MindWarperhi folks00:51
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jonodid the fix to the slow scrolling land in Natty?03:03
MacSlowhey everybody07:51
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didrocksgood morning08:00
MacSlowhey murrayc08:06
murraycMacSlow: hi08:10
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smspilla2morning #ayatana08:46
RAOFsmspilla2: You seem to be duplicated. :)08:48
RAOFAlso, where are you that this is morning?08:48
smspilla2RAOF: oh, just saying good morning to all the people in europe :p08:48
RAOFAh.  You haven't just flown merrily away to Europe :)08:48
smspilla2I wish I could :)08:48
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tjaaltonhey, have you noticed that middlemouse-emulation is off by default in natty? (re: bug 709707)10:39
ubot5Launchpad bug 709707 in unity (Ubuntu) "Middle click on application icon should open a new window" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70970710:39
tjaaltonhmm, quiet11:02
klattimertjaalton: maybe tooo quiet11:14
tjaaltonklattimer: yeah, well I replied to the bug so I bet the issue (if it even is one) will get noticed :)11:15
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ogradidrocks, poke16:48
didrocksogra: hey hey16:49
ogradidrocks, after switching our images to new unity i seem to end up with the default gnome icons16:49
ograwhere did the defaults move for the desktop image (i dropped ubuntu-netbook-default-settings indeed)16:49
ograi even got the gnome default icons in gdm16:51
didrocksogra: yeah, there is a bug about that16:51
ograah, -desktop as affected too ?16:51
didrocksogra: right, let me look for it16:51
ograi thought it was me missing something after the switch to unity-2d16:51
didrocksbug #71986116:51
ubot5Launchpad bug 719861 in gdk-pixbuf (Ubuntu) "After installation icon theme default to gnome-icon-theme and cannot be changed" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71986116:52
ograi definitely see the humanity icon theme in my manifest16:52
didrocksyeah, the bug explains the causes, not unity related :)16:52
* ogra goes reading16:52
ogradidrocks, thanks !16:53
didrocksogra: yw :)16:53
and471kvalo, heya, just working on the glade stuff for i-n, what is the ...ss tab meant to say?16:57
boulabiaris there any libdbus-1 expert here to ask him about private connections ?16:59
kvaloand471: hi16:59
kvaloand471: wireless :)16:59
kvaloand471: and thanks for doing that! I'm not the best of friends with glade yet17:00
and471kvalo, cool thanks17:00
and471kvalo, and don't worry about glade :)17:00
and471when I started learning how to use it, I also found it difficult17:01
and471it seemsed it was a lot easier to make ugly things than pretty things XD17:01
kvaloand471: btw, I didn't find an easy way to hide some of the tabs. for example, wireless and cellular tab should be hidden with wired connections etc17:01
kvaloI'm exactly in that phase :)17:01
kvalobut glade+vala totally rocks17:02
and471yup :)17:02
and471kvalo, did you try hiding the page widget?17:02
kvalonope, I didn't try that17:02
and471kvalo, i.e. for the wireless tab, it would be alignment2.hide()17:03
and471kvalo, i don't know whether it will work but worth a try :)17:03
kvalocool, I'll try that17:03
and471kvalo, also about the things like name and stuff17:03
and471kvalo, I was thinking about whether these should be in Gtk.Entries17:03
and471even though they are not editable17:03
and471maybe I should ask mpt17:04
kvalonow that you mention it it makes sense17:04
and471I just feel it looks better if all things on the right are in entries17:04
kvaloI agree17:04
and471however from a usability side, I don't know whether it is good17:04
* and471 didn't see mpt in here :)17:04
and471mpt, gimee a sec17:05
and471mpt, okay so for the edit connection dialog, we have something like this http://imgur.com/wxqIU17:05
and471mpt, and for mode and security, those won't ever be editable (AFAIK, kvalo can so confirm this)17:06
kvaloand471: correct17:06
mptand471, ok, please don't put them into text fields17:06
mptIt's perfectly fine for read-only values to be ordinary text17:06
and471oh okay17:06
and471I just felt it looked a bit better17:06
and471mpt, so is a gtk.entry that isn't editable a bad ui practice in this case?17:07
mptand471, yes. Putting something in an insensitive text field suggests that there is some situation where the field will become sensitive.17:08
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and471mpt, even if it isn't insensitive, but not editable?17:18
mptand471, I don't understand the distinction17:18
and471mpt, so insensitive is done with widget.set_sensitive(false)17:19
and471it is 'greyed out'17:19
and471and user can't interact with it17:19
mptand471, so if it's sensitive but not editable, you can select the text?17:19
and471mpt, however gtk.entry's can also not be editable17:19
and471mpt, so user can interact with it, highlight the text etc., but not able to change the text in the entry17:19
and471mpt, correct17:20
mptand471, if you want to make the text selectable (which is reasonable), you can do that just for a label. It doesn't need to be a gtk.entry for that.17:20
and471mpt, yeah, I guess the reason I thought it looked better is consistency of appearance17:20
mptand471, I think obviousness of purpose trumps appearance in this case. It's a settings window, so it needs to be elegant but extreme beauty isn't required.17:21
and471thanks for your help mpt17:22
nerochiaronjpatel: is there any documentation for the DBUS API for counters and progress on the launcher ?17:23
and471mpt, one last thing, for this edit connection dialog, we have labels on the left, with what the data on the right represents17:24
and471mpt, should these be bold?17:24
kvaloand471: I need to pop out. will be back in an hour or so17:26
and471ok, see ya17:26
mptand471, no, normal text for both17:27
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njpatelnerochiaro, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/LauncherAPI but really you should be using libunity if you can as the API will change17:36
nerochiaronjpatel: right, but the code in there isn't the most readable for someone who's approaching that API for the first time17:37
nerochiaronjpatel: so that doc is helping a lot17:38
nerochiaronjpatel: then i'll use the code for the details17:38
njpatelnerochiaro, makes sense, if you have suggestions please let kamstrup know when he's online, he's trying to get the docs working properly but having issues with vala17:46
nerochiaronjpatel: ok, thanks17:46
nerochiaronjpatel: the doc mentions that there's a special DBUS rule that routes to unity all the signals from the LauncherEntries. but how's that rule created and by what ?18:20
jcastronerochiaro: also feel free to update the wiki page if you find something that needs to be clarified.18:21
nerochiarojcastro: ok. i'll update the page with the answers i get18:21
jcastronerochiaro: what app out of curiosity?18:22
nerochiarojcastro: i'm working on unity2d actually18:22
nerochiarojcastro: wouldn't care too much about the DBus protocol otherwise ;)18:22
nerochiaroalso, i'm trying to build libunity on natty and on configure i get this: "error: failed. Please install the package 'gobject-introspection' in order to compile libunity" -- but i have that package already installed18:41
tarethDBO, are you busy?19:28
DBOtareth, whats up buddy19:29
tarethDBO, https://code.launchpad.net/~mrasmus/unity/fix-718886/+merge/5003519:29
spikebi was going to file bugs after i upgraded to natty on my netbook, but i haven't really run into any, other than a few well known ones.19:30
DBOtareth, do you know why chromium slips by? :)19:30
DBOI mean I am just curious mostly19:30
tarethDBO, when we're checking for it in PluginAdapter::MaximizeIfBigEnough it isn't actually marked as maximized, and its width/height are what you would expect if it were windowed19:32
tarethSo I'm guessing it "remembers" that it's supposed to be maximized a bit later19:32
DBOtareth, makes sense19:32
DBOI will approve the merge as soon as my system is in a sane state again (you caught me in the middle of debugging XDND)19:33
tarethNo rush! :) Thanks!19:33
jcastrolamlex: mind if I add some bitesize bits on UnityFilingBugs?20:16
lamlexjcastro: not at all20:16
lamlexgo crazy20:16
jcastrogreat job on this btw20:16
lamlexwell i've got nothing more interesting to do while nvidia is still broken :P20:17
DBOoh my fuck yes it worked20:18
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bcurtiswxDBO, what did?20:24
DBOI dropped something from nux20:24
DBOit communicated with another process...20:24
DBOwhats been described as "the seediest part of X11" is now my bitch20:24
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ecinx3hello. I've restarted my computer and now I don't have any taskbar, and don't know how to get to the terminal either22:31
boulabiarecinx3, killall gnome-panel22:59
ecinx3I ran that23:02
ecinx3gnome-panel: no process found23:03
ecinx3by the way, is there docs for utouch? so i can see what works and what is broken to report?23:04
ecinx3I have captive touch, and wacom pen input on the same screen23:05
ecinx3only two fingers at a time though23:05
Daekdroomecinx3, boulabiar, unity does not use gnome-panel, try 'compiz --replace' instead23:05
* boulabiar is using gnome during these days23:06
Daekdroomboulabiar, well, this is the channel that has unity support, afaik, i'd expect questions about unity23:07
ecinx3lol compviz --replace made my screen blink23:08
boulabiarecinx3, wacom only supports 2 max, you can ask in ubuntu-touch to get more feedback23:08
ecinx3I don' know if wacom made the screen persay23:08
ecinx3it has wacom penabled tech23:09
ecinx3which is patented , and maybe licensed23:09
ecinx3in otherwords touch and pen are not mutually inclusive23:11
ecinx3Daekdroom: it said Backend: gconf  Integration: true  Profile defualt .. Adding plugins23:15
ecinx3init ******.... done about 20 lines worth23:15
ecinx3then setting update " run_commmand terminal key and fullscreen visual bell23:16
* spikeb still doesn't know what to make of the launcher's intellihide23:18
ecinx3how do i get to the launcher23:18

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