holsteinsorry for the 4 line paste here14:21
holstein08:52 < raboof> so newer jack versions use /dev/shm instead of /tmp, right?14:21
holstein08:53 < raboof> the realtimeconfigquickscan checks /tmp is a tmpfs (which is in-memory and thus produces lower latencies)14:21
holstein08:53 < raboof> do you think i should remove the check for /tmp being tmpfs from the rtconfig quickscan script?14:21
holstein08:54 < raboof> or are there still apps using /tmp for lowlatency temp files?14:21
holsteinanyone know the answer ?14:21
ScottLpersia, i did the aptitude update from maverick again but exluded the grub packages as well15:40
ScottLpersia, besides an initial panic directly after the update it hasn't panicked again for almost ten reboots15:40
ScottLpersia, i included this information in the bug report15:41
ScottLpersia, i didn't include any apport-collect or dmesg information at this time though, not sure if it will be helpful15:41
ScottLi'm afraid that my comments in the bug report could have been a little more clear but i was rushing to get this done before the household woke up15:42
ScottLholstein, i'm not any help for your questions, maybe someone else will be15:50
ScottLand i'm really confused on one of the bugs filed against the ubuntustudio theme where he mentions that it is slow (redraws) and i can't tell anything from the screenshots either :(15:51
persiaScottL, Cool!  That means it's clearly either kernel or grub.  You might get better input from folk on the bug, but my recommendation would be to try updating grub while it's stable, and see if that makes it unstable.  If so, you can be comfortable that it's probably grub.  If it's still stable, you're in good shape to hunt kernel issues.22:41

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