ochosicharlie-tca: you don't have to ask bratsche about theming the resize grip anymore, i already managed ;)00:10
ochosionly question that remains is whether i can also indirectly fix bugs like this00:11
ochosie.g. using an empty pixmap resize grip for windows where it shouldn't show up00:11
ochosi(but i'm kind of afraid that the resize-area would still stay there, even if not visible anymore)00:11
ochosicharlie-tca: the best part about this is that we can now make the resize-grip more visible (if we want to)00:12
charlie-tcaIt does have it uses. I notice the resize arrow now shows up in both left corners easily, but I am not sure seeing the stupid thing matters ;-)00:13
charlie-tcapersonally, I think it is ugly00:14
ochosii agree00:14
charlie-tcaI suspect people will see it and decide that is where they have to grab to do a resize, which is false00:14
ochosiwhy is it false?00:15
charlie-tcaI can still put the cursor anywhere on the border to resize, I do not have to grab at the grip only00:15
ochosithat is something we ca also discuss, reducing the border-width now that there is the resize grip all over the place00:16
charlie-tcaa visual indicator like that gives people the idea it won't work anywhere else00:16
charlie-tcahm, I hadn't thought about reducing the border, I use them to find the edges, but I guess you are right.00:17
charlie-tcaA thin border would work00:17
ochosihere's the resize grip pixmap i tried: http://wiki.knome.fi/_detail/shimmer:resize-grip.png?id=shimmer%3Agreybird00:19
ochosiit doesn't look all bad00:19
ochosiwe can still decide to use it for some apps and not use it for the rest00:19
charlie-tcaMaybe there is use case for visibility, too? orage world time without the title bar, you can only resize by grabbing the grip00:19
ochosithat's the other gain from knowing how to theme the beast: we can define which apps should use the pixmap resize grip00:19
charlie-tcalot more work, though, isn't it?00:20
ochosihm, i guess it could be ok00:20
charlie-tcathat grip is what I see with industrial theme, too00:20
ochosii just have to figure out the namespace of each app we want to theme, then it's one line per app00:20
charlie-tcaBut, more work, looks great! might make a difference to a theme that can be distributed all over?00:21
ochosithis resize grip is not really what i want to finally use, it's just one thing i found in another theme and quickly took to try how it looks00:21
ochosii can make a few resize-grip designs00:21
ochosiand then we can vote on which one we prefer00:21
charlie-tcayes, that would be great00:22
ochosiit seems trivial (the grip), but since it's gonna be in practically every window...00:22
charlie-tcalike I said, sometimes it does need to be there, too00:22
charlie-tcaMay as well make it pretty, huh?00:22
ochosiexactly :)00:22
ochosiif you see resize-grips in other themes (or anywhere else) that you like please point me to them00:23
charlie-tcaI will look again. Most of what I have seen is the 3-lines in a diagonal only. 00:24
ochosihm, the only other thing i've seen is the resize-grip of the aurora engine00:25
ochosithat one is also not bad00:25
charlie-tcahigh-contrast does it, too, with black on the lines. that is kind of more ugly.00:25
ochosiand very visible00:25
ochosiyeah, high-contrast is not very nice... just tried it00:25
charlie-tcaIt works when you really need it00:25
ochosicharlie-tca: please remind me at some point to do something about the dict-plugin still not really working in the panel00:27
charlie-tcaI will try. Still got to keep trying the weather plugin, too. 00:28
ochosieven though i don't really know why that is (verve seems more or less ok now)00:28
charlie-tcaThey just released another update for that00:28
ochosiah nice00:28
ochosiat some point i was wondering whether we want to add that to the default panel conf00:28
ochosibut not sure whether it's a good idea00:28
charlie-tcaWould the new user use it, or is it more of "experienced users like this"?00:29
ochosinot sure, the main thing is that it's utterly useless without internet00:30
charlie-tcaI will have to reinstall pretty soon, too, since the update yesterday for removing python 2.6 removed about 20 apps on me00:30
charlie-tcahm, we do have a bunch of non-connected users. 00:30
ochosimyeah, i still didn't do that upgrade because it wants to remove nvidia-current00:30
charlie-tcaoh, I did that one. 00:30
charlie-tcaWe will be without it most of the cycle now00:31
ochosiwhy's that?00:31
charlie-tcanvidia has to re-write it to work with Xserver 1.1000:31
charlie-tcaIt usually takes them a couple of months, at least00:31
ochosihere's an example of a "borderless" theme, since we just talked about it: http://bobdmv.deviantart.com/art/Elementary-borderless-0-2-19202122100:32
ochosioh dear, i need my nvidia driver...00:32
ochosijust not sure how the resize grip would look in such a window00:32
charlie-tcaI don't think I like that so much. I have a hard time seeing where each window is00:33
ochosii mean in a window without border00:33
charlie-tcabut, the greatest thing in the world, they change easily!00:33
ochosiyep :)00:33
ochosialrighty, g2g to bed now00:33
charlie-tcafor what I do, the windows would wash into each other00:33
charlie-tcaGood night. and thanks00:34
ochosinp, nighty night00:34
ochosicd /bed && sleep00:34
cody-somervilleInteresting. Chromium browser uses more CPU than Firefox but Firefox uses more memory, lol12:28
charlie-tcaGood morning13:38
charlie-tcamr_pouit: with the updates after alpha2 release, the first restart I had about 9 apps crash, including xorg. I have not been able to reproduce them.13:54
charlie-tcaI also have not been able to reproduce the reboot/shutdown bug again after those updates. Will keep trying, though.13:54
charlie-tcaTeam Report updates for January are due today. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/TeamReports17:36
charlie-tcaI guess I am not just a user anymore... :-)18:05
j1mc: ) ??18:09

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