RoAkSoAx@pilot out00:08
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RoAkSoAxkirkland: in a bit will be uploading testdrive00:08
kirklandRoAkSoAx: cool00:20
kirklandRoAkSoAx: i'll blog the notifier thing ;-)00:20
kirklandRoAkSoAx: that's going to be great!00:20
RoAkSoAxkirkland: indeed!! also jcastro requested to add quicklist support for available isos for Unity00:21
kirklandRoAkSoAx: cool00:22
RoAkSoAxkirkland: uploaded. Should be building soon00:23
kirklandRoAkSoAx: \o/00:23
RoAkSoAxkirkland: alrighty it is build, not yet published though. What's gonna happen, is that around 5 seconds after you first started it will check if there are any available ISO's and display the notification if it does/. Otherwise will continue check every 1 hour for now. Later on I'll make that configurable00:52
kirklandRoAkSoAx: that's totally awesome!00:52
RoAkSoAxkirkland: let me know, as always, if how it goes :D.00:52
RoAkSoAxim gonna go grab something to eat in the meanwhile00:53
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psusihallyn, you recently changed multipath-tools to use 'path' instead of 'p' to separate base device from partition number.  why is this?  Where do these rules come from about what to separate with?  dmraid has been using 'p' for some time, but Curtis Gedak ( gparted maintainer ) has told me that it should only add the p if the base name already ends in a number02:00
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hallynpsusi: using path instead of p comes from the debian packages02:04
psusihallyn, ohh, so they added the patch and you just merged it?  any idea why?  it seems it will screw things up...02:04
psusithere are several components that all seem to be building the names differently when they should be agreeing... kpartx adds 'p' only if the last character of the base name is a digit... recent versions of dmraid always add the p, and now it seems that this init script got changed to tell kpartx to use part instead of p... it doesn't make sense02:06
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RoAkSoAxkirkland: still around?02:13
hallynpsusi: no they didn't add the patch.  They don't use that rule02:14
psusihallyn, so what did you mean it comes from the debian packages?  why was it changed from p to part?02:15
hallynpsusi: the p had come from me by mistake.  debian uses part02:15
hallynsee for instance debian/kpartx.udev in lp:debian/experimental/multipath-tools02:15
kirklandRoAkSoAx: halfway here02:15
psusihallyn, why?  upstream kpartx and dmraid just use the letter p02:15
RoAkSoAxkirkland: quick thingy: I'm planning to add something like this additionally to the MessagingIndicator: http://me.roaksoax.com/notify.png What do you think?02:16
kirklandRoAkSoAx: looks great02:17
hallynpsusi: I don't know why.  because it looks less SunOS4.x-y ?02:17
hallynpsusi: but I just wanted to make it consistent02:17
RoAkSoAxkirkland: cool, will do in the next release then02:17
psusihallyn, that's my problem... I am seeing 4 different programs that all have a different way of doing it now which messes things up... they need to all agree02:18
hallynpsusi: my change was just to the initramfs/local-top script wasn't it?02:18
psusihallyn, sounds like it02:18
hallynpsusi: yes, they need agree02:18
hallynpsusi: I wonder where is the best place to get all the relevant people together02:18
psusiemail :)02:18
kirklandRoAkSoAx: just upload again ;-)02:19
hallynpsusi: but which list?02:19
psusiI'm working up a message to dm-devel right now... probably should figure out a few more places to add to the Cc02:19
psusimaybe the debian maintainer of multipath-tools?02:19
hallynsounds good.02:19
psusiit seems that gparted likes the method upstream kpartx uses of adding just a p and only if the base name ends in a digit.. it goes so far as to explicitly tell dmraid to NOT use any character rather than letting the new versions always add the 'p'02:20
psusiI guess I'll include Curtis as well then...02:21
psusiyou want on it?02:21
hallynyup, i personally coudl care less, but I know that if you install a multipath lucid system, it will use -partX right now02:21
hallynwell, i'm on dm-devel, but wouldn't mind a copy to make sure i don't miss it02:21
psusiwhat's your addy?02:22
hallyn(i'm pretty ruthless with mailing list email in the morning)02:22
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tomreynwith this backtrace, which package do i file a bug against?       http://paste.ubuntu.com/567540/03:09
tomreynah so not libopenal103:11
hallynno, yeah, i'd start with libopenal103:12
hallynopenal-soft is the name of the package looks like03:12
tomreynI have no package of the name "openal-soft" installed, though03:14
tomreynmaybe that's the upstream name03:14
RAOFThat's the source package name; it generates libopenal103:17
tomreynthanks guys/gals03:19
yellowbluesup niggas im true gangsta03:28
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robertzaccourcan i attatch a video to a bug report?06:10
robertzaccourI want people to see exactly what I'm experiencing here06:10
persiarobertzaccour, You could, but folks may not want to download it: you'd do better to try to describe in detail, perhaps with before and after screenshots or similar.06:11
robertzaccourwell I'm reporting compiz and gtk-recordMyDesktop not playing well together06:11
robertzaccourwhenever I do a screen recording with compiz on, it totally bugs out06:12
robertzaccoursome apps like docky require compiz. both docky and gtk-recordMyDesktop are in the repos06:12
robertzaccourWhenever I do a screen recording with gtk-recordMyDesktop and compiz running at the same time, which it does by default, The recording is always very buggy and still-framed for the most part and crazy mixes of coloring. Some applications (that are in the repos) require compiz to run properly e.x. docky. Since compiz and gtk-recordMyDesktop are both in the repos, I do believe this qualifies as a bug.06:15
persiaAh, yes, in that case, attaching the result video may be useful :)06:23
robertzaccourpersia, its been a few minutes since i clicked submit but with the video attatched, and its still not paged over06:24
robertzaccouroh it just did good06:24
mneptok!bug 71981806:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 719818 in compiz (Ubuntu) "compiz doesn't play well with gtk-recordMyDesktop" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71981806:32
robertzaccourmneptok, :) now i know thanks06:34
ikoniarobertzaccour: it may do you well to read the topic of this channel06:38
ikoniarobertzaccour: this channel is not for bug reporting or support06:38
robertzaccourI have a feeling I might just be screwed based on my GPU. No issues in windows so I figured it might be fixable06:38
robertzaccourikonia, maybe someone here knows how to fix drivers? This is a developers channel06:39
ikoniarobertzaccour: no, I just said, this is not a support or bug channel, it's a development discussion channel06:39
robertzaccouryou remind me of a youtube comment tracker06:40
persiaikonia, Maybe nice to redirect to -bugs for this sort of thing?06:41
ikoniapersia: I told him to read the topic06:41
ikoniathe topic tells him where to go06:41
ikoniahe found it06:41
persiaI suppose.06:42
ikoniathe guy wasted hours in #ubuntu not listening to help yesterday *UK time*, he needs to stop randomly doing things and start listening06:42
persiaAh.  The background makes all clear :)06:43
pittikees: maxsize> it's not any more actually; just if I change it, people might get dpkg conffile questions a lot..06:54
keespitti: but you'll have to do an update for rc to enable apport, yes?07:03
pittikees: "disable", yes07:04
keescouldn't you fold it into that?07:05
pittikees: I could change it at any time, but that doesn't change the fact that the conffile in the RC would suddenly change for upgraders who ever touched it07:06
pittiI guess it's a pain we have to take at some point07:06
pittior I could actually make it work again :)07:06
keesno, I don't like maxsize. :)07:08
keesI like 3/4 memory, though the error could be improved.07:08
keespitti: this all stems from me looking at bug 71863507:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 718635 in apport (Ubuntu) "Error message "Your computer does not have enough free memory" when core dump or stacktrace failed to be created is misleading" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71863507:09
persiaDoes apport consider cache/buffers free when calculating "free memory" for that purpose?07:10
keespersia: yup07:15
keespersia: see my later comments showing the calculation07:15
keesslangasek: should bug 716703 be counted on the arm porting jam?07:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 716703 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu Natty) "chromium-browser not built PIE on ARM" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71670307:15
persiaAh, cool.07:15
pittipersia: it looks at /proc/meminfo, and uses (MemFree + Cached - Writeback) * 1024 * 3/4 as a limit07:15
slangasekkees: yes - it's there on the list07:16
keesslangasek: oh, so it is! I hadn't noticed the tag get added07:16
keespersia, pitti: actually, I guess it doesn't subtract buffers07:17
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dholbachgood morning07:40
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didrocksgood morning08:00
iqbalanyone use lammp?08:02
iqbali have a problem08:02
iqbalno lampp folder in /opt08:02
iqbalbut apache php and phpmyadmin run08:03
iqbalmorning didrocks08:03
didrocksmorning iqbal08:04
iqbalare you install lampp on ubuntu08:05
poolievila, hi, i'm just updating https://dev.launchpad.net/LEP/BuildFromBranchIntoPrimary and am going to circulate it later08:21
poolieif you would care to look over it now and point out any questions that would be nice08:21
* vila reads08:22
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vilapoolie: I had some notes and after re-reading they still seem valid: http://paste.ubuntu.com/567571/08:31
vilagrr, no line breaks08:32
poolieit's ok08:32
poolieby 'build based on a revision property' you mean at commit time you'd say whether it should be built or not?08:40
poolieinteresting idea08:40
poolieif that's when we want to make the decision, we could equally well say that if there is a changelog entry it will build08:41
vilaone way or another, the dev decides what should be built, istm he knows that when he commits or he can still decide after the fact by doing a changeless commit and pushing it08:41
poolieeither that or an api call08:43
vilathere may be a grey area if he ``push --overwrite`` though but that could guarded against with append_revisions_only08:43
poolieprobably doing it off the commit is cleaner08:43
vilaand trackable08:43
vilaand gives if we can find a place to put the revid in the build artifact we also get a way to retrieve the source08:44
GunnarHjHi all,08:45
GunnarHjSuddenly I have no longer web access to lp:language-selector. Anybody who can tell why? Maybe somebody who don't want me to propose more mergers...08:45
vilanote to self: add a semaphore between writer and reviewer when chatting08:45
ricotzdiwic, hi :), will alsa 1.0.24 be in natty?09:05
diwicricotz, that's the plan09:07
diwicricotz, do you have any personal preference, and why?09:07
ricotzdiwic, currently i dont really need it, but i am running your ppa packages without any complains, and since the last alsa upstream is one year old, it should just be updated09:14
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diwicricotz, ok, yesterday I realized that I forgot to include alsa-driver as well, I'll package that today or tomorrow hopefully09:31
ricotzdiwic, great, perhaps it is usefull to use dh-autoreconf to avoid shipping a relibtoolize patches, but this might be coordinated with debian maintainer09:34
diwicricotz, something like that - how to package autotools is a complete science :-/09:35
diwicricotz, but I'm all for skipping large crazy diffs09:35
ricotzdiwic, shouldnt be so hard adding it, i havent looked at the alsa packaging lately, did you talk to jordi mallach yet?09:40
diwicricotz, I talked to the pkg-alsa-devel ML, Elimar has answered but not Jordi09:40
ricotzdiwic, you can find him in #debian-gnome on oftc09:42
jibellatest util-linux in Natty looks broken, bug 719754 , anyone taking care of it ?09:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 719754 in util-linux (Ubuntu) "package mount 2.17.2-3.3ubuntu4 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 127" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71975409:46
jibellool, ^09:49
mdzpitti, is it appropriate to submit new devices to media-player-info these days? my phone isn't listed09:52
looljibel: uploading, thanks09:54
RAOFmdz: I'm pretty sure that's still used by applications; it uses udev rules and I think banshee uses that info.09:55
mdzRAOF, yes, it's definitely still active, but every few months or so it seems there is a new Right Way to Do It :-)09:56
RAOFToo true!09:57
apw@pilot in10:06
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mdzhowdy apw10:06
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pittimdz: yes, of course; usually to https://bugs.freedesktop.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=media-player-info (launchpad works as well, though)10:19
mdzpitti, thanks!10:19
apwpitti, i think you looked at the UDF DVD issue -- bug 63549910:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 635499 in linux (Ubuntu) "[Maverick, Lucid] Does not show UDF contents" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63549910:49
apwspecifically it seems that later version of windows are using rrr on directories ...10:50
apwlooking at the spec it appears we are actually doing what is mandated by the spec10:50
apwie, the are 'wrong'10:50
apw(the disks are mastered incorrectly) ... now do we want to override that for RO media ?10:52
pittiargh, that sounds tricky -- can we add permissions in mount options as well? or just remove them a la fmask, dmask?10:53
apwpitti, you can override all permissions for a directory for instance yes10:53
pittiah, mode= and dmode=, I didn't know about that one10:53
apwpitti, yeah we have a hammer for it.  udf appears to be a format which can be used on writable media in theory; though i have never heard of doing it10:54
apwso if we are doing somethign like that then we might want to do it for 'read only' 'removable' media only or something10:54
pittiapw: I did actually; isn't that what you would usually do on packet writing CDs/DVDs?10:54
pittiyou can't use iso9660 on them10:54
apwthat is possible, packet writing is mentioned, though i was thinking of real 'rewriable' metia such as hard-drives which are mentioned in this spec too10:55
apwpitti, so i'll write up what the spec says, to confirm that us failing to read a 444 directory is what the disk asked us to do10:55
apwi guess the logical thing to do is do it in udev or something?10:56
pittiapw: mode/dmode isn't documented yet in mount(8) as it seems; but apparenlty it has worked for a while now10:56
apwudisks even10:56
* dholbach hugs apw10:56
pittiapw: udisks, yes10:56
apwdholbach, thanks :)10:56
dholbachthank YOU :)10:56
pittiapw: I guess having 0400 for files is not a big problem, so we don't need to fiddle with "mode"?10:57
apwpitti, if my reading of this bug is right, it seems to be 'worked with disks made before vista' and not since10:58
apwits actually sounding like 'newer versions of UDF now support permissions bits'10:59
apwpitti, hmm seems there is a bug in windows as the spec (which mentions windows specifically and how it implements permissions) it says that the execute bit should be honoured for directories only on windows ... hrm11:00
pittiapw: that sounds confusing -- it shoudl be honoured on the system that gets them wrong?11:01
apwyeah, as permissions on the disk are pretty unix'ey in semantics there is a table of how to map them in various OSs and specifically how they should be mapped to local permissions11:02
apwand that says "file execute" is ignored on windows as there is no mapping for it, but directory execute is mapped and 'Enforced'11:02
apwclearly not in reality of course else the disk would be the same there11:02
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apwpitti, ok i've pushd in the spec information, should i move it back to udisks do you thnk ?11:09
pittiapw: thanks for the spec additions; I'll keep it on my radar and discuss with upstream for a fix in udisks11:09
apwpitti, ack and thanks ...11:24
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cjwatsonif you get reject messages like http://paste.ubuntu.com/567617/, the LP team is on it11:32
Laneydoes it affect all uploads?11:38
Laneyoh, /me didn't see the topic change11:38
ogracjwatson, http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.txt shows libqtbamf1 and libqtgconf1 binaries arent promoted, i only seeded unity-2d as the toplevel package, do i need to seed the launcher explicitly to get them into main or is that just a promotion issue ?11:49
cjwatsonthat output is telling you that you got it right11:51
cjwatsonand that we just haven't promoted them yet11:51
cjwatsonI've promoted them now11:51
ograk, i thought so, just wanted to be sure its not something missing on my side11:52
ograthanks :)11:52
ograhmm, though it seems i need to seed unity-2d-default-settings. as transitional package it doesnt get pulled in by anything11:52
pittiogra: unity-2d-default-settings only exists in natty, why do we need it as a transitional packages? just for alpha-2 installs?11:53
ograpitti, for upgrades for people that had the maverick PPA11:54
pittiogra: they won't get unity-2d otherwise?11:54
ograthough i think we should probably just do the transition there11:54
ograthey will indeed11:54
pittiogra: I'd assume that "unity-2d" would be in the PPA as well then11:54
pittithen natty's unity-2d could just conflicts/replaces: unity-2d-default-settings, to get it cleaned up on upgrade, and the package could go away entirely11:55
ograit is, and has the right breaks/replaces in natty11:55
pittiBreaks: unity-2d-default-settings (<= 0.4)11:55
pittithat should probably be bumped then11:56
ograi have to try an upgrade if everything in natty is in order to make sure everything is right11:56
ograPPA has 0.411:56
pittiogra: I mean, if you want to ditch the unity-2d-default-settings transitional package entirely in natty, you'd need to bump the breaks/replaces version11:56
ograah, yeah11:56
ograwill do that with the next upload and after a test upgrade11:57
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cjwatson(uploads fixed, thanks wgrant)12:23
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wgrantcjwatson: Only yours was affected, FWIW.12:27
cjwatsonoh, just nobody else uploaded in the relevant time window?12:28
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seb128cjwatson, did you read any recent issue with dpkg triggers?13:25
seb128cjwatson, I'm trying to make sense of a issue which started being reported recently where the gdk pixbuf svg loader doesn't work on new installs13:27
seb128neither gdk-pixbuf or librsvg got an recent upload and the gdk loaders index is built in the libgdk-pixbuf postinst or refresh by a trigger when a loader is installed13:29
seb128but it seems the svg loader is missing from the index somehow13:29
seb128not sure how that could happen out of having the trigger not triggering13:29
cjwatsonthe only issues I've heard of are ones where some package management frontends don't give apt/dpkg a terminal, which tends to result in triggers failing when they try to output anything13:30
cjwatsonbut that causes hard failures, not didn't-trigger13:30
seb128hum k13:30
seb128cjwatson, ok, I think I found a clue on the livfs build log13:40
seb128"libpixbufloader-svg.so: libGL.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"13:40
seb128seems that's because the libgdk postinst is configured first and the libGL ldconfig is not done yet13:42
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seb128what is the right way to deal with that? use a pre-depends to ensure libGL's ldconfig call is set before the libgdk-pixbuf install?13:43
cjwatsonpre-depends would be wrong.  that causes configuration to happen before another package is *unpacked*13:44
cjwatsonanyway, it has no effect on triggers, which is what's happening here13:45
cjwatsonI'd suggest changing libGL to do 'LDCONFIG_NOTRIGGER=y ldconfig'13:45
cjwatson(whatever package provides it)13:45
cjwatsonwith a comment saying that we need to force this to happen immediately so that other packages are happy, or some such13:46
pittibarry: may I prod you about the computer-janitor pygi branch again? I just updated it to yesterday's upload, so it merges cleanly again13:46
seb128cjwatson, well, in that case the call which fails is the libgdk-pixbuf-2 post installation script one13:47
seb128cjwatson, so the pre-depends would fix it but there would still be the trigger case to be buggy, I think it's better to do what you suggest, thanks13:47
seb128tjaalton, bryceh, Sarvatt: ^13:47
cjwatsonseb128: pre-depends wouldn't fix it because pre-depends on package A doesn't wait for triggers pulled by A to have happened13:50
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seb128cjwatson, right, but it would assure the package is configured first, which is needed if that's the post install script which calls ldconfig?13:52
cjwatsonseb128: the postinst calls ldconfig, but ldconfig is a wrapper script nowadays; when called from a maintainer script, it normally only pulls the trigger and returns immediately13:53
seb128cjwatson, or do we assure that the libgl ldconfig is done before the gdkpixbuf package is configured?13:53
cjwatsonif it needs to actually do ldconfig work immediately, that's what LDCONFIG_NOTRIGGER=y is for13:54
seb128cjwatson, I got that, we need 'LDCONFIG_NOTRIGGER=y' and a way to assure the postinst for libgl is called first?13:54
cjwatsonDepends would be sufficient for that13:54
cjwatsonPre-Depends just gets in other things' way13:54
cjwatsonactually, though, I suspect you don't need Depends13:55
cjwatsonI think the reason that ldconfig needs to be forcibly called here is that various things divert libGL.so.113:55
cjwatsonwhich means that the cache is invalidated13:55
cjwatsonmy suspicion is that there is no need for a Depends - all we need to do is ensure that anything that diverts a library and installs a replacement version of it calls LDCONFIG_NOTRIGGER=y ldconfig13:56
cjwatsonthat way, you get one version of libGL or the other, not an error message13:56
seb128cjwatson, ok, I though that it was not assured that Depends would be configured before the binary which Depends on those13:56
cjwatsonit's not, but you don't need that, that's what I'm saying13:56
seb128well libGL is not in /usr/lib13:57
cjwatsonat least I don't think so13:57
seb128it's a special dir, which is why it doesn't find it until ldconfig is called13:57
seb128the ldconfig needs to happen before libgdk-pixbuf's postinst is called13:57
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cjwatsonhmm, libgl1-mesa-glx.postinst already uses LDCONFIG_NOTRIGGER=y13:58
seb128but it's run after the libgdk-pixbuf configuration...13:58
seb128so when libgdk-pixbuf postinst runs the ldconfig is not right13:58
seb128so it doesn't find the lib13:58
cjwatsonyes I know, I'm thinking out loud :)13:58
seb128which is why I thoguh it would need a pre-depends13:58
cjwatsonpre-depends => pointless, forget it please13:59
cjwatsonDepends is enough unless it's circular13:59
seb128should the libgdk-pixbuf call ldconfig before doing the gdk-pixbuf update?13:59
cjwatsonwhich it wouldn't be here13:59
seb128hum, it already does it14:00
cjwatsonlooking at this, I think Depends: libgl1 would be enough14:00
cjwatsonit's a bit nasty14:00
cjwatsonyou get to choose between:14:00
cjwatson (1) artificial Depends: libgl1, to force the ldconfig cache to be brought up to date14:00
cjwatson (2) artificial 'LDCONFIG_NOTRIGGER=y ldconfig' in libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0.postinst, to cope with the fact that the ldconfig cache may not be up to date14:01
seb128well, gdk-pixbuf shouldn't bring libgl, I can see some people not wanting it14:02
seb128let's go for (2)14:02
seb128cjwatson, thanks14:02
cjwatsondoes libpixbufloader-svg.so dlopen libGL?14:02
cjwatsonthat would explain the lack of an explicit dependency there14:03
seb128would a librsvg2-common (which has the svg loader) depends on libgl work as well?14:03
cjwatsonit would, but wouldn't that have the same "people might not want it" thing?14:04
cjwatsonyou could put (2) in librsvg2-common as an alternative, I suppose14:04
cjwatsonon pre-depends: it should only be used when you need some other package's postinst to have run before your package's preinst, or in rare cases before unpacking your package's filesystem tarball (creating users/groups)14:06
cjwatsonthe problem with using it as a hammer to force other kinds of ordering is that it slows everything down by splitting things up into multiple dpkg runs, and it can create unresolvable loops14:07
cjwatson(because Depends can be circular, but Pre-Depends can't)14:07
cjwatsonyou can get particularly nasty Pre-Depends/Conflicts loops too14:08
cjwatsonso it's best to just confine its use to where it's necessary for stuff run in the preinst14:08
seb128is there a way to say "this binary postinst should run before my postinst"?14:08
cjwatsonas long as it isn't circular, that will do it14:08
seb128ok, I though the unpackaging and configure order was not assured by depends14:08
cjwatsonA Depends: B says exactly that B must be configured (postinst run) before A14:09
seb128that depends just assured that what you depends on will be installed14:09
cjwatsonbefore A is configured14:09
seb128but not in which order14:09
cjwatsonDepends says nothing about unpack order14:09
cjwatsonbut it very definitely says something about configure order14:09
seb128ok, so issues I had in the past was with unpack orders14:09
seb128I should re-read that part of the debian policy, it has been a while14:09
seb128cjwatson, thanks!14:09
cjwatsonnp :)14:09
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smoserstgraber, ping14:31
stgrabersmoser: pong14:42
smoserhttp://www.stgraber.org/2010/12/08/want-your-own-edubuntu-weblive/ "Installation is relatively trivial, just follow the README file in the branch.".  but "ls: cannot access README: No such file or directory"14:43
stgrabersmoser: there's a README in the drupal-vmmanager branch, for the daemon part, there's packages for lucid, maverick and natty in my experimental ppa14:44
smoseri was looking at lp:vmmanager14:45
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sconklin@pilot in14:56
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apwdholbach, you'll be pleased to know that the kernel bugs with patches backlog has been reduced from 99 -> 89 today, from 120 when the patch pilot activities started ... and the oldest not responded bug is down from 221 weeks to 66 weeks14:57
apw@pilot out15:02
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apwsconklin, have fun !15:02
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* ScottK pokes at lamont about postfix
barrypitti: sorry i haven't had time to review your branch yet.  but i will do that today for sure15:13
dholbachapw, rock and roll!15:33
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* csurbhi_ shall be back later16:32
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GunnarHjtedg: Hi Ted, are you there?16:59
tedgGunnarHj, I'm in a phone call...  so kinda :)16:59
GunnarHjtedg: Ok. Saw that you changed the status of https://launchpad.net/bugs/636693 to "Opinion" again. Could we talk about it, please? (after your phone call...)17:01
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Ubuntu: list.index(x): x not in list (https://launchpad.net/bugs/636693)17:01
superm1pitti, it appears scour doesn't touch svg's at all right? bug 719735 seems really odd because the file is OK in the orig.tar.gz, but got busted in the binary deb somehow17:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 719735 in dell-recovery (Ubuntu) "dell-recovery crashed with GError in __init__(): Couldn't recognize the image file format for file '/usr/share/pixmaps/dell-dvd.svg'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71973517:06
pittisuperm1: it does touch svgs17:07
superm1any thoughts on how that could have happened then?17:08
superm1hmm actually it seems the binary deb itself is fine - there's an issue with opening svg's on natty then, i just checked with kent and it's not showing other svg's either properly17:11
hyperairhow does one retry a build in launchpad?17:14
hyperairfor a package that's not a PPA?17:14
ScottKhyperair: The same was as a PPA, but you have to have upload rights for the package.  What do you need retried?17:15
hyperairScottK: gnu-smalltalk.17:16
hyperairScottK: i don't see a rebuild button, and it seems to be in universe17:16
ScottKhyperair: Link me to the build page.17:16
hyperairsomeone was complaining about the lack of an amd64 package in ubuntu17:17
Laneyyou probably need to do a no-change SRU for that (as it's in release)17:17
hyperairi see.17:17
hyperairLaney: so should i make two uploads (natty and maverick-proposed), or should i just make one to maverick-proposed and have it copied forward?17:20
Laneyyou can do the latter17:20
dupondjecould somebody check https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gtk-vnc/+bug/711442 plz. Need to get the patch in Natty :)17:20
ubottuUbuntu bug 711442 in vinagre (Ubuntu) "vinagre crashed with SIGSEGV in g_socket_send()" [Medium,New]17:20
Laneyif the versions are equal then it will be copied when it is accepted into proposed17:20
hyperairoh nice17:20
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seb128dupondje, you should subscribe ubuntu-sponsors if you want a patch reviewed and sponsored17:48
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ScottKhyperair: I'd upload to Natty, make sure it builds OK and then do the SRU.17:51
ScottKIt doesn't have a retry button because it doesn't have a natty build record.17:52
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dupondjeseb128: done18:25
seb128dupondje, thanks18:27
dupondjeits a cherrypicked patch btw, so should be quite safe :)18:27
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ari-tczewcjwatson: there is a diff which could go into lilo by merging -10 revision: http://paste.ubuntu.com/567798/ what do you think, is it worth to merging?19:10
ari-tczewTheMuso: is alsa 1.0.24 going to be in natty?19:16
ari-tczewdoko: do you know whether Debian is going to use gcc 4.6.* ?19:45
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keesari-tczew: yes.20:30
TheMusoari-tczew: Yes, thats the plan.20:30
ari-tczewkees: yes for?20:30
keesari-tczew: using gcc-4.6 in Debian20:30
ari-tczewkees: ok20:31
mvocsurbhi_: hey, I think we can mark the n-btfs-support implemented for this cycle20:31
keesTheMuso: I find it very strange that we both unidled in this channel at exactly the same time. :)20:31
TheMusokees: Yeah thought the same when I saw your reply.20:31
ari-tczewkees, TheMuso: in the first minute I thought that my connection is busy :-)20:34
* mneptok starts the "Kess and TheMuso are acutally THE SAME PERSON" rumor20:49
mneptokKees, even.20:50
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tedgGunnarHj, Unstacking... are you still around?21:00
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fatninjaJordan_U : I'm here.21:20
Jordan_Ufatninja: What experience do you have with programming in general?21:20
fatninjaJordan_U : I'm a college student in first year in Computer Science, so it's not that good.21:21
fatninjaThe interesting thing is, that after I run Wubi and restart to complete instalation everything works with Ubuntu just fine, after the first restart21:22
fatninjaIt simply doesn't work, at first I thought that it cannot mount the NTFS Partition that I use21:22
fatninjabut if the loader couldn't do that, then it couldn't complete the instalation21:22
Jordan_Ufatninja: Then to be honest Wubi is probably not the best project to start contributing with. Especially this particular set of bugs will probablyy require working with many programming languages and advanced concepts.21:23
fatninjaI see..21:25
fatninjaToo bad NTFS isn't like HFS+ Extended, I can't resize it ...21:26
micahgfatninja: you can resize ntfs21:27
fatninjamicahg that's what I said .21:27
mneptokHFS. *snort*21:31
Jordan_Ufatninja: You should be able to resize hfsplus.21:40
sconklin@pilot out21:42
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