dscasselIRC meeting!00:00
dscasselMass call: [thor] FiReSTaRT hypatia IdleOne J2 james_w johanbr Kamondelious kenjy KombuchaKip Kulag ryanakca sipherdee txwikinger willwh zul00:01
FiReSTaRThey darcy00:01
FiReSTaRTcaught me at a good time :)00:01
FiReSTaRTfor a change00:01
KombuchaKipdscassel: Need to hop in the shower soon.00:01
FiReSTaRTrenos done, house basically sold00:01
dscasselAgenda: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/7/detail/00:01
dscasselKombuchaKip: No worries, drop in when you can.00:01
txwikingerhi dscassel00:02
txwikingerhi dscassel00:02
FiReSTaRThey txwikinger00:02
KombuchaKipdscassel: Thanks00:02
hakimsheriffill be coming and going since i have to do some homework00:02
txwikingerhi FiReSTaRT00:02
dscasselFeel free to introduce yourself.00:02
FiReSTaRThi, my name is FiReSTaRT and I'm a alco.. oops wrong meeting00:03
FiReSTaRTi'll get the newbs started00:03
BobJonkmanHi all!  Just got home, won't be at Kwartzlab tonite.  Sorry.00:04
sipherdeehi! :)00:04
FiReSTaRTin seriousness, my name's Ilija, live in the GTA, work as a GIS technician and also doing tech support for a small ISP.. been using ubuntu since hardy (a couple of years ago), basically advanced desktop user with a bit of admin experience, zero coding.. other distros i've used are arch and openwrt00:04
txwikingerhi BobJonkman00:05
dscasselGlad you could make it virtually, BobJonkman00:05
FiReSTaRThi BobJonkman and sipherdee.. same goes for you hakimsheriff (gl with the hw)00:05
dscasselSo I'm Darcy and I'm an official LoCo contact, apparently. I'll be your host for this evening.00:06
dscasselI've been using Linux since 1999 and Ubuntu since 2005 (since Breezy)00:06
* txwikinger is the other official LoCo contact who is leaning back and let Darcy run the show00:06
hakimsheriffFiReSTaRT: thanks00:07
dscasselHi [thor]. We're having a meeting, if you're interested.00:08
* FiReSTaRT gives dscassel the dreaded "it's GNU/Linux" correction!00:08
[thor]i sure am, is it here? or in another channel?00:09
FiReSTaRT[thor]: right here00:09
dscasselFiReSTaRT: I only used the kernel, so I'm good. j/k.00:09
* [thor] pulls up a capacitor.00:09
txwikingerwell.. then y9ou have to say GNU/Linux + a whole other bunch of stuff00:09
FiReSTaRTacceptable short form being GNU/Linux00:10
BobJonkmangnux == GNU/Linux00:10
dscasselI prefer "Ubuntu."00:10
dscasselWhich is why we're here!00:10
FiReSTaRTnote to the newbs: imagine your whole operating system and everything that comes with it as a car... the linux kernel is the engine, the suspension/wheels/body/seats etc etc etc come from GNU :P00:10
* FiReSTaRT shuts up00:10
dscasselSo.  Events.00:11
dscasselNow's the time to plan for the Global Jam00:11
txwikingerok.. How many local chapters/places plan to do something?00:12
dscasselWe'll be jamming on April 2 in Waterloo.  I've got to do a bit of work to start organizing that.00:12
dscasselA GTA jam would be awesome. (hint hint)00:13
FiReSTaRTi'd be willing to assist someone who's already organized something here00:13
dscasselFiReSTaRT: Nobody's organized a Jam in Toronto before.00:14
dscasselhypatia has thrown a release party.00:15
FiReSTaRTeven a release party00:15
FiReSTaRTok.. i can assist then with whatever she needs to get done behind the scenes so she can focus on the big picture00:15
dscasselAnd her release party was "Hey, let's meet up at Linuxcaffe!" You could do that. :)00:15
BobJonkmanThis year the Global Jam conflicts with all kinds of things: Elmira Maple Syrup Festival, the Mayor's Dinner in Kitchener...00:16
FiReSTaRTdarcy: so i make it a 3 day event or just 1-day?00:16
dscasselBobJonkman: I can't eat maple syrup. ;_;00:16
txwikingerBobJonkman: Are you buddy with the Kitchener Mayor?00:16
BobJonkmanNot yet, maybe after dinner...00:17
dscasselFiReSTaRT: The global jam spans the weekend, but we're only doing one day.00:17
txwikingerMaybe we should have the Jam at the dinner00:17
dscassel(By we, I mean kitchener-waterloo)00:17
dscasseltxwikinger: Yeah. :)00:17
dscasselUnfortuately, since it's a Global Jam, it can't really move. It didn't move for me last cycle.00:18
BobJonkmanThat is, the Global Jam conflicts with all kinds of things on >Saturday<00:18
FiReSTaRTsunday might even be better even though many would be working with major hangovers00:18
dscasselSunday's an option, I suppose.00:19
dscasselFiReSTaRT: Any time that weekend that's convenient for organizing something is good.00:19
txwikingerWell. the Global Jam is usually Friday to Sunday00:20
txwikingerWe could use one of the days, or do different things on different days00:20
txwikingerWe can try to synchronize between different events in Canada00:20
txwikingerwhich could help by doing i.e. presentations with remote participation00:20
FiReSTaRTi could get Linuxcaffe booked and notify the community, but getting people organized to actually do something would fall outside of my scope of expertise as i've only done minor ui translations on the FLOSS scene00:20
txwikingerOr we could take a problem and work collaboratively to solve it00:20
FiReSTaRTin addition to some user support and testing00:20
dscasselFiReSTaRT: txwikinger was saying you could tune in with whatever talk or help we (ie., he) might be giving here)00:22
dscasselDunno if they have a projector at linuxcaffe.00:23
dscasselHacklab.to might be an alternative, if hypatia is willing to help.00:24
FiReSTaRTi can always ask00:24
dscasselYeah, drop her a line. :)00:24
BobJonkmanYes, Linuxcaffe has a projector and a sound system00:25
FiReSTaRTi'd like to stay away from downtown as much as possible00:25
dscasselBobJonkman: cool.00:25
FiReSTaRTif we're bringing computer gear, something accessable by car and with ample parking space would be for the best00:25
BobJonkmanLinuxcaffe has ample parking space.  For bicycles.  Cars, not so much.00:26
FiReSTaRTkensington is also a bad option for cars00:27
FiReSTaRTi'll see if there's anything in the west end, accessable by subway, with the right setup00:27
FiReSTaRTthe east end is already packed00:28
dscasselFiReSTaRT: There's parking, it just might not be exceedingly convenient.00:28
txwikingerok.. let's think about it and send something on the mailing list and come with some ideas and more concrete venues and times the next meeting00:28
FiReSTaRTok.. sounds like a plan.. so we can move on00:28
dscasselAlso, it's not too early to think about release parties.00:29
FiReSTaRTso we basically need to have a decent Internet connection, easy access and a projector?00:29
dscasselNatty releases on the 28th.00:31
txwikingerFiReSTaRT: That would help if you want to have remote suppoirt00:31
BobJonkmanThat's 28 April...00:31
txwikingerBobJonkman: yes00:31
txwikinger11.04 :D00:31
FiReSTaRTthe new ui will make things interesting... i'll have to try out some of the alphas just to see what it looks like now.. already got a partition for that00:32
BobJonkmanI'm not sure everyone realizes that the Ubuntu version number is Year.Month -- it took me a while00:32
dscasselThanks, BobJonkman00:32
dscasselYeah, I've heard lots of people talk about "version 10" etc.00:33
* FiReSTaRT brb00:34
hakimsheriffBobJonkman: I never really noticed that00:35
dscasselAnybody else want to run a jam and/or party? :)00:35
dscasselI'll prod people some more on the mailing list.00:35
dscasselIt's not hard.  Especially that party.00:35
BobJonkmanThe parties don't need anything except a location and people.00:36
dscasselAnyway, next up is the website.00:36
dscasselNeeds some love, really.00:37
BobJonkmanAbout the same as last IRC meeting, methinks00:37
BobJonkmanIt's still not my one-stop Go-To site.00:38
dscasselBobJonkman: Yeah, except the mircoblog feed seems to have disappeared.00:38
dscassel(since it was breaking the theme, I'm not too upset about that)00:38
BobJonkmanInstead, I'm still doing searches for "Ubuntu+loco+Canada" or "wiki.ubuntu.com+meetings"00:38
dscasselBobJonkman: Do you have time to work on it?00:39
dscasselYou know drupal, right? :)00:39
* BobJonkman runs and hides00:39
dscasselHeh. :P00:39
BobJonkmanI've been going to Drupal meetings for about a year.00:39
BobJonkmanI've been maintaining some pages on someone else's Drupal site, but only as a a content editor.00:40
BobJonkmanAnd I have a commercial Joomla site I've been neglecting.00:40
dscasselBobJonkman: That's mostly what we need here.00:40
BobJonkmanSo, would you trust this man with your keys to your Drupal server?00:40
txwikingerI gave the current theme to someone to port to drupal 700:41
dscasselThe theme could be tweeked, but that's not as important as getting useful content.00:41
txwikingerI have no idea of the status atm00:41
BobJonkmanOK, I can put up the links and info I find useful.00:41
BobJonkmanChances are, it'll be useful to someone else too.  Scratch my own itch.00:41
FiReSTaRTthat's what FLOSS is all about00:42
BobJonkmanThen if someone else does the theming my stuff might actually look good.00:42
FiReSTaRThelp others by scratching your own itch00:42
dscasselAwesome. :D00:43
dscasselBobJonkman: I think you've got all the access you need, right?00:43
BobJonkmanJust tried logging in with Launchpad's OpenID, and get the error " Only site administrators can create new user accounts."00:44
BobJonkmanSo, no.00:44
dscasselBobJonkman: Have you tried recently?00:44
BobJonkmanMere seconds ago00:44
dscasselBobJonkman: I'm prodding txwikinger to look into it.00:45
dscasselWe fixed it for hakimsheriff.00:46
hakimsheriffIt just stopped working00:46
hakimsheriffit says the same thing as BobJonkman00:47
hakimsheriffthe way to log in changed!00:47
dscasselI can't log in either.00:48
dscasselWe'll work on sorting that out tonight.00:48
dscasselThat it for the website?00:50
BobJonkmanTwo cents on Ubuntu Hours?00:51
dscasselBobJonkman: Go ahead.00:51
BobJonkmanCent One: I was sorry to read of the demise of the Ottawa Ubuntu Hour.00:52
dscasselYeah. :/ I have hope, though. There were other people meeting besides George.00:52
BobJonkmanCent Two: I'm free on Thursday mornings until the end of March, so I'll be hanging out a the Little Bean Coffee Bar from 11:00am to about 12:30pm Thursday mornings.00:53
txwikingerBob.. I got in now.. I had the same problem like you00:53
txwikingerBobJonkman: Did you use openId?00:53
BobJonkmanSo, Ubuntucakw can have additional Ubuntu Hours for a limited time only00:54
dscasselBobJonkman: Sure, if you want we'll advertise.00:54
BobJonkmantxwikinger: Yes, using a proxy from my site to Launchpad's OpenID service00:54
dscasselI'll move my hour back to Waterloo. :)00:54
dscasselWell, if there's nothing else, I'll wrap up.00:58
dscasselMotion to adjourn?00:59
* BobJonkman motions00:59
dscasselI'll pretend txwikinger seconds.00:59
dscasselThanks everyone, and good night. :)00:59
* txwikinger pretend he never heard a motion00:59
dscasselI'll be around for a bit if you want to chat informally. :)00:59
dscasselAnd txwikinger is busily working on the log in thing.01:00
FiReSTaRTi'm about to post a comment on the blog for the hell of it :P01:00
BobJonkmanI missed the first four minutes of the meeting, but I can grab that from locobot if you want me to post meeting minutes01:01
* BobJonkman laments the English language, and the overloading of nouns like "minutes"01:01
dscasselBobJonkman: Sure, that would be helpful.01:02
BobJonkmanNever did set a datetime for the next IRC meeting01:03
dscasselBobJonkman: Logs were created automatically. :)01:03
* BobJonkman clicks and gets "This Page Does Not Exist!"01:04
BobJonkmanAh, too many slashes.01:04
BobJonkmanBut even then...01:04
txwikinger!start meeting01:05
txwikinger@start meeting01:05
BobJonkmanBut >I< have logs with timestamps!01:06
dscasselhttp://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/02/16/%23ubuntu-ca.html#t00:00 has timestamps. :)01:06
BobJonkmanOooh, pretty!01:07
BobJonkmantxwikinger: I can log in with OpenID now, but it thinks I'm a different bjonkman01:10
txwikingerBobJonkman: How many of you are there?01:11
BobJonkmanShould be just the one of me, currently logged in to ubuntu-ca.org01:11
txwikingerBobJonkman: I only see one of you there01:16
txwikingerHow did you log in?01:18
hakimsheriffThe website still odesnt work for me01:29
tm0Hey Ubuntu CA01:37
tm0Whats shaking?01:37
tm0I see a lot is shaking.01:40
Kamondeliousdscassel, hey hi.  sorry I'm late replying01:51
dscasselKamondelious: Hi. :)  You kind of mised the meeting.02:31
dscasseltm0: So, you'll run a Jam in Peterborough, right?02:31
tm0If i can find the name of that cafe02:32
dscasselThere are no guarantees, but between the 2-3 Peterborough people on the mailing list and whatever exists of PLUG, you should be about to get people.02:32
tm0I want to get at least 5 people gaurrented, there is already three.02:33
hakimsheriffdscassel: I cant log in to the website anymore :(02:33
tm0How is the website? Is it hosted off-Ubuntu yet?02:34
tm0@Dcassel btw02:35
tm0@*dcassel btw02:35
dscasselhakimsheriff: We know. txwikinger is looking into it.02:39
dscasseltm0: It's off-Canonical, yeah.02:40
hakimsheriffdscassel: I have to go, bye02:40
dscasselLater. :)02:41
tm0Great, maybe i'll be able to work a free or discounted theme off of Audentio02:41
tm0Is it wordpress or Drupal?02:41
dscasselThere's a guy who's working on the theme. Not sure what the status is there.02:43
dscasselWe want to keep it similar to the standard Ubuntu theme, for branding consistency.02:43
tm0Well i can get a discount at audentio, i help mange02:43
dscasseltm0: Cool. Chat with txwikinger. He's pretty much in charge of the website.02:45
tm0txwikinger you around?02:45
tm0Meh, they do amazzzzzzzing work.02:45
tm0Well i'll have to check that later, i have a test and i have to call some colleges tomorrow.02:46
tm0Night Ubuntu Canada.02:46
tm0I'm glad i'm back02:47
dscassel'night. :)03:14
dscasselMeeting minutes posted: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Meetings/2011-02-1504:55
dscasselMorning, BluesKaj15:25
BluesKaj"Morning dscassel15:26
cyphermoxmorning all ;)15:44
IdleOnemorning cyphermox15:49
cyphermoxhey IdleOne :)15:50
IdleOnecyphermox: Let me know if you need help manning the table at GeekFest15:50
cyphermoxsure thing15:51
IdleOneis Canonical gonna be giving some goodies :)15:52
* IdleOne would like a back pack hehe15:52
cyphermoxIdleOne, I can get you a backpack, I ordered the new model, still have the old15:52
cyphermoxit's in good shape15:52
IdleOneI was mostly kidding15:53
cyphermoxbut I'm not. I have no need to keep the old one15:53
IdleOneThat is very nice of you dude.15:54
cyphermoxI ordered tons of paper and plastic stickers too, so I'll have that15:54
IdleOneAre we getting a conference pack for this event?15:54
cyphermoxah, I don't think so, honestly. I doubt anyone asked for it and I'm afraid we're kind of late15:55
cyphermoxcan try now15:55
IdleOneI ask because if you need CDs or DVD's burned let me know15:55
cyphermoxIdleOne, I think I'll bring one of the last boxes we have of CDs to hand out15:56
IdleOneah, ok.15:56
cyphermoxI'll split them between that, the global jam, and ubuntu hour, shouldn't be too bad15:56
IdleOneWe can always burn more for Ubuntu hours15:57
IdleOnejust be nice to give the pressed CDs at GeekFest15:57
cyphermoxbut I would rather hand out pressed CDs at Hour and Geekfest15:57
cyphermoxit's mostly because for people you don't know, it looks a little better, more professional15:58
IdleOneOnly thing I don't understand is why they are charging an extra $20 for the video game show thing15:59
dscasselIdleOne: This is a conference?15:59
IdleOnedscassel: umm not sure if you would call it a conference to be honest16:00
IdleOnelet me link you16:00
dscasselI think the definition is kind of loose, but we might be able to order you a conference pack.16:00
IdleOnethe link is in French16:01
cyphermoxdscassel, we'll be fine for the conf pack I think -- I'll ask Fabian to file in the order. the issue is it's March 5, so really soon :)16:01
dscasselcyphermox: Ah, cool. :)16:01
IdleOneI was about to say see if cyphermox or magicfab want to order one. I was more asking for info to be honest16:01
dscasselPeople like schwag. :)16:03
cyphermoxIdleOne, "at least 4 weeks prior"16:04
IdleOneI hope I get a call today about this job I applied for at the airport16:04
cyphermoxdoubtful we can get stuff on time16:04
IdleOnecyphermox: if we have enough CDs that is cool16:04
cyphermoxIdleOne, i'm sure we do16:04
IdleOnecyphermox: when we start the Quebec install fest tour i think we will need more lol16:06
cyphermoxhehe yeah I guess16:06
cyphermoxfwiw I have a local mirror of cdimages, so we can use that to burn stuff16:06
IdleOnecontext: one of the guys on the -qc team suggested we do a tour of the major cities in Quebec16:07
IdleOneWe can all sleep in his van16:07
dscasselIf you do, you definitely need to get someone to blog about it. :)16:09
dscasselPossibly a video documentary. :D16:09
cyphermoxdscassel, identica!16:10
cyphermoxone post every 15 minutes16:10
dscasselWith pictures.16:10
IdleOnedscassel: I would be willing to do such a tour but funding would be an issue for me.16:10
dscasselSee if RMS will share his "list of people who will let me crash at their place" list.16:11
cyphermoxIdleOne, honestly though, it wasn't so much a Quebec tour as a tour of nearby Ubuntu Hour places16:11
cyphermoxIdleOne, Ottawa was on the list16:11
IdleOneI think Ottawa is very doable for us in Montreal16:12
cyphermoxnot sure how much I am willing to make it to Kitchener and back in two days16:12
dscasselSadly, the Ottawa hour may be defunct. One of the main organizers has left the community, and they haven't rescheduled.16:12
dscasselGetting out of towners might be motivation to get back on track, though. :)16:12
IdleOneZykotic left the community?16:12
dscasselYeah. "Not using Ubuntu anymore" he said.16:13
dscasselYeah. :/16:13
IdleOneDo you know why?16:13
dscasselNo idea. I never got a chance to talk to him in person.16:13
IdleOnenot using Ubuntu doesn't mean he can't host Ubuntu hours.16:14
dscasselI was hoping to get to the Ottawa Hour this year sometime.16:14
dscasselIt's a bit of a drive for me...16:14
dscasselBut I have family there.16:14
dscasselIdleOne: I know! :)16:14
IdleOneWell then I think soon as the weather clears up a little we need to see what we can do to get Ottawa interested again.16:15
dscasselAwesome. :)16:15
IdleOneMy car is not in shape for winter driving16:15
IdleOneI know there is at least one person from the -qc team who would come there with me.16:16
dscasselYeah, I'd love to tour around and do Ubuntu Hours in different cities. I'm trying to sort out logistics.16:19
dscasselI don't get a whole lot of vacation.16:19
IdleOnethat is the main problem, time and money of course16:19
BluesKajwhat about the Linux-cafe i toronto , has either of you visited there ?16:20
IdleOnehaven't been to TO in 12+ years16:20
dscasselBluesKaj: I went to hypatia's Maverick release party there. :)16:21
dscasselThat was my first time.16:21
dscasselNice little place.16:21
dscasselPerfect for hours.16:21
dscasselThe Toronto Ubuntu Hour has just about happened for about a year now.16:21
BluesKajnd dscassel, hope it was fun ;016:22
dscasselBluesKaj: Yeah, it was a good time.16:22
BluesKajubuntu hours , what's that?16:22
dscasselBluesKaj: An informal meetup. Ubuntu folks in a cafe for an hour.16:22
IdleOneor 4 :)16:23
dscasselYeah. :)16:23
IdleOnein Montreal our hours tend to run long16:23
IdleOnehehe, not complaining because it is always fun16:23
BluesKajok, but I prefer beer ..2 coffees in the morning is enuff :)16:23
dscasselBluesKaj: You could have an Ubuntu Hour in a bar, I suppose, but some people wouldn't be able to go16:24
dscassel(less of an issue in Quebec, I suppose. :)16:25
BluesKajboth montreal and toronto , even ottawa are over 5 hr drives for me16:25
IdleOneyou know I have thought about the whole alcohol thing at Ubuntu Hours and the last few times I went we had a nice man show up but he always says he doesn't drink and the first thing he asks is if there is any alcohol.16:25
IdleOneMagicFab hosts the Montreal one and I think he wants to keep it open to teenagers also. Make sure everybody is welcome.16:26
BluesKajwell, if they're too young to drink then they'll probly have social probs anyway,. being linux geeks 'n all :)16:26
dscasselBluesKaj: Where are you again? I'm sure I've asked..16:27
BluesKaj40mins west of sudbury16:27
dscasselAh, yeah, a bit far. :)16:27
dscasseltm0 might be starting up events in Peterborough, but that's not much closer.16:28
BluesKajI drive to toronto to visit my kids etc, but I won't just for a linux lunch :)16:28
IdleOneFor those who may be in Montreal beginning of March cyphermox added the Montreal Geekfest to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ConferenceAppearances16:28
cyphermoxIdleOne, I'd definitely go to ottawa too for visiting... plus I have a friend studying CompSci there16:30
IdleOnecyphermox: in that case we need to get in sync with dscassel and see when we can go wake those folks up :)16:30
dscasselIdleOne, cyphermox: Are you guys on the ubuntu-ca mailing list?16:31
IdleOneof course16:31
dscasselThat's where these things seem to be organized.16:31
cyphermoxdscassel, I only just subscribed, it was long overdue ;)16:31
cyphermoxdid this yesterday or so16:31
dscasselDrop a message there and see if you can prod people.16:31
IdleOnedscassel: well someone in Ottawa needs to organize. We don't want to show up and say "Where is everybody?"16:32
BluesKajI gguess I'm really marginalized ..I run kde :)16:33
dscasselDefinitely, but asking about it might motivate Chuck or James (the other Ottawa attendees) to start something.16:33
IdleOneKDE people are also welcome, but you have to sit at the back16:33
dscasselI should email them, probably.16:33
BluesKajIdleOne, nobody is gonna tell me where to sit :)16:34
dscasselBluesKaj: txwikinger is a kubuntu zealot. He'll make sure you're well represented.16:34
IdleOneBluesKaj: :)16:34
IdleOnetxwikinger: you in Ottawa?16:35
dscasseltxwikinger: BluesKaj was feeling left out for using KDE.16:35
txwikingerIdleOne: no Waterloo Region16:35
txwikingerdscassel: Well.. All those Gnomies need to grow up before they can use something substantial ;p16:35
IdleOnethem there is fighting words16:36
BluesKajtxwikinger, I said these ubuntu types can have their cartooney desktop , but we kde real man users are marginalized due it's unrecognized excellence16:36
txwikingerbtw.. I am not really a zealot.. I think everybody should use whatever they like16:36
dscasselSo long as what they like is kubuntu, of course.16:36
IdleOneI like KDE and have used it, just prefer gnome16:37
txwikingerdscassel: Who knows.. maybe I start my own distro16:37
txwikingerwait.. I have my own distro already :)16:37
IdleOneyou do?16:37
txwikingerWell.. I think I am the only one left doing anything on ichthux16:38
IdleOnenever heard of it16:39
BluesKajmy prefernce lies with kde due my use of windows OSs for so many yrs ojn the job , it has a more familiar "look" to me .16:41
txwikingerrumours.. rumours16:42
txwikingerYou can make any desktop "look like" Windows16:42
* txwikinger uses KDE because of oen reason.. It uses Qt instead of the annoying GTK16:43
cyphermoxratpoison ftw!16:43
BluesKajW3.1,'95,'98 ..I've been retired for 11 yrs and running linux since 200216:44
BluesKajwifw still runs vista and won't switch16:45
* txwikinger 's household has not used MS in ages16:45
BluesKajgood stuff txwikinger :)16:46
* txwikinger has never understood why the same people who started Gnome (claiming licence issues with Qt) are now the proponents for mono16:49
txwikingerbut anyway.. what gives.. Open Source seem to be as much politics as is going on in the parliaments of most nations16:49
* dscassel isn't going there.16:52
* dscassel agrees the politics thing is futile and frustrating.16:53
BluesKajtxwikinger, well some ubuntu users are so purist , that anything Qt is like poison in their food16:54
txwikingerQt has a better licensing than GTK today16:54
* dscassel doesn't get too hung up on licensing.16:56
IdleOneI let the lawyers worry about licensing and Use what works for me16:56
* dscassel acknowledges its importance, however.16:56
* BluesKaj ran "pure kde " commands yestrday , altho I do miss synaptic ...wish muon had the fix broken packages option altho , dpkg --configure -a is probly what it uses16:56
BluesKajsynaptic that is16:57
dscasselAnyway, txwikinger, didn't you hear? Qt will ship with Natty! You can switch!16:57
txwikingerdscassel: No.. Ubuntu will have the qt libs as default on the CD.. that is the only difference.. that does not mean that all Gnome apps are using Qt16:58
BluesKajnatty is broken as hell, especially for nvidia drivers , and the new X stack is a mess16:58
txwikingerwhat new X stack... wayland is not default for some time to come16:59
dscasselBluesKaj: We've got two months. It'll be fine. :)16:59
BluesKajdscassel, gawd I hope so ...I almost have some my bandmates talked into Linux and now this :)17:00
dscasselLunch! Back in an hour. :)17:00
BluesKajtxwikinger, the guys at +1 told me the new Xserver is being installed as default17:01
txwikingerNo idea.. I had no time at all to look at natty yet17:02
txwikingerWell.. I did some work for KDE packaging in December or so, but have no run it yet17:02
BluesKajtxwikinger, , I tried natty for a few weeks but X broke badly so I reverted both linux boxes , there was no rescuing them17:03
BluesKajdin't lose any data tho ...using a /home partitionon both17:03
txwikingerWell.. we are far to early in the release cycle to expect any stable production qaulity.. so that is not unusual17:03
txwikingerIf you have the same problem with the release candidates.. than it is time to worry17:04
BluesKajyeah, well, the last 3 or so OS upgrades were a lot less bumpy17:04
willwh.........wow :)17:10
willwhhi guys :)17:10
BluesKajhi willwh17:10
willwhhow is everyone?17:10
willwhhaven't seen the channel buzzing for a while ;)17:10
willwhand ofc, I missed the meeting, again ^_^17:11
BluesKajsome are at lunch ...what meeting? :)17:12
willwhlooks like the irc meeting took place yesterday?17:12
txwikingerwillwh: there is a log somewhere17:14
willwhs'ok, I run irssi ;]17:14
willwhclient always here17:14
dscasselWoo, irssi!17:44
willwhyes indeed18:29
willwhwith screen_away.pl -> why would you want to use anythign else/ :D18:29
willwhirssi + screen + ssh tunnel ftw.18:29
txwikingerwillwh: quassel  can do the same but has a nicer GUI if you don't want to remember all the commands18:41
willwhoh, I used to use quassel18:42
willwhbut there were a few things that irked me18:42
willwhand tbh - I much prefer a shell to gui :)18:42
BluesKajquassel is fugly ..konversation is my fav19:05
* genii-around sips19:49
BluesKaj+7C here , genii-around ...the melt is underway19:57
IdleOne-7C here19:57
genii-aroundBluesKaj: Yup! Supposed to rain around around here and be warm until Sat or Sun19:57
BluesKajit'll be there soon , IdleOne19:59

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