* XorA|gone is back somewhere near Shinjuku again :-D00:50
dasilva333hey guys ive tried much research still no luck, any one willing to help? im getting this error when i try to do df -h 'Stale NFS file handle'01:10
dasilva333root@TonidoPlug:/etc/init.d# umount /dev/sdc101:13
dasilva333umount: /dev/sdc1: not mounted01:13
dasilva333root@TonidoPlug:/etc/init.d# mount /dev/sdc1 /media/SeagateNTFS/01:13
dasilva333mount: according to mtab, /dev/sdc1 is already mounted on /media/SeagateNTFS01:13
dasilva333root@TonidoPlug:/etc/init.d# ls /etc/mtab01:13
dasilva333ls: cannot access /etc/mtab: Stale NFS file handle01:13
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ogranew images building13:00
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* ogra wonders about lool's change to qemu-kvm ... i thought all arm is done in qemu-linaro now14:13
loologra: qemu-kvm still provides some shared binaries like qemu-img and needs to be built on ARM platforms14:15
ograah, i thought all was migrated to linaro source14:15
loolit also provides x86 machine emulation, for all arches, and that was failing to build on arm arches without some workaround in cflags -- I made sure the workaround is applied to all ARM arches, not just arm/armel14:16
ograyeah, then its clear14:16
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ograthere we go http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/daily-preinstalled/20110216/14:30
* ogra rsyncs 14:31
rsalvetiogra: great, so this one is with unity-2d?14:32
ogramanifest looks ok and the default session should be proper too14:32
ograbut indeed all untested14:32
rsalvetinice anyway14:33
rsalvetiwhere is GrueMaster :-)14:33
ograsleeping all day, as all these portlanders :P14:43
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GrueMasterI'm up.  What do you slackers want?  (btw:  it is 7:40am here)15:40
prpplagueif you are using pandaboard, please complete the survey at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Y2DN2CN16:38
prpplaguea chronos watch and some multimeters will be raffled off to those who complete the survey16:40
ograGrueMaster, pfft, its 5:41pm *here* !16:41
ograGrueMaster, unity-2d images are there, keep them and pet them, they might be unique (i will update to the latest unity-2d versions this week and the world might break)16:42
prpplagueogra: hey you, fill in the survey16:43
prpplagueogra: or else! we know where you live16:43
GrueMasterAlready running on omap4.  I need to revert one system back to Maverick for comparison, but I believe it is more useful currently on maverick.16:43
ograprpplague, uuh, then i'll better hurry !16:43
GrueMasterprpplague: Done.16:43
prpplagueGrueMaster: thanks16:44
ograGrueMaster, yeah, maverick ppa has the newer versions16:44
GrueMaster(or do I need to do it for each board?)  :P16:44
ograi'll ├╝pull them over this week16:44
ografirst step was to get the images ready16:44
ograthough we're missing the icon theme apparently16:44
ograit works fine but has all the wrong default icons16:45
GrueMasterWhat icons?  I have no icon list to launch from.16:46
GrueMasterI have to revert to classic desktop to launch a terminal.16:46
rsalvetiprpplague: done16:52
prpplaguersalveti: thanks16:52
ograGrueMaster, bug 719861 is about the icons apparently16:54
ubot2Launchpad bug 719861 in gdk-pixbuf "After installation icon theme default to gnome-icon-theme and cannot be changed" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71986116:54
prpplagueif you are using pandaboard, please complete the survey at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Y2DN2CN  , the survey will only be up for a short time, giving away a chronos dev kit to one winner19:14

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