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duanedesignmorning all12:54
facundobatistaHola duanedesign14:16
espen77is it possible to get u1 running on a cli only ec2 build?15:01
duanedesignespen77: i think it is possible15:15
duanedesignthough I have never done it.15:15
duanedesignespen77:  just syncdaemon and  the protocol are enough to do file sync, and that anything listed in   syncdaemon's --help is also settable via the config (thanks to  configglue). So you can pass in the oauth tokens and such15:17
duanedesignyou put the oauth token in the syncdaemon config file15:18
duanedesignnetwork-manager not being installed just means it  assumes you always have network15:18
duanedesignespen77: you might ask Chipaca, he is who I have talked to about this in the past.15:20
espen77thank you15:21
espen77what version i need for couch db to be working?15:21
espen77want to doo all my rss and html grabbing and sorted, and just get it dumped to my laptop when i get connection15:25
karnihi everybody18:43
GambitHello everyone. I'm looking for some help with Ubuntu One. It constantly shows disconnected as my status, but when I hit connect for this machine on the devices tab it does nothing, and just comes right back.19:21
GambitI have fully reinstalled the entirety of ubuntuone twice following these instructions: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=8146023&postcount=219:21
karniGambit: hi pal. try to hang out for a while, it's harder to catch ppl on weekends19:27
GambitHmm I feel a little foolish right now.19:28
GambitI just checked back on it and it's connected.19:28
GambitAnd synchronizing.19:28
GambitWithout me having done anything.19:28
GambitApparently one must have some patience after a reinstallation.19:28
karniGambit: ah, that's great! :)19:29
GambitYes it is :)19:30
GambitI originally broke it on purpose months ago because it was annoying me, and I was new to ubuntu (and linux in general) and didn't know the right way to deal with it.19:31
Gambitsee you all.19:31
duanedesignhello karni19:39
* duanedesign wonders if facundobatista is still around <.< >.>19:39
karnihi duanedesign , how's your weekend19:39
duanedesignkarni: good. Been snowed in so I am catching up on all my Ubuntu community work19:39
karniduanedesign: :D19:39
facundobatistaduanedesign, kind of19:40
duanedesignfacundobatista: working on some bug reports. I have a user that has bug 49098819:40
ubot4Launchpad bug 490988 in ubuntuone-client "Lot of MakeDir and MakeFile failures because of root mismatch (affects: 9) (dups: 5) (heat: 5)" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49098819:41
duanedesignfacundobatista: the workaround is to backup the Ubuntu One folder and delete metadata. Should the user also backup all UDF's?19:41
facundobatistaduanedesign, backups are never bad ;)19:42
duanedesigngood point19:42
duanedesignthank you.19:42
GambitWhere can I clear the list of waiting content as given by u1sdtool --waiting-content20:26
GambitThere are several thousands of files in there that no longer exist (I once attempted syncing .minecraft)20:27
GambitAnd I think that may be causing some problems.20:27
GambitI read here that ubuntu one dislikes many many small files.20:27
duanedesignGambit: it is that each files metadata takes X amount of time. So number of files can sometimes hav a greater effect on sync time then size20:32
duanedesignGambit: there is an application called magicicada20:33
duanedesigna gui for syncdaemon20:33
duanedesignyou can install it with the commands20:33
duanedesignsudo add-apt-repository  ppa:chicharreros/ppa20:34
duanedesignsudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install magicicada20:34
duanedesignYou can launch the application from Applications > Accessories > Magicicada20:34
GambitThank you. I found it in the software center.20:35
duanedesignoh wow20:36
GambitLooks like all the garbage is gone from waiting-content now as well.20:36
duanedesigndidnt realize it had made it to the repo20:36
GambitAnd everything is finally working.20:37

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