zlatanhi to all...my ubuntu 11.04 can't to connect to internet(but it is trying)...when it type iwconfig it says for wlan0:00:08
zlatanwlan0     IEEE 802.11bg  ESSID:off/any Mode:Managed  Access Point: Not-Associated   Tx-Power=20 dBm  Retry  long limit:7   RTS thr:off   Fragment thr:offEncryption key:offPower Management:off00:08
zlatanany clue what is going on and how to connect :)00:09
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hvis it true that you can no longer have two or more cities in the date/time indicator applet?01:40
hvor I am missing something?01:40
coz_hv,   I am not s ure on natty01:51
rmcbridethe original tz behavior should wind up back in the time indicator by release. It is not there now however.01:54
rmcbrideI believe it's being redesigned01:54
yellowblue!ops im a true gangsta03:26
hvcoz_: thanks (though you have quit the channel)03:43
hvrmcbride: I see, thanks.03:43
rmcbrideno problem, hv. I noticed it too. I use the multi timezone thing a lot04:15
dw1hello - looking for some Windows 7 Ubuntu 10.4 dual boot install advice. Anyone here can help?04:36
dw1Windows 7 is already installed. I want to "install them side by side" without changing the size of any existing partitions, so I am torn between "install them side by side......" and "use the largest continuous free space"04:37
dw1I want to do exactly both of these things, but I am asked to choose between them (or go manual).04:37
dw1Which is preferred?04:38
cozziemotodw1,  I would go with  install side by side04:40
cozziemotodw1,  you should then be givine a slider to resize partition if you like for ubuntu04:40
Volkodavgo manual and do partitions as you like04:41
dw1cozziemoto: OK, Thanks, advice noted04:42
cozziemotoI am noticing that wacom tablet cursor is jittery  almost to the point of trails04:42
cozziemotowho is implimenting the wacom drivers into natty?04:43
dw1Volkodav: CAn you give me a little coaching on the manual option?04:50
dw1Volkodav: I have already 3 primary partitions. I don't want them touched at all04:50
dw1Volkodav: Two are for Windows 7 OS. The third is for my dta files04:51
dw1Volkodav: So I want Ubuntu to manage with 1 extended partion and however many logical partitions in there it needs04:51
dw1Volkodav: Does that sound OK to you?04:51
coz_   dw1   did you read here?  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowtoPartition04:54
dw1coz_: thanks. I'll take a look04:55
dw1coz_: I really need an option that says "Install them side by side, choosing between them each at startup AND for this purpose use the largest continuous free space04:56
dw1coz_:  That would be perfect04:56
dw1coz_:  I I want to select two of four radio buttons, but it will only let me select one04:56
coz_dw1,  generally it installs side by side anyway04:56
dw1coz_:  So perhaps doing it manually is the way to go04:57
dw1coz_:  Ah!!. Your last comment about side by side anyway is reassuring04:57
coz_dw1,   ok  is that link explaining manual partitioning04:57
coz_dw1,  when it gets to the partition manager.. a slider should be available for moving the partiion size around04:58
coz_dw1,  it is by far the easiest way...however ...again... if you want manual paritioning go for it...04:59
coz_I have to break here  ,,, be back in a few04:59
dw1coz_: Thanks v much for your time04:59
victoryI just upgraded to natty, and it seems the "Classic" desktop and the "Ubuntu" desktop are both running the same Gnome panels. Where is the new Unity interface?06:01
sidneivictory, you'll only see Unity if your hardware supports it. i think that means ATI graphics at the moment. i heard there'll be a fallback unity 2d that works for all graphic drivers before final.06:35
victorysidnei, Thanks. I just figured that out. I have nvidia - was trying nouveau, but although compiz works in classic desktop, I get no window decorations in the normal/unity desktop06:53
victorythe 2d is in the repos, but does it work?06:54
sidneidunno. i know there's a ppa with it, which suggests that the repos aren't the latest07:14
sidneitheres more info on omg ubuntu07:14
alkisgTrying to upgrade natty, I get "dpkg-vendor: not found" by the mount package08:36
alkisgShould I install dpkg-dev to workaround it?08:36
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alkisgOK symlinking /bin/true to /usr/bin/dpkg-vendor allowed the mount package to be upgraded.08:39
bazhangbug #110:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1 in Ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110:49
kcjAh. LOL. Fail on my part.10:49
om26erthe problem in the ISO; icon theme problem, is solved if you reinstall librsvg2-common and relogin. should I report a bug?11:05
hedinHi, I just hit what looks like a bug.... in evolution+mapi... here is the console output from evolution. http://paste.ubuntu.com/567636/12:40
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SupeR_NovAhelp me now run ubuntu 11.04 nvidia driver Vmware ?13:52
penguin42my understanding is that the nvidia driver isn't available for 11.04 yet - but what does that have to do with vmware?13:54
rumpe1me have nvidia driver ⊙_ʘ13:57
rumpe1but of course not in vm13:58
yofelrumpe1: not available for current X13:59
rumpe1yofel, ? ... and what do i have then?14:00
rumpe1i can use Nvidia X Server settings... thought this would be the nvidia driver14:00
yofelI don't know, check the version of xserver-xorg-core, if you have the nvidia driver installed it probably kept new X back14:00
rumpe1ah... could be14:01
yofeleven the newest beta driver from nvidia segfaults with x-server 1.1014:01
rumpe1have v1:7.5+6ubuntu614:02
rumpe1well ... ok then14:02
yofelthat's xorg, and the old one14:03
yofelcurrent xorg is 1:7.6~3ubuntu4 and xserver 2:
rumpe1and i wondered why to many packages were kept back :>14:03
yofelI'm currently using old X with nvidia too, as nouveau isn't really usable here :S14:03
rumpe1although network-manager is buggy, i'm still impressed with it's overall stability14:04
yofelagreed, I'm on kde though14:05
SupeR_NovApenguin42, I installed it under vmware and ask if I can install the drivers but it was not something to help14:05
penguin42SupeR_NovA: NVidia install in vmware won't help you; there is a vmware driver14:06
SupeR_NovApenguin42,  okey but is there a way to let third-unity to his happy the new14:10
penguin42sorry, I don't understand that question14:10
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zlatanhi...there isn't skype or opera in my natty repos...how do I add them14:29
charlie-tcazlatan: enable the canonical partner repository14:34
zlatancharlie-tca, it says: ## This software is not part of Ubuntu, but is offered by Canonical and the14:36
zlatan## respective vendors as a service to Ubuntu users.14:36
zlatandeb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu natty partner14:36
zlatan# deb-src http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu natty partner14:36
charlie-tcaand it includes skype in natty14:36
zlatanso I believe it is enabled but there actually isn't any packages in partner part of repo14:36
charlie-tca!info skype14:36
ubottuPackage skype does not exist in natty14:36
charlie-tcayour right, zlatan14:37
charlie-tcaapparently doesn't get there yet14:37
charlie-tca!info skype maverick14:37
ubottuPackage skype does not exist in maverick14:37
charlie-tcaI can't win with this bot14:37
charlie-tcaskype was in partner for lucid and maverick14:37
charlie-tcamaybe we don't get to have it until it closer to release.14:39
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Prettounity is not working after system upgrade. what can i do?17:02
patdk-wknot sure, I guess you could reinstall17:04
Prettopatdk-wk: here is something that may help if someone wants to help http://pastebin.com/2KX4rxY417:07
espen77my natty launcher is showing the disks for my lucid system, any way to remove them?17:52
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Prettodoes unity runs with nvidia?18:44
yofelyes, but there is no nvidia driver for current X server 1.10 - nouveau has 3D support for some cards though18:45
Prettoyofel: it seems that it's not working here18:46
coz_ooo bug in valac19:18
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charlie-tcaHello, BUGabundo21:32
OmegaHow do you restart unity?21:33
OmegaI'm having stacking issues21:33
BUGabundoyou press the power button on the PC21:33
Omega(it doesn't autohide)21:33
OmegaBUGabundo: If you don't have a useful answer, don't say anything.21:33
ginnnany one here using 11.04 alpha 2?21:34
charlie-tcaisn't autohide broken again?21:34
OmegaI'm using intellihide21:34
BUGabundouuhhhh Omega is sensible :P21:35
BUGabundorelax and have fun21:35
BUGabundoif it aint working. it brokne21:35
OmegaBUGabundo: You're not helping.21:35
BUGabundono help from me then :P21:35
OmegaThis is a support channel, not a relaxing channel.21:36
charlie-tcaguess I will go back to relaxing, myself21:37
BUGabundoyou have been here for so long, haven't you ?21:37
charlie-tcasupport is hard work21:37
BUGabundocharlie-tca: [[]]21:37
OmegaIt's a shame two MOTU (that know eachother) would behave like this.21:39
charlie-tcaUm, I don't qualify for that. I am not a MOTU, developer, or programmer. I am simply another user here21:40
charlie-tcaPerhaps you think this a developers channel? Most of us are simple users that run the latest stuff to help test it.21:41
BUGabundoI'm just an Ubuntu Member21:41
BUGabundodon't even Code a line :P21:41
OmegaYes, meaning you've signed the COC.21:42
BUGabundobut do help other users, report bugs, take care of documentation and promote FLOSS21:42
BUGabundoCOC doesn't make anyone MOTU21:42
BUGabundogives them them the title of Ubuntero/Ubuntista21:42
penguin42Omega: Take it easy; no one here is a professional support guy; people do it to try and move stuff forward - so take it easy21:42
BUGabundopenguin42: from my POV21:43
BUGabundotelling someone to be calm, tends to irritate them21:43
penguin42BUGabundo: True :-)21:44
OmegaIf he was honestly trying to be helpfull I wouldn't have made it such a big deal.21:45
BUGabundoif you ask nicely and clearly what you want21:45
IdleOneI can see where Omega is coming from, they are having an issue and it is frustrating, the answer they got were not helpful but were also not violations of the COC. All that said NOBODY owes you anything here. we help when we can and if we feel like it. attitudes should reflect that.21:45
BUGabundoand don't be so aggressive to users that spend their day helping others, you might get a bit more help21:45
BUGabundowe are all here for fun and community help21:46
BUGabundoIdleOne: I've , as all of us, have been hit by ooohhhh so many frustrating bugs....21:46
BUGabundoI've been running devel since 6.0621:47
glenntrying to boot to natty alpha 2 on a macbook and all i get is black screen21:47
IdleOneSo anyway, back to support :)21:47
Omegaglenn: Did it work before?21:47
OmegaBUGabundo: Did I not ask clearly and nicely? Was I being aggressive?21:48
glennno this is first time trying with this disk, i don't it likes my nvidia video card, do u know the boot parameter for vesa21:48
glennor is there a "rescue mode" option?21:49
BUGabundoOmega: ok, /clear21:49
BUGabundowhat can we help you with?21:49
BUGabundoGPU? 32bit or 64?21:49
BUGabundoupgrade or clean isntall?21:49
BUGabundofully updated or milestone?21:49
BUGabundowhich driver? which WM?21:50
BUGabundoenough for you ?21:50
BUGabundoI guess I scared him21:53
BUGabundooh well21:53
OmegaWhy do you need to know _any_ of the things you asked me to answer my question?21:56
OmegaStop wasting my time, really. If you don't know the answer, don't respond, don't tell me to reboot.21:56
BUGabundoyou need a sense of humor21:58
IdleOneOK lets start over.22:00
OmegaAgain, this is not the place for humor.22:00
IdleOneOmega: can you please restate your question22:00
OmegaHow do you restart unity? I'm having stacking issues.22:01
IdleOnelog out and log back in22:01
vishOmega:  "unity --restart"22:01
IdleOnealso I think the command unity --reset22:01
OmegaThank you vish.22:01
IdleOneor --restart22:01
vishhmmm.. maybe IdleOne is right :D22:02
* vish hides..22:02
vishiirc, the reset on was to reset to the default options..22:02
IdleOneNow that we got that sorted. Please keep in mind that you will get more flies with honey...not sure you would want more flies.22:02
vishyummy :p22:03
bjsniderBUGabundo, are you a motu now?22:06
BUGabundoheck no22:06
penguin42BUGabundo: He's a BOTU, not got the mastership yet22:06
BUGabundocan you imagine the amount of stuff I *could* break? :P22:06
bjsniderhe called you a motu22:06
bjsniderit's clearly a conspiracy22:06
BUGabundohe tough *everyone* here was22:06
BUGabundoor at least by the cloak22:06
penguin42meddlers of the universe22:07
bjsnideroh, maybe he meant you're an ubuntu member22:07
BUGabundoI guess22:07
ubottuWant to become an Ubuntu member? Look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership22:07
IdleOneHow did you get membership?22:07
IdleOnethey accept anybody22:07
bjsniderbribery plain and simple22:07
BUGabundoI went for an Inquisition22:08
BUGabundoplus some past probs caused me a bit of trouble22:08
BUGabundothen again, my past 20k karma at LP helped too22:09
* BUGabundo misses 20k22:09
vishBUGabundo actually cheated to get that 20k from what i hear22:09
BUGabundoI used to work more then the darn ubottu22:09
vishthe plot thickens ;)22:10
BUGabundokept up to date on pretty much any bug on +122:10
BUGabundoand all MLs22:10
BUGabundocan't keep up with that this days22:10
BUGabundomost of my effors are now directed to android and CM22:10
hggdhheh. welcome to the group22:10
BUGabundoand our local android forum22:10
BUGabundohheeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy hggdh22:10
BUGabundomissed you buddy22:11
hggdhBUGabundo: pois ca estou :-)22:11
hvoh god! appmenu indicator leaks like crazy. used 1.6G mem!22:11
vishBUGabundo: hggdh has been happily lost in the world of ubuntu-users mailing list ;p22:11
BUGabundohow's the job at canonical?22:11
BUGabundostill rolling ?22:11
* vish hides..22:11
hggdhvish: I left the ML :-)22:11
BUGabundoI haven't been in -users in years22:11
hggdhBUGabundo: life goes good22:11
vishhggdh: finally!! good for you :)22:12
BUGabundoI left ALL MLs when I got a SSD22:12
BUGabundoover 80GBs of email dumped lol22:12
penguin42weird; my chromium is locked up (100% cpu) as is wicd-client, exaile and quicksynergy22:12
bjsniderexaile? ugh22:12
BUGabundopenguin42: shitf + esc22:13
penguin42bjsnider: I bounce between exaile and amarok at the moment, my amarok stopped working and I haven't figured out why22:13
bjsniderthe guys who develop exaile should go and fix amarok22:13
bjsniderinstead, we have lots of programming resources and each one is developing his own media player22:14
bjsniderdo we need 647 media players?22:14
vishpenguin42: i thought you were a gnome user..hmm..22:14
BUGabundoMOCP ftw22:15
vishor maybe i'm confusing with someone else :)22:15
penguin42vish: <---- is running gnome ----> is running KDE    although they both used to be Gnome but with Unity I thought I'd try KDE again and have stuck with it for a few weeks22:15
hggdhpenguin42: how KDE behaving?22:15
penguin42hggdh: Not too bad, I've got a fix submitted for one bug that was annoying me (can't mount luks partitions) but at the moment natty is being flaky for me in both gnome and kde22:16
* hggdh will keep with the known evil, then22:16
penguin42pidgin on here is being flaky I think with libdbusmenu, and the open radeon drivers on the kde box are getting flaky22:17
hggdhpenguin42: weechat (at least the dev version) runs nicely here22:18
hggdh(but no dbus interface)22:19
penguin42hggdh: I don't think it's pidgin's fault from the last crash I got - I think it's libdbusmenu, but now I've got all the debug packages installed it hasn't crashed again yet22:20
hggdhof course22:20
hggdhnow it knows you will be able to zero in the crash ;-)22:20
penguin42the radeon crashes are annoying me though - I think it was Sunday when I just had loads of different crashes22:21
hggdhthis is actually something I am getting worried on, I cannot check on UNity right now -- no nvidia drivers22:22
hggdhso it's nouveau and the known issues, with the classic desktop22:22
penguin42hggdh: I tried unity for a while, it was flaky as hell and I didn't like it, so this machine is just running classic22:22
bjsnidernvidia released a new blob a couple days ago that added almost nothing to the previous one, an annoying move by them22:23
hggdhpenguin42: unless you have an Intel card, this is pretty much what works right now -- classic on X 1.1022:23
penguin42bjsnider: I wish I could say welcome to closed source drivers, but unfortunately the open Radeon driver isn't helping me much22:23
penguin42bjsnider: Yeh this box running gnome is i945gm22:24
bjsnidernvidia is hiring more developers and may be shifting their linux strategy in some way22:24
hggdhBTW, grapevine says Dell is buying AMD22:24
penguin42yeh heard that, could be fun to watch22:25
bjsniderwhy the hell would dell want amd22:30
bjsniderdell has been paid for years by intel to use their chips22:30
penguin42Dell often used Radeons22:31
charlie-tcaNothing but Radeon a couple of years22:31
Prettowill natty will be ready to run on laptops with nvidia till april?22:46
penguin42Pretto: It'll probably be a little bit before release22:47
penguin42Pretto: It happens pretty much in every release that the closed drivers take a while to catch up22:47
Prettopenguin42: hehehe i hope so, i was trying it today but had no luck with nvidia drivers22:48
Prettopenguin42: when you install it the xorg is removed22:48
penguin42Pretto: I think that's because it conflicts with the version of the X server22:49
Prettopenguin42: maybe, i hope that it doesnt happen after release, it causes the system to be unusable to an end user22:51
penguin42Pretto: It normally gets sorted out22:51
Prettopenguin42: let's wait :)22:51

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