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blahdeblahAnyone using the Huawei E173 USB mobile broadband modem with Optus?  It doesn't show up as supported on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/Projects/WirelessBroadbandInformation but given the number of other Huawei modems on there, i'd probably be willing to risk it.  Any thoughts?08:28
nisshhblahdeblah, i would give it a shot, i wouldnt be surprised if it needed some extra config though, looking at the other models and the config they need08:30
head_victimblahdeblah: buy me one and I'll test it for you ;)08:41
timgws_head_victim: I will give you one if you want it :P08:51
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head_victimMy wireless consists of a home network gateway, which can be cumbersome at times08:52
head_victimBut handy when holidaying with the wife.08:53
timgwsmy flatmate is all over me not getting ADSL for some reason08:56
head_victimI have cable and I'm quite happy with it :)09:08
head_victimThe wireless is my backup wan port and my holiday trip tagalong09:09
blahdeblahtimgws: Are you seriously saying that you have an E173 that you're not using?09:12
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timgwsblahdeblah: well, you see, it did go through the washing machine, and it just does not appear to work like it used to16:04
timgwsthough, it could just be my reception16:04
timgwsbut yes. I now have four other 3g USB/WiFi devices16:05

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