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jonohi all, quick reminder: UDS meeting in 45 mins :-)18:17
pleia2AlanBell: yeah18:27
jonoAlanBell, yup18:31
jonook, we start in a few mins :-)18:57
jonowho is here for the meeting?19:00
pleia2I'm at work (I'm on the phone) but I'll be as present as possible19:00
jonothanks pleia219:01
jonomaco, elky, are you able to join us for the meeting?19:01
jonoakgraner, ^19:01
macowhat pleia2 said19:01
jonook, let's get started19:02
jonoso firstly, thanks to everyone in advance for participating19:02
jonoI figured I will first explain the goals I am striving for and maybe some suggested agenda items?19:03
jonoso first the goal:19:03
jonowe really want to make UDS a fantastic example of an event that puts Diversity center-stage, and sets a great example for other events19:03
jonoand to make UDS a safe, productive and inspiring environment for everyone19:04
jonoa few weeks ago I reached out to the u-w team to ask for some guidance for how we can best achieve this19:04
jonoso there are a few things that are going on:19:05
jono * pleia2 posted that she has created a page on the Ubuntu Women site for UDS which provides some basic information and the beginning of a FAQ. More feedback and content is welcome.19:05
jono * pleia2 also created a UDS stories page which which provides some useful context for prospective women attendees interested to learn more about the event.19:06
jono * the team is also discussing how to provide support and guidance for filling sponsorship requests and including all the relevant information. I think this is a wonderful idea. :-)19:06
jonohey AlanBell19:06
jono * we have also discussed building an outreach campaign to raise the visibility of this work and encourage women to apply for sponsorship and participate19:07
jonoas such, I see two main agenda items for today:19:07
jono1. figure out the process for how u-w can help women who want to get their sponsorship application together19:08
jono2. how we put together this outreach campaign and how it would form19:08
jonowould anyone here be interested in coordinating the first goal?19:08
pleia2akgraner mailed the list saying she has helped in the past with other women in the team filling out applications19:09
pleia2expanding that to make sure everyone knows they can ask us is probably a good first step19:09
jonoI am not sure if akgraner is here19:09
AlanBellwell I think a great process is to swap forms with someone else and use pad.ubuntu-uk.org to draft it19:09
jonobut maybe she would be interested in helping with this19:10
jledbetterWouldn't first be "should I apply"?19:10
jonojledbetter, right, I think that is part of the outreach element19:10
jonodocumenting the reasons why people should apply and socializing it19:10
jledbetterRight, not everyone needs to be hardcore programmers.19:11
pleia2I put some of this on http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/UDS so it should be expanded19:11
jonojledbetter, totally19:11
jledbetterAnd level of involved. Though, I guess it never hurts to apply.19:12
jonopleia2, would you be happy to coordinate with akgraner to put together a process for how women can reach out to get their applications reviewed?19:12
pleia2jono: sure19:12
jonopleia2, thanks!19:12
AlanBelljono: what are you looking for on an application form?19:12
jonoAlanBell, so typically what we look for is an articulation of that person's experience19:12
jonosimilar to a CV / Resume for their work in the Ubuntu community19:13
pleia2jono: any ETA on sponsorship launch?19:13
jonoand making it clear that those achievements don't need to be technical ones19:13
jonopleia2, I would like to open up sponsorship in a week19:13
macojono: in a horribly short character count!19:13
AlanBelldo you look at personal wiki pages as well for that?19:13
jonomaco, good point19:13
jonomaco, is it limited to a certain number of chars?19:14
AlanBell1000 chars19:14
maconot even a full kibibyte!19:14
jonoI think we need to get rid of that limit19:14
jononoting that down19:14
AlanBellthen there is a second one for other information, which I never used19:14
macocrimsun rewrote his sponsor app 3 times for uds barcelona to get under the limit :P19:14
jonomaco, wow19:15
jonowe should not expect people to do that19:15
macoi think that second one is where you reiterate the dietary requirements and say "no really, i'll die"19:15
jonopleia2, so getting back to your question, do you think you could have a process fleshed out by this time next week?19:15
pleia2jono: I'll touch base with akgraner and see what her schedule looks like too (and how much of a process she has for reviewing already), hopefully yes19:16
AlanBellI kind of viewed the slot on the form as "what I will do at this UDS and why it will fall apart without me"19:16
jonothanks pleia2, you rock...as usual :-)19:16
jonoAlanBell, :-)19:16
jonoso mind if we move on to the outreach campaign agenda item?19:17
macoum, perhaps some example fill-ins would be nice?19:17
jonothis one has a bunch of components to it19:17
jledbetter+1 on examples19:17
jledbetter"winner" examples19:17
jonomaco, great idea - I think this could be useful for pleia2 and akgraner to document on the wiki19:17
jonoso for the outreach campaign, this is my initial idea to get the discussion going:19:18
jono * we will put together a page that outlines why UDS is a diverse and welcome environment, and how *everyone* is welcome to to apply for sponsorship19:19
jono * we will link to the mentoring process that pleia2 and akgraner are working on, and we will clarify some misconceptions about applying (e.g. everyone is welcome to, you don't have to have technical experience, you can apply from anywhere in the world etc)19:20
jono * we will then really socialize this page and encourage more women to apply - I would love to see a concerted publicity campaign - lots of blogging, tweeting and other awareness to raise the visibility of this guidance19:20
jono * our goal is to see more women apply for this UDS than previous UDSs19:21
AlanBelldo we have those numbers?19:21
pleia2are the old summit schedules available somewhere? It may be useful to link to them as well so people know what to expect track-wise when deciding19:21
jonopleia2, checking19:22
jonopleia2, http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-n/19:22
pleia2ok cool19:22
jonoe.g. http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-n/2010-10-25/19:22
jonoAlanBell, I am going to get those numbers for how many folks have applied, but I don't have them right now19:23
jonoit won't be much work to get them19:23
macopleia2: so they know to expect to be overwhelmed?19:23
jonoso I see the following core work components:19:23
jono 1. put together the main landing page for this outreach campaign19:24
jono 2. ensure pleia2 and akgraner's process is linked in19:24
jono 3. put together a publicity campaign19:24
macosomething that could help on diversity is getting sponsorship stuff sorted a bit earlier so there's time for people who need visas to travel to get through the process well in advance of the event19:24
jonomaco, yeah, this is why I want to launch in a week or so19:24
jonothen there is more time available19:25
jonoso for 1. I think putting this on the u-w site makes most sense, agreed?19:25
jledbetterDo you want it more diverse or more women?19:25
jonojledbetter, more diverse, but there is more of a focus on women for this UDS19:25
jledbetterOk, gotcha.19:26
jonoI am also chatting with Pendulum about how we can increase those with disabilities attending19:26
jonoso for (1) I was thinking of putting together a page and then reviewing it with the u-w group19:26
jonowould everyone be happy if I put a first cut together?19:26
jledbetterFine with me. I'm beyond swamped or I would. I can give feedback though :)19:27
AlanBelljono: draft it on etherpad, transfer to wiki when more stable19:27
jonoAlanBell, good idea19:27
jledbetterGreat idea, AlanBell19:27
jonothe only downsite of etherpad is visualizing the structure of the page19:28
jledbetterCan put stuff in pseudocode/pseudoelements19:28
jonoso I might do it on the wiki and then people suggest functional changes and we can make those changes19:28
AlanBelldo it in wiki markup on etherpad19:28
jonoAlanBell, I will take a look into it19:29
jonook, so I will put together a first cut and then mail the list19:29
jonoso I think if we aim to have the final page ready for this time next week, we should be good19:30
jonothis should match with pleia2 and akgraner's work19:30
jonoso who would be interested in helping to promote this page and this work?19:31
pleia2we can announce it on our list, I'll x-post to ubuntu-news and blog about it myself19:31
jledbetterI can blog, tweet/dent, poke certain women I think would be great candidates19:32
AlanBellI will help edit the the page, and help anyone who wants assistance with the sponsor form19:33
jonojust noting down these19:33
AlanBellI kind of swapped helping with Pendulum for the last one and it is massively easier having someone else to work with than writing about yourself19:34
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jonosounds great19:34
jonoI am going to promote the effort on facebook, twitter, identi.ca and I will blog it too19:35
jledbetterjono, Going to update the image carousel too?19:35
jonoI think we should also encourage everyone in Ubuntu Women to talk to other women about applying if they feel it makes sense19:35
jonojledbetter, yeah, that is on my TODO list19:35
Pendulumhey, sorry, I lost track of time, but I'm here now19:36
jonono worries Pendulum, great to see you :-)19:36
jledbetterPendulum, Howdy!19:36
jonoPendulum, these are the actions thus far:19:36
jono * pleia2 and akgraner to flesh out mentoring process for reviewing sponsorship applications.19:36
jono * jono to investigate reducing the 100 char limit for sponsorship applications in summit.ubuntu.com.19:36
jono * jono to put together first cut of landing page for outreach campaign.19:36
jono * outreach actions:19:36
jono  * pleia2 to announce it on ubuntu-women, cross-post to ubuntu-news and blog about it19:36
jono  * jledbetter to blog, tweet/dent, contact certain women he thinks would be great candidates19:36
jono  * jono to blog, promote on Facebook, twitter, identi.ca and promote in videocasts19:36
AlanBells/reducing the 100 char limit/increasing the 1000 char limit/19:37
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AlanBellat least give us a full tweet!19:37
jonoso I think that gives us some good actions for the next week19:37
jonoI suggest we have another meeting same time next week and flesh out more promotional plans to get the word out19:38
jonosound reasonable?19:38
pleia2sounds good19:38
jledbetterSure, maybe email list too for those that can't make this time?19:38
pleia2yeah, jono can you toss the action items in a note to the list and say that add'l volunteers are welcome?19:39
jonojledbetter, sounds great - I am going to mail a meeting summary to u-w19:39
jonopleia2, totally :-)19:39
jonoany other business to discuss?19:40
jledbetterThank you :)19:40
Pendulumbtw, I'm happy to definitely blog and tweet and such, and otherwise can be poked for things where people would like help19:40
pleia2thanks Pendulum :)19:40
jonothanks Pendulum!19:40
Pendulumjono: can we set up something a little more separate to discuss the accessibility side? maybe a meeting in -accessibility?19:41
jonoPendulum, sure19:41
jonook then, I guess we will wrap19:43
jonothanks everyone for joining us today!19:43
pleia2reminder, our regular team meeting is in 17 minutes :)19:43
jledbetterThanks, jono!19:43
Pendulumsorry for missing the meeting :(19:44
jonoPendulum, no worries :-)19:44
MarkDudeGood meeting :)19:47
akgranerjono - posting about everything today :-) and including pleia2's interview and I'm interviewing hypatia at SCaLE...(sorry I missed the meeting earlier)19:50
jonoakgraner, no worries!19:54
jonoakgraner, sorry for volunteering you for a piece of work19:58
jonoI should really blame pleia2 :-)19:58
akgranerjono, no worries I wanted to help19:58
jonomeeting actions sent to the mailing list19:59
akgranerI touched base with pleia2 and I'll be in the regular meeting and we'll go from there.. I have mised helping19:59
akgranermissed even :-/19:59
pleia2ok, meeting time!20:00
Mootbot-UKMeeting started at 20:00. The chair is pleia2.20:00
Mootbot-UKCommands Available: [TOPIC], [PROGRESS REPORT], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]20:00
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Meetings/Agenda20:00
jonoakgraner, :-)20:00
pleia2(I'm at work AND in a xubuntu meeting now, so hopefully I can hold this together ;))20:01
pleia2[TOPIC] Natty blueprints progress20:01
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  Natty blueprints progress20:01
pleia2[LINK] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-women.org/+spec/ubuntutheproject-community-n-ubuntu-women-project-goals20:01
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-women.org/+spec/ubuntutheproject-community-n-ubuntu-women-project-goals20:01
pleia2so first off, AlanBell got me the wiki theme a couple weeks ago and now I just need to log into the server where canonical hosts our wiki and give them precise instructions based on the wiki theme work Alan did20:02
pleia2[ACTION] pleia2 to submit wiki theme ticket20:02
Mootbot-UKACTION received:  pleia2 to submit wiki theme ticket20:02
pleia2along with this, we also have the question of the main page site content itself20:02
pleia2I tossed the content of our index.html from our website here: http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Natty/Home20:03
akgranerpleia2, you've been kicking butt and taking names on the wiki pages! thanks for all that hard work20:04
pleia2so if you have feedback on the core text, suggestions welcome :)20:04
jledbetterWhen do you want feedback by and how? :)20:04
pleia2we can give feedback here, maybe we should send a mail to the list asking for feedback there too20:05
pleia2or just tell me directly20:05
pleia2here as in - on IRC at any time20:05
jledbetterYes, this information looks a little dated. Also, the new layout is fixed, right?20:05
jledbetters/fiixed/fixed width/20:05
pleia2no, I am pretty sure it fills the whole screen20:05
jledbetterAh ok20:06
pleia2AlanBell: right?20:07
PendulumI'm fairly certain it's not fixed width as I think that's something we checked on the a11y testing20:07
* AlanBell returns20:08
AlanBellI un-fixed it20:08
jledbetterOk, I might be thinking of the old version.20:08
AlanBellno, in fact elky's design was fluid20:08
jledbetterThen no idea what I'm making up in my memory then :)20:09
pleia2ok cool20:09
jledbetterHow would folks -- and this is me being visual again -- feel about a photo on the front? Like of a group shot from a past event?20:11
pleia2so the new layout actually has some pictures in the sidebar20:11
PendulumI like the idea of a photo.20:11
PendulumI also kinda think that most people are not going to look at statistics on a front page20:12
pleia2a gif rotating from our girls contest last year, and I think it has the poster photo of akgraner, laura and myself20:12
jledbetterlike this? (for layout style): http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Events/Competitions/WorldPlayDay20:12
AlanBell"most people are not going to look at statistics on a front page" :-O20:14
pleia2AlanBell: is the example wiki online?20:14
PendulumAlanBell: there is marketing research about that somewhere. Usually in terms of comparing US political parties ;)20:14
freesitebuilderbut I don't think they'd go to another page to look at them - ie follow a link20:15
pleia2no worries if not, I just can't seem to find any screenshots20:15
AlanBellpleia2: I have been struggling for the last few minutes to start the thing20:15
jledbetterCould pull it out though. I have some ideas but hard to explain without drawing. Trying out markup.io20:15
macocould have an animated gif rotating through UW-UDS photos...there've been a few of those at least right?20:16
AlanBellyay, it works, now to reconfigure the firewall . . .20:16
pleia2ok, while waiting for that I want to mention our Ada Lovelace Day initiative20:18
pleia2they moved Ada Lovelace Day to October!20:19
pleia2so it's no longer within our cycle, I think we want to defer those items to -O20:19
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  http://markup.io/v/eebf800f911b20:19
pleia2I think the UDS work will make up for some of that, and we've got our hands full with mentoring + wiki anyway20:19
jledbetterSorry. Yes. Moved. So both items would be moved right? organize Ada Lovelace competition too?20:19
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  http://libertus.co.uk:8083/20:20
pleia2jledbetter: yeah, I think we'd mark them as "deferred" as a status (I'll have to doublecheck)20:20
pleia2I'll touch base with elky regarding the competition20:20
pleia2but I think we defer that too20:20
pleia2(who else was working on that?)20:20
jledbetterOn ALD? MichelleQ20:21
pleia2the competition itself20:21
jledbetterNot sure.20:21
pleia2ok, I'll touch base with Michelle too :)20:22
akgranerworld play day is May 28th right?20:22
pleia2so that link AlanBell gave above is the wiki theme that we're submitting to canonical http://libertus.co.uk:8083/20:22
pleia2akgraner: we're not doing that competition this time around20:22
akgranerahh ok20:22
akgranerjust checking :-) and getting caught back up...:-)20:23
pleia2as you can see on the theme we have some pictures on the sidebar20:23
pleia2so I think when we give proposals for adding pictures and stuff, we want to do it with the new theme in mind20:23
jledbetterYes, agreed20:24
jledbetterI really like the footer :)20:27
pleia2[ACTION] pleia2 to email home page text to list for review20:28
Mootbot-UKACTION received:  pleia2 to email home page text to list for review20:28
AlanBelland the footer is editable data, not part of the theme20:29
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  http://localhost:8083/Footer20:29
pleia2[ACTION] pleia2 to talk with elky and michelle about postponing Ada contest20:29
Mootbot-UKACTION received:  pleia2 to talk with elky and michelle about postponing Ada contest20:29
pleia2[ACTION] defer ada lovelace day blogging to next cycle due to date change20:30
Mootbot-UKACTION received:  defer ada lovelace day blogging to next cycle due to date change20:30
pleia2ok, I think we're caught up20:30
pleia2[LINK] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-women.org/+spec/ubuntutheproject-community-n-ubuntu-women-mentor-partnerships20:31
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-women.org/+spec/ubuntutheproject-community-n-ubuntu-women-mentor-partnerships20:31
pleia2so I sent czajkowski, jledbetter and MichelleQ these drafts previously, but now we're opening them up for full team review20:32
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Natty/Mentoring20:32
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Natty/MentoringContact20:32
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Natty/MentoringFAQ20:32
pleia2essentially we just want to clearly document what we have right now20:33
pleia2from there we move on to improving it20:33
pleia2I think it's all pretty straight forward, these will replace all the crazy pages all over the place that we currently have that are confusing and don't properly document our actual process20:33
pleia2I'll let these hang out there for a week or two before moving them, I know it's a lot to read right here at the meeting :)20:35
AlanBellErrata isn't the right word on the FAQ20:36
AlanBell"other notes" or something20:36
pleia2done :)20:36
akgranerpleia2, let me know how and I can help and give you a hand with stuff20:36
pleia2akgraner: if you could just read http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Natty/Mentoring and http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Natty/MentoringFAQ and offer any feedback that would be most helpful20:36
pleia2just remember that we're not changing our process yet, just documenting the current status20:37
akgraneralrighty :-)20:37
pleia2we can discuss improvements later :)20:37
pleia2ok, skipping through some agenda items we already discussed20:37
pleia2[TOPIC] Authorize redirect of www to wiki20:37
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  Authorize redirect of www to wiki20:37
pleia2I thought we should just do this now, before the new theme, but now I am having second thoughts20:38
pleia2since we still need to move and approve the front page text on/to the wiki20:38
pleia2so maybe we hold off until we have the new theme?20:38
pleia2(unless getting the new theme takes 100 years)20:38
macowould you be terribly surprised if it did?20:38
pleia2no, so it's something we should keep in mind :)20:39
pleia2just not quite yet20:39
jledbetterWe could update the current content right? Don't need new theme?20:39
pleia2well, we could just dump http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Natty/Home in to the main wiki page now20:39
pleia2but I don't know if it's pretty enough20:40
jledbetterIt could be. Updating the content would go far :)20:40
pleia2ok, so maybe after content review we revisit updating the redirect pre-theme change?20:40
jledbetterWorks for me.20:41
pleia2ok cool20:41
pleia2[TOPIC] UDS & Diversity Meeting20:42
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  UDS & Diversity Meeting20:42
pleia2I know we just had this meeting but I just wanted to quickly touch upon this in case we have comments in this meeting to make about it20:42
pleia2akgraner: any comments?20:43
akgranerother than I'm blogging, putting info out on Linux Pro and Ubuntu User20:44
akgranerand that I'll help anyone write their sponsorship requests20:44
pleia2I think as far as sponsorship requests you, AlanBell and myself have all volunteered for review20:45
akgranernothing else at the moment...but I am sure once I read through everything tonight I'll have more comments :-)20:45
pleia2so maybe we put our contact info up on our "front desk for app review" page (or whaever it ends up being)?20:45
akgranersure that works for me20:45
pleia2"want review, email amber, lyz and alan"20:45
pleia2I'll put some ideas together for this20:46
PendulumI'm also happy to review, by the way20:46
AlanBellPendulum is good at it :)20:46
akgranergreat - I'll be finished with work in about 3 hours and can help with ideas then as well20:46
akgranerthrough with work for the day not forever (y'all know what I mean :-D)20:47
pleia2Pendulum: ok great!20:47
* pleia2 adds Pendulum to review team20:47
akgranerthanks Pendulum!20:48
pleia2[TOPIC] Announcements and Other20:48
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  Announcements and Other20:48
pleia2anyone have anything?20:48
akgranerAlso if someone on the team wants to share their UW story with me - I'll be happy to write about it..and share what the team as meant to you and your journey into Ubuntu and beyond20:49
akgranersorta a shorter more condensed version of the FCM interviews20:50
pleia2for ubuntu user?20:50
AlanBellThe Ubuntu For All project which is detailed here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuForAll is having a kickoff meeting on Friday 25th Feb 19:00UTC20:51
akgranerwell "You In Ubuntu"  I'll think of a series title for it - I think that would help encourage more women maybe?  Just a thought20:51
AlanBellin -meeting20:51
akgranerUbuntu Developer Week is coming up at the end of the month as well20:52
pleia2akgraner: that sounds great, maybe post to the list too once you have a series title? It would be great to link them to http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Interviews too20:52
jledbetterAlanBell, And it's in the fridge calendar. Great :)20:52
akgranerpleia2, nods can and will do - :-)20:53
pleia2the dev week schedule is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek20:53
akgranerI think nigelb is helping organize it this go around20:54
akgraneralso new fridge is up :-) in case people haven't seen it20:54
pleia2yay ubuntu news20:56
pleia2ok, I think that pretty much wraps things up20:57
pleia2thanks everyone :)20:57
jledbetterThank you, pleia220:57
Mootbot-UKMeeting finished at 20:57.20:57
DeindreeSorry is there the meeting again? Or is it over?21:06
macoboth of 'em21:06
Deindreemaco: ok thanks.. I'm still working.. unfortunately... I'll read the logs :)21:08
valoriebad timing, missed another meeting21:10
Deindreehi valorie! I've missed too :(21:14
Deindreeok see you next time! Hughs!21:17
MichelleQgah.  Missed the meetings.  Damn doctors offices.21:56

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