wgrantslangasek: Not quite, but a call combined with Natty Unity, VirtualBox and ppa.launchpad.net slowness did.00:01
wgrantI have expanded the debug info.00:01
wgrantBut germanium appears to be being very slow, so a build takes about 10 minutes to grab your PPA's toolchain.00:02
wgrantslangasek: Um.00:18
slangasekI like the sound of that00:18
wgrantslangasek: Well, it dies on the apt-cache showing of Essential packages.00:18
wgrantI just tried it in a chroot locally.00:18
jonrafkindwhen i upload a new package where i had an old package for the same distro, the new package overwrites the old one. but launchpad still seems to count the old package in the binary package list. why is that?00:18
wgrantapt-cache: error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory00:18
slangasekjonrafkind: if you want the packages cleaned up out of your ppa, you need to use the 'delete packages' interface; otherwise it still takes up space on disk00:19
slangasekwgrant: oh, well, that's a nice error00:19
slangasekwgrant: what does 'dpkg -L libstdc++6 | grep lib' show in that chroot?00:19
jonrafkindok, but why do I have to do it manually? whats the purpose of keeping packages around that no one can use?00:19
slangasekjonrafkind: they can be used by manually downloading from the web interface00:20
wgrantslangasek: It's only in the multi-arch dir.00:20
jonrafkindoh ok00:20
lifelessslangasek: I think we should much more aggressively delete old builds00:20
slangasekwgrant: that's where I expect it to be; hmm, why does it not find it00:20
wgrantslangasek: Ah, OK.00:20
wgrantlifeless: We currently do it after a week.00:20
slangasekwgrant: is the directory listed in '/etc/ld.so.conf.d/x86_64-linux-gnu.conf'?00:21
lifelesswgrant: I mean in ubuntu actually ;)00:21
lifelesswgrant: AIUI that keeps things forever00:21
wgrantlifeless: Not quite forever.00:21
wgrantslangasek: -gnu, not -glibc.00:21
slangasekwgrant: *only* -gnu is listed in that file?00:21
jonrafkindalso is there some way to publish a package on launchpad for two distros without having to use the 'copy package' interface?00:22
wgrantslangasek: Yes.00:22
slangasekwgrant: what version of libc6 is installed?00:22
slangasekwgrant: ohhh.00:23
wgrantA new one.00:23
wgrantThat would do it.00:23
slangasekhow do I force it to use mine? :-)00:24
wgrantUpload a new one :P00:24
wgrantLet me just see if downgrading that works, though.00:24
slangasekoh, a new one in *Ubuntu*, right00:24
slangasekthat's going to be a problem00:24
slangasekin general00:24
wgrantNo way around that, really.00:24
slangasekI don't want to have to do a 15hour eglibc+gcc rebootstrap every time eglibc is updated in Ubuntu00:24
slangasekwell, as you say, no clear way around it00:26
wgrantUnless you epoch them. Or backport the necessary toolchainy bits and base on maverick instead :/00:27
slangasekneither of those sounds particularly fun :)00:27
slangasekthough an epoch would stay put at least00:27
slangasekwgrant: thanks for looking!00:29
slangasekoh, I'm an idiot00:30
wgrantslangasek: I'm still not sure why it thinks the status is 3251200:30
slangasekI should've made a separate ppa, copied the gcc build over there, removed it, and then copied it back after updating eglibc00:30
slangasekinstead of deleting it willy-nilly like I just did00:30
slangasekwgrant: because perl has a funny way of saying "127"00:31
wgrantAhh, that is a good idea.00:31
wgrantslangasek: I presumed that was the case.00:31
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Amaranthgot some spam: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alacarte/+bug/187919/comments/3106:16
PengAmaranth: Report it at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion06:19
PengWow, that's some nice spam.06:19
AmaranthIt appears launchpad is still broken with chromium so this is going to take a few tries06:20
wgrantHow is it broken?06:21
Amaranthwgrant: It won't stay logged it06:21
Amaranthwgrant: Last time I bought it up I was told it was because I was using a development version of chromium (because it works with IE and Firefox)06:22
wgrantAmaranth: Many, many users use Chromium without issue.06:22
wgrantIncluding dev builds.06:22
AmaranthNow I've got whatever natty has instead the daily builds06:22
wgrantI am using Natty's too.06:23
wgrantAnd have never seen what you report.06:23
AmaranthI've even wiped my profile or whatever a couple times06:23
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andrejzHello! I would like to report a bug on launchpad09:38
andrejzIf i go here - https://translations.launchpad.net/ddtp-ubuntu/natty/+pots/ddtp-ubuntu-main/sl/+translate?show=new_suggestions09:38
andrejzand accept all suggestions and click save09:39
andrejzI get this - Oops!09:39
andrejzSorry, something just went wrong in Launchpad.09:39
andrejzWe’ve recorded what happened, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience.09:39
andrejz(Error ID: OOPS-1873F743)09:39
andrejzI thought this was just temporary, but i tried several times sporadicaly over the last month and a half and i always get the same error09:40
Penghttps://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad ?09:40
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akoskmbigjools: launchpad accepted my source package and now its started to build, thank for your help again!10:49
bigjoolswelcome, even10:49
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mok0Is there a way to see the number of downloads from your PPA?13:23
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pmatulis_is it just my imagination or did the bug description box get real tiny?14:54
jmlpmatulis_: I don't know. Font sizes are funny things.15:00
deryckpmatulis_, looks the same to me.  screenshot for us maybe?15:00
deryckabentley, firing up mumble and coming there....15:00
abentleyderyck, cool.15:01
* deryck dreams of one launchpad IRC channel15:01
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jmlderyck: I share your dream.15:49
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omachello launchpad, somehow my username disappeared.  I wanted to report a bug for tomcat/solr.16:29
omacI would rather not use openid given the choice.16:29
omacopenid didn't exist when I started using launchpad if that's any help.16:30
bigjoolsomac: what was/is your user id?16:33
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bigjoolsomac: your user id is omac77716:34
omacyeah that sounds great.  It still exists?16:35
bigjoolsyour account will have been migrated to the SSO16:35
omacI'll try it again.16:35
bigjoolsit exists16:35
omacthank you.16:35
bigjoolsomac: woops sorry, I lied.  your account is uticdmarceau200716:36
omaci'll try it with that.16:36
bigjoolsyou can sign on with the email address you PMed me as well16:36
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jonrafkindwill .deb files created in launchpad work on debian (sid) ?17:29
tumbleweedthey might. The deb format is the same. However, its dependancies might not be met in sid (same issue as installing debs from different ubuntu releases)17:33
jonrafkindok. can debian install from the ppa directly? does it have the right tools?17:33
tumbleweedyes, a PPA produces a debian repository17:33
hyperairit's not just the dependencies though17:34
hyperairsome ubuntu patches might break the ABI compatibility17:35
tumbleweedand some packages might not set dependancies as tightly as they should17:35
jonrafkindok, well im asking because i made a ppa that one user on debian wants to install, so im checking if thats possible for him17:36
achianghello, is there a shortcut available to make assigning (or subscribing others) to bugs go faster? let's say the use case is, i'm a project leader, and i am allowed to assign bugs to my team members. i know their launchpad IDs, but when i go to assign bugs to people, it still makes me search17:36
achiangadditionally, during the search, it obscures the email address / launchpad id, so the first time I have to guess who to assign to, and then mouse over the name in "assigned to", and check that the URL matches the launchpad ID i wanted17:38
achiangsurely i'm doing it the Dumb Way?17:38
bigjoolsallenap: can you get that ^ I am OTP17:39
allenapbigjools: Sure.17:39
allenapachiang: You're probably doing it the Right Way, and the Right Way is a bit painful. Let me see...17:41
achiangallenap: sure, any info or hints you have would be great; i do appreciate the fact that what i am doing probably is the minority of how many people use LP and that you're probably trying to solve some social issues17:42
allenapachiang: If you right click on "Subscribe someone else" and open it, say, in a new tab, you'll get the without-javascript version of the form. There you can just type the name in.17:42
achiangallenap: ok, that's a good workaround17:43
achiangallenap: how about the "assign to" part?17:43
allenapachiang: Click the little down-arrow to the left of the bug task row and it will open up a conventional form.17:44
achiangallenap: ah, nice!17:45
achiangallenap: ok, that's perfect for me; i just didn't know how to drive this thing properly. :) thanks for the education17:45
allenapachiang: It would be nice if the user's ID were displayed in searches anyway though.17:45
achiangallenap: yes, i don't think that would be information leakage17:45
allenapachiang: No worries, you're welcome.17:46
achiangallenap: can you transform "it would be nice" into a bug? or shall I?17:46
allenapachiang: I'm already on it :)17:46
achiangallenap: perfect, and... please subscribe me to it. ;)17:46
achiangallenap: ~achiang17:47
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pmjdebruijnI still have builds that corrupt occasionally22:01
pmjdebruijnthe problem seems to have popped up since we have SSE code in our project22:01
pmjdebruijnWith one of the users, I'm trying to figure out of a specific build machine is causing the issue... possibly thallium or promethium22:02
dingus9are the launchpad repo mirrors down? IE: http://ppa.launchpad.net/23:52
maxbdingus9: working fine here23:54
dingus9maxb: ok now it is here too... hehe thanks23:55

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