duanedesignevening all01:44
cjohnstonWait.. popey why does jcastro get to be president and Daviey get to be duke?01:54
mhall119how can we even have both a president and a duke?01:56
doctormomhall119: popey has apple products, he doesn't have to make sense ;-P02:19
nigelbI'm confused.04:37
nigelbWas it a community decision to relicense the wiki or a Canonical decision?04:38
pleia2there's been a bug assigned to the community council for a long time04:50
ubot2Ubuntu bug 392838 in ubuntu-website "Ubuntu Wiki licence is unpermissive" [Medium,In progress]04:51
pleia2community request, CC followed through with getting it sorted04:52
nigelbAh, so Canonical owned/owns the copyright04:52
nigelbRight right, now it makes sense04:52
nigelbThanks pleia2 :)04:52
pleia2sure :)04:52
duanedesignok time to get a few hohurs sleep. Have got a good job lead I need to land tommorrow :)05:30
duanedesignhohurs == 1.25 hours05:31
dholbachgood morning07:40
dpmgood morning all08:07
dholbachhola dpm08:07
dpmhey dholbach08:10
kim0dholbach: dpm everyone .. Morning :)08:15
dholbachhey kim008:15
dpmhey kim008:17
kim0hey :)08:17
duanedesignmorning all08:51
nigelbhey duanedesign08:53
nigelbglad you got your 1.25 hours of sleep :D08:53
* popey tickles dholbach 11:16
* dholbach hugs popey11:17
akgranerGood Morning all :-)  I forgot how much I love being up early! Woo Hoo!11:18
duanedesignhello akgraner11:21
akgranerduanedesign, hey :-)11:21
duanedesignakgraner: i love the cookbook idea :)11:21
akgranerthanks - please encourage people to submit - I can't wait to share it with everyone if there is enough interest11:22
kim0akgraner: Morning :)11:23
akgranerkim0, howdy!  What's new in the cloud these days?11:23
kim0hehe it's raining today :)11:23
akgranerand how are you and your family doing? well I hope...11:23
kim0all going good indeed thanks11:24
akgranergood to hear11:26
Pendulumhi akgraner :)11:27
akgranerHey Pendulum!11:28
duanedesignakgraner: yes i need to find my recipies11:32
akgranerduanedesign, awesome!  Thank you so very much!11:32
dpmbrb, rebooting12:28
czajkowskihttp://i.imgur.com/4z4GA.jpg :D13:34
=== hggdh_ is now known as hggdh
cjohnstonFree airport wifi ftw14:52
nigelbI thought you drove down14:53
cjohnstonTo NC.. Flying to Vegas15:03
* nigelb eyes pop out.15:03
cjohnstondidnt you look at my tripit15:04
cjohnstonok then15:04
nigelbI've been drowned with work lately15:04
cjohnstonNeed more summit and LD work done :-P15:04
cjohnstonjcastro: ping15:22
jcastroyo yo15:22
cjohnstonyo... I'm told that the theme of uds.u.c is a modified theme from the light-wordpress-theme that the community made.. which I knew... and that mr. metal is the one with the access to fix its bugs15:22
nigelbmr. metal15:23
cjohnstonI don't know if that is accurate, but thats what im told15:23
jcastroI am not sure15:23
AlanBelldepends what the bug is15:23
cjohnstonAlanBell: against the theme15:23
nigelbwe did fix one bug with jcastro15:23
nigelbcjohnston: yes, what specifically?15:24
cjohnstonbug 713125 would prolly best be in an rt15:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 713125 in ubuntu-website "broken/wrong SSL certificate on uds.ubuntu.com" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71312515:24
AlanBellyup, that would be the one he can't fix15:24
nigelbthat's RT thing15:24
nigelboh, you're triaging ubuntu-website15:24
* nigelb says a prayer for cjohnston 15:25
cjohnstontheres a bunch of bugs filed in ubuntu-wesbite against uds.u.c15:25
jcastroany content related ones?15:25
cjohnstonbug 70939515:26
ubot2Launchpad bug 709395 in ubuntu-website "uds.ubuntu.com needs the use the Ubuntu font" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70939515:26
cjohnstoni dont think so jcastro.. ive told you about those ones15:26
nigelbcjohnston: did you notice that jcastro filed the above bug?15:26
nigelbmorning mhall119 :)15:27
cjohnstonbug 672113 would be fixed by upgrading to the current theme i believe15:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 672113 in ubuntu-website "uds.ubuntu.com uses too bright orange" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67211315:27
mhall119every time I see kim0 I think Qimo15:27
cjohnstonnigelb: someone has to fix it.. and im being told its jono15:27
mhall119cjohnston: we fixed the orange in the django theme, I'm not sure it's been fixed in the drupal theme15:28
nigelbcjohnston: right, true15:28
AlanBellcjohnston: I think Mr Metal can't unless the template is chowned to www-data15:28
nigelbcjohnston: lets all flood jono :p15:28
kim0mhall119: :) is that the kids software ? :)15:28
AlanBellor whatever it is running as15:28
mhall119kim0: yeah15:28
nigelbAlanBell: template is usually not owned to www-data for security I think15:28
mhall119is your nick supposed to be pronounced 'kim-oh'?15:28
kim0mhall119: I guess that's nice fluffy :)15:28
mhall119or 'kim-zero'?15:28
kim0mhall119: oh15:28
AlanBellnigelb: in which case the wordpress built in theme editor can't edit it15:29
mhall119no, fluffy is another desktop15:29
mhall119very very pink15:29
nigelbAlanBell: wordpress does a lot of good things which most admins won't let you use for security reasons :(15:29
nigelb(I don't disagree there)15:29
AlanBellnigelb: quite correct15:30
cjohnstonmhall119: wordpress.. stas is pretty up on it15:30
cjohnstonAlanBell: I'm being told by Ale that Jono is the one with the access15:31
AlanBellmaybe through ssh as himself15:31
AlanBellbut if jcastro can't through the web interface then neither can jono15:32
nigelb+1 to that15:32
jcastroyeah theme editing I can't do15:32
cjohnstonAll I know is that Ale said Jono could fix it..15:34
cjohnstonI guess when I get time I'll look into it more15:34
mhall119cjohnston: oh ok, then yeah, stas was doing the WP theme15:38
cjohnstonHe was pretty up with the theme.. dunno if its fixed though15:38
nigelbmhall119 and cjohnston on uds.ubuntu.com homepage? NEAT15:40
cjohnstonshut up15:40
cjohnstonmhall119: that reminds me.. we need to find jcastro and take care of that15:41
mhall119cjohnston: take care of what?15:41
nigelbyou mean pay him for it? :p15:41
cjohnstongetting it removed15:41
cjohnstonumm.. no15:41
mhall119no way, I need that up there to prove to Moffitt that I was doing something other than taking a 5 day paid vacation15:42
nigelbmhall119: Did you apply for passport?15:42
* mhall119 hides15:42
* nigelb kicks mhall119. Repeatedly.15:43
nigelbOh boy.  Now its my turn.15:43
jcastrocjohnston: you look so great in the pic!15:43
mhall119yeah but if we're both at UDS, there not reason to kick me, and if I'm not at UDS, you won't be able to15:43
cjohnstonuh huh15:43
nigelbmhall119: I can recruit people to kick you.15:44
nigelbI'm sure someone at Orlando next time will be happy to oblige.15:44
mhall119except I'm already supposed to be kicking cjohnston, so we've got a mutual non-aggression pact15:46
cjohnstonjcastro: seems as though the sysadmins can update the theme15:47
cjohnstonbut i dont know what that may do to any customizations that have happened15:47
cjohnstontime for me to pack up and get on the plane... Next stop.. NYC15:48
jcastroI fixed the pic15:48
jcastrohow's this?15:48
nigelbjcastro: Much better :-P15:48
nigelbjcastro: Please replace :D15:49
nigelbjcastro: That was fast!15:49
jcastroactually, is there a laptop there or are you just looking like you're sulking?15:49
nigelbThere is a laptop..You can see it between mhall119's hand and his laptop15:50
mhall119cjohnston: nice15:50
mhall119jcastro: both, IIRC15:50
mhall119he didn't want to be up front in that session15:50
jcastrooh, so this could easily be "And this is what I think" and "Yeah whatever, I am working"15:50
nigelbOh gosh, the nearest restaurant that delivers recognized my voice when I called them.15:50
nigelbSigh, I guess I'm a true geek now :p15:51
jcastroI have a great relationship with our pizza guy15:51
dholbachjcastro, I'll tell Jill!15:51
mhall119my local chinese place knows either my number of my voice15:51
nigelbdholbach: I only have a toaster.  Nothing else to cook with :(15:51
dholbacha toaster is a good start - you can even light cigarettes with it15:52
nigelbjcastro: I think you need to but dholbach a pizza to pacify him  :P15:52
mhall119jcastro: what are your thoughts on making a summit page with embedded webchat + next hour's sessions15:52
mhall119instead of using xchat on top of a browser15:52
jcastrocouldn't we just link up the web thing?15:52
nigelbWe could15:53
jcastrolike, one page for each room or something?15:53
dholbachthat'd be sweet15:53
jcastroyeah it would15:53
mhall119jcastro: yeah15:53
jcastropeople could just open up browser tabs15:53
nigelbcan I take the bug? please? please? please?15:53
mhall119also add a link to the icecast feed15:53
mhall119nigelb: all yours15:53
nigelbmhall119: danke.  /me files bugs and assigns15:53
jcastroI think that would be awesome15:53
mhall119hmmm, can we embed the icecast audio into the page itself?15:54
nigelbI don't think so15:54
nigelbthat would need a plugin15:54
jcastrothey make flash widgets for such things, surely someone's done an html5 one15:54
mhall119maybe chrome or firefox can natively play ogg streams?15:54
* popey tickles jcastro 15:54
mhall119nigelb: this is a lot of stuff, so start with one piece, submit it, and then work on the enxt15:55
nigelbmhall119: yeah, that'sthe plan15:55
mhall119start with a per-room page with webchat15:55
nigelbmhall119: that's the bug I filed15:55
mhall119that way the rest of us can contribute bits too15:56
nigelbI didn't add the steam thing15:56
mhall119you rock nigelb15:56
nigelbanyone else can take up the other one :)15:56
nigelbdholbach: I'm sorry I haven't gotten you the script.  Should be there by Monday.  I'm swamped with work from all sides.  mhall119 and summit is what's keeping me alive right now.15:56
dholbachtake it easy15:57
mhall119wow, that's a lot of responsibility15:57
maco2czajkowski: i just talked to one of the two czajkowskis i work with, and he said czajkowski is a very common name in poland, and there's even a town with that name15:58
czajkowskimaco2: yes15:58
* popey tickles jono 15:58
maco2czajkowski: he also said his nickname in the army was "alphabets"15:59
dholbachhey jono16:00
kim0jono: morning16:01
mhall119jcastro: i'm saving that photo :)16:01
jonohey folks :-)16:01
czajkowskimaco2: fair enough16:01
jonodpm, jcastro, dholbach, kim0 ok, call time16:02
dholbachgo go go16:02
dpmall set!16:02
jcastrooh one sec16:02
jcastrook ready16:03
dholbachjono, call time? :)16:04
jonodholbach, getting my mic set up16:04
jonodamn thing16:04
kim0skype right16:04
jonocalling now16:04
PiciHrm.  Two people in two days complaining about Ubuntu SSO to launchpad :(16:18
PiciBasically "I'm not going to log a bug because blah blah blah"16:18
mhall119well if they don't log a bug, then there's nothing to fix16:20
czajkowskireally annoying when you hear that16:21
czajkowskieither log the bug16:21
czajkowskior say you're not able to log a bug and someone can help you16:21
mhall119my motto: "Bug report or it didn't happen"16:23
doctormomhall119: Bug reports are too hard IMO16:40
popeydoctormo: people are too lazy IMO16:41
PiciThey are a bit scary for non-technical users.16:41
PiciI don't doubt that.16:41
doctormopopey: People are always too lazy, that's why they buy Apple products.16:43
popeysaw that coming16:43
* popey notes that a couple of apps have crashed recently on his mac (OSX)16:43
popeya dialog box comes up with lots of technical gubbins in, and a single box you can type what you like in, then press "ok"16:43
doctormoPici: I think the main issue is that there is a chasm between "I have a problem" "We have a problem" and "there is a problem"16:43
popeythats how we should do it16:43
doctormoLaunchpad and other bug trackers want to track "there is a problems"16:44
doctormoPeople want to track "I have a problem"16:44
doctormoAnd the dialog is different for each.16:44
popeyno they dont16:44
popeythey dont care16:44
popeythey just want it fixed16:44
PiciThey just want it fixed.16:44
popeythey don't want to "track" anything16:44
doctormopopey: Fine, they just want to moan.16:44
popeythat too16:45
doctormoHappy? track or moan, same thing16:45
PiciWell, they may want to know if progress is being made.16:45
popeyI am very happy. I'll go home now and leave you mister grumpy pants :)16:45
doctormopopey: I don't know, you're the one that always seems so cynical about the human race.16:46
popeyyou say cynic, I say realist, lets call the whole thing off.16:46
doctormoInventing your all realities, lets.16:47
dholbachhave a great rest of your day my friends - see you tomorrow17:35
* popey hugs dholbach 17:36
* dholbach hugs popey back17:37
marcoceppijcastro: made it18:05
jcastronon styled18:05
jcastroI got the normal notification18:05
marcoceppiHum, I'm not even getting notifications18:06
marcoceppiWhere would I enable these notifications?18:06
marcoceppiOh, nevermind I'll just dive into the source for IRC Cloud and start dissecting how the HTML is structured. I think the only reliable way is to create a parser for each HTML notification service out there. Like TweekDeck, IRC Cloud, etc.18:07
marcoceppiUntil a better way can be formulated18:07
jcastroit's in there somewhere18:08
jcastroI remember it18:08
jcastromarcoceppi: the app needs to be not focused18:08
jcastroso I can like18:08
jcastromarcoceppi: ping18:08
jcastromarcoceppi: ping18:08
marcoceppiYeah, nothing. Let me hunt in the settings18:08
marcoceppiShortest settings dialog box ever18:09
dpmok everyone, calling it a day here, see you all tomorrow!18:13
marcoceppijcastro: I just got the "Show notifications" thing from IRC Cloud - can I get a ping-back?18:25
jcastromarcoceppi: ping18:26
marcoceppiHum, doesn't really *seem* to be HTML notification...18:26
AlanBellanyone want to see the new unreleased wiki theme?20:49
pleia2me me20:50
akgranerme me me20:50
akgranerAlanBell, now that one I like!20:51
AlanBellprobably a few things to fix20:52
pleia2how do bullet points look?20:52
AlanBellgoing to be waved at the accessibility team in a bit (meeting starting in #ubunt-accessibility in 10 minutes)20:52
AlanBellpleia2: no idea20:53
AlanBellI will paste in a uwn20:53
akgranerWhat about table of contents20:53
akgraneron that's a great idea if UWN can look acceptable in it...the shoot score win :-) (but I am bias)20:53
AlanBellfeel free to have a play, it is a wiki20:55
pleia2oh, much better20:55
akgranermuch better20:55
akgranerand so much easier to read20:55
* pleia2 nods20:55
AlanBellit will be on launchpad, but isn't right now as it needs to be de-tangled from some internal Canonical moin themes which were in the same branch20:57
PendulumAlanBell: can I get some of your colour profile info for that wiki? I'm thinking it may be better for some of my apps than DD4814 & 5E2750 (which are what I have been using)20:57
AlanBellof course Pendulum20:58
Pendulumby the way, in case anyone's interested I've been doing beta testing for a web-based phone app creation program ( www.spotspecific.com ) so have a prototype Ubuntu Accessibility Team app and am working on a prototype app for the Classroom team :)21:00
PiciHmmm.. looks interesting.21:01
Pendulumit's still somewhat ropey software, but I've been enjoying playing with it :)21:01
PendulumAlanBell knows more about using it on Ubuntu than I do, though, as I've admittedly been using Chrome on MacOS21:04
Pendulum(I'm also doing something crazy and attempting to do 14-apps in 14 days, although I think it may be more likely to be 7 apps in 14 days based on how I'm going so far :-/ )21:04
popeyanother day goes by when I cant use unity :(21:05
* popey pokes nvidia with a pointy stick21:05
* JFo sharpens popey's stick for him21:10
* AlanBell plays with todays unity21:21
cjohnstonhowdy from NYC22:39
cjohnstonhopefully we get on the plane22:39
doctormocjohnston: Oh?23:07
mhall119cjohnston: on your way to vegas?23:45

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