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highvoltagegood morning14:05
stgrabergood morning highvoltage14:14
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vmlintugood afternoon14:59
vmlintuare others having trouble with lucid's i845 x.org drivers?14:59
* highvoltage hasn't used i845 in a few years15:14
vmlintuthere seems to be still plenty of those in use in some places..15:36
highvoltagethey were really good and cheap cards15:37
vmlintuI had no problems with them on hardy, but after lucid there seems to be more problems that I can count..15:39
ubottuUbuntu bug 541492 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu Lucid) "MASTER: [i845] GPU lockup" [High,Triaged]15:42
vmlintuit seems like nothing fixes them for real15:42
highvoltageif I could wish for one big improvement in ubuntu, it would be less hardware support regressions between versions15:44
vmlintuI couldn't agree more15:45
highvoltagedoctormo: finally got round to sending that email (had way too many things I've been doing since last night)16:30
doctormohighvoltage: Great, thanks for that.16:30
doctormohighvoltage: I can't find it atm, it must be working it's way16:31
doctormoto me16:31
highvoltagedoctormo: ok, I cc'd you on your gmail account so that one should be there already16:34
highvoltageI have another meeting in 45 minutes or so, so I won't be able to make the Edubuntu meeting (if there's going to be one)18:18
alkisgNah we refuse to have a meeting without you :)18:19
highvoltagealkisg: seems like I'm not getting out of it that easy, that other meeting got cancelled :)18:44
alkisgHeh :)18:44
highvoltageEdubuntu meeting time!18:59
mhall119no qimo progress at all to report ;919:14
mhall119debmower still doesn't work, and I haven't gotten around to ripping apart an xubuntu iso yet19:14
mhall119highvoltage: if push comes to shove, is there room on the DVD for Xfce?19:14
highvoltageditto what I said on -meeting :)19:16
mgariepyhmm focus problem again...19:26

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