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danilosgmb, btw, I figured that duplication stuff in my new file is actually all subscription related (that's for subscribers from duplicates), so there's not really much to do there10:24
gmbOkay, cool.10:26
danilosgmb, do you think there's any sense in continuing work there right now, or should I just pick up bug 71880910:29
_mup_Bug #718809: New users should default to not receiving email for their own actions <story-better-bug-notification> <Launchpad itself:Triaged by yellow> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/718809 >10:29
gmbdanilos: I'd say go on to bug 718809. At this point it's probably a bigger win.\10:29
_mup_Bug #718809: New users should default to not receiving email for their own actions <story-better-bug-notification> <Launchpad itself:Triaged by yellow> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/718809 >10:29
danilosgmb, ok, sure, cheers :)10:29
gary_posterbac benji danilos gmb: kanban mumble in 113:30
danilosgmb, it's kind of weird to have a name starting with "g" and be last alphabetically of 5 people, isn't it? :)13:39
gmbSomewhat, yeah.13:40
gmbMind you, deryck used to randomise the order of business, so it's not that weird.13:40
danilosanyway, /me goes hunting for food13:40
gary_posterbac benji danilos gmb, who among you has not yet been a release manager?14:16
benjinot I14:17
gary_posterI thought as much.  :-) May I volunteer you?14:17
gary_posterOthers, feel free to rescue him by volunteering to throw yourselves on the...thing I can't remember..., but I thought benji might be a likely candidate. :-)14:19
benjigary_poster: they would throw themselves on the grenade, I would throw them under the bus14:20
benjiI'm cool with being RM14:21
gary_posterbenji, thank you14:23
* benji wonders if RM should be one of the maintenance team jobs.14:24
gary_posterbenji, I wondered that too, but noone was helping.  I'll check with flacoste briefly.14:37
gary_posterok, benji, bac, I'm ready when you are to talk about the subscribing mockup results.  I think the way forward is relatively clear.  I can propose what I think on IRC even, and see if we need mumble.15:04
gary_posterSo, thoughts:15:04
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gary_poster1) we ought to implement (a small variation of) version 1 for now.  It got a positive response, and it does not require any server-side changes, and it is similar on the UI side to what we would do for version 2, so it seems like a pretty clear next step.15:06
gary_poster2) version 3 (the assignee) we can ignore15:06
gary_poster3) we might get to version 2.  It got a lot of positive feedback, and we know a number of people have said they want something like that.  We can cross that bridge later.15:06
gary_poster4) We need to get rid of the ellipses.  As Benji said initially and someone else said in the reviews, a triangle is the right way to go.  We need a volunteer to try to come up with another mockup for this, for our own internal agreement.  I'm the default volunteer, if neither of you volunteer.15:08
gary_poster5) I don't think we need another UI testing iteration on this, unless possibly we work on version 2 later.15:08
gary_poster(that is, if we work on version 2 later, we might or might not want to go for another UI testing; we can cross that bridge then.)15:09
benjiI completely agree.  We should keep in mind two additional important bits for version 2: 1) subscribing multiple people and 2) addressing the fear of choosing the wrong team (I don't think confirmation messages are the right approach, but we probably want something to address the concern)15:09
bacgary_poster: what you propose sounds reasonable to me15:09
benjiI'm willing to do the triangle mockups.15:10
gary_posterbenji, agree15:11
gary_poster(sorry had a call)15:11
gary_posterbenji, thank you, please go for the triangle mockups15:12
benji(grr, why must I reload the kanban board every time I want to right click?)15:12
gary_posteryeah, me too :-/15:12
gary_posterI'll make notes of the version 2 comments you made, benji...on dev.launchpad.net/yellow I guess15:13
gary_postergmb, ok I've stared at the balsamiq mockups and have opinions and questions and other exciting things to bother you with.  Do you have a moment for a call (that I expect will be quick)?15:37
gmbgary_poster: I will in about 10 if that suits15:37
gary_postergmb, great, ping me when you are ready.  thank you15:38
gmbWill do15:38
gmbgary_poster: Ready when you are on mumble15:48
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benjigary_poster: the webservice/JS plot thickens; the blue team is working on a new way to wire up YUI widgets to the webservice16:28
benjiit is is based on the current mechanisms but will supplant them16:28
gary_posterbenji, :-/16:29
gary_posteror :-D16:30
gary_posterdepending on how you look at it I suppose16:30
gary_posterbenji, do you see a reasonable way forward?16:30
gary_posterfor us, now, I mean16:30
benjithey're not very far along so I think we should consider it to be in the future, therefore we should keep going the way we're going16:31
gary_postercool, benji16:34
* benji lunches17:06
danilosgmb, hey, got a few mins to discuss plan for tomorrow?17:06
gmbdanilos: Sure thing. Let me get mumble running again...17:07
gmbReady when you are danilos17:08
danilosgmb, let me find my mumble :)17:11
gmbdanilos: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/38020517:14
_mup_Bug #380205: I should not get bugmail when I am subscribed via an invalid bugtask <email> <lp-bugs> <story-better-bug-notification> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/380205 >17:14
gary_posterdanilos, I had team lead call, and the change is a bit big after all.  Having lunch now.  I'll let you look at it tomorrow before submitting it.  Have a great evening.17:59
danilosgary_poster, cheers, enjoy the day and tty on the morrow :)18:00
benjiwow, just had X crash, that hasn't happend lately18:20
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benjibac: do you have a version of the subscription overlay with any input widgets in it (as opposed to the accordion)?19:32
bacbenji: no, not yet.  i've been simpifying the way the accordion is created and just pushed it.19:33
bacbenji: now i'm going to start adding other stuff19:33
bacbenji: some progress:  http://people.canonical.com/~bac/overlay-2.png20:50
bacneed to hide and squash the accordion, obviously20:50
benjibac: very nice; when you get that pushed let me know, I could use it20:51
bacbenji: we're going to need to have access to a list of the teams a person administers in the LP cache21:04
bacbenji: i've pushed that branch to lp:~bac/launchpad/accordionoverlay21:04
benjibac: would it be helpful if tomorrow I work specifically on exposing the team info to JS?  I bet I can get it done in one day.21:05
bacbenji: yeah, i think that'd be great21:06

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