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prefrontalPici, just discovered the problem was that on the lucid to maverick upgrade grub wasn't updated to grub-pc, or in other words, i had grub and not grub 200:08
prefrontalinstalling grub-pc magically fixed it..00:09
rosco_yCan I recursively set directory permissions to 774 and file permission to 664 in a single command?00:33
rosco_yor do I need to learn some scripting to do this?00:33
rosco_y(or write a program)00:33
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Daskreechrosco_y: Yes you can01:13
Daskreechand technically yes it is scripting01:13
james147Daskreech: ^^ or jsut two find commands :)01:14
Daskreechjames147: Which technically is scripting :)01:14
james147in the strictest sense...01:15
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waqar-malikhelloo everyone03:24
waqar-malikany one here03:24
DaxarI'm not here.03:24
waqar-malikhi @Daxar03:24
waqar-malikhow r u03:25
DaxarDoing good. Just a bit sleepy.03:25
waqar-malikfrom where u r brother03:25
DaxarFinally found Alt-F2 and xkill, so now I can close my programs when they crash. :D03:25
waqar-malikdo u want to earn money online03:26
DaxarI want to be poor and be a hobo for the rest of my life.03:26
waqar-malikha ha ha03:27
waqar-malikbrother there is a way to earn money online03:27
valoriewaqar-malik: this is a support channel03:27
waqar-malikactually many ways03:27
valorieif you want to chat, please take it elsewhere03:27
DaxarNo, seriously, I get enough spam already. Don't wanna hear it.03:27
waqar-malikits real actually03:28
waqar-maliknot a spanm03:28
valoriespamming anywhere is not welcome03:28
waqar-malikit is working for me03:28
valorieplease stop now03:28
waqar-malik@ valorie03:28
waqar-malikit is not a sppam03:28
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Hobbsee, Tm_T, Nalioth, Riddell, seth, imbrandon, gnomefreak, nixternal, ryanakca, mneptok, PriceChild, tsimpson, jussi, Pici, ikonia, genii, Mamarok, claydoh, maco, apachelogger, seele, Nightrose, JontheEnchidna, rgreening, or txwikinger03:28
waqar-maliki'm not spaming03:28
valorieagain I will say: this is a support channel03:29
waqar-malikoky yar03:29
valorieask for or offer support03:29
valorieor be quiet03:29
waqar-malikhelloo any onw03:31
waqar-malikany one03:31
waqar-maliki want to share ma internet connection using wifi03:31
waqar-malikcan anybody help in this regard03:31
valoriebest way is to set a simple password, like: free03:32
valoriekeeps you safer03:32
* Daxar hates spam03:35
FloridaGuycan i make desktop settings...read from ....  /home/mike/wallpaper... insted of kde 4.6.0 default wallpaper folder ??03:55
DaskreechFloridaGuy: Umm. .. what?03:57
valorieyou can set the folder in systemsettings03:58
FloridaGuyDaskreech, right click desktop...desktop settings...where you choose your desktop wallpapers.....insted of it reading from its default location...i was woundering if i could make it read from ..my owen wallpaper folder03:58
valoriemine reads a folder in ~/Pictures/Desktop/03:59
valorieor something like that04:00
FloridaGuyvalorie, where at in system settings04:00
DaskreechFloridaGuy: yes04:00
valoriesorry, right-click the desktop04:03
valorieI thought you could do it either way, but I guess not04:03
FloridaGuyvalorie, and then what04:05
valorieDesktop Settings04:06
valoriecustom folders04:06
valorieand uncheck the others04:06
FloridaGuyvalorie, i know that....i want desktop settings to read from my owen wallpaper folder...not kde's default spot04:07
valorieright, set the custom folder04:08
valorieand uncheck the others04:08
nataFilter sidebar in dolphine cannot use (in new user can). any idea?04:30
cato37i still cant get the theme greeter to work (change themes), but a more pertinent question is regarding the trash bin--empty trash button is greyed out and anything in the trash stays there. how do you reset the trash so it works?04:49
natacato37: at dolphine menu bar there, settings/configure dolphine../trash tab, try and see04:53
cato37nata: thanx nata. i tried looking there, but there doesn't seem to be a way to enable the "empty trash" command from dolphin. it is greyed out, and the bin won't delete.04:57
cato37nata: *what is inside the bin won't delete.04:57
Jackalopei have some odd crap happening with kubuntu 10.10 when i hit my application launcher then over mouse games or something like that it wont show up sometimes05:35
Jackalopealso the screen overlaps when using a web browser05:37
Jackalopeany ideas?05:37
Jackalopethis also happens in 10.0405:37
george__umm somebody here has any expirience with PC-BSD??05:39
george__hmm, ill check another channel then05:40
bazhanggeorge__, #pcbsd05:40
george__that channel's always quiet for some reason05:41
george__unlike the Ubuntu channel05:41
Jackalopeubuntu channel keeps going and going05:41
bazhangthats the channel for pc-bsd support05:41
Jackalopegeorge, why are you using bsd?05:42
Jackalopefor networking?05:42
Jackalopelinux has a more stable kernel05:42
Jackalopei guess theres pros and cons about everything05:44
Jackalopeis sleepy05:48
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aaditya_new to irc channel07:10
nataaaditya_: any problem can directly ask if not will xxx by other :)07:14
aaditya_lets tell me can we make our own customization disk of running ubuntu07:15
nataaaditya_: can. got software can custom edit the ubuntu disk07:16
aaditya_can I ue UCK for customization07:24
nataaaditya_: friend, i already forget the software, mayb other can help you07:25
noaXessgood morning07:26
noaXesson a kernel update, dkms autoinstall failed in some reasons.. i have fixed it, and now ant run dksm again, how?07:26
noaXessdkms ^07:26
veehy all07:27
veesomeone can help me??07:28
noaXessvee: .. we can't cause we don't know what problem you have ;)07:28
veei need a mail client like mozilla thunderbird07:28
veehow can i get it for my kubuntu??07:28
veei am newbie07:28
noaXessvee: kubuntu version? 10.10?07:29
aaditya_hello ji\07:29
noaXessvee: then just install thunderbird from packagekit, packagemanager07:29
veei just start using it about one week07:29
aaditya_how to convert rpm pacakge into debaina pacakage07:29
veeso i just search it on packagemanager??07:29
noaXessvee in kpackagekit, yes.. search for thunderbird..07:30
veeoke . .thank noaXess07:30
noaXessvee: your welcome07:30
veecan i use ubuntu one on kubuntu??07:32
noaXessaaditya_: here is a method to convert rpm to deb.. but first, search if there is a ppa that have already the correct deb for you07:32
natavee: can,just install at package manager07:32
aaditya_ok through package manager can I07:33
veenoaXess : i have see the fire effect in youtube. .how can i get the fire effect??07:33
veei think its cool07:33
noaXessvee: ??..07:33
vee i have see the fire effect in youtube. .how can i get the fire effect??07:34
noaXess.. updated to latest kernel: Linux poseidon 2.6.35-27-generic #47-Ubuntu SMP Fri Feb 11 22:52:49 UTC 2011 x86_64 GNU/Linux, now i can't use opengl..07:54
natanoaXess: use back earlier version kernel lo07:58
noaXessnata: you mean... choose another kernel?07:59
noaXessi can enable xrender in effects.. but not opengl08:00
noaXessnvidia 260.19.06-0ubuntu108:00
natai don't know how to set08:00
natayou can directly install "linux", it wil auto update stable version for you08:01
natausing synaptic08:01
noaXessnata: ?...08:02
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xmanhi  :) !08:09
xmani have a question08:09
xmanexist any im program for ubuntu,kubuntu08:13
xmanwith yahoo messenger voice call suport08:13
xman :)08:14
venttikopete does video08:16
venttior u mean like skype to call telephones?08:16
xmani know kopete has video support08:17
venttii didnt know that you knew that08:17
xmanand gyache webcam work great08:18
nataventti: kopete can detect my webcam but cannot use to video call. any idea?08:18
xmanbut i want say voice call using yahoo protocol08:18
xmanuse gyache work great for webcam08:19
nataxman: what is gyache?08:19
venttihey nata  -  sorry no. i see it detects my cam (built in to laptop) but i have not yet used it. xman - ok i understand now... by u could try kopete08:19
venttiit works with many IM protocols08:20
xmangyache is yahoo messenger for linux08:20
xmanwith webcam support08:21
nataI'm using msn...i know only kopete support video call08:21
xmankopete suport only webcam on yahoo08:22
nataeverytime need video call i need to change back windows. very trouble08:22
natano wonder i use kopete in msn cannot video call08:23
xmanyes this is am problem for linux08:23
nataholy xxxx !08:23
xmani know amsn support videovcall on msn08:24
natai test before. cannot08:24
natabut din't try for yahoo08:24
xmanso not exist any im propgram with yahoo voice call suport?08:25
natau got try tele what ty program or not?08:28
noaXessgrr.. have changed to 2.6.35-25 but opengl won't work.. grr..08:39
xmankopete works on gnome?08:43
nataxman: work, but it will install some kde lib to your computer08:45
natanoaXess: your linux before that can use openGL or not?08:46
noaXessnata: it worked before08:49
natanoaXess: you can try close your desktop effect 1st and check the "Disable functionality checks" on advanced tab08:49
natathen changes back to openGL08:49
noaXessFailed to activate desktop effects using the given configuration options. Settings will be reverted to their previous values.  Check your X configuration. You may also consider changing advanced options, especially changing the compositing type.08:59
noaXesswhy can't i use opengl? where can i get more information about the error?09:00
noaXessgot. it.. found a setting in kwinrc under: ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc -> OpenGLIsUnsafe=true set to OpenGLIsUnsafe=false09:15
noaXessand opengl works now.. don't know why this settings has changed..09:16
venttinoaXess you still here?09:47
noaXessventti: shure ;)09:47
venttiam using kubu 10.10 64 bit at the moment... alway, after i set desktop effects to be ON, they turn off and need to be turned on again using shift alt F12...09:48
venttiwill your fix that you mentioned above perhaps fix this?09:48
venttii played with this earlier and at one stage could not get openGL to stay on at all - it would not be saved from the drop down menu in the desktop effects...09:49
venttithe fix for this was...09:49
venttii think... ;-) ...09:50
venttideleting the same file, logging off and back on and allowing a fresh file to be created09:50
venttiit might have been another config-type file09:50
venttisorry - cannot remeber 100 %09:50
venttichanging that setting in kwinrc will perhaps stop my desktop effects from turningoff all the time??09:51
venttiTY :)09:51
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venttiI am in the config folder now - the kwinrc file was the one i deleted and allowed to be re-created in order to allow open GL to be used09:56
venttinano kwinrc09:56
venttilol oops09:56
venttibrb - relogging09:58
venttiOK... :)10:03
venttichanging that parameter from true to false did not have the desired effect...10:04
ventti... all it did for me was empty completely the list of the individual desktop effects, however....10:04
venttii had a thought regarding something i had seen a few days ago...10:05
venttithat the issue of desktop effects turning off could be dealt with by disabling functionality checks on the Advanced tab....10:06
venttii tried this before but it did not work - perhaps i needed fresh kwinrc file first...10:06
venttiany way i just disabled functionality checks and it appears that desktop effects now remain turned on10:07
venttiNow - i fixed another issue yesterday as well regarding the thousands of thumbnails stored in the .thumbnails folder under /home/user ...10:08
venttiAnyone want to hear about that? :)10:08
noaXessventti: worry.. was away ;)..10:08
noaXessmaybe try to do what i have done.. maybe it helps10:08
noaXesssorry ^10:08
venttilol - nomproblem - its all above :)10:08
venttino problem *10:09
venttiyesterday here people were complaining about the .thumbnails folder - this is an easy fix - i will talk about it if anyone wants me to :;)10:10
noaXessventti: a lot of people here.. but all are working ;)10:24
venttino problem :)10:25
venttiits been 15 mins and my desktop effects are still working ;-)10:26
noaXessventti: gratulation ;).. hey o you work with ff?10:27
venttiff? firefox?10:27
venttiu mean i use the browser?10:27
venttiand not that i work for the company? :)10:28
noaXessventti: you work with ff... use it as default browser ;)10:28
venttiyes to 1 and no to 2 :)10:28
venttiyes - this is what i use10:28
noaXessventti: is ff fast on your installation? u have boosted my ff up to 60-90% faster10:29
venttiwell, it seems fast enough but i have not made any adjustments to it, so i cannot compare it. OK - i will have a look at that now10:29
noaXessventti: nop10:30
venttii take it all tbis is OK for kubuntu 10.10?10:30
venttiall this*10:30
noaXessventti: jep.. i work on 10.10.. and works here too10:30
venttiyep - i just saw comments on page - someone there confirmed ok for 10.1010:31
venttiwill make adjustments now :)10:31
venttiOK to turn off ipv6, considering that the world has run out of v4 addresses? ;-))10:33
venttidefinitely seems quicker - thanks noaXess10:36
noaXessventti: yeah..10:36
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nesciushello, are there any current/recent ppa for kontact?12:12
veesomeone help me12:27
veecan u help me to install a fire effect desktop??12:27
veei am a newbie12:28
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FloridaGuyis there a gui like mandriva has...that you open as root..that will allow you to shut down system services..??13:53
HozsiNekedTesokaPici bryder hola!13:54
HozsiNekedTesokaOLA penguinfucker13:54
HozsiNekedTesokaikonia bryder:ED13:54
FloodBotK3HozsiNekedTesoka: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:54
wedoI need help with my hardware drivers please13:58
wedoI have updated to kubuntu 10.4 and now the wireless card and the keyboard and mouse do not work13:59
wedoI have toshiba laptop and I'm useing usb keyboard and mouse now14:00
FloridaGuyis there a gui like mandriva has...that you open as root..that will allow you to shut down system services..??????14:00
wedoits the first time to run the laptop after upgrading14:00
wedohelp please14:03
FloridaGuythink everyone still asleep14:03
wedoi think so14:04
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Space_ManFloridaGuy: I haven't looked for a long time, but I think there is a 'services' tab in the system settings14:09
Space_Manwedo: are your keyboard and mouse attached with wire? if they are wired, what happens when you plug them in or unplug, wait a short period of time and plug them back in?14:11
Space_Manmaybe look at dmesg for any errors14:11
wedoSpace_Man: its a laptop14:11
Space_Manopen your konsole and type dmesg14:12
waqar-malikhello every one14:12
Space_Manwedo: some keyboards and mice are wireless and may need special drivers14:12
wedoSpace_Man: its the integerated keyboard and mice also the wireless and sound card doesn't work14:13
DragonXi am new to kubuntu14:14
svenknoppixhallo, I´ve trouble configuring the standard-programm to open sound (wav)-attachments in thunderbird. It is always using "esdplay" from which I can hear nothing. I can manually change to "/usr/bin/mplayer" But Ive to do this every time I want to open a wav-attachement ....14:14
svenknoppix(It is Kubuntu Lucid 10_04)14:15
DragonXmy fb chat doesnt work well on kubuntu14:15
DragonXwhat should i do14:15
Space_Manwedo: I'm not much help with fixing your built in hardware, sorry14:16
Space_Mantry google :(14:16
wedothank you Space_Man14:16
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Guest14866hi everybody14:27
Guest14866What is the best IDE for Java on ubuntu ???14:27
Space_ManGuest14866: possibly kdevelop, kate, kwrite or even quanta plus14:31
Space_Manif you are really using ubuntu then ask in #ubuntu14:32
* Space_Man mutters about kubuntu14:32
avihayGuest14866: eclipse?14:40
BluesKajHowdy folks14:45
waqar-malikhellloo everyboddyyy14:46
martin___Guest14866: idea14:51
Guest14866re avihay so u say eclipse why not netbeans ?14:58
avihayumm, I never really got to work with net-beans. eclipse is a n IDE writen in java, and made for java programing15:00
avihayoh, looks like netbans is too15:01
Guest14866ok thx15:02
avihayanyway, eclipse is slow and unstable15:03
avihayand has the best GDB integration I've seen15:04
dhirenkubuntu !!15:08
dhirenany kde pro der?15:09
BluesKajdhiren, dunno about pros , but if you ask your question we may be able to help15:15
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homehow to mount a drive in kubuntu by command line way15:54
pannehome: as in every Linux-Distro, "sudo mount [-t <fs-type>] /dev/<drive> <mountpoint>"15:57
pannehome: (sudo only if you're not already root user)15:58
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rtdoswhat changes are in store for kubuntu 11.04 ? i know about the changes in Ubuntu 11.04 but what about Kubuntu 11.04 ?17:24
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BluesKajrtdos, go ask in #ubuntu+117:29
DarthFrogThat's an interesting question.  Would be nice to find out. :-)17:30
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shane4ubuntuok, I want to be able to lock my screen after like 1 hour of in-activity, and have the screen saver kick on after about 7-10 minutes, any way of doing that?17:30
DarthFrogshane4ubuntu: Yes.  Poke around in SystemSettings.17:30
BluesKajDarthFrog, I already tried 11.04 , not ready for the likes of me even with kde4.617:31
DarthFrogBluesKaj: Well, it's still only an alpha.17:31
shane4ubuntuDarthFrog: in the system settings - Monitor - Screensaver it is unclear, I have Start the screen saver after 7 minutes, and they require password after 300 seconds, which is the max setting.  isn't 300 seconds like 10 minutes? or is it 517:32
DarthFrogInteresting decision, though, to not have a release candidate for Natty.17:32
shane4ubuntuis that 300 seconds after the screen saver kicks in?17:32
DarthFrog300 seconds is 5 minutes.17:32
shane4ubuntuohh, right, 10 x 60 = 600. :)17:32
BluesKajDarthFrog, and badly broken atm , from most reports ...the guys at #ubuntu+1 are conspicuous by their absence when anyone asks for help17:32
shane4ubuntuI like the screen locking option, for when I really leave, but it is bothersome in the day for such short times.  Perhaps there is a lock button, app or something?17:34
DarthFrogBluesKaj: Personally, I'd rather they work on the release than provide tech support.  If you're willing to run alpha software, you should be able to provide your own tech support and file bug reports.  Bug reports are what the devs want from folks.17:34
shane4ubuntuhmm, lock is a leaving option, I will have to shortcut that to make is simple17:35
DarthFrogTech support is provided by guys like us. :-)17:35
yofelshane4ubuntu: ctrl+alt+l should be default for lock screen17:35
shane4ubuntuyofel: ahh, ok, thanks!17:36
yofelfor some reason it's in the run command interface shortcut settings17:36
shane4ubuntuslick!  thanks yofel, I also put the lock button right beside my menu, I will have to see what I use more, thanks17:36
BluesKajDarthFrog, agreed but the warnings should be more clear about the didaster thats about befall if one lets Xorg upgrade17:37
shane4ubuntuyofel: is that in the keyboard shortcuts section?17:37
DarthFrogBluesKaj: Well, I'm sure that we've both graduated from the School of Hard Knocks. :-)17:38
DarthFrogBluesKaj: Besides, you learn best when you have to fix your own problems.17:38
yofelshane4ubuntu: yes, under global keyboard shortcuts17:38
BluesKajDarthFrog, but this is the worst mess i've seen so far17:39
shane4ubuntuyofel: thanks!  I changed it to scroll lock since I never use that button and it says lock, should be able to remember that.17:39
BluesKajDarthFrog, for me at least ...normally i can figure something out , but this one was beyond my scope17:41
no_molestarhola.. es mi primera vez con el irc, no quisiera despancienciarles con algo17:43
no_molestarasi que disculpen si es que no me dirijo como se debe17:43
barrapontono_molestar: don't speak spanish in a english-speaking room17:50
barrapontono_molestar: check if there is a kubuntu-es channel or local chat rooms (like kubuntu-ar or kubuntu-peru)17:51
barrapontono_molestar: although you should just drop your questions here, in english, if possible.17:51
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no_molestarno_molestar: gracias barrapunto... voy a intentar mudarme a un canal español17:52
ct529I am trying to recompile the kernel using the instructions inhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile and http://blog.avirtualhome.com/2010/11/06/how-to-compile-a-ubuntu-10-10-maverick-kernel/ , but I am finding difficult to define the correct parameters for my CPU17:57
ct529anyone who can help?17:57
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yofelct529: I haven't build a kernel in a long time, but what kind of CPU do you have?18:08
yofel(and why do you want to build your own kernel?)18:08
ct529yofel: Pentium Extreme X790018:16
yofelct529: what options do you need?18:17
ct529yofel: I wanted to recompile --march=native -O3 to have maximum performance18:18
yofelct529: I fear I don't know how to set that :/18:19
shane4ubuntuok, why is it my screen saver comes up, or I think it does and the screen goes black when I have it set to pictures??18:19
ct529yofel: they are compiler's flags18:20
yofelI know, I just don't know where you need to set them18:21
shane4ubuntuahh, power management!  got it.18:21
ct529yofel: me neither18:22
shane4ubuntuahh, yofel in power management I can also set it to lock screen after x amount of time, that is more what I wanted18:23
yofelshane4ubuntu: ah, the settings for that are all over the place, so I wasn't sure what to suggest...18:23
shane4ubunturight, understood, I just stumbled across them, so I'm good now, screen saver in 7min and screen lock after 1.5 hour18:24
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DarthFrogct529: It's been a very long time since I've compiled a kernel but as I recall, the compiler optimisation flags were set in a GCC config file, i.e. not in the kernel compile config.19:33
DarthFrogct529: So "man gcc" will likely be your friend.  Or "info gcc".19:34
ct529DarthFrog: mmmm .... it does not seem to be like that19:34
DarthFrogAs I said, it's been a very long time. :-)19:35
ct529DarthFrog: thanks for your hint though .... :-)19:35
ct529DarthFrog: I just wanted to see if there was any increment in performance19:36
DarthFrogI rather suspect that any performance increase will be minimal and probably not worth the hassle.  But I'll be interested to hear what you find out.19:37
ct529DarthFrog: it is for some simulations19:38
ct529DarthFrog: I needed maximum performance19:39
Daskreechct529: CLI for life!19:39
DarthFrogct529: I will be very interested to hear from you what the performance difference will be.19:39
ct529DarthFrog: I will let you know!19:42
ct529Have a nice evening ....19:42
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alvarobuenas sala20:32
alvarosabeis como me puedo meter al chat hispano?20:32
alvarodesde aqui20:33
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.20:33
alvaropero aun asi20:33
alvarolo he intentado20:33
alvaroy no puedo20:33
alvarolo siento hablar en español20:33
FloodBotK3alvaro: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:33
alvaropero es que en ingles no se me da bien20:33
alvaroplease i need help20:35
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malik_any one here who uses east asian languages to speak or writw20:47
SDemonUA_Can somone help me to enable java script support in NetBeans (KUbuntu 10.10)?20:52
malik_hellow anyone from an east asin country20:53
Jackalope_ i have some odd crap happening with kubuntu 10.10 when i hit my application launcher then over mouse games or something like that it wont show up sometimes21:04
Jackalope_also the screen overlaps when using a web browser21:04
aljadidibonjour  otut21:08
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.21:08
aljadidiet tpous21:08
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Daskreechmalik_: Which country?21:51
DaskreechJackalope_: What overlaps? the menu?21:51
Jackalope_no when like im on a applcation the involes scrolling21:56
Jackalope_application *21:56
Jackalope_i have a feeling these problems are related21:57
Jackalope_Daskreech i wasnt paying attention21:59
Jackalope_didnt know that someone reply21:59
DaskreechJackalope_: are you using the default application menu or another one?22:00
Jackalope_dont know22:00
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Jackalope_dash, the normal one i think22:01
Jackalope_i never changed it22:01
Jackalope_have you ever heard of a problem like this?22:02
Jackalope_i never have22:02
DaskreechJackalope_: not really but I'm having a hard problem imagining it22:03
Daskreechcan you right click the application and click on Classic menu22:04
Daskreechlet me know if it still happen22:04
Pewthi, how can I fix the amarok problem, where the ipod aprears with 0 tracks (but it is not empty).22:04
Jackalope_oh im on classic menu22:04
Jackalope_i prefer it22:04
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bjornmchughi am finally here22:06
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Jackalope_i have some odd crap happening with kubuntu 10.10 when i hit my application launcher then over mouse games or something like that it wont show up sometimes23:08
Jackalope_also the screen overlaps when using a application the involves scrolling23:09
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DaskreechJackalope_: Can You click and it shows up?23:20
Jackalope_if i redo it it does23:20
Jackalope_do have any ideas?23:22
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Jackalope_ i have some odd crap happening with kubuntu 10.10 when i hit my application launcher then over mouse games or something like that it wont show up sometimes23:48
Jackalope_also the screen overlaps when using a application that involves scrolling23:48

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