Sysinatty will have nice new xfce00:03
aRiEzhow to bypass sudo password?00:36
aRiEzEx: x@x-comp:~$ sudo apt-get install bsdgames00:36
aRiEzEx: [sudo] Password for x:00:36
charlie-tcaask the person with it for the password00:37
knomeany ideas for a non-working trackpad. running 10.10 with acer aspire 3100.09:42
Sysinot at all? check from lspci what model10:00
knomenot at all. errr, what should i look for in lspci?10:04
knomethe touchpad is detected (i see it from xinput)10:04
Sysiis it synaptics?10:09
knome"SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad"10:09
Sysirebooted, installed updates?10:10
knomegpointing-device-settings shows it, and allows me to change the settings, but nothing happens when i try to move the cursor with the touchpad10:10
knomedid that a few times, but i could try it again10:10
knomejust weird that it doesn't work since it's detected apparently correctly..10:10
Sysii wonder how it behaves if it's taken out of use in bios10:11
knomei checked bios, but there was nothing about it10:11
knomecould recheck that as well10:12
knomebut there was very very little stuff in bios altogether...10:12
quantumbitdoes your trackpad work?10:14
quantumbitdoes it work with another OS?10:14
quantumbitthen BIOS should be fine10:15
knomeyes, i figured that out, but since i'm out of ideas...10:15
quantumbithave you tried googling your laptop model+trackpad+ubuntu10:16
knomeno help there..10:16
Sysiyou could try to switch driver10:16
knomejust some guy having problems with tapping not working - but nothing is working for me10:16
knomeSysi, that would mean touching Xorg.conf, right? :P10:16
knomethere's nothing about touchpad in bios10:17
knomeor trackpad, or whatever you like to call it10:17
quantumbitdon't trackpad usually appear just like a ps/2 pointer or something?10:18
knomeno idea :)10:19
quantumbitdid it work through the installation process?10:19
Sysiit maybe could be something going wrong with udev/hal10:19
Sysibut idk how to check that10:19
knomequantumbit, i had to install with alternative, so there was no mouse10:20
quantumbitthat may be related10:21
knomexev doesn't detect any movement/cliks.10:21
quantumbithm.. how about xorgconfig or whatever it's called10:22
* knome blushes10:23
knomethat enabled the touchpad.10:23
knomewas apparently turned off hw-wise10:24
Sysiisn't it great when things work actually too well10:25
knomehave to say the laptop is quite unintuitive10:26
quantumbityou're lucky those key combos work :P10:28
quantumbithave an old laptop that i couldnt get these to work on in linux10:28
quantumbitfor sound level, screen brightness etc..10:29
quantumbitthen, I wonder what use can be a key-combo to disable the trackpad :P10:29
knomei'm lucky that this laptop isn't mine.. :P10:30
quantumbitis it one of these netbooks?10:31
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thauriswulfaQUESTION: just installed xfce4.8 by ppa:koshi/xfce-4.8 on xubuntu but still its xfce 4.6 anybody can help?15:05
charlie-tcaI would suggest contacting the individual that created the ppa. It is not an official ppa15:05
knomecharlie-tca, what about adding a news entry in xubuntu.org telling that the 4.8 ppa's are not official16:00
charlie-tcagood idea. I will get something in there16:01
Darius_Xubuntuhello guys i need help with resolution after installing xubuntu desktop 4.8.1 now im stuck on 1024.768 how to adjust it more than that like 1280.1024?16:15
Darius_Xubuntudisplay manager allows only 1024.76816:16
charlie-tcaSo, are you using Natty?16:16
Darius_Xubuntuany ideas?16:17
charlie-tcaIt may be a limitation of the video driver for a while. hardware drivers are not yet compatible with Xserver 1.1016:17
charlie-tcaMore help with Natty might be available in #ubuntu+1, since they all run it16:18
Darius_Xubuntuwell before on 4.6 it worked very good16:18
Darius_Xubuntuok ill try16:18
charlie-tcaand it did not use Xserver 1.1016:18
Darius_Xubuntubtw howto check wich version i have on my sistem?16:19
Darius_Xubuntui mean xserver?16:19
Darius_Xubuntucharlie-tca im sorry im not using natty :)16:22
Darius_Xubuntuso any ideas on how fix this?16:25
Darius_Xubuntuso no ideas on that?16:31
charlie-tcanot if it is not natty. You might have to ask wherever you got 4.8 to put on it16:38
charlie-tcaIt is not officially supported, either16:38
Darius_Xubuntuthank you.16:42
Matty75hello... i have a question re: broadcom b43xx driver in xubuntu Lucid16:52
Matty75i am trying to install it on a computer that has no other internet access16:53
Matty75i am trying to follow the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx16:54
Matty75these instructions refer to a file on the install media called b43-fwcutter... but it isn't included on the xubuntu install16:54
Matty75any thoughts?16:54
charlie-tca!find b43-fwcutter16:55
ubottuFound: b43-fwcutter16:55
Matty75where did u find it?16:56
charlie-tca!info b43-fwcutter16:56
ubottub43-fwcutter (source: b43-fwcutter): Utility for extracting Broadcom 43xx firmware. In component main, is optional. Version 1:013-2 (maverick), package size 15 kB, installed size 80 kB16:56
charlie-tca+looks like you can install it using sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter16:57
Matty75but the machiune has no other inet access16:57
Matty75so apt cant get the package or depends16:58
charlie-tcahm, downĺoad to another machine and transfer using either cd or usb16:58
Matty75any depends?16:58
Matty75thanks charlie-tca... i'll give it a try17:00
Matty75the website https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx also refers to a pkg called "patch"... should i try to dl that as well?17:03
charlie-tcaif you can't see it with apt-cache policy patch, yes17:09
Matty75ok, thanks17:11
charlie-tcaYou´re welcome. Good luck...17:11
Dwarf2000I have a question regarding Xubuntu17:25
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)17:25
Dwarf2000Why is it that version 10.10 is supported untill 2012 and 10.04 till 2013?17:25
mark76Because 10.04 is an LTS17:26
mark76Long Term Support release17:26
Dwarf2000I figured, but it does not make that much sence.17:26
Dwarf2000What if an newer version is released by that time, wouldn't it be better to use that one instead of 10.04?17:26
charlie-tcaThose who run businesses and servers would prefer not to use the latest thing17:27
mark76Ask charlie17:27
charlie-tcaSometimes latest does not mean most stable, fewer bugs, less crashes...17:28
Dwarf2000I was thinking they would have removed bugs and such before releasing.17:28
charlie-tcaand we would not have any new ones, either?17:28
charlie-tcawhat about any new bugs introduced by version upgrades?17:30
Dwarf2000You would think they have some kind of beta testing team or something17:30
charlie-tcafixing bugs we know about does happen, but that does not mean there will not be completely new issues.17:30
charlie-tcaTesting team will never have all the hardware out there, nor will they know every application you use17:31
charlie-tcaThen the chances of them catching every bug is much lower, is it not?17:31
charlie-tcaThere are thousands of applictions. There will be bugs.17:32
Dwarf2000Something can never be perfect.17:32
Dwarf2000Too bad.17:32
charlie-tcacorrect, but those who need stable software are not interested in being the first to report the bugs17:32
charlie-tcathey will use the LTS versions, and upgrade every two to three years instead of every six months17:33
Dwarf2000So, what would you advice me? 10.10 or 1.04, I will be using the computer not that often17:33
Dwarf200010.10 download will be finished within 4 minutes17:36
charlie-tca10.10 is good17:36
Dwarf2000I am running 10.10 on my other desktop(updated from 10.04) and I have not run into any problems so far17:37
Dwarf2000However, this desktop has 512mb ram, therefore I chose xubuntu17:38
Matty75ok... so... wierd things afoot... now my desktop is gone17:42
Dwarf2000What version are you using Matty?17:42
Matty75i just tried a procedure to get my bcom wireless card working and when i rebooted... wierdness17:43
Matty75the computer boots to xdm or gdm or whatever and i can enter my pw17:43
Matty75then it goes to a desktop that is just the wallpaper and the program orage is running17:44
mark76No menu?17:44
Matty75i can alt-f2 and enter commands, but the environment is gone17:44
Matty75nope... no panels either17:44
Matty75is there a command i can enter in a terminal to start up the desktop?17:45
Matty75i can get xterm running from alt-f217:45
mark76Have you tried xfce4-panel?17:47
Matty75ok... i got a panel...17:48
mark76What's on it?17:48
Matty75mouse menue... running programs (xterm)... sys tray... etc...17:49
Matty75i also have an icon that looks like a gear that says "a package manager is working" when i hover over it17:49
mark76Did you start it from the terminal?17:49
Matty75yes... from xterm17:49
mark76Close xterm17:49
Matty75panel is gone17:50
mark76Can you run commands without xterm?17:50
Matty75yes... if i alt-f217:50
mark76Okay. alt-f2 and then run xfce4-panel directly17:50
Matty75did that... panel is back17:50
mark76Is there a shutdown icon on the panel?17:51
Matty75little green running man?17:51
mark76Click on that and tick "remember last session"17:51
Matty75the only option is... "Exit Xfce Panel?"17:52
Matty75then cancel or quit17:52
mark76Sounds like xfce4 session isn't running17:52
mark76Or Xubuntu session17:52
Matty75i logged in in xfce mode... not xubuntu...17:52
mark76Try logging in in Xubuntu mode17:53
Matty75same thing... orage preferences is open and orage is running... but nothing else17:54
Matty75no session manager, i guess17:54
mark76How did you do that without logging out of irc? :/17:55
Matty75different computer LOL17:55
Dwarf2000That easy :p17:55
mark76I have to go eat dinner17:55
charlie-tcaMatty75: to run the panels and keep them, use Alt+F2, xfce4-panel &17:56
charlie-tcathe & on the end means keep it running when the terminal run app closes17:56
Matty75charlie... i think when i rebooted after installing the bcom drivers, i must have checked the "save for future sessions" box and it got confused...18:00
Matty75i logged out and back in and my panels are here and i have been able to log into my wireless network!!18:01
charlie-tcagood job18:01
Matty75i am now running update manager and installing 296 updates18:02
Matty75now... on to tackling my nvidia geforce card...18:02
Matty75yes... 10.0418:02
charlie-tcalet those finish first now18:02
Matty75of course18:02
charlie-tcaWe are building a new cd for 10.04.2, so you won't have to do so many updates18:03
charlie-tcaThat should be out in about two weeks18:03
Matty75i had a full install of ubuntu maverick running on that machine but it was soooo slow i decided to try xubuntu instead18:04
charlie-tcayeah, xubuntu should be about 30% lighter on resources18:04
Matty75but i read that there was no support for nvidia-173 on old cards in the new versionof xorg in maverick so i went to lucid18:05
charlie-tca!info nvidia-17318:06
ubottunvidia-173 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-173): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library. In component restricted, is optional. Version 173.14.28-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 10405 kB, installed size 32204 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)18:06
charlie-tcait's back now, after all the updates get in18:06
Matty75oh... well i am ok with having the lts release on that machine :)18:07
Matty75gotta run... my 5 month old is hungry :)18:07
charlie-tcahave fun18:07
Matty75thanks for ur help18:07
charlie-tcaYou are welcome18:07
Dwarf2000so, charlie18:08
Dwarf2000you are an xubuntu developer?18:08
charlie-tcano, I am the Xubuntu Project Lead18:09
Dwarf2000I feel honored ^^18:09
charlie-tcaThere are many of us here, we just try to help out when we can18:10
Dwarf2000You will never see bill gates give support for windows.18:12
Dwarf2000That's why I like in linux :)18:12
Dwarf2000I'm off for diner.18:15
aitibawhich are the minimal requeriments to use the last stable version of xubuntu?18:19
charlie-tcaabsolute minimum for 10.10?18:21
charlie-tca256MB ram, run one app at time, slowly. PII or PIII processor at 400MHz, run slowly18:22
aitibacharlie-tca, whic a p3 1000Mhz with 256 MB RAM?18:23
aitibanow is using lubuntu 10.10 or 10.04 correctly18:24
aitibaI can open 2-e windows at the same time18:24
charlie-tca256MB ram will run slow, 10.10 or 10.0418:27
charlie-tcaLubuntu does use about 30% fewer resources than Xubuntu, so with 256MB, it might be better18:28
aitibacharlie-tca, so xubuntu needs more requeriments to run?18:29
charlie-tcaNot much more, but, Lubuntu will will run with less ram that Xubuntu18:30
xGrindand with 512MB ?18:30
charlie-tcaXubuntu needs 512MB ram to give good performance18:31
aitibacharlie-tca, so i'm goind to try with puppy linux18:31
xGrindmy hardware18:31
xGrindathlon xp 2200+ , 512MB + 128MB18:32
charlie-tcaThat should work very well18:32
xGrindmotherboard pc chips m810dlu18:32
aitibamy problem is the ram18:33
charlie-tcaaitiba: yes, agreed. It will work, but will be slow18:33
charlie-tcaheh, faster than my 400MHz with 256MB ram, though18:33
xGrindaitiba; replace xfwm4 to openbox18:33
aitibai need a normal experience18:34
aitibawhy have a pc that goes slow?18:34
charlie-tcabecause it happens to be what you have?18:34
aitibabut why go slow if I can use the pc with lubntu that use openbox18:35
Dwarf2000Let's see if I can install Xubuntu :D18:36
xGrindxubuntu \o/18:36
xGrindcharlie-tca; xubuntu 11.04 is more ligth?18:37
charlie-tcanot yet18:37
charlie-tcait is the development version, first we get it to work, then we worry about trying to lighten up18:38
Dwarf2000There is an 11.04? :o18:39
Dwarf2000Talking about bleeding edge.18:39
charlie-tcaNot yet. The next release will be 11.04, but it is known as Natty Narwhal right now18:39
charlie-tcaIt does have Xfce 4.8 in it, though18:40
Dwarf2000It looks to me.18:41
Dwarf2000That the names are made with an online nickname generator ^^18:41
Dwarf2000Like, random thing + animal18:41
Dwarf2000You have lots of fantasy then ^^18:42
charlie-tcaThe names are personally selected by Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Ubuntu and it's parent company, Canonical18:42
charlie-tcaYou are correct, though. They really are "adjective" +  animal18:43
Dwarf2000:) My dad just said that Canonical sounds like the Chronicals of Narnia18:43
Dwarf2000Xubuntu has an awesome logo.18:46
Dwarf2000What animal is that?18:46
aitibacharlie-tca, thanks18:53
charlie-tcaYou are welcome18:53
Dwarf2000I would just like to say19:36
Dwarf2000That I might like xubuntu over the normal ubuntu ._.19:36
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brotDwarf2000: i do too :)19:41
Dwarf2000It looks way better :)19:41
Dwarf2000There we go.20:00
Dwarf2000I selected an theme, from the control center'ish program20:00
Dwarf2000Now it logged me out20:00
Dwarf2000Whenever I try to log in it goes to black screen with blinking _20:00
Dwarf2000then goes to login screeen20:00
Dwarf2000What to do?20:00
charlie-tcacd .cache20:01
charlie-tcadelete it with rm -r ~/.cache/*20:01
Dwarf2000happens more often?20:01
charlie-tcathen go cd ~/.config20:02
charlie-tcadelete the session settings using    rm -r ~/.config/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml20:03
charlie-tcathen never select wildbrush or wild* themes again20:04
Dwarf2000no such file or directory...20:05
charlie-tcait's fixed in 4.8, by the way. It took the developers a long time to figure out what went wrong20:05
charlie-tcawhich one ?20:06
Dwarf2000rm -r ~/.config/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml20:06
charlie-tcathat's because something.20:07
charlie-tcadelete the session settings using    rm -r ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml20:07
charlie-tcatry that one20:07
charlie-tcanow you restart; ctrl+alt+del works at this screen, without saving anything we don't want20:08
Dwarf2000worked :D20:10
charlie-tcaand never select that wild* theme again, right?20:11
Dwarf2000Any way to update to 4.8 from within 10.10?20:11
charlie-tcanot officially20:11
charlie-tcaIf you do, we can't support it20:11
Dwarf2000Or I'll just not select that theme :)20:11
Dwarf2000Why is it in there if it does that, anyway?20:11
charlie-tcaIt took the developers a very long time to find why it does that. It was a difficult bug for them to reproduce, for some reason.20:12
charlie-tcaoh, and because of the way Xfce is built, it is not trivial to remove from themes20:15
Dwarf2000How does one edit the menu?20:16
Dwarf2000Also, do you take suggestions?20:18
Dwarf2000Because it looks to me that if you select an screensaver that is not installed and press preview, and error is thrown.20:19
charlie-tcano editor20:19
charlie-tcayes, we take suggestions20:20
Dwarf2000Well, the above about the screensaver. Perhaps disable the preview button if the screensaver is not installed.20:25
charlie-tcaThat's a good suggestion20:26
Dwarf2000Because else it'll display an error20:26
Dwarf2000Let's see if I can get VLC :D20:26
dwarf2000Back again, this time on Xubuntu D:21:18
dwarf2000However, I got no sound.21:18
Sysiworked on ubuntu?21:19
dwarf2000I have not tried ubuntu on this system21:27
dwarf2000I am running xubuntu as I only have 512mb ram21:27
Sysicheck everything unmuted, if you have possibility of two soundcards, install pavucontrol21:28
dwarf2000As in...21:30
dwarf2000"select controls" then select all, then check if any muted?21:30
dwarf2000worked :D21:31
dwarf2000Thanks a bunch21:31
dwarf2000Now to see which is the one I am using :D21:32
dwarf2000Oh it's an whole bunch of them.21:34
wizardslovakhello people21:55
wizardslovaki disabled wireless and now i cant enable it21:55
wizardslovaknowhere to click21:55
wizardslovakany command?21:55
Sysishould be able to do it from same place you took it off21:56
Sysienable networking and then wireless21:56
wizardslovakya but i dont have icon in taskbar21:57
quantumbitit's weird :P21:58
Sysi..ran? alt+f2 'nm-applet'22:02
wizardslovakits enablerd but i dont see any icon22:14
wizardslovaks noone22:15
wizardslovakno command for it?22:15
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lolcathow do I open the network settings?23:11
dwarf2000I believe there is no GUI for that23:13
lolcatso I can't connect to networks?23:14
dwarf2000But do not believe what I say, I have been using xubuntu for a couple of hours now.23:14
lolcatofcourse there is a gui to connect to networks23:14
dwarf2000In the upper right corner23:14
dwarf2000Next to the time23:14
lolcatir crashed23:14
lolcatI need to know its name23:15
dwarf2000One second.23:15
lolcatdoh, it wont start23:16
dwarf2000sudo nm-applet?23:16
dwarf2000If you run it in an terminal, does it give an error?23:18
lolcatdebug old state indicates that this was not a disonnect 023:19
charlie-tcashould be network-manager-applet23:21
charlie-tcaAlt+F2, network-manager-applet23:21
lolcatdont have it23:23
charlie-tca!info network-manager-applet23:24
ubottuPackage network-manager-applet does not exist in maverick23:24
charlie-tca!find network-manager-applet23:24
ubottuFile network-manager-applet found in network-manager23:24
charlie-tcaremove and reinstall network-manager23:24
lolcatwithout internet?23:25
lolcatyeah, that'll work23:25
charlie-tcawell, that makes it harder, huh?23:25
lolcatyep, if I remove it it is gone23:25
lolcatall i need is to connect eth023:25
dwarf2000You cannot connect to eth0?23:26
dwarf2000How is that even possible :/23:26
charlie-tcalolcat: do you have the network applet in the top panel?23:26
lolcatNope, but i rebooted internet now23:26
lolcatthe compuer23:26
lolcatnow I have internet but no applet23:27
dwarf2000Thus, sudo apt-get install network-manager23:27
charlie-tcawhy do you need the applet if you have a connection? It is only needed with wireless23:27
lolcatEncrypted wired network23:28
lolcatbut I guess I could do without23:29
charlie-tcatry re-installing network-manager, maybe. I personally stay away from the applet, so I don't really know.23:30
lolcatguess I will try without, this is just my backup pc23:30
Freeway92mag mir jemand bei einem Problem helfen?23:46
charlie-tcaenglish, please23:46
Freeway92ups sry23:46
dwarf2000Mein deutsch sind nicht so gut ^^23:46
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.23:46
charlie-tcathey can help with xubuntu also, in #ubuntu-de23:47
Freeway92i have a lenovo b560, and since a few days the driver is load but not in use23:47
charlie-tcavideo driver?23:47
charlie-tcaI don't know wireless enough. Maybe if no one else can help, try #ubuntu-beginners23:48
TchnQhi guys23:52
charlie-tca!hi | TchnQ23:53
ubottuTchnQ: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!23:53
TchnQcan't find the answer in internet...installed 2day xubuntu 10.10, it updated, and then my splashscreen died...23:54
charlie-tcaso, you don't get the pretty screen when booting, or you can not log in , or ??23:55
TchnQdon't get the pretty screen xD23:55
charlie-tcaDid you install an nvidia driver?23:55
TchnQi fixed timeout of it....downloaded another splashscreen....nothing.....installed plymouth manager - nothing.....just a sign when loading "UBUNTU 10.10" and four dots )23:55
charlie-tcaCan't have both23:56
charlie-tcaeither get a pretty splash screen or use nvidia hardware driver23:56
charlie-tcaThey are not compatible with each other23:56
TchnQI thought about that....but not so "pro" in linux....23:57
TchnQthanks man)23:57
charlie-tcaYou are welcome23:57
TchnQwhat about v86 package?23:59
TchnQv86d *23:59

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