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Kiallanyone know if its possible to convince cloudinit to set an EC2 instance's hostname to its external name, rather than internal?03:55
flaccidedit the module or create a new one i think03:56
Kiallflaccid, yea - im looking at the source now .. I would have thought it a common request and figured it was something simple ;) bah!04:01
flaccidfeel free to contribute04:01
Kiallflaccid, if i could get my head around bzr / quilt and their friends .. i would ;)  .. git I can handle .. bzr and quilt make me sore ;)04:02
flaccidi agree04:02
Kiallinfact .. its not even quilt .. i can use that ;) .. its just bzr! ;)04:03
flaccidbzr is pretty straight forward. i'm sure many ubuntu peeps can help you if you have a problem04:03
KiallI'm sure its just that i'm way too used to git to allow myself to get used to it!04:04
flaccidhey im' like that too for sure04:05
Kiallyup.. launchpad doesnt exactly help either .. never have the slightest clue which branch and repo to use! anyway .. guess I'll figure another way around it as I need a fix pretty quickly .. i think preserve_hostname: true and setting it in runcmd's should work04:06
flaccidyeah its confusing as. i don't know much about cloud-init yet. hoping someone else here can assist you04:07
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superxglhi all, is cloud-init only for ubuntu? is there any RPM package for CentOS installing ?09:07
sorenIt was written in the hope that other distros would pick it up.09:24
soren...whether they have or not... No idea.09:25
superxglsoren: thank you. i want to install cloud-init on my CentOS, but did not find any rpm package09:38
superxgli don't know if i can convert the cloud-init deb package into rpm package...09:43
kim0superxgl: I think a program named "alien" might help convert it .. doesn't mean it'll work though :)09:55
superxglkim0: thank you. i will have a try :)10:05
TREllissuperxgl: well, amazon use it in their "official" linux ami, which looks relatively centos based10:11
TREllissuperxgl: infact, if you launch one of their official linux ami's you can grab the src.rpm using 'get_reference_source -p cloud-init'10:21
superxglTREllis: Thank you very much :)10:22
TREllisnot sure why they make you use that script to get to the source packages, but I guess it's something to do with all their repos & mirrors only being accessible from AWS10:22
superxglTREllis: hmm... i don't have an account for amazon10:23
flaccidsuperxgl: get the rpm from the amazon linux ami.10:24
flaccidthey have a version of cloud-init and it works10:25
superxglflaccid :  i don't use EC2 so i can not access the linux ami :(10:25
flaccidoh crap i some already said sorry10:25
flaccidstart using it.10:26
flacciderr *someone said10:26
flaccidi'd launch an instance and get it but i cbf :)10:27
superxglflaccid: thx :)10:28
TREllissuperxgl: I'm feeling helpful today...  http://trellisnet.co.uk/junk/cloud-init-0.5.14-22.amzn1.src.rpm10:28
flaccidthats the source rpm10:28
flaccidyou can get the real rpm out of the ami or the repos10:29
ubuntucloud304where do i start am ubuntu/linux newbie10:29
TREllisor rpmbuild -ba that ;-)10:29
superxglTREllis : oh, cool....thank you very much for ur kindly help  :)10:30
flaccidubuntucloud304: reading the docs10:30
superxgland thank you flaccid, thank you all of you here ..10:30
ubuntucloud304-=flaccid specifics10:30
flaccidwhichever you can find10:31
flaccidits like getting a car and saying 'where do i start'10:31
flaccidwell how long is a piece of string..10:32
ubuntucloud304from a drivin school first10:32
flaccidanyway i'm a bit too sarcastic tonight, so i will go watch a movie10:32
TREllissuperxgl: http://cloud.ubuntu.com/10:33
TREllisthat's a good starting point, really depends on what you aim to do10:33
kim0ubuntucloud304: are you aiming to start with "cloud" stuff, or generally "Ubuntu" itself10:34
ubuntucloud304i'l now hit the road10:34
superxglTREllis: thank you very much ! :)10:34
kim0ubuntucloud304: ah ok .. ping me when u're back10:34
kim0will try to help10:34
TREllissuperxgl: woops that was directed to ubuntucloud304 ;-)10:35
superxgl TREllis: aha, it is also helpful to me :)10:36
madafukim0 ubuntucloud304 help11:09
TeTeTmadafu: what's the problem?11:12
TeTeTanyone ever got an 'unable to update user' warning when changing/deleting a user in the web interface of 10.04 UE11:18
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madafuTeTeT: New in ubuntu cloud11:38
kim0madafu: hey .. welcome :)11:41
kim0madafu: so what got you interested11:41
kim0what are you trying to do11:42
kim0so you wanna run virtual machines and stuff11:42
madafudownloaded the ubuntu cloud server what next?11:42
kim0madafu: This is the main installation page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC/CDInstall11:43
madafuthank you11:44
kim0madafu: for some extra reading, this following page is a good jumping page http://cloud.ubuntu.com/docs/uec-book/11:44
superxglTREllis: i could not rebuild the cloudinit-src.rpm, it said that :  error: Failed build dependencies:  python-devel-abi is needed by cloud-init-0.5.14-22.noarch12:29
TREllissuperxgl: never mind, you'll need to grab the binary from the amazon linux ami then12:30
superxgli have installed something like python-devel, python-abi, and it did not works. and i googled a lot , did not find the python-devel-abi12:30
TREllissuperxgl: and/or try python26-devel since Centos5 uses python2.4 by default12:31
kim0superxgl: yum whatprovides python-devel-abi12:32
kim0might help12:32
superxgli did yum python-devel-abi, but it saids not have this one...12:32
kim0just try that command12:32
superxgli am trying install python26 now12:33
TREllisit's probably easier just to spin up an instance and user yumdownloader to grab the binary12:34
superxgli did yum whatprovides python-devel-abi , still not found...12:35
TREllissuperxgl: 2 secs, I'll pull it out of one of my instances12:40
superxglTREllis : oh...thank you very much, u help me a lot today :)12:41
TREllissuperxgl: http://trellisnet.co.uk/junk/cloud-init-0.5.14-23.amzn1.noarch.rpm interestingly the one they provide the source of is version -22 not -2312:46
superxglTREllis:  oh, ya , it did is -22... thank you for ur help , i am really appreciate for all of your help here :)12:50
TREllissuperxgl: sure, np12:51
superxglTREllis : cool...the rpm works pretty well :) tnx:)12:53
TREllissuperxgl: you are using it for spinning up centos emi's in UEC?12:54
superxglTREllis: i am using it for execute some scripts once the instance boots, for i want to run hadoop on the eucalyptus .and  i am using centos EMI now12:57
TREllissuperxgl: right ok12:59
superxglTREllis : hopes it works :)12:59
TREllissuperxgl: I've done a bit of hadoop in UEC in the past12:59
TREllissuperxgl: but generally with the Ubuntu EMI's :-)12:59
superxglTREllis : oh ,really ?13:00
superxglit is cool..13:00
superxglso how did u do that ?13:00
superxgli just followed the guide : http://wiki.apache.org/hadoop/AmazonEC213:01
TREllissuperxgl: there is a number of ways, there are a few puppet modules for hadoop floating around on the web, I used cloud-init with some already configured hadoop configs since it was only for some tests13:01
superxgland i modified the scripts to make it works  on eucalyptus13:01
superxglTREllis : hmm...cool..13:03
superxglpuppet modules ? what are they?13:04
superxglhmm...looks like the coming release 0.4.0 of apache whirr will support eucalyptus ..13:15
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elroIs anyone using ebsmount on ec2? I'm seeing an "error: devpath not of expected structure, or failed lookup" when I try sudo ebsmount-manual /dev/sdf15:21
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RobertLaptopQuestion,  Under EC2 once can define a puppet script to customize an image in it startup process.  Is there a way to do it in a Private eucalyptus cloud?17:47
TREllisRobertLaptop: cloud-init can hook into puppet17:58
RobertLaptopTREllis, clound-init any documentations?  I guess in my week long research on running a cloud I missed that.17:59
TREllisRobertLaptop: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CloudInit & http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~cloud-init-dev/cloud-init/trunk/view/head:/doc/examples/cloud-config.txt for a fully commented cloud-config file for cloud-init17:59
TREllisRobertLaptop: actually, this file has the puppet cloud-init docs: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~cloud-init-dev/cloud-init/trunk/view/head:/doc/examples/cloud-config-puppet.txt18:01
RobertLaptopTREllis, thanks will read18:01
TREllisyou can't specify a specific puppet class in cloud-init, but you can get it to do the bootstrap,18:01
TREllisyou'll have to have a node definition that knows that ec2 node name or hostname glob and match that to classes or use some examples that mathias produced a while back: http://ubuntumathiaz.wordpress.com/ check out all his blog posts on puppet+ec2/uec18:02
RobertLaptopYea that was my one big question was how to pass that info to puppet for something that will get created on the fly.18:04
RoAkSoAxTREllis: I already have a tesst RA for the CLC, and works like a charm18:18
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jmgallowayI have a question about security groups21:21
daker!ask | jmgalloway21:21
jmgallowayI have a lot of users that are using my cloud21:21
jmgallowaywhen they create instances, they have trouble getting ssh to work21:22
jmgallowayI tried to create a security group for them to use with port 22 open, but I think I did it wrong21:23
jmgallowayI am the only admin, the others a normal users21:24
jmgallowayis this not right?21:26
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jmgallowayanyone here?22:23
dakerjmgalloway, just wait ツ22:24
jmgallowayI just have a few questions about getting ports open22:25
kim0jmgalloway: hey23:04
kim0jmgalloway: when you launch instances using your account, under "admin cs691" security group, I suppose it works as it should23:17
kim0How are those other users allowed to create instances ? or you allowing them with IAM ?23:18
kim0try to leave some more detail .. and someone will try helping23:19
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mathiazsmoser: hi!23:58
mathiazsmoser: is there anything in the LTS ami that would automatically lock the ubuntu account?23:59

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