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johnny77Who is in charge of the themes for the wiki that I can change in my preferences?15:16
head_victimjohnny77: depends on what you mean by "change my preferences"15:49
head_victimIs there a problem with the change my preference window or are you requesting a feature be added to the page or?15:50
johnny77In user preferences there is a drop down list to change the theme. I was wondering if I could get the files for one of the themes.15:52
head_victimjohnny77: does https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Templates help at all? I t has a section on wiki themes15:53
johnny77let me look, I didn't know about that. n15:54
head_victimjohnny77: no worries mate :)15:54
johnny77head_victim: That looks like what I want, but I can't get it to work. I've setup a desktop MoinMoin wiki so that I can edit it then paste it into the Community Wiki to avoid excessive saves.16:03
head_victimjohnny77: ah I just use a text editor for that sorry16:05
head_victimIt's sad but I know most of the syntax off the top of my head so that's not really an issue16:05
johnny77And just starting, I don't know the syntax or what it will look like.16:06
head_victimAnother option is to copy pages to be subpages of your own personal wiki page and have a little sandbox there (which I have done in the past, I'm not sure if this is best practice though)16:06
head_victimFor example my wiki page is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JaredNorris and if I'm working on a samba page for example I might copy https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Example/Samba/Page to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JaredNorris/SambaPageSandbox until I'm happy with it16:07
johnny77thank you for that idea. I might do it that way.16:09
head_victimIt just means you still have to be connected to the internet, you can't do it "offline" that way but yeah, any combination of the 2 approaches might be useful if you need offline editing16:10
johnny77head_victim: it's not so much as needing offline editing, but just I'm looking at rewriting a whole page. I just wanted to save on the saves that I sent out.16:13
head_victimjohnny77: fair call, I'd go with the copying one then if that works. I also use the preview button HEAPS16:13

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