jiohdiI have two options lxde and lubuntu on my login screen... is there a difference?03:49
NRWlionhey there11:03
MrChrisDruifHai NRWlion11:03
NRWlionthe guy from Holland who seems to have no job :D *runs*11:03
* MrChrisDruif is a student and works only part-time on some evenings :)11:04
NRWlioni am a student to with 3 part time jobs and no private life any more11:06
hungmanmoojoois the luuntu dl x64 or x86?12:32
MrChrisDruifBut x86_64 is possible :)12:34
MrChrisDruifhungmanmoojoo: ^12:36
hungmanmoojoook?.. where do i find the 64bit dl?12:37
MrChrisDruifLet me find the link explaining it :)12:38
hungmanmoojooor should i use the i386 version?12:38
JoeMaverickSettmini-iso should do it.12:38
hungmanmoojoobut this: http://people.ubuntu.com/~gilir/lubuntu-10.10.iso is i386 right?12:39
MrChrisDruifhungmanmoojoo: Yes :)12:39
MrChrisDruifJoeMaverickSett: Yes :)12:39
MrChrisDruifBut there are a few commands to use before you can install Lubuntu :)12:39
MrChrisDruif(There isn't a lubuntu-desktop meta package in the repos yet ;))12:40
MrChrisDruifDang? What's wrong?12:41
hungmanmoojooyou said there isnt any lubuntu-desktop metapackage in the repo12:41
hungmanmoojooooh.. wait.. you mean the ubuntu repo?12:42
hungmanmoojoonow i get it.. you add the lubuntu-desktop repo12:42
MrChrisDruifYeah :D12:43
MrChrisDruifLubuntu isn't an official derivative yet, but we're working hard on it :)12:44
MrChrisDruifThe other teams really want us to succeed :)12:44
topmailhi there!13:45
topmaili am from greece13:45
topmailcan i make a question please ?13:45
topmailhow i manually fix the position of the desktop-icons ?13:46
topmailhello ??13:47
MrChrisDruiftopmail: I'm not sure if it's the same in Lubuntu, but in Gnome you can drag'n'drop13:47
MrChrisDruifAnd it stays there :)13:47
topmailno it is not the same13:48
b0o-awesomeHow do i install unrealircd for lubuntu?14:53
b0o-awesomeThere is only source code14:53
b0o-awesomewhere can i get .deb?14:54
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* Mkaysi wants to know that ^^ too.15:32
Mkaysibioterror: I mean <b0o-awesome> How do i install unrealircd for lubuntu?. Not those quit messages.15:33
* Mkaysi needs IRCd on localhost to do botspamming there.15:34
bioterrordebian stable doesnt have it neither15:34
bioterrorMkaysi, ircd-ratbox - advanced, stable and fast ircd15:35
* Mkaysi tries sometime.15:35
bioterrorratbox > * ;)15:35
MkaysiIt sounds better than UnrealIRCd. OperaNet which g-lined me as botnet used UnrealIRCd. Rottalaatikko?15:36
bioterrorWed17:37    XSiRC :: ircd-ratbox-3.0.2(20090327_2-26491). irc.deathwish.net (egGIKMpZ6 TS6ow 6DW)15:37
bioterrorWed17:38    EFnet :: ircd-ratbox-3.0.1(20090303_1-26467). efnet.xs4all.nl (egGHIKMpZ6 TS6ow 4XS)15:38
kosaidpo|hello guys16:44
kosaidpo|idk why icant install skype even all repo are active16:44
kosaidpo|it says this package its unavailable or its old16:45
head_victimkosaidpo|: just seeing where I installed it16:45
kosaidpo|head_victim: sorry didnt get you :P16:46
head_victimkosaidpo|: it's in main so it should work, it's possible your mirror is updating so I'd suggest "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" then if there are no errors retry your skype installation. If that fails wait a few hours and retry so it has time to sync16:47
kosaidpo|head_victim: okies thnaks16:48
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MrChrisDruifSkypes servers are a bit wacky <_<"17:07
head_victimEverytime I've had installation problems with packages it's turned out that the mirror I was using was halfway through a resync. So if I left it an hour or two it would just work again.17:09
kosaidpo|head_victim: i forgot to tell you itried last night to install it but got same thing as today : D17:16
head_victimkosaidpo|: oh in that case I'd suggest possibly trying a different mirror. If that doesn't work please pastebin the exact error message17:17
head_victimUnfortunately I am about to head to bed (it's 320 am here) but phillw or bioterror might be able to help you out further if need be17:17
kosaidpo|here you go http://pastebin.com/552v48fS17:18
kosaidpo|wow go rest head_victim n sleep tight17:18
head_victimDid you get errors with the "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" ?17:18
head_victimOh, night mate17:18
rtdoswhat changes are in store for Lubuntu 11.04? I know about the changes in Ubuntu 11.04 but what about Lubuntu 11.04?17:25
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NRWlionhi odium18:56
ActionParsniphi guys22:32
ActionParsnipcan ozone be used in Maverick??22:32
ActionParsnipas in, the theme..22:33
mark76I'm using it22:37
mark76There's a repo Hang on22:37
mark76PPA I mean22:37
ActionParsnipthanks :)22:38
ActionParsnipok, I have applied the button and panel theme manually22:40
ActionParsnipis there a package to change it all automagically?22:40
mark76Nah. Just download the packages and install them22:42
ActionParsnipyeah I've seen that, it's where I got the components I applied manually22:42
ActionParsnipit's just the theme I can't apply22:43
mark76Where have you put it?22:43
ActionParsnipI have ozone_theme.tag.gz but I'm not sure where to use it22:43
mark76Right. First you need to decompress it22:43
ActionParsnipok, done22:44
mark76Try clicking on the icon and see if Xarchiver pops up22:44
ActionParsnipI used guake (Terminal(22:44
mark76Is terminal in the folder that the directory for ozone is in?22:45
ActionParsnipYeah It generated an Ozone folder with 2 subfolders, gtk-2.0 and openbox-322:45
mark76Okay. open a terminal in the desktop folder22:46
mark76Which is where I assume the ozone folder is22:46
ActionParsnipits in downloads but doesn't matter, I can adapt22:46
mark76Okay. So open a terminal in that folder then type22:47
mark76sudo cp ~/downloads/ozone /usr/share/themes22:47
ActionParsnipahhhhhh thats the magic bullet22:47
mark76Adapt as needed22:47
mark76It's Downloads, right?22:48
ActionParsnipYeah its in /usr/share/themes now :)22:48
ActionParsnipGot it now :)22:49
ActionParsnipcheers dude. Massive help22:49
mark76K. Now open obconf22:49
ActionParsnipGot it, set theme to ozone there :)22:50
mark76You'll need to import it first22:50
ActionParsnipyeah it's all good dude, looks like the screenshots now22:50
ActionParsnipcheers man, I'll see if I can make a script for this so we can have a deb for the theme ;)22:51
mark76Cool :D22:51
ActionParsnipmake the appropriate changes in postinst22:51
ActionParsnipI'll email the list when I have something decent22:52
ActionParsniprecommend gloss blue theme for chrome too, matches the theme nice22:53
mark76You can sort of use the GTK theme in Chromium22:54
mark76It doesn't pick it up very well, though22:54
ActionParsnipyeah its always been kinda rubbish like that22:59
ActionParsnipanyways bedtime kids22:59
ActionParsnipthanks again :)22:59
drexlwait! (process:235): GlibWarning **: get pwuid_r() failed due to unknown user id (0)23:00
JuanantonioI have lubuntu installed in one hard disk inside a PC I am going to send it away, can I just plug this disk to another PC to have lubuntu?23:27
mark76I should think so23:29
JuanantonioOr maybe shall I reinstall it to make it work?23:29
mark76Can you actually remove the hdd?23:29
JuanantonioIn this moment? No, I can't, it's working23:30
Juanantoniobut I will tomorrow if it works23:30
JuanantonioMark, this disk is 10 Gb, can I copy it to another with 80 Gb with no problem?23:34
mark76I've never done that23:35
JuanantonioYou know, thing is, I had one 800 Mhz PIII with this 10 Gb disk, and i installed lubuntu there going very well23:36
mark76What happened?23:36
JuanantonioI have been given a 3 Ghz PIV with 80 Gb disk and what I wanted is to "pass" it to this new one23:37
mark76Fair enough23:37
JuanantonioMy question is, if I need a special application to copy image of the little disk or not23:38
JuanantonioOk, I will do it just that way23:42

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