poolieso in the end you couldn't reproduce the mismatched inventory bug?00:11
spivpoolie: right00:21
poolieso what's next?00:22
spiv(ADSL still bouncy.  Gar.)00:22
pooliefiddling with that i guess00:22
pooliethat sucks00:22
spivYeah, I'll try more fiddling.00:27
spivThe large number of odd things in that bug's current status makes it hard to be sure of anything.00:28
spiv(e.g. the deleted-but-apparently-not lp branch)00:28
* spiv -> lunch03:15
vilahi all07:26
vila. o O (Shudder, I kind of know why I need to reboot after a libssl upgrade, but it's still painful)07:26
pooliehi vila07:52
vilaheya poolie07:52
bialixhi poolie08:09
pooliehi bialix08:11
vilabialix: hey !08:12
bialixre Bug 71041008:12
ubot5Launchpad bug 710410 in QBzr "ConfigObj is able to write bad branch.conf which is not possible to read back" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71041008:12
bialixvila: bonjour!08:12
bialixpoolie: we need to fix the bug in configobj08:12
pooliehi, yes, i saw your comment08:13
bialixI'd like to scratch this itch08:14
bialixwe can have a test as well08:14
vilabialix: michael foord is the configobj upstream maintainer ?08:15
bialixhe's the author08:15
pooliesounds good to me08:15
bialixaccording to http://www.voidspace.org.uk/python/configobj.html there are 2 maintainers: Michael Foord  Nicola Larosa08:16
vilaoh good08:18
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maxbINFO Upload was rejected:12:28
maxbINFO bzr-dbus_0.1~bzr47~ppa59~maverick1.dsc: Version older than that in the archive. 0.1~bzr47~ppa59~maverick1 <= 0.1~bzr47~ppa60~maverick112:28
jelmermaxb: I think thjat's a known issue12:29
jelmermaxb: sorry, different issue12:30
maxbI mean, weird that the debian branch has apparently been uncommitted from12:30
jelmermaxb: I uncommitted a direct commit to the debian branch12:30
jelmerI was going to push a merge of a newer upstream, but it seems like the unstable branch is ahead of upstream (r49 vs r47)12:32
maxbI'm having trouble understanding that last line12:33
maxboh, hmm, do I suck at maths?12:35
jelmerdebian/changelog has 0.1~bzr49-112:35
jelmeryet lp:bzr-dbus only has r4712:35
maxbyes, apparently I typoed when setting the revno in the changelog12:36
jelmerah, ok12:37
jelmerI've pushed the newer snapshot merge12:46
jelmerit'll still fail until upstream actually makes it up to r4912:47
maxbno it won't - my changelog failure doesn't affect recipe build versioning12:58
jelmermaxb: it does, my change sets the revision number of upstream back to r4712:59
jelmermaxb: whereas the currently built packages in the daily builds ppa are at r4912:59
jelmerso there will be more failures to upload12:59
maxbYes, but recipe builds ignore what is in the changelog13:00
maxbor rather, ours do, since they don't use the debupstream substitution13:00
jelmerah, right - sorry13:00
maxbdid you mean to delete .bzrignore when merging the upstream?13:00
jelmersortof, it's merge-upstream behaviour13:01
maxbI don't really mind, but I think you asked me not to in other packaging branches.13:01
ccxCZany vim guru here? how do I open specific revision of some file?13:14
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jelmermaxb: I'll revert it, but it'd be really nice to get this fixed in bzr-builddeb :-/15:35
maxbjelmer: I'm not sure it's a bug though - bzr-builddeb's assumption that the packaging branch should primarily derive from the tarball's contents seems like a good one15:58
maxbMaybe we should just decide we don't really need .bzrignore in packaging branches after all15:58
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jelmermaxb: except in this case the packaging branch isn't derived from a tarball but from upstream16:29
jelmerat the very least it should be optional for export() to exclude .bzr* files16:30
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ScottKjelmer: I'm interested in seeing an option for somehting like https://launchpad.net/bzr-diff-revid getting included into bzr so I don't have to manually install the plugin.  Any suggestions on who I should discuss that with/how I should go about it?17:11
jelmerScottK: hi17:24
jelmerScottK: I think it would certainly make sense for something like that to be available as an option17:25
jelmerScottK: perhaps even as the default, though we need to watch out for breaking other tools that rely on our current format17:25
jelmerScottK: I would suggest filing a bug about this. If you're interested in hacking on it yourself then myself or one of the other bzr developers should be able to help you get started.17:28
ScottKOK.  Will do.17:28
ScottKDefault isn't that important to me as just having the option as rb-tools can select the option if it's there (I'll need to coordinate with them too).17:29
jelmerScottK: It probably makes sense to have this is one of the available formats for bzr diff17:29
ScottKThat's my thought.17:32
jelmerScottK: e.g. "bzr diff --format=revid" (or a better name)17:33
ScottKworks for me.17:33
ScottKjelmer: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/72021917:42
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ScottKjelmer: Does Canonical require copyright assignment for bzr contributions?18:22
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jelmerScottK: yep, see www.canonical.com/contributors18:32
ScottKjelmer: OK.  Then I guess it's up to you guys.  Sorry.18:33
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jdobrienI am having trouble pushing a branch to launchpad after using bzr pipelines. is there a way i can just get rid of the pipeline business in my branch?19:28
lifelessAIUI pipeline adds a prev and next key to the .bzr/branch/branch.conf19:31
maxbAlso, depending on how you started using it, it turns your branch into a lightweight checkout of a branch stored inside .bzr/pipes/19:33
maxbjdobrien: What trouble are you having?19:33
jdobrienmaxb, I figured it out...19:34
jdobrienmaxb, I think changing the branch nick along with relying on locations.conf confused it19:34
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hallyni branched lp:bzr-bisect, and did sudo python setup.py install.  but i can't "bzr bisect"21:29
zedashey folks, has anyone else had problems with bzr running out of ram on OSX 64bit machines?22:16
zedasit seems that the C extensions are needed but the don't build with the right architecture on the mac.22:19
pooliezedas, i'm not sure, i would have thought they'd be built in 64-bit22:35
poolieif you have python installed you can probably rebuild bzr from source22:35
zedaspoolie: trying that now, it looks like there's some issue with 64 builds on this box and python 2.6 so probably ahve to build it all from source.22:37
spivGood morning.23:01

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