sobukuswtf ... is it normal that when I manually did 'service gdm stop' and 'service gdm start', the shutdown/reboot functionality from within gdm is broken?12:02
sobukusI cannot turn off the machine with the mouse12:02
sobukusalways goes back to login screen12:02
sobukusholstein: I commented on the USB install bug12:26
sobukus... just after realizing that the AVLinux DVD I wanted to try is broken and prepping an USB disk instead12:26
sobukusAlso AVLinux doesn't change the fact that a Toshiba Portété R500 is crap for audio work. It needs at minimum 3x512 buffers to avoid xruns all the time12:35
sobukuswhile with the same USB audio interface, a Thinkpad X200 (with a lowlat-like kernel) does manage 3x64, even.12:36
Blank__sobukus, i've yet to try this laptop with the realtime kernel... I can't run buffers at anything lower than 3x1024 otherwise i get xruns12:36
sobukusBlank__: what machine?.12:36
Blank__sobukus, clevo m770cuh I believ12:36
Blank__got it from elky actually :)12:37
Blank__who is someone in another ubuntu channel12:38
sobukushm, 3x1024 is rather bad if you intend to do any realtime work12:38
Blank__(it's late and i'm tired, didn't realise this wasn't the channel i thought it was)12:38
Blank__sobukus, that's just on the generic kernel... i've got the realtime installed and will be testing it soon12:38
sobukustoo bad realtime kernel is no option on the R500 because of broken intel drm driver12:39
sobukusneed >=2.6.3512:39
Blank__needless to say, it seems something in this laptop prevents me from going higher than 48k sample rate, with a firewire interface that's rated at 96k12:39
sobukusoh ... firewire ... a whole new area of issues;-)12:39
Blank__yeah, i'm disappointed that there isn't anything newer than 2.6.3312:39
Blank__i've got the firewire interface working alright with my desktop, but this laptop...12:40
sobukusif in doubt, pc cards with Ti firewire chips are available ...12:40
Blank__i've got one with a JMicron chip... :/12:40
sobukusinternal firewire doesn't have to work well12:40
Blank__i didn't end up getting internal firewire with this12:40
sobukusdunno about JMicron12:40
sobukusI had trouble with ricoh, nvidia12:41
sobukusworking with Ti and VIA12:41
sobukushm, AVLinux 4.2 isn't a good testbed .. the Ardour2 on there is craptaculously crashhappy12:42
Blank__i wouldn't know as i've been running kxstudio for months now12:43
Blank__over half a year12:43
sobukuswell, I booted avlinux to check if the crappyness is ubuntu studio12:45
sobukusas my Thinkpad runs Source Mage with some custom setup12:45
sobukusnow checking the Thinkpad with avlinux12:46
Blank__well i'm going to test with the realtime kernel tomorrow... who knows, might even be able to run my interface above 48k12:50
Blank__i'll only be mildly disappointed if i can't, as it's not crucial12:51
Blank__wouldn't mind lowering the latency a bit more, though12:54
Blank__i'm off... need to attempt to sleep, hot weather sucks at nighttime12:54
holsteinsobukus: thanks :)14:05
holstein^^ for commenting on that bug14:05
holsteinis that your email on the list?14:06
sobukusholstein: I am on the list ... but did I write recently?14:54
sobukussome weeks ago14:54
holsteinsobukus: maybe not14:54
holsteinjust seemed relelvant14:55
holsteinso much so, that i was sure it was you14:55
sobukusanyhow ... this toshiba is struggling with a 7-track project in ardour15:01
sobukusplayback, that is ... it manages it only with 3x512 buffers, not below15:02
sobukuswhile a thinkpad x200 still has lots of fun at 3x12815:02
gordonjcpsobukus: USB audio?15:02
sobukusyes, both the same interface15:02
gordonjcp512 is fne15:02
sobukusit's the utmost limit I can sortof bear when plugging a guitar into rackarrack15:03
sobukusand I'm no guitarist15:03
gordonjcphm, I rarely use software effects on a monitor loop15:04
sobukuswell, I hope the machine will be fine for recording and it won't be needed for live effects15:04
sobukusthe usb interface does have direct monitoring15:04
gordonjcpI don't really use effects plugins much anyway15:04
holsteinsobukus: how about the internal interface?15:04
sobukusholstein: not better15:05
holsteincan you get lowerlatency with it?15:05
sobukusthis laptop is utterly misdesigned for latency15:05
sobukusit does ... something15:05
holsteini would think you should be able to get sub 20ms15:05
sobukusit's a castrated i945 (one memory channel), and an ULV core2duo15:05
virtuwhats up holstein? =)15:05
sobukusbut still that should be plentz power15:05
holsteinvirtu: o/15:05
holsteinsobukus: agreed15:06
holsteinshould be15:06
virtuholstein: finally got a better webcam to catch my videos =)15:06
sobukusMy old thinkpad with single-core pentium M had better performance15:06
holsteinsobukus: what about15:06
holsteincat /proc/interrupts15:06
holsteinsobukus: ive gotten much better than that15:07
holsteinwith dynebolic on a p3 with 256 of ram15:07
holsteininternal sound card ;)15:07
holsteinAND my old eee90015:07
holsteinthats strange15:07
sobukusI remember this laptop also not being very well with firewire (FA-101) .. and the firewire chip even has its own interrupt15:07
holsteinwhat chip?15:08
sobukushm, one interrupt shared between usb5 and i91515:08
sobukusnow which one is usb515:08
sobukusholstein: texas instruments;-)15:08
holsteinsobukus: you'be probably tried *all* the USB ports anyways15:08
holsteinsobukus: thats SO strange15:08
holsteinsobukus: would you pastebin lspci15:09
sobukusit's something in the basic setup of that machine that always gives hickups15:09
holsteinyeah, thats challenging15:10
holsteinits not like only the USB is funky15:10
holsteinthat would be an easier trouble-shooting scenario15:10
holsteinin theory15:10
holsteinsobukus: i assume you have updated the bios?15:11
holsteinOR downgraded even...15:11
holsteinmy kernel dev friend is not online15:12
holsteinsobukus: that might be something he would look at15:13
holsteinand see something relating to the kernel15:13
holsteinsomething that we are not seeing15:13
holsteinsobukus: i might ask you for that again15:13
sobukuswell, this machine had several kernels15:13
holsteinif you remind me, and he's online15:13
sobukushm, another usb port ... no, the same ... occasional xrun with 3x25615:14
sobukusholstein: I don't know if it's worth the bother15:15
sobukusI'll hand this machine over soon (today)15:15
holsteinwell, if it works out15:15
holsteinwe can ask him15:15
holsteincant hurt15:15
sobukusI'll tell the user not to mess with the jack settings ... and that for live play direct monitoring is to be used15:15
holsteinsobukus: thats do-able15:15
sobukusand I'll try not to tell about rackarrack15:16
holsteinjust no live rakarrack15:16
holsteinmost machines would have that limitation15:16
holsteinjust not to this degree15:16
holsteinsobukus: 10.10 ?15:16
holsteindid you try something with the old JACK ?15:16
sobukuswell, for live play with distortion, the occasional xrun really doesn't add vert much:-/15:17
holsteineven the old dyne-bolic disc15:17
holsteinthats JACK2 right?15:17
holsteinpretty sure15:17
sobukusand this laptop used to be my daily box for some time, before jack 2, I think ... not too sure, I think I switched to jackdmp quite soon, as it's a dual core15:17
sobukusno, I think it's jack1, actually15:18
sobukusbut not sure15:18
holsteinthats all i got for ideas15:18
sobukusWell, for now, let's leave it at that that the hardware somewhat sucks.15:18
holsteinim comfortable with that ;)15:19
holsteinsince you're getting rid of it15:19
sobukusI really would like to rip out that transflective tft and stuff it into my thinkpad15:19
holsteinand its not mine15:19
sobukusyeah ... and just maybe it's a little upgrade from a msi wind15:19
sobukusthe main incentive is actually that ardour2 doesn't fit onto the wind's screen15:20
holsteinthers was some talk about that15:20
holsteinsomeone in #opensourcemusicians15:20
sobukusBut yes, it will be good to have distance from the machine, since it always kept be thinking why it is so darn slow with a Core2Duo.15:20
holsteinusing ardour on a 9"15:21
sobukusardour2 was the reason I sweared at xorg for dropping panning support ... before re-introducing it in xrandr 1.315:21
sobukuswe had a 15in xga screen ... not funny15:21
xyclo_Anybody having issues with sound cutting on Skype?15:38
xyclo_It happens to me every single time, about 4-5 min into the conversation15:38
holsteinhey xyclo_15:39
xyclo_hi holstein15:39
holsteini would try and trouble-shoot15:39
holsteinusing some other software15:39
holsteinsome other voip15:39
holsteinmaybe the google chat audio/video thingy15:39
xyclo_Actually sound cuts sometimes from Firefox15:39
xyclo_Good idea15:40
holsteinwhen you say 'sound cuts'15:40
holsteinno more sound?15:40
xyclo_It does not occur in the same way15:40
holsteinwhat do you do to recover15:40
xyclo_on Firefox just reload the page works most times15:40
xyclo_Skype crashes15:40
xyclo_I have to isolate what type of apps on firefox crash15:41
holsteinIF you can't recover the sound15:41
xyclo_ie Flash, etc15:41
holsteinsudo /sbin/alsa force-reload15:41
holsteintry that ^^15:41
xyclo_I did15:41
holsteinwhat you are describing seems like normal things15:41
xyclo_don{t recall what happens...15:41
holsteinskype is still beta15:41
xyclo_but it used to work fine15:41
holsteinflash is just never going to work right for us15:41
holsteinxyclo_: when?15:42
xyclo_I recently installed 10.04 Studio15:42
xyclo_and have made so many changes15:42
xyclo_at the same time15:42
holsteinxyclo_: in the future15:42
holsteindont install ubuntustudio15:42
xyclo_that it is hard to know what to blame!15:42
holsteinjust use the normal version15:42
holsteinand install the packages you need15:42
holsteinfrom ubuntustudio15:42
xyclo_I actually did that15:42
holsteinthat will give you a more 'desktop' system15:43
holsteinas a base15:43
xyclo_although I guess I installed almost all studio packages15:43
xyclo_I do music15:43
holsteinand that should be fine15:43
holsteinxyclo_: its hard to say what has changed15:43
holsteinin skype15:43
holsteineither in buntu15:43
xyclo_what about the rt kernel?15:43
holsteinOR the skype package15:43
xyclo_could it be some priority issue?15:44
holsteinxyclo_: try the generic one15:44
holsteinOR -lowlatency15:44
holsteinif RT is problematic15:44
holsteinif you're asking, with the -rt kernel help with skype15:44
holsteini say no15:44
xyclo_How do I use the generic without switching completely?15:44
holsteinfor me15:44
xyclo_I do not get the menu at the beginning...15:44
holsteinmost of my machines15:44
holsteini have grub showing15:45
holsteinat boot15:45
holsteinand i just choose15:45
holsteinxyclo_: several ways15:45
holsteinyou can hit the shift key15:45
holsteineach time15:45
xyclo_I'll try that.15:45
xyclo_I'll let you know if you are still there in a while!15:45
holsteinsudo nano /etc/default/grub15:46
holsteinor gedit if you prefer15:46
holsteingksudo gedit /etc/default/grub15:46
xyclo_i see15:46
holsteinand the line that has....15:46
holsteinyou comment that out15:46
holsteinadd the # to the front15:47
holsteinthen, you need to save that file15:47
holsteinsudo update-grub15:47
holsteinthen, on the next boot, you should be able to choose15:47
holsteini also usually change...15:48
holsteinto -115:48
holsteinso the timer isnt running at all15:48
holsteini just choose15:48
xyclo_it timesout every other time!15:49
xyclo_good point15:49
xyclo_did not know how to fix that either15:49
holsteinall those tweaks are explained there15:49
xyclo_I read, but got lost...15:49
xyclo_I'll check again15:49
holsteinthen, you can choose rt or whatever at boot15:49
holsteinalmost like dual booting :)15:49
holsteinhandy for the laptops i have that i make pull double-duty15:50
holsteinxyclo_: also15:50
sandra_Hello. I'm trying to make a Echo AudioFire 4 work on Ubuntu 10.10. Should I install ubuntustudio-audio?15:50
holsteinyou are always welcome to come here and ask whatever15:50
holsteinBUT those questions are not necessarily ubuntustudio specific15:50
holsteinif you come here and its dead15:51
holsteinfeel free to 'cast a wider net' as far as support15:51
holsteinsandra_: not yet15:51
holsteinsandra_: did you check ffado?15:51
sandra_holstein, I run ListDevices and I've got this: 0       0x0f00000000000000  0x000F0000  0x00000AF4   Echo Digital Audio - AudioFire415:52
xyclo_I have asked in several channels already15:52
sandra_holstein, but I don't know what else to try, as I'm really new to this kind of stuff.15:52
xyclo_but  I am glad I got here15:53
xyclo_these are good ideas15:53
holsteinxyclo_: just so you know, if you're frustrated at some point15:53
holstein#ubuntu-beginners is a good one15:53
holsteinnot that you're a beginner ;)15:53
holsteinjust a frequented channel with resonalbe traffic15:53
xyclo_ha, I am beginning, but I am not a beginner...15:54
xyclo_if that makes any sense!15:54
holsteinsandra_: http://www.ffado.org/?q=node/6915:54
holsteinlooks like you're good to go15:54
holsteinsandra_: open a terminal15:54
xyclo_gotta go15:54
holsteinxyclo_: laterx :)15:54
holsteinsandra_: run sudo apt-get install qjackctl15:55
holsteinmake sure that you see a list of packages that want to get installed15:55
holsteinsuch as jackd-firewire15:55
holsteinsomething like that15:55
holsteinsandra_: eventually i suggest you install ubuntustudio-audio and ubuntustudio-audio-plugins15:56
holsteinbut, i need to run15:56
holsteinand JACK wont take so long to install15:56
holsteinwe should have time to get you up and running15:56
holsteinin a few minutes15:56
sandra_holstein, thanks. yes, I have jackd-firewire isntalled15:56
holsteinsandra_: in the terminal15:56
holsteinsudo qjackctl15:57
holstein^^ you wont do this all the time15:57
holsteinits not a good idea to run JACK as root normally15:57
holsteinsandra_: click 'setup'15:57
holsteinon the far left15:57
holsteinis the 'realtime' box ticked?15:58
holsteinin the center, set frames/period to 51215:58
holsteinsamplerate to 4410015:58
holsteinperiods/buffer to 215:58
holsteinup at the top15:59
holsteinthe driver drop down menu15:59
holsteinchoose 'firewire'15:59
holsteinhit OK15:59
holsteinand close 'setup'15:59
holsteingo back to the main JACK window15:59
holsteinand try hitting 'start'15:59
holsteinand tell me what happens15:59
sandra_Everything is set up as you say, but it doesn't start.16:01
holsteinsandra_: you started with16:01
holsteinsudo qjackctl ?16:01
holsteinwhat happens?16:01
sandra_let me  paste this somewhere.16:02
holsteinor whatever16:02
sandra_Some messages are in Spanish, sorry.16:03
holsteinno worries :)16:03
sandra_firewire ERR: FFADO: Error creating virtual device16:04
holstein17:03:07.800 No puede conectarse al servidor JACK como cliente. - La operación global falló. - No puede conectarse al servidor. Por favor revise la ventana de mensajes para mas información.16:04
holsteincannot connect to JACK as server?16:04
holsteinwhat does that say ^^16:04
sandra_Cannot connect to Jack server as a client.16:04
sandra_that's what it says.16:04
sandra_The global operation failed - Cannot connect to server. Please chec log window for more information.16:05
sandra_I think the problem is around here: 76449621854:  (ffado.cpp)[  92] ffado_streaming_init: libffado 2.999.0- built Aug 11 2010 00:12:0416:05
sandra_firewire ERR: FFADO: Error creating virtual device16:05
sandra_Cannot attach audio driver16:05
sandra_JackServer::Open() failed with -116:05
holsteinsandra_: im not going to have time16:06
holsteini have a couple suggestions16:06
holstein#jack or course16:06
sandra_Thank you holstein. I'm already a step forward :)16:07
holsteinand #musix is spanish speaking and ubuntu based16:07
holsteinsandra_: i think its helpful to run sudo qjackctl16:07
holsteinat this point16:07
holsteinbecause, you can bypass some permissions errors16:07
holsteinthat you will likely have after getting it setup16:08
holsteinthose are easier to deal with though16:08
holsteinsandra_: IF you have other ports16:08
holsteinon the unit16:08
sandra_yes, I'll do that.16:08
holsteinOR firewire card16:08
holsteinyou could try those16:08
sandra_Nah, only one in this laptop.16:08
holsteinthere are other settings in jack control too16:08
sandra_Pretty simple home setup here.16:08
holsteinunder the 'interface' settings16:09
holsteindefaults work for me though16:09
holsteinwith presonus firepod16:09
holsteinsandra_: if ffado says it supported16:09
holsteinwe'll get you sorted out16:09
holsteinjust might take some time16:09
sandra_me too16:13
sandra_More information in here: https://gist.github.com/53f21a0f46e0ef36f7a617:01
sandra_According to http://ubuntu-ky.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1670258 Ubunto 10.10 won't work with an Echo AudioFire 4? :)17:15
holsteinsandra_: im not really back17:20
holsteinim at a LUG17:20
holsteini would suggest using 10.04 anyways17:20
holsteinIF you want to test17:20
holsteinyou can try http://kxstudio.sourceforge.net/17:21
holsteinas a lucid live CD17:21
Strayfolkabout midi. how do I link 2 midi controllers, one very simple guitar2midi (note,vel,pitch) controller to an advanced midi workstation with expressionpedals etc. and use the first one for note input and the second one for controllers (expression for instance...)18:07
Strayfolkand the whole mess into a sequencer (renoise)18:08
gordonjcpStrayfolk: sounds like you're looking for some sort of MIDI merge18:32
Strayfolkhow is that done?18:33
StrayfolkI managed to work around it using 2 different midi interfaces, one firewire and one usb18:33
Strayfolkbut it would be awesome to do it in one move18:34
ajwillhhi all, I need some help18:50
ajwillI'm working on installing ubuntu studio on my computer in a partition I have set aside, but it's not working18:51
ajwillI have the dvd image for my computer (32 bit) downloaded from this site: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/releases/10.10/release/ (I got the link from the ubuntu studio project website) and installed it on a 2gb usb data traveller via universal USB installer, but when I go to install, it says it cant mount the CD-ROM18:54
MikeMike1is anybody in here?19:33
virtuFinally recorded an audio with no cracks19:42
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ScottLwow, so many people post then quit21:43
gordonjcpthat MikeMike1 was in #ubuntu and getting no help at all with Ubuntu Studio22:24
holsteingordonjcp: still there?22:24
gordonjcpholstein: hello22:25
holsteingordonjcp: o/22:25
holsteini mean, is mikemike still there22:25
gordonjcphe seems to be22:25
holsteinoh, thats not the guy22:25
holsteini could help ajwill22:26
holsteinand get ajwill to add onto a bug i have22:26

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