confused, lol08:02
RishavTwindparadise: you want to add a command to autostart?08:03
ActionParsnipwindparadise: before the login screen or when the user has logged in?08:03
windparadisebefore a user has logged in08:03
extra11whens the next ubuntu scheduled to come out?08:04
m4rtinhi, does anyone know if gparted can resize an encrypted (luks) partition?08:04
m4rtinextra11: April08:04
rwwextra11: April08:04
ActionParsnip!boot | windparadise08:04
ubottuwindparadise: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto08:04
hakermaniaI have make a new mime type and a new icon for this mime type, but I cannot associate it with a specific application, and xdg-mime default desktop_file mime_type doesn't work at all.08:04
m4rtinhmmm, answered my own q, seems not: http://gparted.sourceforge.net/features.php08:05
windparadiseubottu: wat about after the user logged in?08:05
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:05
rww!startup | windparadise08:05
ubottuwindparadise: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot08:05
ActionParsnipgunndawg: i explained to you what mimetypes as you said you weren't familiar. I may have mistargetted you in the putty forray as i'm very tired08:06
yourwhiteshadowanyone happen to know the source server console command to get the server to shut down?08:07
gunndawgActionParsnip, ah ok, yeah that makes more sense, lol I was  like "ummm that doesnt sound like putty" lol08:07
gunndawgI <3 Python, just finished up my first GUI app. Its an Apt- Front-End Panel :)08:08
RishavTyourwhiteshadow: "sudo shutdown -P now"? that should shutdown the server (after ssh-ing into it)08:08
jetpackDoes anyone know anything about Gnomenu?  I changed a couple configuration settings, it had to restart, and now I can't see it at all, and neither can I add another one.  How could I re-set the settings?08:08
ActionParsnipyourwhiteshadow: do you mean shutdown the system at commandline?08:08
yourwhiteshadowRishavT: well, every command i throw at it doesn't go through linux cmd line, its the source server console08:08
ActionParsnipJetpack: try: cd; la   if nothing looks obvious ru08:09
RishavTyourwhiteshadow: ohk missed that :P08:09
ActionParsnipRun: cd ~/.co08:09
ActionParsnipcd ~/.config; la08:10
jetpackjust got it, found the config settings manager, thanks :D08:11
ActionParsnipJetpack: those 2 folders are common places, or check in gconf-editor08:11
jetpackif you're curious, I just ran 'python /usr/lib/gnomenu/GnoMenu-Settings.py '08:11
ActionParsnipJetpack: i've moved on from gnome :-)08:12
jetpackI've just barely moved on from Windows. :P08:13
hakermania!mime | windparadise08:13
ActionParsnipSwing and a miss08:13
hakermaniaHey guys.....Anybody played with mime-types before?08:14
windparadisehakermania: what is te mime for ?08:14
skilzhey guys, how can I share my internet from eth0 over wifi?08:15
skilzI have pc1 sharing internet 'ppp0' via 'eth0' to pc2 and I want to share the internet from 'eth0' on pc2 over wifi to my phone and macbook08:15
hakermaniawindparadise: For an application I am developing. The last step is to associate the mime-type with the application. All other things have been done08:15
ActionParsniphakermania: you can set default apps by rightclicking then selecting 'other app' if you tell the OS to it ca08:15
ActionParsnipCan remember your wishes08:15
hakermaniaActionParsnip: I am developing an app for including it to the Ubuntu. By installing the DEB file, user should be ready to run the files and open by default with my app.08:16
c0ldfront!panel coldfront08:17
hakermaniaActionParsnip: So, there should not be user action. These new mime-types should be opened by default with my app.08:17
fromwubi2partitiIs anyone there?08:17
ActionParsniphakermania: why not remaster the ubuntu iso so the app is installed on any machine you setup with it08:17
fromwubi2partitiHello, I just reinstalled Ubuntu on a new partition and I'm trying to replace its root.disk with wubi root.disk I had before. How can I do this?08:19
hakermaniaActionParsnip: I wasn't probably understood. I am developing an app. It is currently reviewed by the MOTUS, in order to be included to ubuntu. This app has some project files. These files have to be opened with my application by default, once my application's deb file is installed. Imagine that you're downloading a DEB file from Ubuntu Software Center e.g. audacity, it does have .aup project files, that open by default with Audacity. I wan08:20
hakermaniaI have created the new mime type, I've added an icon for this mime-type, and all work, except the association application-mime type, i mean, to open this mime-type with my application.08:21
ActionParsniphakermania: there is a textfile in the user folder to set associations per user so the file may be in /usr/skel08:21
ActionParsnipOr is it /etc/skel08:22
phonex01guys i need help08:23
phonex01how to install tor proxy in ubuntu ?08:23
phonex01ubuntu 10.1008:23
rwwubottu: tor | phonex0108:23
ubottuphonex01: Tor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is not in Ubuntu's repositories. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl08:23
acrylineis there anybody ?08:24
phonex01thank you08:24
ejvyes, there's over 1000 users in here acryline08:24
phonex01thank you08:25
acrylineI have a probleme I can't configure user language on my Ubuntu system08:25
hakermaniaActionParsnip: I don't get you. What /etc/skel stands for? it's an empty directory, only containing a file, example.desktop08:25
acrylinecan I have help but I'm not a good english speacker :)08:25
ActionParsnip!tor-sasl > actionparsnip08:25
ubottuActionParsnip, please see my private message08:25
ejvI have written a bunch of rules in crontab -e then did a `service restart cron` but the rules aren't being run at the specified times, what could be wrong?08:26
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zickhi i have problem whit samba08:27
zicki try to connect from linux to windows but i get this errot : Connection to failed (Error NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL)08:27
zicksomeone have any idea?08:28
greppyejv: use http://paste.ubuntu.com and put your crontab in there so we can see what you are trying to do?08:28
phonex01i'm trying to install tor and i have this error "  Got a single header line over 360 chars "08:28
skilzI have pc1 sharing internet 'ppp0' via 'eth0' to pc2 and I want to share the internet from 'eth0' on pc2 over wifi to my phone and macbook08:28
=== alxsenen is now known as NovaLinux
greppy!ics | skilz08:29
ubottuskilz: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php08:29
ejvgreppy: http://dpaste.com/387555/08:29
zicksomeone have any idea for my problem whit samba: Connection to failed (Error NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL)08:29
phonex01what is this error ? W: Failed to fetch http://deb.torproject.org/torproject.org/dists/maverick/Release.gpg  Got a single header line over 360 chars08:29
ejveverybody familiar with cron: http://dpaste.com/387555/ why isn't this running...08:29
ejvthanks in advance ;)08:29
skilzthats no help08:30
ryan-cejv: is that the system crontab or a user crontab?08:30
ejvso you're saying that it's written correctly?08:30
ejvi did crontab -e as root08:30
ejvand started writing08:30
ejvif i do crontab -l it lists it just as i had written it08:31
ryan-cjust use one line08:31
ejvi should have logs from several days, i wrote it days ago, just realized nothing is running...08:31
ryan-c21 3 * * 1,3,5,6 rsync -av /var /mnt/backup/ > /root/logs/var-$(date +%Y-%m-%d_%a_%T).log08:31
greppyejv: also, you don't have to restart cron if you edit a crontab, it should pick it up automatically.08:32
acrylineperl: warning: Setting locale failed.08:32
acrylineperl: warning: Please check that your locale settings:08:32
acryline    LANGUAGE = (unset),08:32
acryline    LC_ALL = (unset),08:32
acryline    LANG = "fr_FR.utf8"08:32
FloodBot3acryline: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:32
acryline    are supported and installed on your system.08:32
ejvgreppy: i used service cron restart08:32
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ejvit's almost 3:40 am right now08:32
greppyejv: you don't have to do that after editing a crontab.08:33
ejvi'll adjust the rules, make it run at 3:40am and restart it, then watch08:33
phonex01help plz08:34
phonex01 i'm trying to install tor-proxy and i have this error ? W: Failed to fetch http://deb.torproject.org/torproject.org/dists/maverick/Release.gpg  Got a single header line over 360 chars08:34
jimlovell777I have a directory full of folders, each of which contains an iteration of a development web site I've been working on. Is there an automated way to create a diff/git/? version of each file with the same name assembled by modified date?08:34
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ejvgreppy: yea i didn't think so08:34
barillottohelp for stampante, lexmark x250008:34
ejvif my rules are syntactically correct, why aren't logs being generated...08:34
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greppyejv: you may need to give the full path to date08:35
ejvgreppy: if i run the command manually, it works08:36
greppyejv: I say again, you may have to give the full path to date.  the environment in cron is not the same as in your interactive shell.08:36
zicksomeone for me: errore Connection to failed (Error NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFU using samba08:37
ejvgreppy: could you give an example of the full path to date08:37
=== lykeus` is now known as lykeus
ejvgreppy: oh you mean like /usr/bin ?08:37
greppyejv: yes.08:37
ejvgreppy: /usr/bin/date i imagine08:38
ejvgreppy: gotcha, it's nearly 4am forgive me :)08:38
greppy'which date' will give you the full path.08:38
greppyejv: you may also need to do that for rsync08:38
greppy(I just woke up, meh)08:38
PaulyHello, would anybody know how I can replace my root.disk from a new ubuntu partition install with my previous wubi root.disk?08:39
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zickmy problem: errore Connection to failed (Error NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL)08:39
ejvgreppy: testing :)08:40
jimlovell777I have a directory full of folders, each of which contains an iteration of a development web site I've been working on. Is there an automated way to create a diff/git/? version of each file with the same name assembled by modified date?08:40
ejvgreppy: i just got this idea where i could call a .sh and in the .sh i could have the rsync rules instead, to avoid this nonsense :)08:40
greppyejv: you would still need to either specify a full path to the executables or set the PATH env variable.08:41
zickmy problem: errore Connection to failed (Error NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL)08:41
PaulyDoes anybody know how to replace a new installed partitioned ubuntu root.disk with an older wubi root.disk within the new ubuntu?08:41
PaulyDo you know ejv?08:42
TurboEggwatch this hilarious moron http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAN4EfIPpkQ08:42
ejvgreppy: still nothing :(08:42
Paulygreppy do you know?08:43
ejvpauly don't go around asking everybody if they know something, if someone does they will speak up!08:43
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Paulysorry ejv08:44
jeniahello, I have Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07) on the lenovo notebook, Ubuntu 10.04. Gnome loads, fine. I just can't start 3d acceleration. People suggested to check /etc/X11/xorg.conf file, but it's missing, is it possible? I did locate xorg.conf, it can't find it anywhere except for a folder, called: /usr/lib/X11/xorg.conf.d/08:44
m4rtinPauly: I'm not an expert on Wubi, but you probably can't do the replace from inside the running OS, it will be mounted already08:45
greppyejv: take a look in /var/log/auth.log, did it show that it went to do anything?08:45
IchGuckLivehi all if i am in Group admin i do not need "su" is this korrekt?08:45
PaulyCan I replace it through running the Ubuntu demo on the CD?08:45
zickmy problem: errore Connection to failed (Error NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL)08:46
ejvgreppy: lots of CRON[14979]: pam_unix(cron:session): session opened for user root by (uid=0)08:46
ejvgreppy: and then immediately after a session closed statement08:46
techlobyte1KDE hurt my feelings08:47
zickerrore Connection to failed (Error NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL)08:47
zickerrore Connection to failed (Error NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL)08:47
greppy!patience | zick08:48
ubottuzick: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/08:48
IvisI need help with VPN, how can i get it work? I configure vpn with settings and vpn wont work08:48
techlobyte1Ivis: same here08:48
acrylinehello I have a probleme with local language, when I use commande reconfigure I have this result08:48
PaulyIf I can replace it with the previous wubi root.disk I'm gonna have to reinstall my whole git and ruby on rails setup :(08:48
Ivistechhelper1,  oh it is so difficult to get it work ?08:48
hakermaniaAnybody else willing to help me with a mime-type problem?08:49
Ivisi was thinking that i am completley noob08:49
Ivisbut i see this is global08:49
acrylineThis problem come after my last update08:49
ejvIvis: to actually get real help, you should in great detail, describe what you did, what guide you used, what documentation you've read, and most importantly what error messages you are receiving.08:49
acrylineon Ubuntu08:49
techlobyte1Ivis: in general it's better to use ssh08:49
Ivishmm no guide just straight to configure vpn and put information in and save08:49
nickoanyone using webservices in here ?08:49
nickohi everybody08:49
acrylineI can't change language08:50
djjonexi need to configure my postfix to use with php mail function08:50
nickogot a question on webservice deployement08:50
greppyPauly: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide#How%20do%20I%20migrate%20to%20a%20real%20partition,%20and/or%20get%20rid%20of%20Windows%20entirely?08:50
djjonexwhats up nicko08:50
nickoif someone could help I would enjoy08:50
nickohi djjonex08:50
greppy!ask | nicko08:51
ubottunicko: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:51
djjonexill try nicko08:51
minimecacryline: How would you reconfigure your locales? command? I would start by reconfiguring the locale package itself. 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales'08:51
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=== moocat is now known as CensoredBiscuit
acrylineok I try mimimec :)08:51
nickoactually I got two webservices, one writen in java the other in php and I would like to call the WS in PHP using the one I wrote in java08:51
djjonexi never work ith java and php 2gether08:52
nickobut I got errors when generating the wsdl from the JAVA webservice08:52
djjonexi do everythign in php08:52
nickoI come back later08:52
nickothankx anyway08:52
acrylineBut I had do that ! and I had http://paste.ubuntu.com/562966/08:52
djjonexmake sure ur java serve ris up08:53
djjonexhow i configure postfix to use mail function in php08:53
PaulyI already uninstalled the old wubi though but saved the root.disk file. Do I have to reinstall wubi on windows again before I migrate it to the newly partitioned ubuntu?08:53
techlobyte1keep you wubi from going out the window08:54
greppyPauly: I don't know.  All I did was go to the wubi page and scroll down to something that looked like it would answer your question.08:54
minimecacryline: Ok. It looks that your french language packages are not installed completely. Could you nce open the 'UN-Flag' in the <system <administration menu? 'Language support' You might have to complete some downloads08:55
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nit-witPauly, how big is that root disc08:56
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sudo_zoelhelo.. doen anybody can help me?09:05
sudo_zoeli have a problem witth my ubuntu09:06
ejv!ask | sudo_zoel09:06
ubottusudo_zoel: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:06
sudo_zoelwindow border is disappear in any application. so i cann't find where is minimize, maximize & close button. somebody help me please, i use ubuntu 10.1009:08
RishavTsudo_zoel: always gone? or just sometimes?09:08
nooniansudo_zoel, i believe if you hold alt you can grab the window anywhere with the mouse09:08
suprengrsudo_zoel: download Compiz Fusion Icon - use it to restart window manager09:09
sudo_zoelalways gone. alt+tab does not work09:09
RishavTsudo_zoel: if it goes away sometimes, press alt+f2 and type in "compiz --replace" and see if it comes back.09:09
Schmoove /join #lug-bremen09:09
minimecsudo_zoel: I guess you use compiz and got the wrong windows decoration. If you have 'ccsm', go to windows ddecoration and change the 'command' to '/usr/bin/compiz-decorator'09:10
sudo_zoelsuperengr: i already have compiz09:10
suprengrsudo_zoel: yup - fusion icon is separate - and does what you want done :)09:11
sudo_zoelminimec: yes, i use compiz, can you explain more detail how to..09:11
suprengr[I had the same problem & took the advice on this channel I just offered... works every time for me]09:12
minimecsudo_zoel: Do you have 'ccsm' installed? 'CompizConfigSettingsManager'09:12
sudo_zoelminimec: i think, i have it09:13
onceltucahi, im having problem starting x, when i try to start i get this message: “The configuration defaults for GNOME Power Manager have not been installed correctly. Please contact your computer administrator.” somebody here who has seen this before and thinks he/she can help me?09:13
cgtaurinoLOAD -e GlobalFind.mrc09:13
minimecsudo_zoel: So open it and go to 'window decoration'. There you find a line with 'command'. Change what's written there to '/usr/bin/compiz-decorator'09:14
sudo_zoelminimec: i try..09:14
researcher1why Im unable to install Ubuntu after Windows?09:15
rigvedresearcher1: are you able to load the Ubuntu LiveCD?09:15
researcher1rigved: yes09:16
rigvedresearcher1: then, what happens if you try to click on install after loading the Ubuntu LiveCD?09:16
firiandoes the new version of ubuntu support ati graphics cards?09:16
minimecfirian: Wich one do you use?09:17
firian200m express09:17
firianminimec: 200m express09:18
minimecfirian: Just a moment... ;)09:18
Tm_Tfirian: it's supported as far as I can tell09:18
firianTm_T: ok thanks09:19
Firartixis there some command i can use to suspend/restart/etc ?09:19
Firartixi changed WM and this one lacks of such features in the default menus09:19
minimecfirian: Ok. Your card is R400 series card. It is supported quiet well with the OpenSource Driver in 10.10 Maverick. Support will even be better in 11.04. See http://wiki.x.org/wiki/RadeonFeature http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xpress_20009:20
firianminimec: ok thanks alot.09:21
lio_013in what package can i find the header files to prevent thsi error "11/extensions/shape.h: No such file or directory"09:21
lio_013X11/extensions/shape.h: No such file or directory09:22
lio_013i use ubuntu 10.1009:22
lio_013libx11-dev installed09:22
RicoSwaveWhere can I find the root.disk file in my newly installed Ubuntu?09:22
Tm_Tlio_013: libxext-dev apparently, packages.ubuntu.com is great way to search for these (:09:23
resonateanyone have experience setting up a wacom cintique in ubuntu?  cause its a pain in the arse...09:23
=== RichiH is now known as RichiH_FOSDEM
onceltucasome body who knows what it is about?09:24
resonateor has done it09:24
onceltuca“The configuration defaults for GNOME Power Manager have not been installed correctly. Please contact your computer administrator.”09:24
Firartixnubudy knows ? :|09:24
resonatenot too many graphics nerds using ubuntu eh?09:25
resonateah well... on my own for this one09:25
tsimpsonresonate: someone in #ubuntu-artwork may know, but it's not a very active channel09:26
=== Schmoove is now known as SchmoozzZ
resonateahh thanks09:26
tsimpsonresonate: the mailing list may be better http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-art09:26
RicoSwaveWhere can I find the root.disk file in my newly installed Ubuntu?09:26
resonatethanks again09:27
GThoth:) post your questions here09:27
Crovax-31hi, can we still use the web interface of lanchpad to report bug on ubuntu or we must use  "ubuntu-bug" ? I have a bug with my keyboard on 11.0409:28
gajendrahey buddy09:28
jukhey all09:28
gajendraplz tell me  how to access linux mint from win09:28
minimecresonate: Well... well some time ago you had to change your xorg.conf to use some wacom tablets. But that changed, I guess with the new Xserver and udev.09:28
RicoSwaveWhere can I find my root.disk file in a partitioned Ubuntu?09:29
minimecresonate: Have a look at google with 'wacom udev ubuntu' or something09:29
Crovax-31(it can't launch any keymap, the visual keyboard have "?" on each key and ctrl+alt+F1 don't works except I use alt+scrennshot+r)09:29
resonateI have gone through a few guides but nothing has worked09:29
tsimpsonCrovax-31: you can use https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug/?no-redirect09:30
minimecresonate: Here is a forum thread about the HAL -> udev change in combination with Wacom09:30
minimecresonate: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=146745709:30
RicoSwave------> Where Can I Find My root.disk File in a Newly Partitioned Ubuntu Drive?09:30
Crovax-31tsimpson: thanx09:30
greppyRicoSwave: A Wubi install?09:31
sarthorHi, Can some one tell me, what language is this, and can i get same howto in English ? http://manajung.blogspot.com/2010/12/coova-124-ubuntu-1010.html09:32
onceltucashould it be any problem running a stationary computer without gnome-power-manager?09:32
=== meltingwacks is now known as meltingwax
RicoSwaveNo I uninstalled Wubi, saved a backup of the root.disk file, now I'm running Ubuntu CD with umounted newly partitioned Ubuntu install, I'm trying to look for the new root.disk so I can copy the old wubi root.disk over it09:32
greppyRicoSwave: so you are converting from Wubi to a native install?09:33
ravionrailsi want to distribute network connection from my ubuntu pc to my lan systems, where should i start from , help me09:33
resonatethanks minimec, lead me to what looks like an answer09:33
greppy!ics | ravionrails09:33
ubotturavionrails: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php09:33
minimecresonate: NO problem ;)09:34
Ivisin vpn configuration where it ask "Gateway" i need to provride my gateway ? from ifconfig ?09:34
firianminimec: i am running 8.10 can i update straight to 10.10? the autoupdater wants me to do 9.04.09:34
RicoSwaveI already natively installed a new ubuntu to a new partition. I just want to copy the old wubi root.disk over this new partition root.disk, but I can't find where the root.disk is on it09:34
nixjrhow would i do an "ls /example > filename" and then an "ls /example2 > filename" with the 2nd being appended to the first?09:34
ravionrailsthanks greppy for responding and pointing me to this link09:35
greppyRicoSwave: there is no root.disk in a new ubuntu install.09:35
minimecfirian: You cannot update directly to 10.10. I would consider a fresh install, as there were also changes in the filesystem and other changes.09:35
RicoSwavereally? dam....09:35
ravenwhere to insert the username in sudo mount -t smbfs 192.168.x.x/www windows?09:35
firianminimec: will it delete all my data?09:35
gajendraany one can help me for linux mint09:36
RicoSwaveso how can I get all my old files back from the old wubi to this new partition?09:36
greppy!mint | gajendra09:36
ubottugajendra: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org09:36
minimecfirian: If you have a seperate /home partition, just don't touch that partition and your personal data is fine. Otherwise your data is gone!09:36
ravenwhere to insert the username in sudo mount -t smbfs 192.168.x.x/www windows?09:37
fdsaseemslegit!patience | raven09:37
ubotturaven: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/09:37
RicoSwavedammit, does that mean I'm gonna have to reinstall my git, ruby, and rails setup again?09:38
firianMinimec: i know it will probably be time consuming but if i just go through the 9.04 and 9.10 updates will my data be saved?09:38
rumpe1raven, e.g. mount -t smbfs //$server/share /local/mount -o rw,username=$USER09:39
researcher1My Ubuntu took infinite time to boot,hence I formatted C drive & installed XP.Now trying to install Ubuntu freshly but cant succeed09:39
ravenrumpe1, tnx09:39
ravionrailsdo i need two wireless cards for internet connection sharing, because i have one wireless card and all my lan systems have also one wireless card09:39
minimecfirian: Well normally yes, but even then I would backup most important personal data.09:39
rumpe1raven, pasted it from commandlinefu.com ... don't know, if it works09:39
firianminimec: ok thanks.09:40
RicoSwavedammit ubuntu, why is wubi still having this grub glitch. this is horrible09:41
anygivennamedoes anyone know how to configure Privoxy ?09:41
jukRicoSwave: calm down09:42
RicoSwavemy whole dev setup is gone since I can't reinstall my old wubi root.disk to my new ubuntu partition....i'm fucked09:42
rumpe1RicoSwave, wubi /is/ horrible...09:43
fdsaseemslegitRicoSwave, please stop surcing.09:43
juk!recovery | RicoSwave09:43
ubottuRicoSwave: To rescue a broken system, boot the alternate install CD and select "Rescue a broken system"09:43
RicoSwaveNothings broken ubottu, its just I can't transfer my wubi root.disk to a new ubuntu partition09:44
greppyRicoSwave: It looks like you might be able to mount it in linux: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=103787409:44
sudo_zoelminimec: ccsm window decoration already '/usr/bin/compiz-decorator' but my window border still gone09:44
minimecjuk: That won't fix a wubi install...09:44
ejvanygivenname: http://www.privoxy.org/user-manual/index.html09:45
greppyhe's not trying to fix a wubi install, he's trying to get the contents of his root.disk into his new regular ubuntu install.09:45
minimecsudo_zoel: Hmm... And you still got no window decorations at all?09:45
anygivennameejv: I read the manual but could not help myself09:45
RicoSwaveexactly greppy, can't seem to find anything on how to do taht09:45
rumpe1RicoSwave, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=100781609:45
=== vincent is now known as Guest20656
jukminimec: i wouldn't know09:45
greppyRicoSwave: save your root.disk to your new home directory, and look at the link I sent you. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=103787409:46
ejvanygivenname: then i suggest instead of asking very ambiguous and vague questions, to instead provide detailed errors and information regarding your configuration problems.09:46
sudo_zoelyes window border is still gone. i'm using 'mutter' right now to show window border09:47
minimecjuk: I cannot imagine the recovery system messing around on a win ntfs- partition...09:47
=== Guest20656 is now known as vinc3n
anygivennameejv: I installed Privoxy & have not done anything yet with the configuration...I have only read the manual & did not know what to do...so I am seeking help here09:47
jukminimec: lack of imagination09:47
minimecsudo_zoel: OK! Mutter is another story. Are you on 11.04 alpha? Then you might want to /join #ubuntu+109:48
sarthorHi, Can some one tell me, what language is this, and can i get same howto in English ? http://manajung.blogspot.com/2010/12/coova-124-ubuntu-1010.html09:48
RicoSwaveHow can I see which partition each OS is installed on?09:48
minimecjuk: No. Just years of experience... ;)09:48
MagicJI have picked up a not bad laptop in a pawn shop - the only issue appears to be that the wifo does not work - can I use pretty much any ISB wifi adapter09:48
jukminimec: ah09:49
sudo_zoelminimec: using mutter, ccsm doesnt work.09:49
RishavTsarthor: http://translate.google.com/translate?js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http://manajung.blogspot.com/2010/12/coova-124-ubuntu-1010.html09:49
juksarthor: #linguistics ?09:49
ejvso you haven't touched the configuration file which is very detailed, therefore you're having problems configuring it.... seems kind of circular doesn't it ;)09:49
sarthorRishavT, this page is banned here, can please save as a pdf and upload to net.09:49
sarthorRishavT, i will be really thankfull to you.09:49
RishavTsarthor: oh okay. sure, I'll do that.09:50
Crovax-31tsimpson: I reported my bug, thanx: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/71355409:50
minimecsudo_zoel: That's it. Mutter isn't compiz.09:50
sarthorif i open that link. so i will see this page,
sarthorthanks RishavT09:50
anygivennameejv: I do not know what to do in the configuration file....I was hoping to find someone who has done it before or is aware of how to do it09:50
ejvanygivenname: how about this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Privoxy09:51
suprengrsudo_zoel: do you know how to use Ubuntu Sotware Centre?  If so, why not try my earlier advice?09:51
sudo_zoelminimec: so, what shuold i do to make ccsm work?09:52
sudo_zoelsuperengr: i'm sorry, can you repeat it?09:52
anygivennameejv: seems good link09:53
ejvthe power of google09:53
minimecsudo_zoel: With mutter you cannot. Mutter is an seperate compositing window manager tool. It will be the base of the Gnome 3.0 desktop, while Ubuntu will stay with a compiz/Unity combination.09:53
suprengrsudo_zoel: download Compiz Fusion Icon - use it to restart window manager09:53
ejvmore people here should use it09:53
RicoSwavegrebby don't I have to edit that script based on where I placed my root.disk file on the windows partition?09:54
greppyRicoSwave: yes.09:54
greppyRicoSwave: I was just linking it as a way of showing how you could mount it once you are in ubuntu to get to your files.09:55
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sudo_zoelsuperengr: i already install comfiz icon, and then?09:56
rafaaHi, I have a Bash script which updates a text file. When I run it by hand it works, but if it's executed by cron it doesn't work09:58
rafaacan anybody help me? [BASH] [CRON]09:58
suprengrsudo_zoel: is it showing in your panel yet? If not fire it up from menu & then...right click on the icon and select "Restart Window Manager".09:58
greppy!paste | rafaa post your bash script so we can see it.09:59
ubotturafaa post your bash script so we can see it.: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:59
ejvhmm sounds similar to my issue09:59
sudo_zoeleveryone, how to save this chat log to file??09:59
RicoSwavearrghh forget it, i'm just gonna reinstall wubi and copy the old wubi root.disk file over it09:59
ejvgreppy: i solved my issue by calling /bin/sh/ <script> then having the rsync operation in the .sh :)09:59
rafaahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/562990/    greppy10:00
tsimpsonsudo_zoel: you don't have to: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/02/05/%23ubuntu.html10:00
MagicJI removed, using apt-get remove, the FastUserSwitcherApplet because it was confusing my staff.  Now when I log in I get the message that there is a problem loading it.  What do I need to do to stop the attempted load?10:00
rafaaubottu also, if you are not a bot ^^10:01
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:01
greppyrafaa: specify the full path to iwconfig, grep, cut and cat, or specify a PATH environment variable that includes the paths to those programs.10:01
RicoSwavethanks greppy but i'm gonna just go back to wubi and replace the root.disk until ubuntu figures out a more elegant fix to this10:02
rafaagreppy, why am I supposed to do like this? These are standard executables. Doesn't cron set the defaut $PATH?10:02
greppyrafaa: no.10:03
q_a_z_stevedoes anyone know whether mailman inherently has issues with underscores in an address when sending? Maybe multiple underscores???10:03
minimecsudo_zoel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/562992/10:03
rafaagreppy, but if I set PATH in the script, then cron will use it, right?10:03
greppyrafaa: the script will use it, cron won't care :)10:03
rafaagreppy ok :D10:03
rafaagreppy, do you know how can I plot the results with gnuplot?10:04
greppyrafaa: nope10:04
rafaaok :D thx anyway10:04
n3rV3rafaa, what do you want to plot?10:04
rafaan3rv3 it's a text file10:04
rafaaeach line contains a number in [0:99]10:05
rafaait's the wifi signal measure during day, n3rv310:05
rafaaif I do something like gnuplot> plot "wifi.dat" I don't get the right plot10:05
greppyrafaa: to plot it, wouldn't you also need a timestamp?10:06
rafaagreppy, I don't know gnuplot :D I think that if you have a single column you should interpret it like a historical series10:06
greppyrafaa: I don't know gnuplot either, so good luck :)10:07
rafaa(I don't know how you call it, in Italy we say "serie storica"10:07
rafaagreppy ok :D10:07
n3rV3does this work ? > gnuplot plot "wifi.dat" using 110:07
schnuffle1rafaa: what about using rrdtool?10:07
gunndawgWhere does RecordMyDesktop install to? I cant find it under applications, admin, or pref10:08
jukgunndawg: just run in terminal10:08
rafaan3rv3 I'm trying . schnuffle1 let me documenting :D10:09
jukgunndawg: there is gui version also10:09
gunndawgjuk, thx10:10
rafaan3rv3 thx it works :D now I'm looking for drawing line between points10:10
jukgunndawg: you are wellcome :)10:10
n3rV3rafaa glad it worked :)10:10
rafaaschnuffle1 rrdtool seems a fantastic tool! I'm looking at its doc10:11
rafaan3rv3 thx for your help :D10:11
n3rV3rafaa, no problem10:12
schnuffle1rafaa: it's the perfect tool for the visualization of performance data, used by nagios grapher munin ....10:12
sudo_zoelminimec: where you can find that address?10:12
rafaaschnuffle1, I'd have never found it, thx a lot!!! can you please tell me how to plot this simple matter?10:14
sudo_zoelguys, i'm using xchat, but it's no sound at all in every chat window. how to enabled sound in xchat10:14
schnuffle1rafaa: show me your data. apparently you have a time-value pair?10:15
n3rV3rafaa, gnuplot> plot "./anyplot" using 1 with linespoints10:15
n3rV3change anyplot to your filena,e10:15
rafaan3rv3 thx, I'm saving it10:16
rafaaschnuffle1, http://paste.ubuntu.com/562995/  here it is10:16
minimecsudo_zoel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/562992/10:17
minimecsudo_zoel: That adress?10:17
schnuffle1rafaa: :) so you have a cron job running, writing a value to your file? wouldn't it be better to store the time as well? Using rrdtool you would fill a rrd database instead of writing to a file10:18
onceltucathink i have spotted my problem now.. I can only start x as root. is there any simple solution to this? i.e i want to be able to start as any user.10:19
rafaaschnuffle1, of course, I can do it :D but how??? is it simple enough? with cron and gnuplot I accomplish it soon.. I don't know rrdtool, can you link me the right (simple) documentation for writing to database and plotting it?10:21
FirartixHey guyz! Is there some text command i can use to do stuff like the Suspend or Restart commands?10:21
schnuffle1rafaa: have a look at http://www.mrtg.org/rrdtool/tut/rrdtutorial.en.html10:21
erUSULFirartix: to suspend to ram a laptop ?10:21
Firartixi changed WM10:22
Firartixand the new one don't have those features in menus10:22
Firartixso i was wonderring if i can still use them through command line10:22
minimeconceltuca: YOu should be able to start the xserver as normal user, but not the gdm (gnome-display-manager)10:23
Firartixno clue about it :( ?10:23
erUSULFirartix: echo "mem" > sudo tee /sys/power/state10:24
erUSUL!find s2ram10:24
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ubottuFile s2ram found in linux-doc, linux-ec2-doc, uswsusp10:24
FirartixerUSUL: but if i run that from a normal user, will it work?10:25
Firartixsudo blocks and ask for the root pass right :| ?10:25
erUSULFirartix: yes10:25
onceltucaminimec: ok, because now the startup hangs when the ubuntu logo is visible10:26
erUSULFirartix: what are you trying to do ?10:26
FirartixerUSUL: which yes :P ?10:26
Firartixwell i wanted to add some command to suspend in my WM's custom menu thingy10:26
erUSULFirartix: it needs sudo and sudo will ask for password ( it can be configured not to )10:26
nemetoswhy is the lan connection called "auto eth0"? as in automatic connection, ethernet.. slot 0?10:26
onceltucaminimec: but when i start in recovery mode and drop to root prompt i can run startx to start x as root10:27
FirartixerUSUL: just modifying the permissions on /sys/power/state would be ok?10:27
erUSULnemetos: eth0 is the name of the interface of the first ethernet card10:27
minimeconceltuca: That is strange...10:27
erUSULFirartix: sys is a virtual fs the change even if possible ( i dunno ) wont stick10:27
erUSULFirartix: yu should use gnome-power-daemon or something similar10:27
onceltucaminimec: i recenly ininstalled gnome-power-manager since it said the it was bad configured. I thought it was not needed since im not on a laptop10:28
minimeconceltuca: Just as a test. start in recovery, do 'su youraccount' in the root-terminal to startx as user youraccount ;)10:28
schnuffle1rafaa: your cron job would do something like rrdtool update test.rrd $(date -u +%s):<your actual value>10:28
FirartixerUSUL: i got gnome-power-manager but no daemon10:29
onceltucaminimec: that what im doing now.. doesnt work..10:29
onceltucaminimec: screen is black10:29
erUSULFirartix: something that lets the user loged in the main machine display to suspend and/or power off the machine10:29
minimeconceltuca: Hmmm... That's really strange. Don't know what to say...10:29
rafaaschnuffle1, thx :D I'm looking throught the tutorial.. It is a bit too long, but I feel curious :D10:29
andihi all10:30
Firartixno clue what it could be :|...10:30
jukandi: hey10:30
Firartixwhat's the name of the sudo graphical interface thingy ?10:30
Firartixi can just enter the password every time..10:30
schnuffle1rafaa: it's a bit confusing a the beginning but as soon you got into it it makes life very easy10:30
minimeconceltuca: If you added a new user in that console 'adduser xservertest', then si xservertest and then 'startx' as user xservertest?10:30
jukFirartix: gksu(do)10:30
llutzFirartix: gksudo10:30
onceltucaminimec: thts too sad.. it started with saying that i hade problem with gnome power management.. then i uninstalled it..10:30
Firartixokay, tyvm :D !10:31
onceltucaminimec: ok ill try..10:31
andianyone knew how to uninstall ubuntu server 10.10 from dual boot pc (win 7 & ubuntu)?10:31
minimeconceltuca: So install it again. apt-get install gnome-power-manager10:31
llutzandi: restore MBR and delete ubuntu-partition then10:31
Bushman[PROBLEM] Bluetooth dongle dies every few minutes only when using BT mouse http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=166807610:32
rafaaschnuffle1, I can figure it out :D I study Economics so I think I could leverage this knowledge .. thx for the tip10:32
andillutz...how to restore MBR?10:32
onceltucaminimec: no i see one thing. when i do su myusername and startx and then ctrl+alt f1 it says No protocol specified10:32
Firartixaaaw i got a syntax problem here10:32
erUSULFirartix: gksudo10:33
shazzrI have a couple of ubuntu machines in a DHCP-run Windows network. Is there any way to update the /etc/hosts file with the Ubuntu machines current IP?10:33
Firartixyes but it won't work that way then10:33
Firartixbecause uh10:33
onceltucaminimec: then xinit: Permission denied (errno 13): unable to connect to X server10:33
llutzandi: http://www.ehow.com/how_4836283_repair-mbr-windows.html10:33
Firartixecho "mem" > gksudo tee /sys/power/state10:33
minimeconceltuca: Have you tried to reinstall the gnome-power-manager?10:33
Firartixi guess gksudo takes "mem" as the password or something10:33
andillutz....bunch of thanks lluts10:33
Firartixand if i do it the other way around10:33
Firartixgksudo echo "mem" > tee /sys/power/state10:34
Firartixit just won't work because it's wrong10:34
sudo_zoelminimec: yes, http://paste.ubuntu.com/562992/10:34
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Firartixcan i pass the "mem" as an argument to tee or something?10:34
llutzandi: if you delete the partition earlier, you won't be able to boot again10:34
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rafaaschnuffle1, also you can use the literal N for current time10:34
onceltucaminimec: yep.. then the error message becomes visible again10:35
=== CB_Away is now known as CensoredBiscuit
onceltucaminimec: xinit Server error10:35
minimecsudo_zoel: That is a feature of my chat-software 'irssi'. I just did '/lastlog -file sudo_zoel.log sudo_zoel' and pasted it on the net for you.10:35
andiluttz: i'll try to restore the MBR first as u recommend....:)10:35
rbk17<Firartix> you problem is that gtksudo only sudo's "echo" that is no use...10:35
onceltucaminimec: xauth: error in locking authoroty file /home/felix/.Xauthority10:36
Firartixso is there anyway i can write it for it to work properly? tried with tee -a but it won't work10:36
rbk17 <Firartix>  try to encap et in ', as in gksudo 'echo "mem" > tee /sys/power/state'10:36
minimeconceltuca: That's why I would like you to start the xserver as user xservertest. If that would work, you would have a problem with your user 'felix'10:37
Firartixoh kk10:37
Firartixgonna try, thansk ^^10:37
onceltucaminimec: ok ill try10:37
sudo_zoelminimec: i'm using xchat10:37
rbk17<Firartix> or echo "mem" | sudo tee /sys/power/state10:38
minimecsudo_zoel: I do not know, if xchat has the same funtion.10:38
rbk17<Firartix> OH - and use | NOT  > !10:38
nixjrhow would i do an "ls /example > filename" and then an "ls /example2 > filename" with the 2nd being appended to the first?10:38
minimecsudo_zoel: http://mokura.wikispaces.com/Using+XChat10:38
onceltucaminimec: -d /home/testuser -m testuser10:38
rbk17nixjr use >> (two >  = append)10:39
drt33932nixjr: ls /example2 >> filename10:39
llutz"ls /example2 >> filename"  nixjr10:39
onceltucaminimec: oops wrong promtp :)10:39
nemetoshey all, where are "stand alone" applications ususally installed in linux?10:39
nixjrrbk17, drt33932, llutz, thnaks for the fast responce all :)10:39
rbk17nixjr (or better ls /example  /example2 > filename :-)10:39
erUSULnemetos: /opt/10:39
nixjrsorry caps10:40
bibic682hello, Can firefox 3.6.11 be updated to 3.6.13 in 9.04 ? And if so ....the easiest way10:40
onceltucaminimec: it seems to work..10:40
nemetoserUSUL, what does /opt/ stand for?10:40
erUSULnemetos: optional10:41
erUSUL!fhs | nemetos10:41
ubottunemetos: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier10:41
Firartixtyping gksudo 'echo "mem" > tee /sys/power/state' opens some kind of prompt with > in front10:41
nemetosok, thanks10:41
erUSULFirartix: the sudo has to be after the >10:41
Firartixbut it won't work that way :|10:41
erUSULFirartix: use this « gksudo sh -c 'echo "mem" > tee /sys/power/state' »10:41
rbk17Firartix: yes well sorry , use |, not > ... as in : echo mem | sudo tee /sys/power/state10:42
minimeconceltuca: That means that your system is ok, but some error in a gnome-config file of user 'felix' prevents your Desktop from starting.10:42
erUSULFirartix: sorry with this the tee is not needed10:42
Firartixrbk17: tried that way too10:42
erUSULFirartix:  « gksudo sh -c 'echo "mem" > /sys/power/state' »10:42
Firartixsame result10:42
dellhello,can u help me with my desktop appearance??i cannot change the appearance to normal and better..plz help10:43
Firartixgksudo takes that -c as an option10:43
Firartixdo i need to encapsulate the whole input with 's too or will it choke with the other ones?10:44
erUSULFirartix: did you forget the sh ?10:44
researcher1I had ubuntu installed once.Then it stopped booting so I formatted drive c installed XP on it.Not cant install Ubuntu from LiveCD10:44
andihave a nice day guys....c ya around. bye n out.10:44
Firartixuh nope10:44
jukdell: the question is if you can let us help you10:44
dellhello,can u help me with my desktop appearance??i cannot change the appearance to normal and better..plz help10:44
sprungHi, I'm looking for a book recommendation, something about IPv6 for somebody with a background in IPv410:45
delljuk: what do u mean?10:45
erUSULsprung: #networkin may be a better place to ask10:45
erUSULsprung: #networking may be a better place to ask10:45
jukdell: i meant what i said10:46
sprungerUSUL, thats the first place i asked, i'm hedging my bets and asking in several channels.10:46
Firartixdon't multipost :P !10:46
rbk17Firartix: is using sudo (not gksudo) an option?10:46
bibic682Can firefox 3.6.11 be upgraded to 3.6.13 in 9.04 ? If yes what is the easiest way10:46
delljuk: so do it has sumting to do with my xorg??10:46
Firartixrbk17: well no since that wouldn't be run in a terminal :|10:46
sagacibibic682, add a ppa10:47
sagacibibic682, or backports repo10:47
erUSULbibic682: use the mozilla-daily ppa? but dunno if they support 9.0410:47
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades10:47
jukdell: i dont read do you?10:47
sagacibibic682, consider upgrading ubuntu10:47
erUSULsprung: you've heard ipv4 has ru out of ip's; don't you? XXDD10:48
dellhello,can u help me with my desktop appearance??i cannot change the appearance to normal and better..plz help10:48
chiiiiiizis there a dedicated chen for conky?10:49
chiiiiiizchan, not bchen10:49
sprungerUSUL, i do!10:49
bibic682Ive tried ppa wont update....my system is older and runs well with 9.0410:49
drt33932dell: u need to give more info, like why u cant change it, what the issue is10:49
erUSULchiiiiiiz: /msg alis list *conky*10:49
erUSULdell: what graphic card do you use would help too10:50
delldrt33932: i have a fresh install on my netbook n maybe the graphic card driver problem i think.i use intel graphic10:50
sprungerUSUL, i need to start thinking in ipv610:50
minimecbibic682: 9.04 is not supported anymore. Easiest way is to upgrade to 9.10. (8.04 was LTS, that's why it is still supported until 11.04 I think.10:51
delldrt33932 n erUSUL: i have a fresh install on my netbook n maybe the graphic card driver problem i think.i use intel graphic10:51
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bibic682ok, guess I will upgrade   Thanks10:51
rafaairc test10:51
=== Guest92268 is now known as chiiiiiz
erUSULdell: do "sudo apt-get install pastebinit " when that finishes do « pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com /var/log/Xorg.0.log »10:52
chiiiiizregarding conky, I must has misunderstood quite a lot of things10:52
erUSULdell: tell us the url it returns10:53
rbk17Firartix: still thinking...10:53
researcher1I had ubuntu installed once.Then it stopped booting so I formatted drive c installed XP on it.Now cant install Ubuntu from LiveCD.It takes too long to start installation and hangs in the middle10:53
chiiiiizmy .conkyrc is made from examples, and I always have "no such configuration" when starting conky in a console10:53
Firartixrbk17: me too :p10:54
chiiiiizcan any one help me on that? I would like to see the temp, top processes, the state of my discs...10:54
Firartixrbk17: erUSUL: thanks alot for your help btw10:54
rbk17Firartix: right, One way is to make a short "script" - it that is an option ?10:55
Reapuis it possible to download all tagged photos from mine or someone elses facebook?10:55
jukchiiiiiz: again you let us, pastebin exact command you giving and error output, your concyrc10:55
rbk17Firartix: ( no longer a simple one-liner )10:55
erUSULFirartix: still not fixed though :S10:55
Firartixrbk17: well i guess10:56
dellerUSUL: this is it http://paste.ubuntu.com/563013/10:56
Reapuis it possible to download all tagged photos from mine or someone elses facebook?10:56
rbk17echo "echo mem > /proc..." > /tmp/sleepnow.sh10:56
Firartixthe WM configuration is in LUA, and you can add menu entries that launch commands10:56
Firartixso i guess it can be done eas10:56
rbk17Firartix: echo "echo mem > /proc..." > /tmp/sleepnow.sh10:56
jukReapu: what hell is it got to do with ubuntu support?10:56
rbk17Firartix: chmod +x /tmp/sleepnow.sh10:57
Firartixthen execute said script?10:57
chiiiiizjuk: http://pastebin.com/24Jr4bMd10:57
rbk17Firartix: gksudo -S /tmp/sleepnow.sh10:57
Firartixrbk17: i guess i gotta replace the /proc by /sys/power/state ?10:57
rbk17Firartix: yes10:58
Firartixk, trying now10:58
Firartixsilly question btw rbk1710:58
Firartix> appends to stuff? don't i need to clear the file after executing?10:59
chiiiiizjuk: can't get anything in a log file using "conky > mylog" though I have a lot of errors in a console10:59
jukchiiiiiz: you choosed pastebin poorly10:59
chiiiiizjuk: what do you mean?10:59
Firartixoo nvm that i just fail XD11:00
rbk17Firartix: no, unless you can't spare one block of free space in tmp...11:00
jukchiiiiiz: i can't see your paste for 2min staring at ad11:00
erUSULdell: do « compiz --replace » ina terminal and see if that works. if it prints anything or errors paste them11:00
nixjrhow can i do "echo 'Generated at' ; date" but without creating newline between the two?11:00
bibic682wow, upgrading to 9.10....hope my system can handle it   :)11:00
q_a_z_stevedoes anyone know whether mailman inherently has issues with underscores in an address when sending? Maybe multiple underscores???11:01
rbk17Firartix: There IS a (very small) security risk: if someone changes sleepnow.sh before gksudo...11:01
llutznixjr: echo -n 'Generated at' ; date11:01
jukchiiiiiz: ok, it came now11:01
=== SirNeo is now known as sirneo
Firartixw00t, does work, tyvm rbk17 :) !11:01
nixjrllutz, perfect, thanks11:02
Firartixrbk17: isn't the execution synchronous or something?11:02
dellerUSUL: done and still not working  i got this.. compiz --replace11:02
delllibccs: dlopen: /usr/lib/compizconfig/backends/libgconf.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory11:02
dellCouldn't find a perfect decorator match; trying all decorators11:02
dellFound no decorator to start11:02
FloodBot3dell: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:02
llutznixjr: or        echo 'Generated at ' $(date)11:02
jukchiiiiiz: is it French?11:02
Firartixanyway i don't think anyone would go around looking in that thing so bah >.>11:02
Firartixtyvm :) !11:02
chiiiiizjuk: sorry, I do not understand... is there a problem with the link? It works by me!11:02
erUSULdell: what version of ubuntu ?11:02
eleniHi guys, how do I increase the size of ubuntu's host space (running on NTFS, windows host) - usual partition way doesn't apply, thanks.11:02
chiiiiizow, OK11:03
rbk17Firartix: I guess you mean "atomic"? no11:03
erUSUL!wubi | eleni11:03
ubottueleni: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Maverick/10.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/maverick/wubi.exe11:03
jukchiiiiiz: link works, i said is it French?11:03
Firartixrbk17: what do you mean?11:03
erUSULeleni: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide11:03
dellerUSUL:ubuntu netbook 10.1011:03
chiiiiizjuk: I am indeed11:03
erUSULdell: ok; maybe netbook edition does not use compiz nor complete gnome desktop ...11:03
jukchiiiiiz: ah11:04
chiiiiizI followed a french howto11:04
jukchiiiiiz: so what was the command again?11:04
chiiiiizjuk: nobody's perfect....11:04
dellerUSUL: what do u mean??11:04
rbk17Firartix: you might want to make sleepnow.sh "permanent" by moving it to /usr/bin (or /usr/local/bin), setting the right permissions11:04
rbk17Firartix: chmod 755 , and owner root.11:05
chiiiiizI try to have the output of this command in a txt file... but it is always empty...11:05
Firartixgood point11:05
jukchiiiiiz: did i mention word perfect?11:05
Firartixthat way you can't change it iwthout root permission11:05
rbk17Firartix: right.11:05
pedrovazhi guys! I'm new to ubuntu (using 11.04) and I'm looking for an app that I can use to record macros. Can you help me?11:06
jukchiiiiiz: im waiting11:06
chiiiiizjuk: http://pastebin.com/xXsYRTRY11:06
chiiiiizhere is the log11:06
erUSULdell: that the netbook edition uses unity a new interface. i've never used it so i dunno how to troubleshoot your issue11:07
erUSULdell: it does not use compiz to provide desktop effects ...11:07
rbk17Firartix: best of luck, need to logoff now11:07
Firartixthanks lot :)11:07
DanielParkerhi, I have a question... I'm upgrading from 9.10 to 10.10... and want to save my printer settings (was a real hassle, and still not alot better in 10.10 I saw), which directories should I backup to save both settings and drivers?11:07
dellerUSUL: oic..thanks dude for your time n effort..much appreciated11:08
chiiiiizjuk: I did not expect it to work perfectly at first shot... but I expecetd at least something to display, that I could work from...11:08
erUSULdell: no problem. FYI you intel graphic drivers are correctly installed and work ok.11:08
devkorcvinceIm planning on installing nvidia driver from nvidia site? cause ubuntu repo nvidia driver is not the latest one? is it safe to install the driver?11:09
dvrcoderhi. question: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PamCcredsHowto why would i want to have auth [default=done] pam_ccreds.so action=validate?11:09
jukchiiiiiz: sigh, i meant that pastebin.com is slower, than paste.ubuntu.com11:09
=== pedrovaz is now known as ptknight
chiiiiizok, I'll do that11:09
eliei have a question11:10
Reapuis there a way to download all tagged photos from someone's profile on facebook in bulk?11:10
jukchiiiiiz: well fresh installed conky, works just fine11:11
chiiiiizjuk: http://paste.ubuntu.com/563015/11:11
VCooliodevkorcvince: sure, just uninstall the packages from the repos first and remember you did this, so you can remove when you want11:11
jukchiiiiiz: on top of compiz though it's pervertic11:12
chiiiiizOK, so I must remove my desktop effects?11:12
chiiiiizI did remove them and no change....11:13
* devco3 is away: ==> je revient11:13
VCooliochiiiiiz: border_margin is deprecated I think, and instead of ${font11:13
VCoolio it must read ${font}11:13
VCooliochiiiiiz: and ${color} needs a number for predefined colors, or html tag, like ${color2} or ${color 123abc}11:14
jukchiiiiiz: i didn't say to remove anything yet, dont harm yourself11:14
chiiiiizVCoolio: thanks for your help. Do you mean I shall add a figure after ${color} (ex: ${color1}) for testing?11:15
ibrahimhi, i have a problem in installing the "ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver" evry time i install it there is an error then when i reboot the ubuntu gives me s black screen and stops my laptop is hp G62-a44EE i need help11:16
ptknightI'm looking for an app to record macros with ubuntu 11.04. Could you recommend 1?11:16
VCooliochiiiiiz: yes, but then also a line in which you specify color1, like: color1 orange   or: color1 00000011:16
DanielParkerptknight, imacros ?11:17
jukchiiiiiz: well it looks like you copied malformed conkyrc11:17
Firartixowwwwwwwwwww what thy hell11:17
chiiiiizjuk: lucky me... the links come from the ubuntu-fr docs!!!11:18
jukchiiiiiz: is default one works which is in /etc/conky/11:18
DanielParkerhow can I backup my printer-settings+drivers?11:18
Firartixit worked fine from term, but when putting it in /usr/bin it got all messed up11:18
Firartixeven tho it's same contents11:18
VCooliochiiiiiz: wait, the most important thing misses11:19
VCoolioadd a line with just TEXT at line 104, then try again :)11:19
VCooliochiiiiiz: line 87 I mean, just after #info ordi11:20
Firartixattempting to execute the script doing echo mem > /sys/power/state now tells me that /sys/power/state is a directory...11:20
* VCoolio kicks himself11:20
chiiiiizjuk: the default one works11:20
Firartixand trying to cd in it tells me it fails because it's not a dir11:21
* Firartix kills himself11:21
VCooliochiiiiiz: a conky config has two parts: settings above line TEXT and contents below, you miss TEXT11:21
jukchiiiiiz: so my suggestion is to do research on syntax or look for verifyed conkyrc11:21
eleniI ran lpvm and set the new size, but it's taking a whiiile without any versbose responses, is that ordinary? Usual eta?11:22
dvrcoderfor pam_ccreds, the wiki says to set auth [default=done] pam_ccreds.so action=validate, but why not [default=die success=done] ?11:23
chiiiiizVcoolio: so I must add "TEXT" below line 87?11:23
ptknightmember:spow when?11:23
tgywahow can I remove all php 5 related packages at once ?11:23
VCooliochiiiiiz: yes just before or after #info ordi11:23
VCooliochiiiiiz: but with only TEXT on that line11:24
DanielParkerhow can I backup my printer-settings+drivers?11:24
chiiiiizdoen, testing11:24
jukrock and roll11:25
tgywa# apt-get remove |dpkg -l | grep php511:25
chiiiiizVcoolio: looks better, but still does not work. Only a few error messages though11:25
Firartixcopied the file again, and it finally works :) ! tyvm everyone11:26
shoooodi have a creative usb webcam and i want to use it on ubuntu11:26
gunndawgFirartix, what were you having issues with?11:26
shoooodany help11:26
gunndawgout of curiosity11:26
VCooliotgywa: dpkg -l | grep php5   if that returns what you need then do: for i in $(dpkg -l | grep php5); do sudo apt-get remove $i; done11:26
chiiiiizVcoolio: http://paste.ubuntu.com/563020/11:26
Firartixgunndawg: getting the comp in suspend mode using gksudo11:26
gunndawgFirartix, oh ok11:27
Firartixbecause sudo won't work good outside of a terminal...11:27
shoooodany help11:27
VCooliochiiiiiz: freq_dyn_g doesn't seem to exist anymore, delete where it is mentioned in the config; also you'll need hwmon package for some lines to work, figure that out or find alternatives to show this output; error destroying thread I don't know11:28
VCooliochiiiiiz: man conky for all available options11:28
shoooodcreative usb webcam i want to use it on ubuntu  any help , plz ?????????11:28
DanielParkershooood, which model/version?11:29
ibrahim__hi, i have a problem in installing the "ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver" evry time i install it there is an error then when i reboot the ubuntu gives me s black screen and stops my laptop is hp G62-a44EE i need help11:29
juk!cheese | shooood11:29
shoooodlive !cam11:29
jukshooood: what the problem?11:29
minimecshooood: Stay calm ;) plug it in and start gstreamer-properties. Look in the video section under v4l or v4l2, if you find the cam.11:29
shoooodmodel no.  vf033011:30
juktry mplayer tv://11:30
shoooodu know when u connect it to windows it ask u for its driver11:30
shoooodi need its driver for linux ubuntu11:30
jukhere we go11:31
jukold habits die hard11:31
DanielParkershooood, have you tried the webcam prog cheese first? see if it works?11:31
shoooodwhere can i find it11:31
shoooodi used to use ubuntu long time ago11:31
minimecshooood: That's the beauty of Linux. IF there is a linux driver, it is already installed ;)11:31
shoooodbut i forget everything11:31
DanielParkershooood, in program menu under sound&video... if it isnt there you should install it11:32
tgywaVCoolio, Thank you very much !11:32
tgywaIt just worked fine.11:32
shoooodthe name again ???11:32
fdsaseemslegitshooood, open a terminal and type cheese,  if you don't have it installed,  type sudo apt-get install cheese11:32
DanielParkeror install it via the ubuntu software center11:33
VCooliotgywa: you needed to pipe to awk too, but if it's done, then ok, np11:33
shooooddaniel thank u so much11:33
shoooodi'm trying via terminal11:33
shoooodso what does this cheese do ???11:33
minimecshooood: Stay calm ;) plug it in and start gstreamer-properties. Look in the video section under v4l or v4l2, if you find the cam.11:33
shoooodi setup skype and try to use the webcam but it doesn't work11:34
jukVCoolio: did he fixed his conky?11:35
vandrarwassup mates11:35
DanielParkeranyone: how can I backup my printer-settings+drivers?11:36
VCooliojuk: pretty much, line TEXT was missing, and some packages used in this config; it's better now, he'll get there11:36
mkanyicyDanielParker: why would you want to do that?11:37
shoooodit's supposed to setup chesse but there is nothing11:37
shoooodi typed chesse after the installation finished but it didn't work11:38
sacarlsonDanielParker: most of the stuf if not all can be found and backed up at /etc/cups/ dir11:38
DanielParkermkanyicy, I want to because it was a real hassle installing it... I'm upgrading from 9.10 to 10.10 and it doesn't seem to be a lot better there... so just in case I want to save the printer-settings/drivers11:38
juk!webcam | shooood11:38
ubottushooood: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras11:38
jukread and try again11:38
minimecshooood: Did you check gstreamer-properties (Multimedia System Selector)? If your cam is v4l-cam, then skype and cheese will not work, because they only work with 4vl2-devices imho.11:39
shoooodi don't understand11:40
nixjrive made a .sh script, and i want it to run automatically every 10mins, how do i achive that?11:40
jukshooood: what?11:41
shoooodi don't know11:41
jukshooood: wanna say you can't read?11:41
shoooodit's not that11:41
mkanyicyDanielParker: just note down the steps you took to install them and proceed11:41
minimecshooood: Pease check gstreamer-properties... v4l is the first gegenratio of linux-webcam-dirvers. v4l2 is the 2nd generation... ;)11:41
shoooodbut i can't understand what does it mean v4l-cam11:41
shoooodi do install chesse but it doesn't work11:42
mkanyicynixjr: use cron11:42
jukshooood: i'm sorry i didn't know11:43
dirtyhabanerohey, any Wget wizards here?11:44
cmartin0dirtyhabanero, ask in #wget11:44
dirtyhabaneroi have11:44
cmartin0meh worth a shot11:45
shoooodminimec : Couldn't find package gstreamer11:45
nixjrmkanyicy, thanks11:45
shoooodjunk : shooood@ubuntu:~$ chesse11:45
shoooodbash: chesse: command not found11:45
cmartin0kernel boots to halt with something about nouveau. this is a clean install of 10.04. I cant get to graphics mode11:46
cmartin0is there a way to prevent that driver from loading?11:46
minimecshooood: gstreamer is your default multimedia framework. If you have rhythmbox or totem player on your system you have gstreamer running. It's default on a ubuntu install. I would be surprised, if you don't have gstreamer installed on your ubuntu system...11:46
dirtyhabanerocmartin0: do you know the apache chan?11:46
shoooodminimec : sorry11:46
cmartin0dirtyhabanero, is this related to 4chan?11:47
cmartin0(ie no)11:47
Ad0sometimes I get "ALERT! /dev/mapper/Main-linux does not exist. Dropping to a shell!"11:47
dirtyhabanero no, don't worry11:47
shoooodminimec : how can i use this gstreamer11:47
Ad0on my mdadm lvm setup11:47
minimecshooood: <Alt>F2 key on your keyboard, then gstreamer-properties --> You will have a window that pops up. go to the video section and check the v4l and v4l2 devices.11:48
Ad0what's up with that11:48
sacarlsonDanielParker: I found more links in the printer drivers spread all over in /usr/lib/cups/ /usr/bin /usr/sbin  as partly seen in the package properties of cups visible in synaptic11:49
ibrahim__hi, i have a problem in installing the "ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver" evry time i install it there is an error then when i reboot the ubuntu gives me s black screen and stops........my laptop is hp G62-a44EE i need help11:49
shoooodminimec : default input plugin is video for  linux 2 (v4l2)11:49
shoooodminimec : it works11:49
shoooodit works11:49
nixjrmkanyicy, will telling my script to run evrey 10mins with cron, add a lot of load to the server?11:50
rigvedibrahim__: try booting into recovery mode. does the problem persist?11:50
mattc__errors starting mysql (looking for mysqld.sock) how can i find out where this file is to change my config11:50
shoooodminimec : sorry again but it doesn't work for skype11:50
minimecshooood: So if your camera iis detected as v4l2 cam, also check the device /dev/videoX11:50
minimecshooood: It's also written in that video section...11:51
shoooodminimec: ok awit11:51
minimecshooood: YOu might have to start cheese with something like 'cheese -d /dev/video1'11:51
=== zfe is now known as noobarak
andreylosevis there a way to make get a working ftp server without root access?11:52
shoooodminimec : shooood@ubuntu:~$ chesse -d/dev/video111:53
shoooodbash: chesse: command not found11:53
mkanyicynixjr: i don't know, maybe11:53
mattc__http://pastesite.com/21579 this is the error when i try to start mysqld, what type of error is it11:53
mattc__or how can i fix this11:53
* juk god truly does protects children and fools11:53
minimecshooood: sodo apt-get install cheese?11:53
ibrahim__rigved:how i didnt install it yet cause it's give same error and i must reinstall ubuntu11:53
shoooodminimec  : i did that11:53
sacarlsonmattc__: you still stuck on this?  you did full purge of mysql and reinstall?11:54
SoftarPaulI can't start mysql. http://pastebin.com/sR3RSpsN here's my daemon.log11:54
mattc__sacarlson,  yes several times11:54
rigvedibrahim__: when the PC just starts to boot, but before Ubuntu has started to load, press and hold the Shift button. it'll give you the Grub menu. there, select recovery mode11:54
shoooodminimec : something wrong happened11:55
mattc__sacarlson, i can get it to start sometimes but the command is long and i think it has something to do with mysql_safe or something11:55
ubottuping-pong, a fun game for all the family11:55
sacarlsonmattc__: to start that's not the normal way to start mysql  it's normaly done with sudo /etc/init.d/mysql restart11:56
ubottupong is an old atari game. It's fun!11:56
DanielParkerthanks sacarlson and mkanyicy11:56
shoooodminimec : when i pressed test in the first time it worked properly the now when i press test i works very bad11:56
andreylosevnobody knows then?11:56
mattc__sacarlson, 'Rather than invoking init scripts through /etc/init.d, use the service(8)'11:56
ptknighti'm trying to compile xnee-3.08 but i'm getting an error. After running ./configure, make install produces this log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/563033/ can you help me?11:56
minimecshooood: I see that you don't need the -d option. Just do cheese /dev/videoX (while X is a number >=0)11:57
mkanyicySoftarPaul: try 'sudo service mysql stop' followed by 'sudo service mysql start'11:58
sacarlsonmattc__: that's find it still starts even with that mesage11:58
mkanyicySoftarPaul: note the error messages11:58
shoooodminimec : bash: chesse : command not found11:58
SoftarPaulmkanyicy: It says "stop: Unknown instance: " when I'm trying to stop it11:59
mattc__sacarlson, nope same socket error11:59
minimecshooood: So cheese is not installed! Open that UbuntuSoftwareCenter in the applications menu and install it! sudo apt-get install in a console is the easier way. Both ways work.12:00
DaghdhaHi, i am gonna make an image with partimage of my system disk, is there any thing i have to do before i do that to clear space or something?12:00
sudo_zoelminimec: window border still got problem, i'm using compizfusion icon to reload window manager, it work. but when i reboot my PC, window border still gone.12:00
sacarlsonmattc__: this also should work sudo restart mysql , if those fail then lets see what your file /etc/mysql/my.cfg  looks like paistbin that12:00
minimecsudo_zoel: I am not using mutter, so I cannot help you further...12:01
shoooodminimec : look it seems that it's installed but i can't get it work12:01
mkanyicySoftarPaul: try the old school way: 'sudo /etc/init.d/mysql stop12:01
mattc__my etc/mysql consists of only: conf.d  debian.cnf  debian-start12:01
shoooodminimec : chesse webcam booth12:01
minimecshooood: It's cheese, not chesse. If it is installed you don't get the command not found thing.12:01
mkanyicySoftarPaul: followed by 'sudo /etc/init.d/mysql start'12:01
sacarlsonmattc__: pastebin the contents of /etc/mysql/my.cnf12:02
shoooodminimec : it work  i wrote the spelling of cheese wrong12:02
mattc__sacarlson, i cant, i dont have that file12:02
sacarlsonmattc__: cool problem solved12:02
sudo_zoeli already uninstall mutter. i'm using config. to show window border, i must reload window manager using confizfusion icon everytime i boot my PC12:03
SoftarPaulmkanyimkanyicy: Didn't work12:03
sacarlsonmattc__: purge mysql and reload it and verify that file exists12:03
shoooodminimec : it has a proplem12:03
shoooodminimec : the piucture is green12:03
minimecshooood: So we both agree that you have a v4l2 cam running with the webcam software cheese. Is that correct?12:04
minimecshooood: Don't care about the green.12:04
shoooodhow is that12:04
sacarlsonmattc__: sudo apt-get remove --purge mysql12:04
shoooodminimec : how is that ???12:04
minimecshooood: Your cam should also be recognized by skype, if it is recognized in cheese.12:04
mattc__sacarlson, just to confirm, mysql doesnt exist as a package12:04
shoooodminimec : no it's not recognized12:04
mattc__i have the server, client and core files12:05
SoftarPaulmkanyicy: I wasn't able to run the old12:05
=== root is now known as Guest59223
sacarlsonmattc__: ok that's your secound problem,  delete whatever you installed that created mysql12:05
pagoreHi, all, could one person visit my website and say me if it works? (unfortunately, all persons from my ICQ list are offline) :)12:05
VCooliopagore: Finally this server works!!! :D Here is a cool number: 443512:06
minimecshooood: v4l2 devices are recognized by skype, that's all I can say.12:06
sacarlsonmattc__: what did you do compile it?12:06
pagorei fought 2 days12:06
FloodBot3pagore: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:06
hsa2how can i check if a file is owned by a package?12:06
mattc__sacarlson, no originally i got the lamp package12:06
VCoolio!yay | pagore12:06
ubottupagore: Glad you made it! :-)12:06
mattc__then i did mysql-server mysql-client12:07
shoooodminimec : thank u so much but the problem is i can't find my webacam in the list of supported webcam12:07
mattc__apt-get that is12:07
pagorewith apache ! :D12:07
amin_howto for creating l2tp vpn connection fast please?!!12:07
PiGreco26hello, how here the gnome-vfs-obexftp package in the Ubuntu 10.10????12:07
minimecshooood: Try again. I tshould be there.12:08
sacarlsonmattc__: well if you only used packages then just apt-get install mysql ,  see if the my.cnf file exists , if not --purge it and reinstall it again12:08
hsa2apt-file find is what i want12:08
shoooodminimec : i'll try but thank u any way thank u so much12:08
sacarlsonmattc__: sudo apt-get install mysql12:09
mattc__no package found12:09
sacarlsonmattc__: oh so it's not found in synaptic?12:09
evildemonlucashey, i need to request some help12:10
amin_help about creating l2tp connection vpn type plz!!!12:10
sacarlsonmattc__: what version of ubuntu is this?12:10
minimecshooood: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeWebCams12:10
* devco3 is back (gone 00:57:32)12:10
shoooodminimec : i'll check it thanks12:10
mattc__10.10 sacarlson12:11
=== amin_ is now known as kraxi
jrib!away > devco312:11
ubottudevco3, please see my private message12:11
sacarlsonmattc__: try change mirror sites in synaptic to japan12:11
alter-egohey i got a quick question... dunno if its much of a linux questions but here goes... my girl needs my computers power but shes scared of linux... is there a way to boot her windows drive thru the network onto my comp?12:11
minimecshooood: I see that you may have to do some configuration for Creative-Cams12:11
shoooodminimec : can i ask u a question ????12:12
tgywaHow can I fix that error ?12:12
sacarlsonmattc__: sorry my fault wrong package name12:12
shoooodminimec : how can i do this configuration ????12:12
shoooodminimec : can i do it through the terminal12:13
evildemonlucasi have a question about executable bits, my ubuntu wont let me execute anything on my external hard drive. i try to set it to allow executing but it wont allow me to select it12:13
sacarlsonmattc__:  sudo apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client mysql-common12:13
evildemonlucascan anyone help me with this?12:14
pagoreevildemonlucas: if you copy it to an other HD, does it work?12:14
LinuxNoobhdd cloning. whats oin on here12:14
commander_can anyone tell me how can i run sound through my subwoofer under ubuntu 10.4 (left and right speaker on laptop msi ex620x work but not the subwoofer)12:15
sacarlsonmattc__: also install sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin12:15
evildemonlucasyes, but space limitations mean i cant use that as a long term solution#12:15
LinuxNoobcommander_: prob a dif audio player12:15
pagoreevildemonlucas:some common problems are, that maybe your HD or the direction doesnt have read permissions12:16
PiGreco26hello, here the gnome-vfs-obexftp package in the Ubuntu 10.10????12:16
LinuxNoobone that has support for center speakers12:16
LinuxNoobcenter speaker = sub12:16
blapmathey how do i stop postgres and apache from spawning at bootup.12:16
LinuxNoobayyy, i got to answer a question :D12:16
evildemonlucassays it has read and write , but i cant edit executing12:17
LinuxNooband ive seen apache somewhere when i was messing around, so im not even swinging12:17
blapmatcongrats LinuxNoob12:17
pagoreevildemonlucas: and you are absolutely sure, that you used "sudo chmod a+rwx <filename>" on that file?12:17
ghabithello. I have i5-760 intel processor. Should I download 32 or 64 bit ubuntu?12:18
LinuxNoobevildemon u havin problems with a game?12:18
evildemonlucasno, i believe i did it through nautilus, let me try your method12:18
blapmatghabit: if you want compatibility choose 32bit12:18
kraxihow to create l2tp vpn connection12:19
blapmatghabit: although you have a 64 bit processor so anyone will do, but few apps even use the capabilities of a 64bit processor.12:20
pagorehi :P12:22
shoooodminimec : the picture appeared is splitted into 2 parts and green and occupy the upper half of the cheese window12:22
evildemonlucaspagore, is ,filename. where i put the path to the directory12:23
shoooodjunk : u still there ???12:24
cmartin0dirtyhabanero, apache chan has to do with nouvea?12:24
debdwell am too new here12:24
dirtyhabanerocmartin0: negative, I just thought you knew12:25
kaddihi i'm looking for a decent offline dictionary for ubuntu12:25
pagoreevildemonlucas: after you opened your terminal you have to change your "Terminal directory" called the current working directory. You do this with the command "cd <directorypath>"12:25
pagoreevildemonlucas: and when you are in the directory of your executable your next command is: "sudo chmod a+rwx <executableFile>"12:25
debdsome one tell me ...wat ppl really do here? :)12:25
minimecshooood: Man I cannot help you with anything. I don't own a Creative Webcam. If you want good and linux compatible webcams, buy Logitech ;)12:25
kaddidebd: this is the ubuntu support channel. They help with ubuntu related questions12:26
cor_rwhen I try to watch flash fullscreen, it keeps stucking, any idea how to solve that? I did already install flash nonfree12:26
shoooodminimec : thank u so much12:26
debdwhy is ur name in yello?12:26
minimecshooood: No problem ;)12:26
kaddidebd: probably because i said your name. This will be highlighted because I am talking to you12:26
evildemonlucasok, is there a way of doing this to all files in a directory? thanks for the help btw12:26
pagoreevildemonlucas: yes: "sudo chmod a+rwx *"12:27
zoraelbauble seems completely broken in 10.10 and spews a pyton traceback on start (bug #680214). Could any python wiz see if this is something obvious and easy to fix?12:27
ghabitso what to choose with i5-760 - 32 bit or 64?12:27
zoraelfull link https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bauble/+bug/68021412:27
civixierHi. I want to be able to execute shell scripts from my own directory located at /home/civixier/bin without having to type /home/civixier/bin/ before the script, how do I do that?12:27
ambackstromI'm trying to reinstall snmpd. The process recreates /etc/snmp, but doesn't place any files there. Can I force this step?12:27
debdis there a word auto-completion  soft available for ubu?12:27
paradigmflowHi, what is the best slideshow generation program?12:28
cmartin0the install of 10.04 i have defaults to  nouvea but the kernel halts when loading the driver so i cant get to a shell. how do i fix this?12:28
ambackstromcivixier: modify your ~/.bash_profile, add "export PATH=$PATH:/home/civixier/bin"12:28
root_cmartin0: Try another .iso?12:29
civixierambackstrom > thanks man :)12:29
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orgthingyhello, ive bought a new laptop today..but the sound hurts my ears a bit - for whatever reason - and lowering the PCM helped..YET, whenever i raise the volume: the PCM gets raised12:30
orgthingyand i dont want that12:30
civixierambackstrom > I dont have a .bash_profile, is .bashrc the same thing?12:30
orgthingyand i dont want that/12:30
bert_Is there a touchscreen calibration application in ubuntu 10.10 netbook edition, cause I can't seem able to find it ?12:30
paradigmflowI would like a program that puts the slideshow in dvd format as well.12:30
sacarlsonambackstrom: I have it installed and seems I created a custom simple config with only 3 lines12:30
ambackstromcivixier: there are some rules i always forget regarding which file is used for what (i think .bash_profile is for interactive logins)12:31
van7huhi all,What is the default mail client in ubuntu?12:31
pagoreorgthingy: you dont want the hotkeys for raising the sound?12:31
ambackstromcivixier: add to .bashrc, logout, and login. that's a good starting point12:31
orgthingyi do, pagore, but why does the PCM gets automatically raised?12:31
orgthingythats what alsamixer tells me at least in terminal12:31
civixierambackstrom > thanks :) I think I can manage from here :)12:32
ravenpartimage: what means "image reading error bitmap block 0"?12:32
orgthingyand when i lower the volume, pagore , pcm stays 100%12:32
pagoreorgthingy: you dont want the hotkeys for raising the sound?ah ok, so only one hotkey works12:32
debdmy pppoeconf prepares the conf file in /etc/ppp/peers/dsl-provider                  but using sudo pon -dsl provider      tries to load the conf file from /etc/ppp/peers/provider which is non existant       what argument to add ?12:32
evildemonlucasPagore: doesnt work im afraid12:33
cor_rwhen I try to watch flash fullscreen, it keeps stucking, any idea how to solve that? I did already install flash nonfree12:33
sidewalkwhen running gparted, why is the filesystem xfs grayed out?12:33
Ddordahey guys. i'm willing to load a user to his gnome interface using ssh. is that possible?12:33
kaddiDdorda: it might be possible, but it's gonna be horribly slow.. To forward gui applications over ssh use the switch -X when logging in12:34
nemetosIs OpenJDK the best java implementation for Ubuntu?12:34
shazzrI have 3 ubuntu-machines that get their IP via DHCP. They are in a Windows network. Is there any way to make these three machines aware of eachother? Updating the /etc/hosts file by checking the MAC-address or something?12:34
Ddordakaddi: i mean, to control gnome connection via the ssh. not to run the whole gnome via ssh12:35
kaddiI'm looking for an offline dictionary which will help me translate stuff between english, french, german and spanish (or a subgroup of those languages). Anything available?12:35
debd my pppoeconf prepares the conf file in /etc/ppp/peers/dsl-provider                  but using sudo pon -dsl provider      tries to load the conf file from /etc/ppp/peers/provider which is non existant       what argument to add ?12:36
kaddiDdorda: oh, not sure I know what a gnome connection is. But I wouldn't be able to tell you if it's possible or not anyways.. Theoretically anything you can do with a command line you can do through ssh, so i would think it's possible12:36
radu_google traslate for kaddi12:36
kaddiradu_: is there an offline version of that?12:36
debdits not ofline@radu12:36
Ddordakaddi: to connect a user to gnome via ssh...12:37
evildemonlucaspagore: command goes through but it doesnt change anything12:37
radu_no, sorry12:37
radu_only online version12:37
kaddiDdorda: sorry for being so dense. How do you connect a user to gnome? And what happens once he is connected?12:37
mkanyicykaddi: yes there is12:38
mkanyicykaddi: open sysnaptic and install, dictd12:38
Ddordakaddi: when you load Ubuntu you can see a login session, i'm willing to enter uname & pass via the ssh12:38
mkanyicykaddi: and then search for 'dict-freedict' and you will see many translation dictionaries, install the ones you want12:38
sacarlsonshazzr: you could have dhcpd if running on one of your ubuntu systems (up all the time) it could keep the same ip for the 3 systems as you say by keeping a matched ip for each mac, then have a /etc/hosts file that matches the ip numbers to names of each12:39
mkanyicykaddi: this is for offline use12:39
mkanyicykaddi: also install 'dict', 'dict-gcide'12:40
kaddiDdorda: oh, that's an interesting way of doing stuff12:40
jjrodriguezHi there, does any body know how to connect the Belkin usb network hub using 10.1012:40
kaddiDdorda: can't help you with that. Sorry. But I would be surprised if it works, tbh12:41
Ddordakaddi: you're going to be surprised. i'm 100% sure it is possible12:41
mkanyicyDdorda: what do you want to achieve?12:41
shazzrsacarlson: The DHCP-server is run by system admins. I can't put up another DHCP-server in the network.12:41
Ddordamkanyicy: to login a user to his gnome desktop using ssh12:42
kaddimkanyicy: i've tried the freedict ones, but they're horribly small english-french has a total of 800 words in it12:42
* devco3 is away: ==> bon ben je vais faire un peu sql..... a+12:43
sacarlsonshazzr: oh ok, maybe another solution like winbind?12:43
erUSUL!away > devco312:43
ubottudevco3, please see my private message12:43
mkanyicykaddi: sorry then12:43
mkanyicyDdorda: you want to open terminal and ssh to a machine and then a window pops up that you can click files on?12:43
debd_well..am really new to irc.12:44
mkanyicyDdorda: rather try 'remote desktop' option12:44
debd_how to change channels?12:44
kaddidebd_: type /join #channelofyourchoice12:44
mkanyicyDdorda: you can also do 'ssh -Y username@remote-computer' and then type 'gnome-pannel'12:45
mkanyicyDdorda: the remote pannel will 'replace' your local one12:46
Niglophow do i mount my flash stick?12:46
erUSULNiglop: should happen automatically when you plug it12:46
mkanyicyDdorda: in that way you have an access to files & apps in that machine, in a mouse click way12:46
NigloperUSUL› it's not anymore12:46
debd_ya kaddi..thanks12:46
Ddordamkanyicy: but that is not what i'm trying to do12:47
kaddiglad to be off help :)12:47
Ddordai'm willing to run some kind of control command12:47
mkanyicyDdorda: what are you trying to do, once again?12:47
erUSULNiglop: do « tailf /var/log/messages » ina  terminal window and plug the flash drive. paste the new messages you get in the terminal12:47
erUSUL!paste | Niglop12:47
ubottuNiglop: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:47
mkanyicyDdorda: like?12:47
Ddordamkanyicy: to connect a user to his gnome account12:47
Ddordasomething like gdm-command --conect="user"12:48
kaddiDdorda: you're trying to remotely log in for someone else that is currently in front of the machine?12:48
Ddordathat will make the user to login12:48
blue112Hi here.12:48
Ddordakaddi: indeed :)12:48
kaddiwhy not just give him the password?12:48
kaddi!hi | blue11212:48
Ddordakaddi: because it disturb him doing his homework ;)12:48
gratz|homehi all, i have a python script which should open a usb device to read from, it works as root but not as standard user (permissions problem) in the past it used to be a case of adding the user to the usb group in /etc/group but it seems this has changed, how should i go about doing this now? Ubuntu 10.1012:48
mkanyicyDdorda: now I realise what you want to do12:49
mkanyicyDdorda: i misunderstood you completely12:49
mkanyicyDdorda: sorry then12:49
Ddordamkanyicy: okay :) so you have an idea?12:49
blue112I have a problem regarding my audio driver. I'm on a laptop. When I boot the computer with a jack in the headphone pin, everything goes right. If I don't, I need to restart the sound (alsabase restart + modprobe), which takes time and I boring. How can I fix that ?12:49
schnuffle1gratz|home: you can use sudo to execute the command as root12:49
erUSULgratz|home: what usb device? check the permissions of the device node12:49
mkanyicyDdorda: nope12:49
mkanyicyDdorda: :/912:50
mkanyicyDdorda: :(12:50
jriberUSUL: probably some polkit mess12:50
kaddiDdorda: if the person is not in front of the PC, why log him in? If you have an admin account you have full access to his files anywyas12:50
jribgratz|home: probably some polkit mess12:50
gratz|homei can use sudo yeah obviously that works but want it to run as the user12:50
erUSULjrib: maybe,12:50
gratz|homeerUSUL, rs232 converter12:50
NigloperUSUL› http://pastebin.com/0qPt5MHR12:50
gratz|homeshould i create a udev rule?12:50
debd_most other channels seem dead12:50
NigloperUSUL› http://pastebin.com/n2NtJ9Tm sorry12:50
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erUSULgratz|home: maybe the group changed? serial  dialup ?12:50
Ddordakaddi: ... i'm willing to "do the password" to the person remotely12:51
sedekihow can i install fonts? (i'm running xfce) am i supposed to place them in a directory? i know gnome has some VFS thing12:51
jribgratz|home: what exactly do you need to access?  The files on a mounted usb?  I never recall the usb group having ownership of that12:51
erUSULgratz|home: "dialout" i mean12:51
Ddordasedeki: put the fonts on ~/.fonts or use apt-get12:51
kaddiDdorda: but what for? So that he can use the PC? Or do you want to check something in his account?12:51
NigloperUSUL› http://pastebin.com/n2NtJ9Tm sorry12:51
gratz|homeuser is part of dialout and tty which i figured might have done it but no joy12:52
Ddordakaddi: so he can use the computer12:52
erUSULNiglop: is that all?12:52
gratz|homejrib, there's no files on the usb, it's just a converter (USB -> RS232) but using pyusb to read usb device configuration stuff and it needs to open the device for this12:52
NigloperUSUL› i think i accidently stopped it early12:52
minimecsedeki: Put them in the folder /usr/share/fonts for all users or create a .fonts folder in /home/yourname and put them in there.12:52
anygivennamehow do I configure proxy server so I am able to route through it from any outside connection ?12:52
jribgratz|home: can't you just check the permissions on the device?12:52
erUSULgratz|home: "ls -l /dev/ttyUSB0"12:52
sedekiminimec: thx12:52
NigloperUSUL› ill rerun it12:53
erUSULNiglop: ok12:53
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gratz|homeowner is root, group is dialout, group seems to have rw as well...12:53
gratz|homeand my user is part of dialout12:53
gratz|homeso it should work right?12:53
gratz|homeunless i've misunderstood12:53
erUSULgratz|home: so being in dialout should suffice just like before ....12:54
LinuxNoobany of u guise know exactly how secure linux is?12:54
LinuxNoobgrc.com if u wanna test ur system12:54
jribLinuxNoob: 97.3% secure12:54
kaddiDdorda: only thing I can think of now is that you could add a new user which has no password or remove the password from your account and reboot to automatically login?12:54
erUSULgratz|home: works here in a simple test with ttyS012:54
LinuxNoobyeah pretty damn secure12:54
schnuffle1LinuxNoob: As secure as any other OS12:54
blue112jrib, +112:55
sacarlsonanygivenname: is this just for a browser like firefox?  they have cool plugins to change proxy and there a web sites that list free proxy services12:55
=== buschwus_ is now known as buschwusch
llutz_LinuxNoob: define "secure"12:55
kaddiLinuxNoob: as secure as the person sitting in front of it12:55
Ddordakaddi: erm.. it's too hacky...12:55
LinuxNoobno open ports12:55
LinuxNoobif the port is open12:55
LinuxNoobits stealth, doesnt respond to anything12:55
kaddiI use a router, how does that make ubuntu securer?12:55
llutz_LinuxNoob: you don't know what you're talking about.12:55
kaddihehe or that :p12:55
anygivennamesacarlson: I have installed Privoxy on Ubuntu & it should do the same as the free proxy services if configured....I just dont know how to configure it12:56
LinuxNoobkaddi: and no12:56
sacarlsonanygivenname: oh do you want to become the proxy server side?12:57
LinuxNooba more expencive router just knows how to direct bandwith faster, and more accurately less lost bits12:57
anygivennamesacarlson: yes12:57
llutz_!ot | LinuxNoob12:57
ubottuLinuxNoob: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:57
LinuxNoobhuh o_o12:57
NigloperUSUL› how long does this take12:57
erUSULNiglop: you stop it when you stop seing messages from usb/scsi12:58
erUSULNiglop: crtl + C12:58
NigloperUSUL› all the messages now are like 'Feb  5 23:56:48 tux kernel: [  765.494594] lo: Disabled Privacy Extensions12:58
Niglop', do i keep it running12:58
NigloperUSUL› http://pastebin.com/pHRnvExt12:59
anygivennamesacarlson: can you help ?13:00
erUSULNiglop: something is not ok with the flash drive. you should something like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/563058/13:01
sacarlsonanygivenname: no I don't have time sorry,  it doesn't look hard and it's well documented http://www.privoxy.org/user-manual/index.html13:01
NigloperUSUL› so what do i do13:01
erUSULNiglop: does the flash drive work in other OS's or machines? different usb ports in the same machine ?13:02
NigloperUSUL› not sure havnt tried13:02
erUSULNiglop: i suspect hardware failure ... :/13:02
anygivennamesacarlson: already looked that shitty manual....it doesnt help13:02
[bean]does anyone know of an ncurses based jabber client with muc profile support?13:03
erUSULNiglop: it does not appear in « sudo fdisk -l » output either; does it?13:03
sacarlsonanygivenname: did you even view the current configuration files13:03
anygivennamesacarlson: yes & changed it as per the manual13:04
Ubuntu_1104When my ubuntu start up it starts into ubuntu, I want to see the grub menu first. How do I get ubuntu 11.04 to show the grub menu at start up?13:04
sacarlsonanygivenname: did you configure your router to redirect the port used to your server running the listiner port13:05
anygivennamesacarlson: the manual does not state what settings need to be on the client connecting remotely....so I used the IP address given by the ISP13:05
anygivennamesacarlson: yes done that13:05
erUSULUbuntu_1104: edit /etc/default/grub and comment out GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0 putting a # in front of it13:05
erUSULUbuntu_1104: run « sudo update-grub »13:05
Ubuntu_1104Thank you13:06
sacarlsonanygivenname: your ip provided on wan will probly change you do know that don't you unless you have static ip from you service13:06
anygivennamesacarlson: I have static IP13:06
sacarlsonanygivenname: ok what's your ip13:07
sacarlsonanygivenname: feel free to pm it to me if privacy needed13:07
sacarlsonanygivenname: do you have wireshark installed?13:07
anygivennamesacarlson: no....what's wireshark ?13:08
sacarlsonanygivenname: it's a networking tool13:08
sacarlsonanygivenname: see if you see the trafic from your client come in13:08
Othi`hey - so i recently upgraded from lucid to maverick and when i login via ssh i still get "a new release is available, do-release-upgrade blah blah"...13:09
sacarlsonanygivenname: check sudo iptables -L to verify you have all ports open13:09
anygivennamesacarlson: I have ping & it is coming great13:09
Othi`any idea what that might be?13:09
SnowmanX11Hi Guys,13:09
SnowmanX11I have an MSI GX720 laptop with an integrated Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03) Realtek ALC120013:10
SnowmanX11Does someboedy have a same?13:10
Travis-42How do I set the default program for opening a file?13:10
sacarlsonanygivenname: ok try your clients browser on the port you use and see with wireshark if that's also visable or whatever port you use13:10
Dr_WillisTravis-42:  right click on a file with the extension you want., then either under properties. or use the open with.. menu item13:11
SnowmanX11Travis-42: right click, properties, select what to open it.13:11
Travis-42Dr_Willis, SnowmanX11 -- that only works that time. it doesn't make it the default13:11
sacarlsonanygivenname: ok got to go,  good luck13:11
Dr_WillisTravis-42:  theres a check box you are overlooking then.13:11
korsakoff-hello everybody13:11
korsakoff-someone could suggest me a good program for irc chat for bash?13:11
Dr_WillisTravis-42:  under  or you are not using the items under the PROPERTIES dialog box.13:12
gman_korsakoff- irssi13:12
Dr_Williskorsakoff-:  weechat or irssi - i perfer weechat13:12
rbk17korsakoff-: tinyirc13:12
korsakoff-and rbk1713:12
Goliathhey i have a problem with grub2. when i enable the framebuffer, ttys get off the screen (appear at 2 bottom lines). Also this seems to happen only after x serve starts.13:13
Dr_WillisGoliath:  ive seen the framebuffer drivers 'fight' with various X video drivers over the years.  ive had machines in the past i could not use Framebufers and X on at the same times13:15
korsakoff-and does one of those clients support xdcc?13:15
DeepThoughtsHi, I'm having some issues getting a NFS-server up and running on Ubuntu Server 10.04. When I try to interact with the service (start/stop/restart) it just starts spitting out a lot of "Y" (all on new lines). Anyone have a clue on what might be wrong?13:16
GoliathDr_Willis: this didnt happen on grub1, when i used vga= on kernel line13:16
Dr_Williskorsakoff-:  i think most do.13:16
Firartixyohey :) ! is there a simple command to get the resolution of your screen?13:16
Dr_WillisGoliath:  grub2 is a total rewrite.  I dont use framebuffers in the consoles any more either.13:17
Dr_WillisFirartix:  xrandr perhaps.13:17
GoliathDr_Willis: maybe it has to do with the "keep" option and not the resolution set?13:17
Firartixtyvm Dr_Willis13:17
SnowmanX11Anybody good at sound configuration?13:18
Dr_WillisGoliath:  i would have to suggest checking the grub2 wiki page/ and starter guide in the forums. they cover most every aspect of grub213:18
RishavTHey guys. I've been using Ubuntu since quite a while now, and I've always had a slight lag in the compiz animations. I thought it was because of my configuration (3 yr old laptop, core2duo 1.5GHz, 2gb ram, nvidia GeForce 8400M GS). However, recently my mom bought a Dell Inspiron Mini (Atom 1.6GHz processor, 1gb ram, Intel inegrated graphics). And it works perfectly on hers (better than mine). So It shouldn't be due to low configuration (since even window13:21
RishavTs seven works fast), and on researching on the internet I've found out its due to nvidia. But I never found a solution. Anyone knows how I can get rid of this? (Lag increases a lot when using docky)13:21
OinsAfter some (wrong) changes at the sudoers file, i get "/etc/sudoers: syntax error near line..." for a the "sudo -i" command. How can i login as root again?13:21
rumpe1Oins, hmm.... i guess you can't13:22
m4rtinOins: is it only -i that fails?13:22
schnuffle1Oins: Reboot with live cd chroot to your partition and edit the file13:22
Oinsno all sudo's fails now13:22
m4rtinOins: do as schnuffle1 suggests (or reboot into recovery mode)13:22
rbk17RishavT: a u using the closed source Nvidia drivers?13:22
rumpe1Oins, edit it via live-cd13:22
Oinshmm... nice. the system has no GPU :D13:23
=== q_a_z_steve is now known as q_a_z_steve1
RishavTrbk17: yea. the restricted ones. I even added the x-swats ppa for the latest version (256).13:23
m4rtinOins: you are saying this is a headless box?13:23
Oinsyes. only the mainboard and the HDDs.. it's my fileserver13:23
=== q_a_z_steve1 is now known as q_a_z_steve
schnuffle1Oins: if your root account has a password you can become root with su -13:24
llutz_Oins: hint for the next time: always keep a root-session open, when fiddling with sudo/ssh13:24
Oinsschnuffle1: no, ubuntu root accounts have no password :)13:24
schnuffle1Oins: on my headless servers they have :)13:24
Oinsok thank you guys, so i have to plugoff the hdd .13:24
Oinsschnuffle1: Good for you... next time i have this too :)13:25
schnuffle1Oins: but please set AllowRootLogin to no on sshd config13:25
schnuffle1Oins: and next time use visudo which prefents syntax errors13:26
Oinsschnuffle1: i have AllowGroups... and AllowRootLogin no13:26
m4rtinOins: you might be able to fix this by modifying grub to boot with init=/bin/bash13:26
Oinsschnuffle1: ah is visudo a sudo editor?13:26
rbk17RishavT: last thing I can think of: I guess glxinfo | grep vendor13:27
m4rtinOins: actually, cancel that, it won't give your ssh session root13:27
Dr_Willisvisudo double checkes the sudoers file i belive.13:27
rbk17RishavT: gives you: OpenGL vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation13:27
RishavTrbk17: okay, I'll just do that. one moment.13:27
Oinsi think the fastest way is to plugoff the hdd and put it on my usb adapter...13:27
Oinsthanks for your fast help!13:27
MojoJojohi how much swap need for ubuntu installation13:27
m4rtinOins: afraid so13:28
m4rtin"The default sudo configuration in Ubuntu is pretty basic and can be found in the /etc/sudoers file. Note that you must never edit this file using a standard text editor. You must use the visudo tool. visudo is required because it will perform extra validation on the sudoers file before you close it to make sure there aren't any syntax errors. This is crucial because a syntax error in a sudoers file could lock out all of the users on you13:28
m4rtinr system."13:28
FloodBot3m4rtin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:28
Oinsnew stuff learned (checked)13:28
RishavTrbk17: this is what I got (the boxes are newline characters)  server glx vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation13:28
RishavTclient glx vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation13:28
RishavTOpenGL vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation13:28
=== q_a_z_steve is now known as q_a_z_steve1
MojoJojohi how much swap need for ubuntu installation13:29
RishavTrbk17: i guess the boxes were only in the input box :| forget abt them.13:29
sveinseHow can I from a shell script determine a package version being newer than others? I first planned on doing string compare, but in that case "1.0.3" is newer/higher than "1.0.23"13:29
brobinsoni am having trouble recovering files from a failed disk, i am using ubuntu live cd in my efforts, it boots fine i just cant find my files.13:29
=== homer is now known as HomerSp
Dr_Willisbrobinson:  you are able to mount the filesystem with the problems?13:30
kaddibrobinson: if you have the space I'd suggest that you start by making an image of the failed disk13:30
=== naomi is now known as Guest78086
rbk17RishavT: ok your GL libs are ok - I have no more ideers13:30
SnowmanX11brobinson: I agree. Make image first.13:30
brobinsonDr_willis: I think so, i mount /dev/sda1 but the only folders in there are "grub" and "lost+found"13:30
=== q_a_z_steve1 is now known as q_a_z_steve
SnowmanX11brobinson: what type of files are you hunting for?13:31
Dr_Willisbrobinson:  you  sure you are mounbting the rught filesstem?13:31
RishavTrbk17: okay, thanks anyways. I'm anyways thinking of buying a new laptop. I'll go for ATI this time. My friend uses ATI + linux and works like a charm :)13:31
brobinsonDr_Willis: I am not sure, I was using Ubuntu 10.10 server13:31
brobinsonSnowmanX11: I am looking for system and config file apache/mysql13:32
Dr_Willisbrobinson:  sounds like sda1 maybe your /boot/ partition. try mounting other partitions13:32
m4rtinbrobinson: to get a list of partitions, try  sudo blkid13:32
kaddibrobinson: sudo fdisk -l will show you what partitions are on the disks in your system.13:32
Dr_WillisRishavT:  ati+linux working like a charm.. is a rareity from wha ti see in this channel13:32
SnowmanX11brobinson: 1.) Image  2.) Correct mounting  3.) Recover tools like photorec13:32
rbk17RishavT: I think the best (most open) are the Intel ones,,, but they are most likely too slow to play action games...13:32
kaddior what m4rtin said13:33
SnowmanX11OK, the last one is for image/picture files13:33
brobinsonkaddi: fdisk -l does not return anything on my system13:33
Dr_Willisbrobinson:  use sudo fdisk -l13:33
kaddiyou need to use sudo13:33
anymoushello, what's the equivalent of /etc/X11/Xsetup in gnome?13:33
gman_brobinson: you have to be root (or using sudo)13:33
kadditestdisk is good to recover files from command line.. but I would really encourage you to make an image first13:34
RishavTDr_Willis: yea? Well it did work fine with him. Getting the drivers was a pain, but after that it worked nicely. Anyways, I'll look into it some more. And rbk17: I might go into intel too. I dont game much so shouldn't be a prob.13:34
kaddihi phillllipp