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tenachAnyone here know how to unban an IP from a server via iptables?00:21
_sara_Hej, huw mar du?00:26
_sara_i need a file backup for a one off backup00:26
_sara_ie back up the who system00:27
_sara_as i am moving to Sweden and cant take mrs ubuntu with me00:27
_sara_thank god auntie google's coming00:27
_sara_is duanedesign around? or bodhizazen och pleia2 och paultag ?00:31
MrChrisDruif_sara_: Might this help? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem00:31
MrChrisDruifWhat are you trying to accomplish?00:35
_sara_im on a 160gb fixed hdd00:36
UndiFineD_sara_: you can create a disk image with dd, or bzip2 a package of files00:36
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_sara_i have to make my music and video go to the 360gb drive00:37
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UndiFineDif both disks are connected you could move or copy00:37
MrChrisDruif_sara_: Just connect the drive and copy/paste?00:37
_sara_MrChrisDruif: the home folder is encrypted00:37
MrChrisDruif_sara_: Are all files still encrypted when you log in?00:38
UndiFineDif you are logged in as the user copy / move would do00:38
_sara_i think conduit will work?00:39
ubot2Factoid 'conduit' not found00:39
MrChrisDruif_sara_: What is conduit? I haven't heard of it00:39
MrChrisDruifHai zaibach333 :)00:40
zaibach333how do I reinstall default drivers in console?00:40
MrChrisDruifzaibach333: Graphics drivers?00:40
zaibach333my graphics card fan stopped spinning I had to take it out, so I cant get into gnome. yeah display00:40
zaibach333I'm on onboard video00:40
paultag_sara_: what's up?00:41
_sara_zaibach333: same here00:41
_sara_paultag: :)00:41
_sara_i sorted it00:41
paultagno problem00:41
UndiFineD_sara_: yes i think conduit could work00:41
* paultag goes away00:41
_sara_paultag: pm?00:41
paultag_sara_: is it something that requires a PM?00:42
zaibach333_sara_,  did you get a driver for display?00:42
paultagor could you say it in a public room00:42
_sara_nope it just worked for me zaibach33300:42
_sara_its off topic paultag00:42
paultag_sara_: #ubuntu-beginners-team is our offtopic room, you can join us there00:43
_sara_but ok00:43
zaibach333please could somebody help me fix my display driver :(00:43
MrChrisDruifzaibach333: you can go to webpages?00:44
zaibach333I'm on another computer00:44
zaibach333but it only displays console, it has internet connection at least00:45
MrChrisDruifhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=482988 You could try this link00:45
MrChrisDruifYeah, had to make sure you could watch it yourself :D00:46
zaibach333I typed that command and rebooted, its still terminal00:48
zaibach333I'm not sure what the onboard is actually, its a pretty old computer. probably intel or something00:50
zaibach333MrChrisDruif, I have a live disk but I dont want to lose anything but its an option if you think you know how to do it that way00:51
MrChrisDruifzaibach333: Probably intel :)00:52
MrChrisDruifOr if it's really old; VIA :D00:52
zaibach333still... do you know a command or package I can download to get visual environment MrChrisDruif ?00:53
MrChrisDruifNo, sorry, but you could also try to recover the data on the drive and reinstalling...I know it "should" be possible to do without reinstalling, but I don't know how :)00:54
zaibach333aww, okay00:54
zaibach333I'll keep looking for now00:54
MrChrisDruifzaibach333: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/ubuntu-tiphow-to-removeinstall-and-reconfigure-xorg-without-reinstalling-ubuntu.html01:02
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ddecatoranyone know how to disable the login sounds with the latest version of KDE?01:18
MrChrisDruifKDE no, Gnome I would...01:21
MrChrisDruifddecator: Isn't it part of the start up apps?01:21
ddecatorMrChrisDruif: not that i can see. gnome login sound is listed (since i switched from gnome) but there isn't one for kde01:23
ddecatorand yes, the gnome login sound is disabled, but the kde sound still plays01:23
MrChrisDruifMaybe in some sound preference thingy?01:24
ddecatori couldn't find it in the sound options, even though that's where it apparently was in previous versions :/01:24
MrChrisDruifAre there some login settings?01:28
ddecatoryah, but it doesn't mention audio or sound anywhere01:34
duanedesign_sara_: hello01:38
MrChrisDruifddecator: Good luck with your login sound problem :)02:00
ddecatoryofel: any idea how to disable login sounds with the latest version of kde? :)02:01
yofelre, had to recover from a GPU lockup followed by filesystem damage on natty, looking now..02:26
yofelddecator: seriously, no idea. I don't get the sound here, but I have the sound settings in system notifications set to no sound output, that disables everything though02:32
yofelddecator: feel free to poke in #kubuntu or #kde, maybe someone's awake02:33
ddecatoryofel: ah, never thought to do that. thanks02:33
yofeler wait...02:34
* yofel is too tired02:34
yofelddecator: go to system settings -> application and system notifications -> event source: kde workspace02:35
yofelthat has the login sound settings02:35
ddecatoryofel: i tried looking there before, but "kde workspace" isn't listed02:37
yofelhm, which kde version?02:37
ddecatoryofel: whatever is in the kubuntu-beta ppa right now02:38
yofel4.5.95, you should add kubuntu-ppa/backports for 4.6.0 - shouldn't matter though for this... http://yofel.dyndns.org/pics/ext/kde_sysnot.png02:40
ddecatoryofel: yah, that option definitely isn't showing up for me02:42
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sdollinsI recently bought a new laptop. A dell inspiron 17r.05:54
sdollinsI installed Ubuntu as soon as I got it. I'm having an issue with the keyboard. It randomly pastes whatever is on my clipboard when I'm typing.05:55
bioterrorsdollins, sounds ackward05:57
sdollinsand very annoying ;)05:58
bioterroryou did not have this with windows?05:58
sdollinsI don't really know05:58
sdollinsI only took the time to make recovery DVD's lol05:58
bioterrorI didnt even do that my desktop :D05:59
bioterrorbut I could suspent a hardware failure05:59
bioterrorI am using Ubuntu 10.04 with this laptop and everything is working fine. To get wireless working I was given an option during the installation to install proprietary Broadcom STA wireless driver. My wireless card is Broadcom Corporation Device 4727 (rev 01), and my kernel is 2.6.32-26-generic-pae.05:59
sdollinsThe wireless card drove me nuts.06:00
sdollinsI had to disable wireless N on my router to get speeds higher than 8mbps06:00
sdollinsI wonder if it could be a combination of keys?06:00
sdollinsit just doesn't happen all the time so i can't figure out whats causing it. at first i thought it was my hand tapping the touch pad while typing but i'm pretty sure that's not it now06:01
bioterrornope, it would require "middle" button to be pressed to paste content from X clipboard06:02
seidossdollins: have you tried checking keyboard shortcuts in system -> prefs -> keyboard shortcuts?06:02
sdollinsDon't see anything there06:03
bioterrorsdollins, you can disale the click on tap of the touchpad06:03
sdollinsI know but I like that :<06:04
bioterrorI dont ^__^06:04
seidosme neither06:04
bioterrorbut you can try to be without it for a while06:04
sdollinsi wish it would do it now lol.06:04
bioterrorand most of all, you just need to duplicate the issue06:05
sdollinsBy the way, this channel is so much more pleasant than #ubuntu which I why I come here lol.06:05
bioterroryeah, we rule06:05
seidosthat reminds me, i should join #ubuntu06:05
bioterrorI've never visited that channel06:05
sdollinsToo much stuff going on in there to actually talk to anyone.06:06
seidosthat's usually the case, but some people manage to function in there06:06
sdollinsI guess my only problem is reproducing the issue.06:11
sdollinsAny tips on recording keyboard/touchpad input?06:11
bioterroryou just need to wait :D06:12
bioterroratleast I would do so06:12
sdollinsWell it happens all the time (but randomly)06:13
bioterrorI dont see anything in here yet06:14
sdollinsYeah, it isn't doing it now.06:14
sdollinsIt did it right before I joined though.06:14
bioterrorofcourse not as I am here :)06:14
sdollinsIsn't that how these things always work?06:15
humanitylosI need a good ftp server with a GUI for ubuntu any seggestions?07:13
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SADNAHOMHi, I am installing 10.10 and would like to have a filesystem that can be read by a windows partition.  Will ext4 do?10:10
bazhangSADNAHOM, #ubuntu please10:11
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MrChrisDruifHai Guest21366 :)12:43
Guest21366With Windows version of Meka I get this error: Unable to switch to desired video mode (640X480) Cannot set video mode12:44
Guest21366halleo Mr. Chris Druif12:45
Guest21366I am running Ubuntu lucid lynx12:45
Guest21366Meka in wine12:45
MrChrisDruifAlright, LTS :)12:46
Guest21366SMS emu12:46
Guest21366Sega Master System12:46
Guest21366I know of Kega Fusion but12:46
Guest21366it doesn't have mouse for shooting games12:46
Guest21366support for that is12:47
MrChrisDruifWhy would you use Meka in Wine?12:47
Guest21366It worked great in an older version of Ubuntu12:47
Guest21366I have tried to get a linux version but it requires compiling and I couldn't get it to work12:48
Guest21366I just compiled dega12:48
MrChrisDruifIsn't there a native Sega emulator for Ubuntu/gnome12:48
Guest21366Yes, I said Kega Fusion, but like I said no mouse support for shooting games12:48
JackyAlcineGuest21366: Try falling back to an earlier version of Wine.12:49
Guest21366as well12:49
Guest21366Can I have 2 versons of wine installed?12:49
JackyAlcineSame issues with Halo for me.12:49
Guest21366Just wondering12:49
MrChrisDruifIt could also be working in an older version again...12:50
JackyAlcineGuest21366: Yes, I believe so.12:50
Guest21366older version of what wine or meka?12:50
JackyAlcineOlder version of WINE.12:50
ubot2The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help12:51
Guest21366tha'ts what you just said might be before what you said, it's good to be clear which I understand you are trying to be12:51
JoeMaverickSettGuest21366: might want to check in appdb12:51
Guest21366in one of those links?12:52
JoeMaverickSettGuest21366: http://appdb.winehq.org12:52
Guest21366Nice, I will look into it12:53
Guest21366just use the search bar I am guessing12:53
Guest21366I'll bookmark first12:54
JoeMaverickSettwise thing to do. :)12:54
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SidewaysHI I have a p8p67 MB, intel 82579V Gigabit that worked at install and now wont link. I can see it, but no ip. using e1000e driver.14:36
bullcityramblerhello.  i'm taking my first stab at bash scripting.  i'm adding a function to .bashrc in U10.10.  Is there anyway to have ubuntu load the function without restarting?15:58
head_victimah there they go15:59
bioterrorhead_victim, he expected answer under 1min16:11
head_victimbioterror: I had a link and all :/16:11
bioterrorsource .bashrc16:12
head_victimHah see you can tell I have no idea, I just had a forum link with a discussion on the topic. I'm a googler, I don't know this stuff off the top of my head :/16:13
head_victimOn a related matter, I ahve a google USB thumb drive. I was half expecting it to have several petabytes of storage in typical google fashion but alas it's only 2GB :/16:16
MrChrisDruifhead_victim: <_<"16:17
Sideways    /msg nickserv register 1ircword  mycoldfusion@yahoo.com18:05
Sideways    /msg nickserv identify dog18:08
Sideways    /msg nickserv identify sideways18:08
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mtkorbWhen I ping a server, ping prints "From icmp_seq=1 Packet filtered..." I am also unable to use apt-get install. I'm not behind a firewall. Can anyone help?18:16
seidosany ideas on how to remove evolution from docky?  i never use it, and i accidentally click on it from time to time18:25
seidosbioterror: does that cover removing docklets?18:28
seidosbioterror: page is blank18:30
bioterrorno it is not18:30
seidoswe probably shouldn't be talking18:33
seidosyeah, the evolution docklet isn't listed in the docklet apps18:35
johnny77seidos: did you try just dragging the icon off of the dock?18:35
seidosdocklet apps = docklets menu18:35
seidosjohnny77: ah, that's what i needed.  thanks18:35
* seidos attaches the stone of shame18:35
seidosi'll create a docky wiki on wiki.ubuntu.com18:37
bioterrorseidos, look at that url in your browser18:38
bioterrorseidos, I wonder why you see empty page :D18:39
johnny77seidos: The community wiki needs a docky page. This is what there is now. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnomeDo18:40
JackyAlcineThey need to add Synpase.18:41
seidosbioterror: adding a p didn't work either.18:41
seidosnobody's cold, nobody's warm18:42
seidosbioterror: was this the link you pasted:  http://wiki.go-docky.com/index.php?title=Adding_docklets/helpers_to_your_dock18:43
seidoswhat's the plan?18:43
seidosjohnny77: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/docky18:52
johnny77seidos: just as bad. :)18:53
johnny77seidos: sorry, I saw that wrong. I thought you were showing me a crappy outdated page like I did.18:53
johnny77seidos: But you just now created that, right?18:54
seidosjohnny77: no.  it's simple, but it would have proven useful earlier.18:54
seidosjohnny77: yes18:54
* johnny77 opens mouth and inserts foot. 18:54
seidosjohnny77: if you know more that you'd like to add, feel free18:54
seidosi'm not sure that there is anymore to be know about it, unless you are developing18:54
seidosi could add a development section...let me do that18:55
johnny77seidos: What focus group have you joined?18:55
seidosjohnny77: working on dev focus group18:55
seidosjohnny77: i probably should move to another group though.  i'm no dev.  perhaps wiki or something functional, then work on development on my spare time.18:57
johnny77seidos: It's your choice, but I really like working on the wiki so far. But also the more you work on being a dev then the better dev you'll be. Just keep at it.18:58
seidosjohnny77: i know19:03
seidosi know and i don't know19:03
JackyAlcineI want to join the dev focus group.19:06
seidosi'd actually like to go where i'm needed19:07
seidoswiki isn't too hard i don't believe19:07
johnny77seidos: actually the wiki, for me, is pretty simple markup.19:11
seidosjohnny77: can always look at the source of another wiki to figure out how to do something19:12
seidosso yeah, i agree with you.  zkriesse is the wiki guy on the ubt19:12
seidosor, at least that's how he markets himself19:12
seidoslet's move the convo to ubt19:13
johnny77seidos: I don't think it works that way. When you edit a page, you use simple markup language to make it easy, but when you save it, the program behind it converts the simple language to HTML19:13
seidosjohnny77: i was referring to the "wiki source"19:16
seidosjohnny77: your point is taken.19:17
* seidos dies19:17
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MrAnthropeHmm my update manager failed. I think it's trying to download something for 32 bit and it says it has a dependency error. That'd be because I'm on 64 bit right?20:29
MrAnthropeIt says "ia32-libs". I tried deselecting lib32ncursesw5 (32bit) but it won't deselect...20:30
MrAnthropeMaybe restarting will fix it.20:45
bioterroronly if you're using windows ;)20:47
kristian-aalborghi, anyone from Poland here?20:52
GeocosmCan someone tell me what apt-get -f does? Because that fixed my update manager lol20:57
kristian-aalborgGeocosm: -f = force, usually20:59
Axlinit attempts to fix broken packages (it's short for --fix-broken). use "$ man apt-get" for more info20:59
kristian-aalborgman apt-get surely holds the answer20:59
* kristian-aalborg is to lazy to look it up ;)20:59
* kristian-aalborg is toO lazy even21:00
Axlinyep. in terminal, just type "man apt-get" and it will show you a manual page21:00
Axlinarrow keys to scroll, shift + Z + Z to exit21:00
Geocosmphew. Lots of stuff I don't understand. But I found it. how does apt-get know what to fix?21:02
GeocosmI didn't tell it which package had broken dependencies.21:02
bioterror!man | Geocosm21:03
ubot2Geocosm: The "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/21:03
wolfpackIt fixes all the broken dependencies21:03
GeocosmSo, back to my original question then. The update manager was trying to install 32 bit whatever-file on my 64 bit system. Is that why the dependencies were broken? And why do I need this file?21:04

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